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Hi, my name is Rahul Mookerjee – author, coach and bonafide fitness MANIAC – amongst others!

I’ve written “0 Excuses Fitness”,  “Shoulders like Boulders”, “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a few weeks” , “Reverse pushups – the best darn thing you can do for yourself”, and several OTHER books that will help you get in the best shape of your life both MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY. 

My superb books and products have helped a VAST number of people achieve their fitness goals and have been hailed as “life changing”, “inspirational”, and “the best training books ever” amongst more.

Folks across the globe wake up to our daily emails and fitness tips – and these have been hailed by many as inspirational and thought provoking as others.

I highly recommend you check out our testimonials page. Real people, REAL words – and real RESULTS!

Millions of people globally appreciate what I do – getting people into the best shape of their life while inspiring them to be BIGGER AND BETTER than what they are NOW – and the service I provide, and are willing to pay top dollar for my services.

And of course, there are tons of people out there that hate my very guts and can’t stand me, and do everything in their power possible to … I dont know. See me fail, perhaps?

Hehe. I’m being polite there, but you get the drift (and when you sign up for the newsletters, you’ll understand the truism of “you are measured FAR more by your haters than you are those that LOVE you and cannot get enough of you”) …

The numbers, brother, and as I sit here writing this in a blissed and blessed mood and mode, are legion and legendary no matter which way you cut it – much like my legendary products which brings results way beyond your most stupendous imagination!

And that brings us full circle.

In short, then I’m here to help YOU get in the BEST shape of your life through this website – with a minimal investment of time, and MAX output. More importantly, I’m a huge believer in “health from the inside out”, and my products/coaching services will focus on your overall health, fitness and well being as opposed to “purely fitness”.

What does “health from the inside out” mean, you might ask?

Well, plenty of people all over the world these days are the complete opposite of what Nature intended them to be.

Nature didn’t intend for us to be perennially “run down and exhausted”. Nature didn’t intend for us to be constantly “bloated”, be affected with various “IBS like” syndromes or constantly feel cranky and unable to achieve anything of any real worth. And so forth – and if that sounds familiar, I understand. I’ve been there.

Most of all though, Mother Nature gave us the ability to BREATHE in the results we desire into ourselves – – and this, amazingly enough, has been all but IGNORED in favor of the “fancy shmancy” gyms, spas, health clubs and other such places that for the most part exist just to take your hard earned cash.

As for me, I was way out of shape at a certain point in my life, and THESE exercises are what turned it all around!

I know what it feels like to be overweight. I know what it feels like to go for long runs and not quite “get there” in terms of stamina. I know what it feels like to constantly get told that I “need to lose weight”.

I know how it feels to be looking at those with “fit and toned” bodies, and experience PANGS OF ENVY in terms of the sheer ADMIRATION these people got from others, and the sheer confidence they exuded.

I know what it feels like to have “love handles”. I know what it feels like to have “man boobs”.  I know what it feels like to literally look – and feel – like a bloated balloon despite my BEST EFFORTS to the contrary (and believe me, I tried everything out there).

In short – I’ve been there and done that, my friend. This is NOT an “armchair” trainee by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve been there – done that – and continue till THIS day – and THEN SOME!

The author Rahul Mookerjee “doing the thing”. THOSE MEMORIES! I’ll always CHERISH THEM!

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Now, up there I told you what most people have been told, but what I did NOT tell you as yet is what most folks have NOT been told, at least not by the very gyms and other establishments that “trick” you into buying fancy memberships you DO NOT need.

We hear about injuries sustained in the gym all the time. Shoulders that are so beat up that the person can barely lift them up to put on a shirt. Lower back and knee pain from squatting with heavy weights (and usually improper form as well) that your body was NOT meant to handle.

The “Hunchback of Notre Dame” syndrome that occurs because of our modern day lifestyles, but also the common tendency to focus upon the bench press at the expense of the BACK.

And so forth.

But do we EVER hear anything about health – and TRUE strength – and LASTING flexibility? 

The strength of your internal organs? Let me tell you right now, my friend, the biggest biceps in the world ain’t gonna help when you’ve got liver issues from steriod usage. Those “striated” thighs the bodybuilders love to show off may look good to some, but they don’t help much when it comes to carrying Grandma up a flight of stairs.

In fact, I heard of a bodybuilder that almost died after multiple heart attacks – at – get this – the AGE OF 26 – and believe me, he’s NOT the exception!

Exercise the 0 Excuses way, my friend. The NATURAL way – and you’ll experience benefits that the average gym goer will never even COME CLOSE TO experiencing!

BE STRONG – FLEXIBLE – and have the AGILITY OF A JUNGLE CAT “waiting to pounce”!!

The picture above shows me doing a ONE ARM gymnastic bridge (an easy variation given some of the others out there). Most “muscle heads” would be hard pressed to even GET INTO this position, let alone hold for time – with one arm.

That says it all, eh?


Long story short – –  in terms of fitness, and LIFE in general – get on the road to “somewhere” other than the “long and meandering road to nowhere”, in other words. 

