Levers vs regular grip work.
- Brutal!

Grip training done right is brutal, possibly more so than other forms of basic training. Perhaps grip training epitomizes the “simple works best” better then any other form of training would and BRUTALLY at that.

In the immensely popular Gorilla Grip, I wrote about lever work at the end of the book.

Most people ignore it in favor of other fancier exercises like the hanging leg raise, basic dead hangs, farmers walks and DON’T GET me wrong. Those are great exercises all of them!

Yet, lever work is brutal and builds the tendons and thick wrists everyone so wants – better.

You should do both.

Just what the hell is lever work, why the hell does it work so well, what’s so special about it?

Well .. disadvantaged positions and static holds for one.

The latter can be accomplished in many ways – but think about a regular dead hang, then one done as you hold your body maybe at 40 degree or more angle.

Think about Indian clubs.

You might think 30 lbs is too light, but like with actual training, try holding two in two hands for extended periods of time, even better?

“Flick” the club from the sitting position on the ground to one where it’s parallel to the floor while you’re standing.

Chances are grip monsters, even those that can close Captain Crushes easy peasy will have a VERY tough time even doing this, let alone hold the position.

Levers can be done with iron rods. Heavy iron hoes, with the e. Lol. Even kettlebells in a certain position..and they allow you to get MORE out of a tool you’ve mastered or close to it otherwise.

Never ignore grip work. And levers.

Get good at grip work, all else naturally improves, it’s as simple as that.

And, pick up Gorilla grip (Advanced) and Gorilla grip – the Tips – for more such forearm/tendon scorchers.

Ah yes, that famous vascularity, you’ve got part of the secret now!

And that’s that,back soon – back to the game!


Rahul Mookerjee

Negativity is … FATAL to any sort of accomplishment.
- Ugh

Napoleon hill was right when he said in his book Think and Grow Rich that the average human mind looks for a bazillion different excuses avd ways NOT to do the thing – as opposed to the one way you CAN do the thing.

He was spot on. It’s how human minds are wired. As Jeff Bezos once correctly pointed out, humans are hard wired to be lazy by default.

Think about it. If you could get super fit by pressing a button vs working out, the grind -which would the average person choose?

Now I know that is a very simplistic example but really, all the negative thinking … that I see around me, the ex, people i occasionally do biz with – ugh.

There’s one joker currently in my life I’m “finishing” off some business with and it’s the biggest pain in the ass I’ve dealt with in a while.

Despite all going according to schedule, payments coming in as expected on time or ahead of time – he keeps finding excuses to call me and pester me.

What if this happens? What if that happens?

I mean, what do you tell an idiot who wants a check to cash, then flips when you give him the damn check (which I rarely if ever use, I do online) – and whines about “wanting it now”.

Then you say ok, I’ll pay you now, you do it, he then starts whining about “but what if this happens, that happens”…

I’m not going to get into it, but people – realise this – if you think negative, constantly turn over negative thoughts in your mind, are AFRAID (fear is fatal to any sort of accomplishment as Hill wrote about) … then guess what will ultimately happen.

Negative, and the results in the vast majority of people’s lives, including this particular nutjob (never has money, never has customers, constantly henpecked by his wife, whines about “family” and tough times and his various issues always) .. show it.

Man, we all need help sometimes. I’ve been there,hey.

But fuck, you don’t constantly whine about it to the point the other person gets sick and damn tired of you!

I had to tell him last night “Dude, you’re just too goddamned negative”!

That shut him up – but he’ll be back whining. Ugh. Block time very soon for him.


Fitness wise, same thing applies.

Remember the video I did on “the greatest testimonial I ever got”?

It was this same idiot I was referring to in this video.

Instead of making all the comments about “I’m too fat, i can’t sit in that position” he could have asked how. He could have asked how i turned into a fitness machine (from El Tubbo) – his wife did, but she was just making small talk which I hate too.

Losers incarnate. Ugh.

I mean, guys supposed to be the one who can sit for hours in that position, yet, here we are, tables turned…?

Anyway, there’s a reason my great books on isometrics – are making WAVES. Even the audiobooks are selling like hot cakes, everyone told me “fitness and audiobooks don’t go well together, people need pictures etc”- yet, here we are, doing great there too

It’s about THINKING.

