These are the translators (most of them, at any rate!) that have helped 0 Excuses Fitness go truly “global” by translating our world famous books into various languages – Spanish and Portugese mostly for NOW, but we’re expanding into Chinese, Russian, Italian – and many other languages/countries as well!

This page is a way to say thank you to these guys (and gals) – their work has been superb, and Id highly recommend any or all of them for future language translations on projects YOU might have!

Highly recommended!

Marco Villalobos (Spanish Translations)

Marco Villalobos (translator) Professional translator with twenty one years of experience in translation/proofreading/localization

Rahul’s comments – GREAT guy to work with! Friendly, personable – and takes author feedback into account before translating. Keeps the translated format of the book exactly the same as the original. Great work Marco – thanks!

Gonzalo Hernán Aracena Novoa (Spanish translations)

My name is Gonzalo Hernán Aracena Novoa, I am a Chilean Translator. My native language is Spanish. I have three years of experience translating since 2019, where I have learned the ways of cooperation and understanding among different cultures. My profile aims to define my views as somebody who contributes to society itself. From my perspective, terminology research is a fundamental stage during any translation. I perform the translation of files manually or with the aid of computer-assisted tools (CAT Tools). If you are by all means in need of translation services, you have come to the right profile. Be safe!

Rahul’s comments – Great work done by Gonzalo on my book – he paid attention to all the instructions I gave him- and everything was translated perfectly.

I’m very happy with his work – he did what I asked, and paid attention to the line breaks ,page breaks etc – which in a doc this big is never an easy task – so thanks again Gonzalo!

I look forward to working with this translator on future projects too!

Mariano Donato (Spanish translator)

I am a professional translator graduated in 2011. For over ten years, I have been providing effective and accurate translations and proofreading solutions. I’m experienced in technical, IT, electronics, business and medical translations. I guarantee you a great quality, accurate and professional translation and proofreading services.

Rahul’s comments – Did a superlative job on Pushup Central, and I’m sure many others in the future too!

Jose Saul Agis Garcia (Spanish translation)

To Whom it may concern:  My name is Saul Agis, I am an Attorney at mexican law, specialized in Criminal Law, I am approved and listed within the US Embassy in Mexico City to provide legal counsel and general legal advise to American Citizens whilst  in Mexico. I do work as an English teacher in high schools and also in a professional level,  the range of my practice extends to civil, commercial, criminal and international affairs and businesses, on my spare time I do translate books of all sorts for Authors like yourselves, I hope we can work together. Thank you.

Rahul’s comments – He’s done a fantastic job translating the admittedly very lengthy “Isometric and Flexibility Training” book (a highly popular book – one of my bestselling ones) into Spanish. Very enthusiastic guy, great to work with. Highly recommended!!

Rahul Mookerjee

Pedro Pablo Perez Aguero (Spanish translation)

hi, I did the 6th grade in Oklahoma City 1982-1983 so that´s from where I know English and I ca do almost any kind of job you need, because I know how words can have deferents meanings in deferents situation

Rahul’s comments – not the most explanatory of bios, but he did a super job on 0 Excuses Fitness!!

Mariana Nomura (Portugese Translation)

I have graduated as a translator and interpreter in Brazil. I love reading and writing, and most of all I love transposing one culture to the other when translating.

I currently work as a preschool teacher in bilingual school and use my free time to read, play games and study languages or practice the ukulele and the violin.


Eu me formei como tradutora e intérprete no Brazil. Eu amo ler e escrever e. acima de tudo, amo transpor uma cultura para a outra por meio da tradução.

Atualmente, eu trabalho como professora de educação infantil em uma escola bilingue e uso meu tempo livre para ler, jogar e estudar outros idiomas ou tocar instrumentos musicais.

Rahuls comments – Great job on Gorilla Grip (Advanced!).

Nidia Manuela Silva Rocha (Portugese Translation)

I am a portuguese orthodontist and opera singer. Although I do not have a degree in translation, I speak english fluently. I read countless scientific papers and technical books, as well as literature in english (I buy english books whenever the original language is not portuguese).

Sou uma ortodontista e cantora lírica portuguesa. Apesar de não ser formada em tradução, falo inglês fluentemente. Leio inúmeros artigos científicos e livros técnicos, bem como literatura em inglês (compro livros em inglês sempre que a língua original não é o português).

Rahul’s comments – Superb work on 0 Excuses Fitness!


Luciana Cuello Romero (Spanish Translation)

I am a woman 30 years old, I live in San José Costa Rica. I can transale documents, books from English to Spanish and viceversa. I can work hard and faster

Rahuls comments – Great work on Gorilla Grip!

Manuel Bento Falcón (Spanish translations)

I am a native Spanish who started learning English at the age of eight. As I was so young and there were older persons in the English classroom, my teacher did not want me to disturb the class, and used to just give me a book to translate some paragraphs and an English-Spanish dictionary. So my teacher was not the best and I did not learn to talk English so well. But I soon was very skillfull on translating.

Later on I started a website ( focused on fitness, in which I mostly translate fitness articles from English into Spanish, and started to collaborate with and, translating lots of Christian materials into Spanish (books, sermons, etc). I have also translated many full books (The Gospel According to Breaking Bad, Eat Stop Eat, Keeping the Heart, The Fifth Commandment and others). Most of them on the field of Christian or Fitness, although I have done some novels and self help books too. I have been doing that for about 14 years now.

Rahul’s comments – Super, solid job on “Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!”