Why sets of 10 can build incredible HEALTH AND STRENGTH! (and power)
- And they do.

Well, as I progress into the second (1.5) day of my fast (complete fast as I said before, water and teas excluded – although I haven’t even had my favorite green tea, I’m on jasmine as of now) – I got this to say – my core – and abs – feel … man, stronger than ever.

Tensed when I’m not even trying to tense them, like I Could take ten boulders to the midsection and I’d be just fine!

Kinda like the story I’ve often mentioned about the guy on the Louhu border accidentally elbowing me one in the stomach, and his elbow – I felt this – bounced off me like it were a wall.

True story, friend, and at the time I was doing plenty of the “best darn exercise ever” (which is sure is!).

I haven’t done that today – as yet.

But I got this to say, what I’ve said before, a lot of you older guys write back (although old is relative, for this issue anything over 35 seems to be “old”) about how high rep workouts while doable tax the joints a lot more, you cannot recover well enough and so forth.

All valid issues from a certain standpoint, you dont need to do 500 of everything everyday for one.

That aside, when you DO workout, even if you are not overdoing it daily (or doing a certain number daily) – – you might feel (occasionally) that “high reps just aren’t cutting it”.

Not because they’re too easy – not because you’re too fatigued.

It’s a CNS thing I believe (central nervous system) – it sometimes “just dont feel right” if you get my drift.

And I have this to say, my friend.

Bodyweight exercises, even the simplest and so called easiest ones like the REGULAR pushup for one can build incredible strength and conditioning done for LOW reps – if you do ’em right!

And the way to do that is manifold, we’ll cover two ways here –

One, turn each exercise into an isometric by really contracting the muscles HARD!

(So, on a regular pushup, as I’ve often said in Pushup Central, CONTRACT the thighs! This is not something people think about a lot, but it bears mentioning, it gives you a different sort of “inner” workout – worked to the bone as it were).

(Super intense version NOT mentioned  (as yet) , contract the ABS and sides as well while doing it!)

On a regular pull-up, if you can do sets of 10 easily, SLOW the movement down, really feel the lats and pull down with the elbow on each rep.

This can be hard to do (this sort of focus) during super high rep workouts. (especially daily).

But if you lower the tempo SOME – some may say, well I’m taking breaks aren’t I (between reps)?

Not really.

I said lower the tempo during a SET.

Really contract the muscles during a SET.

You dont rest for long periods after that – but done this way, you might need to rest some anyway!

Trust me on this one.

When things get “mundane and boring” workout wise – I’ve always found, suggested, and recommended, the best thing is to get back to basics, and work on mastering them MORE.

No-one is ever a true master at anything, yours truly included, but you can get pretty damn close, and thats the sort of workout you want to have – day in, day out – and be productive, and build plenty of strength, power – along with conditioning – and the most important thing, mental focus, health and gumption in spades.

Ain’t that the whole point?

To me it is.

And while sets of 10 might sound “too low” for some, they’ll work you to the bone if you superset (without any rest) between exercises.

10 pushups, 30 second bear crawls, 10 (or however many) pull-ups, 50 squats – just a sample. 

x 5. 

Will SMOKE the average Joe, perhaps even the average Crossfitter into oblivion if done in proper form. I’m not a Crossfitter, but it still gives me a damn good workout, hehe, so it will for YOU if you do it RIGHT.

And thats that.

Key thing, numbers are great to shoot for ,I wont say dont do it.

But, work in low rep + high intensity into your workouts as well to build more muscle, for a change etc.

And thats that.

More such workouts in my products – well, all of ’em – what I gave you above is but a tiny sampling of the sort of workouts that readers have told me “I dont know how anyone can do them if you’re not at least part Gorilla!”.

And that is that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Workout thus far “on fast” – morning workout was a 100 pushups, a few stretches, and 25 pull-ups.

I’m just getting warmed up for the rest of it, including jump rope, now thats one I have not done in a while!!

The sort of workouts I do when I’m fasting.
- Either extended or "short".

I might go on one of my famed three – five day “extended” fasts very soon – I’ve been (sort of) working up to it.