You think good things, you attract more good into your life.

Fear, negativity, positivity, all ultimately begets the same.

Anyway, fitness wise, stop thinking “pull-ups done right are too tough”.

Or, “I can barely do 10 squats – let alone sets of 50-70 throughout the day”.

Again, simplistic examples.

Think you WILL.

Back that thought up with proper ACTION which is the quickest and best way to banish antsiness or ants in your pants, hehe – that comes from sitting around , doing nothing, thinking negative…. the best antidote.

And you’re off to the races.

Man, i hate negative folks like that – ugh.

Don’t be one of them.

Be positive.

Your results will follow, it’s a natural law, as clear as summer following winter and so forth…

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Grip training (and training in general) isn’t always about the number of reps.
- As with everything, it's quality over quantity.

This morning, I did pull-ups as usual, or actually this afternoon after picking up a certain birthday girl from school whose 10 years old, so of course I had to rib her about “aren’t you 1 years today”?

I’ll always remember those times, precious for me forever. She’s the only thing I have in my life that’s “family” and that means a lot to me, it always will.

With all the lunacy going on between Granny and Mommy both her and me are well aware Daddy won’t be there at the birthday celebration which of course the ex had to make sweeter by saying “he never buys you anything”.

Really. Hehe. Women can be just brutal and cruel, you don’t turn kids against their parents, yet, that’s what these Nazi feminists do.

As I told the daughter to buy whatever she wanted today , she’s like Dad, I’m already so stuffed full of chocolate…

… I laughed.

And then I told her to remember my words when the ex tries to be an idiot again which is always, of course.

“I know that already!” She replied impatiently.

We will have a private celebration next week – once the lunacy is over. I’ll keep yall posted. But it’s interesting, I had my first smoke in almost two decades last night, and especially enjoyed the one after dinner. Something about cigarettes and good food – and the after sex smoke – hehe. I remember we used to smoke when I was in school at the exact same spot where the fat Nazi feminists running clothing store used to shoo us away – yesterday, I stood there at the same spot.

They’ve got a bank there now

Lady in it was asking me if I wanted an account.

My,how times and reactions change. Hehe.

Anyway, mgtow isn’t why I was writing this.

So pull-ups, grip training – strength and muscle as I posted on YouTube.

These things aren’t about the number of hurried reps you crank out.

It takes time.

Sure, I promote the idea of 15 min workouts and have been for years – people are only now starting to cotton on to it.

My gains – years of hiking in hit and humid weather, years of pull-ups, putting my body through what very few people ever would.

David Goggins would know!

Think about it. One of the most brutal grip workouts, is, as with everything – the simplest, so simple that people laugh at it.

The farmers walk.

Farmers do it all the time.

Pick up heavy buckets loaded with slop, corn, grit – whatever, walk through thick mud all day, you won’t need any other workouts.

It’s brutal.

Fries the entire body.

And it’s about time.

How long you can grip on, much like with dead hangs, and pull-ups.

Same thing for all the Advanced Hill Training I did ..

Sure, you finish within 15 minutes, or maybe 2.

But you make those two minutes nigh brutal.

That’s really the essence of it all my friend…

I’ll keep yall posted on next week -do send your wishes over for my little girl, who will always, for me, remain a tiny little pink baby that tried sucking on Daddays nipple because he had those huge man boobs back then.


Some memories are too cute not to share.

And I’m out – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

The blind can do amazing things ..
- So can YOU if ...

Last night I was watching an interesting movie “Don’t breathe”!

Typical “thriller”, or sort of – i didn’t find it all that thrilling at all, three robbers break into an army Vets home (he’s blind) and the movie follows what transpires. To me it’s one of those zone out movies, allow the brain to think of something else while you watch the antics on screen.

But lying in bed today, waiting for someone to get back to me on business, i was thinking of YOU guys on this list!

I’m not going to bore you with the story, or so called storyline – but dude was supposedly blind (lost his eyesight) in service – yet looking at the sort of shape he was in, the way he moved, reacted, you wouldn’t “believe it”.

But I do.

I’ve seen – or heard – my buddy from the Marines speaking of doing things in utter, complete , TOTAL darkness.

