Why I LOVE pushups!

Well, I just got done with 250 pushups and now is as good a time as any to write this. I’ve been putting it off for days, but truth be told, I could bang out such an article in MY SLEEP without even thinking about it.

Ok, not in “my sleep”, but honestly speaking a lot of my, if not ALL my, blog posts “write themselves” while I’m working out, and in most cases it’s pushups that I’m doing when the inspiration strikes me. I note it down – and voila!

That’s a KEY right there to being successful, but the reason I’m writing this right now is to tell you that the main point of exercise is  NOT to merely “look good”, although granted, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good.

Granted, the routines I teach you will get you LOOKING good – and FAST, at that.

But, the point is how they make you FEEL.

If you do an exercise, and you barely, or only slightly feel better after you doing it – well, then, my friend – your better off NOT doing it at all. True, doing something is better than doing nothing, but I’d rather do that something correctly.

And thats the main reason I love pushups.

Pushups are the ONLY exercise that make me feel ALIVE. That give me that sort of a “buzz” I do NOT get from any other exercise, including climbing hills. Including squats. Including – well – everything else.

All the above are GREAT exercises, but they do not compare to the humble pushups which in my opinion NEVER gets its due.

Why – because most people spend more time figuring out excuses and “reasons” NOT to do something “seemingly simple” than actually “DO” it.

In addition to how they make me feel, pushups also make you look GREAT.  The CORE is the main area taxed while doing different type of pushups, and that is a problem area for most folks.

Do the right pushup the RIGHT way – and – bingo – problem solved!

Pushups also build the shoulders, traps, upper and lower back – and – get this – the LEGS – in their entirety. That might sound sort of strange, but again – “DO THE THING” and then get back to me on it.

I teach you many different types of pushups in the book, and they’re ALL great, but the VERY BEST exercise, bar NONE is a pushup – but yet, it’s not.

http://0excusesfitness.com/the-book/ – THAT will explain it better than I can in this article.

Last, but not least, if you still think pushups are easy – well – get down on “dat floor” right now, my friend, and pump out a 100 – and THEN tell me how you feel.

Report back on your breathing.

Report back on the sheer FEELING you get thereafter.

And then let’s talk.


Rahul Mookerjee