I had a “cheat” day a while ago when I had pasta – though I knew it was a huge mistake.

Those cheat days are often inevitably followed by fasts for me, not for weight loss purposes, but because I like to keep my system as pure as possible in terms of what I put IN IT.

And as functional as possible.

I’m not quite at Sly Stallone (mid-career) levels where his diet was so pure his stomach would literally convulse if he had a burger at Mickey D’s (fast food, ugh! Except perhaps Wendy’s and Burger King sometimes I avoid most like the plague) …

… but, if I overeat after a fast, I’ll be sluggish for a while, and thats putting it mildly.


I’ve written galore about the benefits of fasting before, and I plan on putting out a dedicated manual on it as I’ve said before – proper ways to do it, what to do during it, what not, what to avoid, what pitfalls you can avoid, what you cannot – so called guru advice to ABSOLUTELY avoid much you like would advice from the “herd” in general, and more.

But for now, the sort of workouts I do to get even leaner, meaner and quicker during a fast, and a day or so after it ends when you really start to see – or feel – the benefits?

(For me, it’s so profound I’m thinking about the next fast as soon as I finish the first one, almost! Not quite, but you get my drift).

Anyway. Workouts?

I dont necessarily go all out everyday like I do when I’m not fasting but I sure dont sit around and do nothing.

One of the things I do is brief – or moderately brief workouts – throughout the day while fasting.

The second thing I do is not go super intense – this is important.

I basically follow the way of the animal as I do in everything else. (remember, my fasts are absolute, other than green tea which is basically water poured over leaves, nothing else).

This means, when the tiger goes three, four days without eating, it doesnt sit around, mope, and do nothing.


It’s walking – hunting – feeding it’s young – doing all those things as usual.

But it may not necessarily get in fights with other tigers, or other strenous activity at that time.

For me, this translates into sets of 25-50 pushups maybe throughout the day.

Or, some isometrics every couple of hours – for at least 15 minutes per stretch – I’m HUGE on isometric training anyway -and this holds doubly true while fasting.

This doesnt mean I CANNOT go all out if I wanted to. I’ve tried it, and I’ve noticed my performance on even exercises I do superbly well like basic pushups, pull-ups etc improves and skyrockets at the very time of the fast the “experts” claim you’re the weakest.

Yet more reasons to avoid the “herd” as I keep saying. Hehe.

Anyway …

Thats the tip for today.

Like I’ve said so often, I highly, highly recommend fasts every so often for everyone. Check with your doctor if you must, but for most people, LESS in is what they need, not more (despite what the “experts” tell you).

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

A new day, a new excuse?
- 😁

I swear, I wake up every morning, some of the nonsense I get in myinbox…

This one was the latest -some idiot bought and (not from this site) – refunded, apparently (third partner) Isometric and Flexibility Training.

We dont allow refunds for ANY Reason around here, so not from here – but the guy wrote back there saying the reason was “oh, sorry, I bought it by mistake”.


With Black Friday madness and what not, even keeping in that in mind (and no we did not do any coupons for that either, sorry) – how someone can buy a $99 product and say “I did it by mistake” is beyond me.

(and if they can, well, if anything – it tells me I need to price my books even HIGHER, not lower. Hehe).

something tells me this jackass wanted a look at the entire book “for free”.

Which he took, and inexplicably, or maybe not, he even left it a 5 star review.

Which is great, well warranted, but reviews and stars aside I classify this guy as an idiot and non doer – and why?

Because of his cheap-o “refunding”.

I’ve made my contempt for these sorts very clear, I continue to do so.

It’s one thing if you come to mind and ask for a discount explaining your situation.

It’s quite another thing if you buy something – take a look – and then want a refund (for whatever reason).

Man up, nikka is what I should have said, I didnt say anything, and thats fine – around HERE we dont allow no refunds, for no reason – now the only reason we will look into it is if paperbacks dont reach you, but given those are shipped out by Amazon, I doubt that will happen either (never ever has – always reaches WAY before the 14 day timeframe allotted).

Anyway ….

Books like Pushup Central and the one above – usually well trolled, people love ’em – “Pull-ups – from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!” – actually, all of my books, but those are the one that just came to mind.