I’ll always remember my bathroom being in UTTER, complete pitch darkness once (bulb went out) and he had to take a leak (we were drinking beer) and he was like “no problem, we have special injections in the eyes to help us see better in the dark”!

I don’t know so much about that. . . (Injections)

I DO however know the utter dark and “quiet” in a jungle full of tigers and leopards in the daytime, how the trees close in, and how you can’t see your own foot at night in a dense jungle, but you can “feel” the eyes of animals upon you. It’s a feeling that has to be FELT in order to be described, and the Marines,Rangers etc – they thrive in those situations.

Ever wake up in the night screaming your lungs off because the power went or something, and you’re in pitch darkness? Man, I have in the past – now? I welcome it if it happens, move around by feel, imagine what it would be like if I was blind or had a disability – and instantly, I feel GRATEFUL —  for all I have which a lot of people don’t appreciate.

It isn’t so much welcoming the darkness as David Goggins talks about – that’s more a life tip which he’s right about,but you get what I’m saying, I’m sure.

I keep talking about whiners and moaners complaining about different body types, and making excuses about not being able to run sprints, do pull-ups (right) “because of this reason or that”- look at those without limbs, or those that are disabled and the amazing stuff these guys and gals do, and THEN whine is what i tell folks. People don’t get it do they? HA!

Lots of people watch movies on people transmuting their thoughts from great distances – doing amazing things when blind, like fighting two people – disabling an opponent with a gun (actually easy if the other guy knows F all about weapons – simply holding a gun doesn’t mean you can SHOOT it or know how to) and more…

… yours truly “modern day Gandhi” as my buddy calls me or Jesus or what have you can tell you this categorically – it ain’t BS.

I’ve spoken about predicting events before they happen, paying attention to your dreams, gut feeling, how I can literally predict stuff before it happens, visualize right and such. I’m by no means at the level Claude Bristol spoke of in the Magic of Believing where some “visualize” and do nothing else and yet things happen (even in those cases these guys DO some things, they just don’t seem directly related to what their goals are) – but believe me, tuning in to your inner self has so many benefits that you can take away a lot I have – and it wouldn’t bother me one bit in terms of results.

Blind folks have a super sense of touch too in many cases. In 0 Excuses Fitness i devote an entire chapter to massage. No, not the hanky panky sort. Regular massages, I’ve spoken about the tiny girls in China with amazing grip and finger strength that used to administer these and more, but I didn’t talk about something I’ve experienced in China – blind massage by a qualified medical practitioner.

Let me tell you, you don’t even take your shirt off in many of those massages, and the then wife when i told her another guy was doing it was like “ugh, you really want a guy to massage you?”


But it wasn’t about that. It was about the wonderful medical massage the doc gave me – I left floating on air literally.

Sports massages for pro sportsmen are usually done by – MEN.

Ain’t nothing sexual about it.

Anyway, most of my massages in China have been done by women, but blind massages – I highly recommend them.

And i highly recommend being grateful as well – think of all the things you DO HAVE, not what you don’t, which is what most people focus upon.

And …

In Think.and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wirites about how many men were so closely driven by circumstances that they had NO option BUT to succeed.

You either win or perish.

How many people, especially the whiners are or ever have been in that position?

None I’d say. Anyone that has and has lived to talk about it is, as my buddy tells me “a goddamned survivor“!

Same thing applies to when one of your senses, or limbs – isn’t there or is taken away. You’re forced to improvise, adapt and overcome!!!

Amazing things happen if you truly push yourself, most don’t.

Anyway, my great courses Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore have more on life and winning in life, and the right way to do so backed up by dint of sheer RESULTS – actual results I’ve achieved, not some tantra mantra beads chains and amulets nonsense spouted by bearded pards,Babas and do called life coaches online that wouldn’t know what  real life is all about if it hit them in the face….ugh.

Ugh, i got two annoying calls – let me save this, deal with the Bozos and then get back to you. Hate it when idiots keep calling me when I’m working, normally I ignore the phone but these calls are biz related, I gotta take them ..

Anyway, the reason I was writing this was to tell you to be GRATEFUL – not so much give you a movie review of a run of the mill movie – and oh,… one more very important thing.

As you guys are aware, you guys need an OTP sent to your email to login to the site after entering in your username and password.