Drop the ab “rollers” and other “fancy shmancy” gadgets they sell you on late night TV, my friend. Not only do they NOT work – but they are NOT good for you.

Drop the expensive gym memberships that don’t quite deliver and end up lying UNUSED a lot of times.

Yoga done right may have certain benefits, but NOTHING in comparison to what the 0 Excuses Fitness program (and our other products) will give you – and truth be told, most yoga classes out there are not the real deal. And I should know …

I’ve been there – and done that – and that, at the end of the day is what it’s all about.

Real fitness information – from a REAL PERSON who actually “does” what he “preaches” as opposed to “arm chair theorists” and keyboard warriors …

Real information that flat out WORKS.

Value that is BEYOND compare. In fact, my customers have said there is NOTHING better out there on the Internet in terms of fitness and motivation – even BEFORE I said it!

Without further ado then, feel free to browse through our products page (note to “price shoppers” – they’re damn expensive though IF thats your mentality (and I don’t cater to people with the mentality of “Gawd! I ain’t got cash to burn!”), so serious folks ONLY please – I hate dealing with “drama” later about price etc) – and give us a shout out either via e-mail or social media – we enjoy hearing back from our GREAT, GREAT customers!

I look forward to welcoming you, the SERIOUS trainee and fitness enthusiast and DOER in life and otherwise – ON BOARD!


Rahul Mookerjee -signature

Rahul Mookerjee

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P.S. #2 – Don’t forget to check out our products  page as well! As a customer recently said, truly the “creme la creme” (Am I right? Hehe) or STELLA ARTOIS of Physical Culture . . . 

And always remember, before proceeding – there is NO price that can be put on TRUE and LASTING VALUE. None, my friend, NONE! And here’s why – – 

(For reference and background, this was a customer reply – a real customer – to a jackass who was whining and moaning about “Really, the price on this book!”)

Hello Rahul

Years ago there were some advertisements on tv for Stella Artois which stated that the beer was “reassuringly expensive” i.e. you knew the beer was great because it was priced accordingly and not some cheap garbage, which is a great way of saying you get what you pay for.

I believe that your products are the Stella Artois of Physical Culture and they are “reassuringly expensive”.

Listen to this boys and girls, you cannot put a price on knowledge, if you want the knowledge you have to pay the price whatever it is.

If all you can see is price then it would appear that you’re not thinking straight, when does the cheaper something is equal the better it is? You’re trying to buy knowledge like you buy potatoes by the “pound” i.e. the more you buy the cheaper they are, this is erroneous thinking, if someone offered you a brand new Rolls Royce for £5,000 straight away you’ll be asking yourself what the hell is wrong with it, why is it so cheap, I know I would be.

Rahul Mookerjee’s knowledge of Physical Culture is without peer and if you want to acquire that knowledge then I suggest you pay what he’s asking and if that’s too much for you? Then that as they say is “life”.

Rahul, keep doing what you’re doing, I for one greatly appreciate it, thank you.

Warmest Regards


From the horse’s mouth, my friend. Be sure and check out the page NOW, and start getting in the best shape of your life TODAY!

Rahul Mookerjee Author Bio

Rahul Mookerjee, writer, entrepreneur and fitness fanatic is the author of “0 excuses Fitness”, “Reverse Pushups”, “The Simple and Effective Diet”,  “10 Commandments of Succesful Sales”,  “Zero to Hero”, and various other bestselling books/products.

These products can be accessed right HERE.

Rahul  is in the VERY BEST SHAPE of his life at the age of 36 (fast going on 37), and is looking to share his secrets with YOU via”0 excuses fitness”. Grab it while copies last!

Rahul is an avid trekker (especially when it comes to climbing hills!), swimmer and workout maniac.

He has always been on the lookout for new and more effective workout routines that can be performed by the average individual. In doing so, he has discovered the combinations of exercises that work the best – and that is what is being shared through his website, books and manuals.   Rahul has helped many a person improve their levels of fitness by advising them on how to perform a certain exercise, or how to improve on what they are already doing well.

Rahul prefers not to call this a professional venture; rather, he terms it as a passion. He truly enjoys learning about different forms of exercises and also believes that one never stops learning (and neither should one).  It is with that philosophy in mind that he approaches his workouts.

He provides online fitness and other related coaching to his clients on an INDIVIDUAL basis – to be considered, please fill out the form at http://0excusesfitness.com/coaching/.

Other publications of note include, but not limited to “Fast and Furious Fitness” (available on www.rahulmookerjee.com) and other manuals as detailed on the site.

Fitness is by far NOT the only thing Rahul writes about, as is clearly evidenced by his other book “From 120 kgs to 60 kgs”, and several other publications under “pen names” which have not been detailed on the site.

Rahul can be contacted via email (info@0excusesfitness.com).

Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/0excusesfitness.

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LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/rahulmookerjee/

Twitter handle: @0xcusesfitness

Download the official 0 Excuses Fitness mobile app from the Amazon appstore for Android (search for 0 Excuses Fitness on the appstore) – or https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BY3GVKNX.  (remember to leave  a rating!)

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