As past customers have told me, they’ve got them just because the trolls love ’em so much as well .

And their decisions have been very well rewarded too!

Anyway, you owe it to yourself to check those books out NOW.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

THIS is another example of why I dont care if people unsubscribe from my “Nazi fem” or liberal bashing emails. Hehe. Not that I would anyway.
- Cos...

Because it’s very fucking warranted, my friend …

Let me tell you – for certain idiots that think this is aimed at “all women” – it ain’t either.

The vast majority of women tend to be this way, yes.

And as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once put it, “give a woman a chance to take unfair advantage, and they’ll do that x 10”.

Which I knew before, of course, along with the “your daughter, no matter how much you love her may not be yours”.

which I knew as well . . .

The point here is this, Nazi feminists hate each other.

The point also is, when it comes to men – even those trying to HELP their daughters they usually operate in tandem.

“My enemy’s enemy is my best friend”.

This evening I wanted to chat with my daughter for ten minutes regarding respect.

Regarding keeping promises.

Regarding when you give someone a time, you show up or stick to that time, or else.

Thats how it is in life, except of course Nazi fems and liberals in general live a different version of life than you and I do …

(well, you and I – the sane folks that is) (which curiously all of us tend to have very strong Republican beliefs. Coincidence? Hmm! I think not, much like what I said about copycats copying me predictably and “on schedule”, as if they were waiting with bated breath which they were to be frank- I dont believe in coincidence).

Anyway, I was chatting with her, of course my lovely wife had to interfere as usual, despite not promising to (several times).

Despite me talking about taking the daughter to the park which is good for her.

Long story short, she rudely called her in, and slammed the door shut on my face giving me the “evil eye”.

For no reason.

The daughter did not want to go, she has told me that much, she has no choice – for now. As a teen, I dont know – maybe she’ll stand up more for what she wants. I sure hope she does!


A host of other excuses I’m sure would emanate from my wifes so called logical mouth for this, I’m sure. They always do. Ain’t she always right?

Guys, if this sounds familiar – a lot of you – well, take heart – you’re not alone.

But before I pimp the book just think about not only self destructive these damned women are, but how destructive they are to their kids they so called love.

My wife could put a stop to a lot of it, so could my mom.

Yet, the plan is “against Rahul”, and collateral damage come what may is acceptable.

which is great.


There’s a kid involved, folks.

I could have yelled, hammered the door, I wouldn’t have got my way, I’d have gotten my point across – or would I?

With these fucking buffoons and lunatics there is no sense banging thy head directly against the brick wall.

The indirect method works best, and taking a look at the life of the two protagonists involved in general, it seems my wily ways sure do work – better than any other out there, hehe.

But here’s the thing, friend.

Even the most hard headed of lunatics would agree what I do for my daughter is good.

Yet, every time we do the splits “she shouldn’t do it with boys” – same thing for clubs – same thing for damn near anything we do together.

That make any sense guys?


I didnt think so.


Did that make any sense?

If you were to be honest, I dont think so.

So to finish off two things – one, its not so much women that need my path breaking, one of a kind (I challenge you to find one like it, much like some of my other courses) course on not just fighting Nazi feminism, but BENEFITING from it at levels impossible for you to imagine now.

Women won’t really get a lot from that book, mostly because women dont need to hold themselves to the same unfair standards that men need to with women – period. Therefore, you neither need nor will get a lot from the book although you might agree with a lot of, if not ALL of what I Say. Haha.

MEN are really the beneficiaries here – real men.

Two, if after reading this logical explanation, you see fit to unsubscribe, I wont just welcome it.

I will hold the door not just wide open for you, but very barndoor wide.

Because if you on this list, or someone has an issue with me pointing out the facts in terms of even actively doing all someone can to stunt a kid’s growth and development “just to get back at the man who cannot say much beyond a point “because he is a man”” – then, well I dont just not want you on the list, much like trolls I’ve been referring to as of late, I do not want you ANYWHERE NEAR ME.

Am I allowed to say that?