This is a security measure which is very well warranted.

Last night Paula emailed me saying the system sent her a code without asking – so she was wondering what was up, if someone had stolen her email or what.

Now, that step only happens after you put in your username and password both, so maybe she did by mistake, i don’t know.

But it’s a sage reminder to all of YOU – make sure you change your password regularly so you and only YOU can access your account, paid downloads etc.

And that’s that.

Back soon!

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to leave reviews for every product you buy – the link is there in the email you get with your purchase. Remember, honest and genuine reviews help immeasurably my friend, most of all others wanting to make a purchase. Ive gone hoarse saying it, a lot of you have listened – thank you – reviews on the site – and to sweeten the pot, the DEAL – you get an extra 10% off your next purchase via discount code emailed to you automatically upon leaving a review. Can’t beat that me thinks!

And that’s that, back soon.

The first thing that comes to mind …
- .. honor the thought!

Most don’t.

Cardinal mistake in life, my friend. Your gut,knowing how to TRUST it – which is always – is key to real progress in life.

Your gut thinks and knows long term.

Occasionally, as happened to me in 2019 a couple of times, the consequences of going with your gut may appear to be disastrous for a period. Even long periods…

… it’s not. Long term, when you look back, as the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing – as Steve Jobs famously said about only beibg able to connect the dots backwards – you’ll see it all made perfect sense.

It’s my daughter’s birthday in a couple of days.

First thing she uttered when getting off the bus “Dad, it’s my birthday in 2 days”.

I then said yes. What are the little Princess’s plans.

She told me.

“I know you really want to talk to me, do something with me”, I said. “but with this Granny Mommy situation…”.

I trailed off. So did she.

Am I right, I asked.


I laughed. I knew it.

“Not only that, these clowns keep wanting to talk to me, about me, but then clam up and don’t”.

Occasionally, she responded.

I laughed again.

And told her not to worry. “We will do something really special for your birthday together – after all the hoo haa and madness at home subsides”.

No point trying to change them, I went on. When I was stopped by my daughter.

“Dad, are you saying there’s no point banging your head against a wall” she went.

I had to laugh then. Out loud!

Truly a chip off the old block.

Yes, no point banging your head against a brick wall i went – and she stopped me again.



Anyway, she then asked me how I do it, predict events before they happen, can tell when deliveries will show up to a T, can predict when idiots and trolls are thinking about me..

“Tell me”!

She’s not yet old enough to fully understand the term thought transmutation. Hell, most adults aren’t.

So I broke it down to bare bones.

That FIRST thought that comes to your mind, I went. You often have thoughts that come into your mind that you let go, right?

Right, she went.

Don’t, I said.

Trusting your gut, your intuition,in even the most toughest, roughest of seas is how to turn them into CALM seas.

When faced with a decision, make it QUICK – the FIRST thought that pops into mind no matter how outlandish it might seem.

And that’s a huge part of the key, went the modern day Gandhi …

Now, there’s more to it. But this is a great first step for many people – adults included.


Fitness wise, you know where you are at.

Chances are you’re well aware that you’re on this list not just for free advice, but because we offer products you NEED – WANT – that will benefit you immensely.

Else you wouldn’t be here. Period. Even the trolls know this – hehe. There has to be something of great value to troll in the first place! 🤭😉😉😁


You know the products you’ve been putting off, and ONE of them is constantly on the abandoned cart list i routinely monitor – but don’t need to, I can feel it.

It’s THIS one.

Stop putting off the decision, follow that inner HEART – and get it now.

It’ll be the best damn decision you ever made. Trust me on that one!

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Technique is KEY. Always.
- No matter what you do.

Watching the Saffers and Kangaroos battle it out at the Wanderers, I’m reminded yet again why I love this great game of cricket so much – especially in Australia and SA where they turn it into a party for the crowd as it should be!

Bbq, the beer flows, the girls dance -all of it! Though we all know India is where the real money is for cricketers, the atmosphere at the stadiums is unfortunately nowhere near as nice – though don’t get me wrong, the games are as solid obviously!

China, lots of folks complain about it, fact is, India is really the one that needs to catch up if it ever does. They have as much of a party environment in their sports as the West, as it should be.


Crickets not always a party or hitting contest. Many bitch about the batters being given too many unfair advantages these days, maybe that’s true, but when you get smacked on the guard with a hard 13 ounce leather ball moving and swinging at 145 km/hr – it ain’t fun!

Growing up, myself, I was of course always told “you can’t do it” when it came to cricket and soccer, anything physical (swimming was ok for some odd reason, as was tennis, my mother’s all about fake show, appearances, keeping up with the bloody goddamned Jones)…

I tried anyway. .

Didn’t even know how to kick the soccer ball, got an ingrown toenail problem that stayed with me for years until I was 25.

Cricket, i remember getting hit on that shin with that ball. No guards for us back the . Ouch! That fucking hurt man…

Survival of the fittest back then, lucky re bowler wasn’t that quick, lucky i didn’t get hit down there.

Anyway. Despite my Dad’s lack of knowledge on anything remotely physical he told r to wear a guard when learning Taekwondo – gotta give him credit there.

Anyway …

Recollections aside, they bitch about cricket having turned into a slog fest.

But regardless of batting advantages (that’s a fair point – fair dinkum as they say in Oz) – technique is always still key.

The best batters aren’t the sloggers. It’s those with proper technique. As Dad rightly once said, a proper batter can always hit better, as opposed to the common thinkinh of a “,)well built slogger” smashing it out of the park.

As I watch the diminutive David Miller smash it out of the ground at Wanderers, doing pushups between the overs – what he said – as a kid, or perhaps was told – comes to mind repeatedly.

If it’s in the arc, it’s out of the park, if it’s in the V, it goes into the trees!

You can only do that productively with proper form and technique.

Doing 40 pushups during the break, slow and steady – this hit home again, you’re never too good for the basics. I’m not either. I might be Mr Pushp Central, but I ain’t and never will be too good for the basics at anything I do, business, sales, writing, fitness, the more you drill the basics, the more your technique is honed, it’s part of the reason I rant against idiots and morons who complain about the basics being too boring. Ugh.

Their results show tho in all spheres of their lives, so what can I say. Hehe.


Do pushups right or not at all, most do this great exercise completely wrong.

My great course Pushup Central is the greatest and bestest – yes, hehe – out there in terms of getting you from 0 to HERO at pushups, bar none.

No course like it out there, no wonder it’s one of our most popular courses.

Grab it NOW and see what the fuss is all about.

And that’s that!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

The ONE upper body exercise you simply must do daily.
- What is it?

Years ago, hell, up until a few weeks or maybe a month or do ago, I’d say the pushup, perhaps pull-up.

But as I get deeper and deeper into isometrics, unlocking muscles and tendons to the deepest levels – pushing – yet doing do “easily” if you get my drift my already well worked (over the years) body to new levels of strength, health and fitness in ways and manners most can only dream of – it’s no longer necessarily that.

Don’t get me wrong.

The pull-up still reigns King and Queen in terms of upper body work, anyone who says otherwise is an idiot, shirker, or someone that simply hasn’t done or can’t correctly do this great exercise.

But something most people ignore, and this is one huge reason a lot of people don’t get better at pull-ups – is, well, what folks ignore for a lot of stuff. The bloody BASICS.

You can never ignore the basics, you’re never too good for them. Period. So pls works best. Always.

The dead hang, my friend, is part of the basics for pull-ups and like I recently spoke about in a YouTube video, is the ONE exercise id recommend you to do even if you do zero working out otherwise.

Man, this is so much more than “just a stretch” or “just an isometric”…

Most adults cannot hold on to the bar for more than a few seconds, hell, even a second is too much for most people. I still remember my dad “trying” once, gripping – and falling off with an exaggerated expression almost instantly.

I’ve been doing a lot of videos on pull-ups and dead hangs as of late. The latter is KEY – if you do it right – to getting started, good, or better at the former.

Done right, this exercise has amazing benefits. It unlocks your entire upper body, takes your grip strength to UNHEARD of levels – improves definition – reduces FAT and taxes, targets the most important or one of the most important parts of the body – the sides and lower back.