I dont particularly care, thats how it is my friend.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee (and yes, this here list and most of my others get 3x (at least, I’m being “conservative” – no pun intended) the times of unsubscribes most others this large size get)…

If you wish to add to that list, by all means, do so, no hard feelings…

PS – I love ole Marc, hehe. “You’re dealing with a case of extreme gynarchy” he once told me in 2018, in his own inimitably “remorselesslly logical” manner. (or fashion).

Boy, was he ever right, I knew it since and have been dealing with it since childhood…

The only sport I can think of where “big” is a requirement pretty much as opposed to “just fit”
- Or two..

Well, first off, NZ – well played!

They’ve pretty much hammered India the way India did to them in the T20 I’s …

Sometimes I wonder if these matches are setup? Hehe. You can almost predict it sometimes…

Anyway, India scored way too less in this match, but anyway.

My last email debunked yet again the “looks” and fitness theory so many people hold sway to – or that holds sway over so many people.

But I was thinking more bout the “he looks like a 14 year old” idiocy – sure, women prefer something to hold on to, hehe (sometimes) but what they really want – corrugated core.

THAT in bed is the real turn on, not fat around the tummy.

Ask any girl to be honest, she’ll tell ya. So my wife, well, she wasn’t being honest, and every time I’ve been fat anyway, the ones pointed out as “so fit!” and “he’s STRONG, has a good body!” were the lean mean sorts, which lets face it, everyone wants.

But thats neither here nor there in terms of women eh. Back to sports.

Other than Sumo Wrestling and football – not “soccer” but “football” – I cannot think of a single sport where “size matters” almost as much as ability.

Even football, you have small guys playing it! (not often, but you do).

That ain’t me saying the big guys playing football or Sumo Wrestling are unfit – sumos are a different issue, but football players, look at Herschel Walker or Walter Peyton … well, enough said.

BUt look at every other sport, and fitness benchmarks.

Cricket isn’t a sport which does – or used to, at least – now it DOES – require super fitness.

Soccer does.

Swimming does.

Badminton does.

What do you see in these sports – big? Or lean and mean and corrugated cores?

Yet another nail in the coffin …

Lets be frank, even the WWE , which isn’t a real sport no longer has those man tits and mammoth bellies on show does it (despite some of those guys being “strong” or what not . . . ?

If you’re a fat person (and more importantly, do what it takes to justify it to yourself) , you’re simply not a serious athlete, simple as that.

Cricket, look at someone like a Virat Kohli who is probably one of the highest paid sports persons in the WORLD, definitely #2 in India after Dhoni.

He’s been compared to 14 year olds too fitness wise, and he used to be fat too before he “just did it”, and continues to.

All over the cricket world, and in sports in general, guy is highly regarded not just for his stellar batting record, but his FITNESS more than anything !

Google him, I’m not going to post pictures.

You may find some “odd” parallels between how he looks and how a certain Rahul Mookerjee does . . .

in terms of the “youthful look” for one, which ain’t bad is it. Hehe. Even with a beard…

My point is THIS, my friend.

MOST, if not all people that claim “oh he’s slim, but not strong”, or “genetics”, or “I’m not slim, but I’m strong” …

they ALL want this look, period.

They are all secretly aiming for it.

Tell me one person that dont want a corrugated core, I’ll eat my hat (if you’re being honest).

Fat free core, lower back, broad back, thats not just a Greek God ideal for women, it is for men as well.

And my point is this, being lean and mean equates to functionally fit.

Many years ago I was “big” and strong in terms of some one time lifts, sure.

But I could not climb four flights of stairs carrying but a FRACTION of that weight without my heart thumping out of its chest. I could not run around the block without almost collapsing, despite all the Rocky soundtracks I played!

THAT, friend, is the reality for most of these people that claim the nonsense above in terms of big is what matters, and “only strength matters” and ignore facts like other things are equally if not more important.

Strength matters, yes, but it ain’t by far the only yardstick you should measure yourself by.

MOST people in the boat above, if not all, will admit if they’re honest thats their current reality, sure, you can CHANGE that reality but the first step is admitting it to yourself, which most are not willing to do despite the facts staring them daily in the face.

And that, friend is that.

If you’re part of the gang that does acknowledge fact, DOES want to change their current fitness levels – or IMPROVE, for that matter at levels you never thought of, well, I’m right here for you.

The 0 Excuses Fitness System 

Thats that. Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

You can do it too !
- Yes Sir!

While  aiming imaginary kicks at the bus stand at a security camera (above head level) – in my head – at the gate of a house, or almost – I was thinking of another imaginary conversation with my daughter.

“Wow!” she’d say if she saw me doing that.

Thats what she says when she sees me doing the tiger bend (though thats more because of the “crouching dragon hidden tiger” pose, hehe) – or the freestanding handstand (which sure deserves a wow, as a certain handstand lover Charles once told me “thats something to be proud of” – and he was referring to it against the wall). (not more than 0.1% of the population or even less can do it was the stat he quoted, maybe less, I cannot remember it now).

But …my response – again, in my head, though I tell her this all the time!

You can do it too!

“you just gotta cut past the bullshit at home, and remember, when you’re training, you’re training, no exceptions, no distractions, LASER FOCUS!

Focus, discipline and practice, in that order. Or maybe not necessarily in that order but it usually works that way friend”.

And minus the “friend”, thats what I was telling her, and do.

Anyway …….

Thats what I tell EVERYONE who compliments me.

Look, I ain’t no fitness “God” as I’ve sometimes been referred to – it’s one thing to be a master of your craft, but even a true master knows REAL mastery is elusive, you always improve, fact of life, it’s mentioned in my books too.

You can keep getting better… learning … the true masters are those who keep learning in my opinion – DAILY. And adapting, improvising etc.

Some people have a reaction to this “who does he think he is”.

Look, one way to go is troll me and be jealous because you dont have or have not been able to achieve the same results, the other way is to … well, learn from me.

It’s that simple, it’s what I’ve done.

When I was fat, I didnt parade around saying I’ve got a Corrugated Core.


I did the thing first, I learned how to do it via time spent in the trenches and trial and errors, lots of it, and thats how I became a master at my craft, and I’m still learning everyday, so should you. No matter what your level is.

Ask someone who can pump out 1000 pushups per workout, he’ll tell you that too (I know people that can. I’m not quite at that level, 500 is all I’ve gone! Hehe).

Ask Herschel Walker ..

“You wake up, it’s a BATTLE to survive everyday no matter where you’re at in life”.

True that my friend.

ON that note.

I remember back in the day living in the “hood” – well, a predominantly black neighborhood that, but it was the hood, lets be frank with the ex …

I remember getting annoyed when people put (well, she would too) things on her car because “it was older” … you know, eating Mc Donalds and putting the bag temporarily on the car ,today when I see people literally eating lunch on parked cars in India and China and their owners not really caring – culture difference? Hehe.

Personally, I’m the former sort, I Could never get over people putting trash on trash bins as opposed to in them, but what do I know.

Anyway – so we were moving – and there was this massive green old timer sofa she had which Percie her Dad had passed on to her.

We had to move that sucker.

Rueben and me tried to move it, he gave up in a second.

That thang was heavy and unwieldly, trust me ,maneuvering it and getting it through doorways was a task and a half!

Anyway …

A black dude lived beneath us – well, not directly – but sorta – and this guy was BUILT. Massive!

He did a lot of machines, weights – he was the epitome of what my buddy Vincent (who is no slouch in the “big” department! – he looks like a tank, period) said.

“Black guys are the biggest!”

Gorilla chests indeed, yes, their genetics does tend to be that way, but they also tend to be the fattest sometimes and their hearts aren’t quite up there – for whatever reason, the stats show they’re the race most predisposed to heart disease for one.

No, that ain’t a myth either unlike the big you know what myth … that one IS a myth (all races!).

Isn’t it strange how I can say these things and people hear it, but a white dude says it, and people jump up and down about racism?

Goose and gander my friend.

And fact.

Anyway …

So this dude, we asked him (we paid him, I dont know if he accepted), and I drove the U haul back to her place.

I still remember being embarassed at not being able to back it up.

He said he’d do it for me.

No way, hehe.

Real men do it themselves!