The upper back stretches like never before, the abs pulsate, man, for those nuts who say it’s too easy? Let’s see you do it daily for five minutes at a stretch! No swinging, swangihg, just a so called easy dead hang…

Truly, if you ain’t squatting you ain’t training – upper body wise, if you ain’t dead hanging daily, you’re not maximing your upper body potential, period.

The dead hang and split done right are the KEYS to unlocking your LIFE too at the highest levels and only those who have DONE it or do it regularly it will understand what I’m yapping about.

Anyway. . .

Our great books on isometrics, pull-ups, and GRIP are going great guns.

Make sure to check them out now, and order NOW.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The above links are merely the top of the iceberg. Make SURE to check out the ADVANCED levels of these books on our products page now.

PS #2- Thanks to those that have written it with requests for custom videos – pull-ups mostly – it’s a pleasure to do them for YOU!!! Keep writing in – we love hearing from ya,!

Another way to think about fitness…
- ..in a way a lot of folks would love.

I’ve spoken, ranted, whatever you call it – about these beads, chains, amulets wierd practices etc people belive will bring them luck and that the shamians gleefully exploit of course – ugh.

It’s all about belief at the end of the day, period and spirituality, living in the flow done right which most people do wrong.


Thought I’d put this out – my own exercise system that I pioneered years before anyone even probably thought of it – fitness in bursts, commonly known as Sandwich workouts these days.

This way of exercising not only has manifold health and fitness benefits I’ve talked about Galore before, but – still – many people are too lazy to get off their duff and just do it.

Even if it’s just a pull up as you pass the doorway. Oh wait, majority of folks out there can’t do a pushup correctly, so let’s say something as simple as properly touching your toes 10 times and that’s it and believe me, even those simple hamstring and thigb stretch work wonders, make you feel like a billion bucks and make you want to do more – I’m itching to do some NOW.

This morning as I was creating videos for the other biz i passed the pull up bar.

“3 pull-ups”, mind told me “then you do it,”.

I binned the thought

But, then, before entering the cave i paused.

A magnetic force drew me BACK to the chinning bar.

And I pumped them out.

Back here writing now and this thought of “that’s one of my good luck charms” struck me!

What if YOU thought of it that way?

Wouldn’t it motivate you more to do 10 pushups in sets throughout the day which for most of you is a great workout?

And believe me, when you say how good it will make you FEEL, you’ll naturally start attracting GOOD to you, and you will WANT to build from there.

So that’s the thought for the day.

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

What a “beginner” said about Fast and Furious Fitness

In came a note for the stellar, superb, one of its kind bestselling Fast and Furious Fitness (recently translated into Spanish too, that will be on the market soon)-

From Miriam Reinoso Sanchez –

Thank you, Rahul. Actually, I don’t have any complains about the book. I think it is well written and very clear and easy to follow. Even me, that I’m far from being an expert on the topic, had no issues understanding the exercises. So yeah, it’s a good beginner’s handbook. I hope people like it. Best regards, Miriam.

And that’s that!

Truly a book for both beginners and advanced level trainees like most of my manuals. A customer that falls square in the latter category once said THIS was the ONLY book that will turn you into a human leopard, the cat in his opinion being the big cat with the best blend of suppleness and strength.

His full review is on the sales page for the book.

For me that would probably be the tiger, jaguar, actually – all cats. I’m not a huge fan of lions – but cougars, hell yes, that LEAP.

Cats in general are awesome. (Though I’ve never been a huge fan of lions, wrongly called the King of the jungle when they don’t even live in the damn jungle).

Fast and Furious Fitness equally or more do, and it will turn YOU into a verified BEAST, which I understand if you’d rather not be abd remain stuck at “drooping lily” status.

But if you DO, then…

Get this NOW. Truly a collector’s item, no, those glossy covers will not, NEVER be reprinted!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember to choose the collector’s edition option when buying if you want the original glossy cover. Only 2 left, no more reprints. Truly rare!


For the short interim, or the short term, a lot of my updates will be posted on my U tube channel, community etc.

Nah, I’m not planning on haulimg it either. 🤣

For a guy who never got into YouTube, still hasn’t fully – for a writer first and foremost which I still am and forever will be “the much misunderstood and maligned breed of wordsmith“- hehe…

I highly encourage you to follow, subscribe, share etc.


Rahul Mookerjee