But that sofa, damn, while I wasn’t quite at Rueben give up level, I gave up on it once I realized I’d have to shift it myself which I would not have been able to.

So we asked him!

And he moved it up with me … I still remember the ex and him chatting outside before he left ..

“We did it together”, he said – when she was thanking him.

“No we didnt bud”, I said chuckling over a beer.

“YOU were the main force behind it!”

well, he was.

Those muscles, I went …

His response?

“You can do it too!”

Then we yapped about how many pushups we could both do, proper form etc – I could do just 20 at that time, not proper form either if I recall right, and he asked me how many I could do with proper form, then left after shaking my hand.

The next time we had to move that sofa we hired two guys with grip strength from Cain one a tall white dude, another a guy my size.

I still remember the ex telling her Dad about the guy my size moving that thang with him …

Not that she meant to humiliate anyone by saying that, but these things happen with real men – you think it to be true even if it isnt!

years later, how the tables have turned as I move sofas by myself, people tell me “I’ll hurt my back doing it”, and I’m the one recovering the fastest from any injury I do pick up – thumb or not – the quickest, usually painful ones needing medical attention.


Lesson of the day.

YOU can do it too if you buckle down and do the thing, and cut past all the bullshit out there.

Yesterday’s emails caused quite a flutter, lots of sales, and even more unsubscribes and I love it that way. Hehe.

Hey, if you can’t take fact, this ain’t the right place for ya my friend.

But if you can, I’m here for ya, I always have been for the doers, those who keep striving for MORE.

And thats that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Focus, dedication and discipline and PRACTICE – all hall marks of the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Be VERY sure to read the 10 Commandments of Physical Success in there VERY carefully, should be your fitness bible almost though it will work for ANY sort of goal you have.

And, I had to tell my daughter to reject all the religious programming my wife shoves down her throat, quite literally.

Its one thing to be religous I’m all for it if you choose to be, but shoving it down little kids throats and trying to hammer it into their brains, and saying “India is the very best” when it clearly isn’t is neither factual not right. Geez, Mommy, let the kid decide for herself eh.

(Religion wise, none is the “best”, its all a crock ultimately (except yeah, a lot of it did start in ancient India – she is right about that), look at all the wars fought over it for one, again, fine to be religious but dont take it to extremes is my point and force it upon others).

Ah well, the lunacy continues.

Back to Kane Williamson (who looks to be the Kiwis only hope for now) and the day night game am I! 🍻

Another China fitness memory!
- I just remembered this one as I was ...

Well, my friend, as I was doing something I have not done in ages – I rarely do -watching live SPORTS – an India – NZ cricket match in Auckland (the series itself irrelevant with all the cricket being played these days and the different versions) – – I felt GOOD.

As I am sure y’all are – happy thanksgiving, on that note!

Eat plenty of turkey – drink up – be merry – just be sure to WORK it all off later.

I cannot remember the last time I switched on a TV, or was even near one on – it’s been …I think 2013 was the last time.

Thats not to say I dont watch movies occasionally – I certainly do – I was watching a Telegu flick “Liger” yesterday, a complete disappointment, and a joke in terms of marital arts, I was only watching it because it had Iron Mike’s name in it, but since he did not show at all even at the halfway point, I had to abandon it, like a couple of other recent movies I’ve watched.

Where are the GOOD ONES? Samaritan wasn’t that bad, but not that great either despite me being a huge Sly fan …

Anyway – I love watching cricket.

But most of the time for the past few years, these days I do it at night if I’m drinking beer, or … when I’m not working – in the morning I prefer to have my writing time, my thinking time, visualization and so forth. Those first two hours of the day are always mine no matter what, I made an exception, but then I started thinking business as always.

Anyway – during the telecast on Prime (to the idiots saying “Netflix, Netflix”, – nah, I’d rather Amazon anyday) … I saw something interesting, an Indian player (I dont know who, I haven’t watched ODI cricket in so long … )appeared to be recovering from hamstring injury.

Someone was holding a band tied to his ankles which he pulled back and forth with his legs, and judging by his expression at the end of it, it worked him quite well.

I didnt see the commentary (written) or hear it, but it brought back memories.

A long long time ago in China, circa 2003, I was (along with a cranky HR manager and a very nice real estate agent) “shopping” to set up my apartment in China.

Remember, the company was a bit cheap, so they were doing their best to put me in an apartment quickly, and truth be told, I didnt negotiate half as much as I do today, but I got lucky, I was put in an apartment owned by a guy from Hong Kong and his wife, and it was new, appliances spic and clean and so forth – and NO ROACHES!! That was the best part . . . (and what I negotiate all the time NOW).

Anyway, we were shopping – HR lady bailed.

I picked up something after the beer aisle (Chinese Walmarts have a fantastic selection of beer, for whatever reason, especially German, Russian and many other imported beers which in the US you dont see that often) …

… a rubber sort of “thingy” is all I can say.

Quite thick to grip but you could bend it.

And it was meant to be bent behind one’s back – in front of one’s chest – one of those tools I cannot “name” – that are meant to strengthen your muscles and tendons both.

Easy Peasy, I thought – remember, those were my “big” days.

I tried it.

I could barely BUDGE it behind my back.

IN front of me, I could do the exercise, above my shoulders, yes, but it wasn’t that easy.

But behind the back, making an inverted U with it – man that was tough!

Skinny real estate agent next to me who kept telling me I was “strong” … he picked it up, at one shot he bent it five times, grinned, tossed it in the cart.

I remember him patting my shoulders as I was gasping for breath carrying cases of beer up to my apartment. Always well prepared and stocked am I (I even remember my father writing me an email about “we hope you aren’t drinking it up there!”) .. Hehe.

So thats a lesson in itself, size doesnt mean anything either way.

Remember the skinny dude who carried up massive split A/C units to my fifth floor apartment, his heart almost pounding out of his chest – I could literally see it?

The middle aged Chinese ladies that would routinely carry up large bottles of water to my apartments in China, and act like it was nothing …

Thats not to say strength doesnt matter – it does.

The point is strength backed up by conditioning is what really counts.

And the point also is, how you look isn’t necessarily the best indicator – in many ways of your health and fitness.

Sure, if you’ve got a massive belly and man tits and an expanding arse – well, then you probably ain’t fit.

And if you’re so weak (my wife loves calling me that, hehe) that you can barely do ONE pushup without collapsing – then youre probably not very strong – at least not in that regard.

But if you (so the idiots say) look like a 13 year old and get taunted for it all the time by your wife and people (rightly) say “thats not a bad thing fitness wise” – and can hammer out 250 pushups per workout for one, or similar things …if you’re not FAT, if you’ve not got a big gut that spilleth over.. well, then you’re probably fit, strong and well conditioned …

(it isnt just bodyweight stuff here, lets say if you’re skinny and collapse after running up a flight of stairs, or a boobybuilder with massive bulging pecs that does, same thing)

It ain’t about the size of the dog, its about the size of the FIGHT in the dog.

Its about having less FAT – not being less “big” – there is a difference.

Same thing if you reverse the tables.


Enjoy your thanksgiving my friend.

I wish I could find that tool now, I’d probably promote it more just for the heck of it. A china only thing though I believe that is, but I’m sure I will find it.

And, if you haven’t yet jumped aboard the 0 Excuses Fitness System “train” do so NOW. Best way to ensure the lard doesnt pile on after the sumptous meals or what not…


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Ever notice how headphone batteries dont last – at ALL these days? Hehe.

Why trolls will go to ANY length to cover up their weakness, or perceived thereof.
- And they do ...

I’ll never forget what Glyn Schofield once replied with when I asked him about his weird fantasies and fetishes – which I told him, Glyn, thats OK – most people whether they admit it or not lead double lives to an extent – of course, the way he denied it spoke volumes.

I cannot remember the Bozo ever, till this date saying “no, I’m NOT INTO THAT!” so vehemently.

At that point I knew I was onto something – hehe.

It isn’t just the Bozo either.

Lets take Benny Boy – an example of a more rational troll in some regards whose been trolling on here since he threw a hissy fit (shortly after that) about his inability to sell a dime’s worth of products – and someone that falls into the Glyn category of keeping on returning even after being roundly blocked everywhere – including our great Youtube channel apparently, I blocked him there, but presto, like a bad (and fat) apple, he shows up, hehe.

One reason, of course, is these guys can’t get enough of me – and the “attention” they get from being trolls in general is pretty much the only attention they get in their sorry lives from anyone (if you look at their finances, their lifestyle, their general tendency to mooch off or live on controlling women – well, there is a common thread).

But the second reason, deep down inside, these trolls know fully well they’re weak – and their many weaknesses.

Benny Boy for instance despite his numerous rants about not being able to sell was sort of OK here (though he was still being an unwanted ghost even then) .

What really got the poor chap’s goat was not me indirectly pointing out his inability to tell, but a video I did about cheapskates in general – – and about people calling him fat (which I hate to say, but it’s a fact).

And that started his incessant trolling, till date you’ll notice in all his trolling, despite saying everything under the sun possible positive about me when I first hired him (no wonder, hehe) (to the point I had to almost tell him to stop being so “nice” though I could smell the fake even then) – did an about Turn after these two things.

It hurt.

Because it’s true and because Benny can’t – or doesnt believe he can – and hasn’t, which counts – do a damn thing about either one of those two things. Hehe.

This sort of “rational troll” is the sort of people that will be obsessive like Bozo Schofield – and ignore everything good you do – to find some perceived one tiny flaw in the other person (emphasis on “perceived”) and then Tom Tom it until the cows come home to pseudo-validate their own piss poor levels of health and fitness (i.e. if someone is doing something, they wont let that person be – like the idiot who once asked me to “work my brain” instead of working my pull-ups which I was, like dude, quite frankly, none of your business, not that this sort understands the meaning of the word business anyway).

They’ll also obsessively try and copy everything you do to ape what you do, copy you to a T, emulate your success without realizing you cannot copy Mozart … well, you could, but you might not have the same results. In fact, I can definitively tell you you wont.

You know whats the best way to prove to this sort (not that you need to – like a customer once told me, like I myself keep doing – I’d rather just block ’em and forget about ’em) they’re trolls?

Tell them to stop haunting you.

They wont.

Easy as clockwork eh.

But they wont do it.

When you block them so you dont even see them or hear from them, or know what they’re up to, they’ll find ways to make sure you do. Hehe.

This doesn’t go for just Benny alone, of course, I had done forgotten about him again until he got on the train of “ruining this business” (good lucky Benny!) – it goes trolls of this sort in general – and Nazi feminists as well.

At the end of the day, these Nazi feminists are cowards, in a direct confrontation theyre found wanting – and I dont mean physically.

I mean logically.

And since they can’t beat logic, they fall back on the ole “I’m a woman so I’m right” nonsense.

No you’re not honey, and a certain “wife” knows that very well too deep down inside.

Anyway ………..

Profiting from this sort (and other cuckolded keyboard warriors in general) is easier than pie if you know how to stir the pot a bit and if you know how to get this sort to obsess over you like a starving man for freshly baked bread …

And my two key courses, Volume one of both in these regards –

How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society.

Profit Troll. 

You’ll want to get your hands on the first now, the second is on pre-order, get it at the price you can before it goes up, my friend.

Ah, I just realized I answered the “why” question not posed in the title of this here email, but didnt answer the “how”.

Patience, grasshopper – it will be in the book, but it’s common sense to me, really …

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My recommendation in terms of supplements etc being sold by dodgy sorts like this – buy at your OWN risk. ’nuff said. I had to put this out there, sometimes even I do some “public service”…

Famous faggotty positions that whip not just faggots into TOP shape – quick! (and find out fat boys quick too hehe)
- Read on!

I was thinking about a lot of things last night, and couldn’t help chuckling.

You know you’re onto something good – awesome – not just when you get shining reviews of your books in all businesses from doers -thats great, but a far greater measure of success, or getting there?

A successful man – or his level of success, or the “ascendancy of his star” – is measured by the number of enemies he has – the number of people that absolutely hate his guts.

This might not be a popular thing to say ,but its nigh true.

And when you get to the point (and I’m not even STARTED as yet, as I I keep saying) when hordes of people have to be either blocked or booted from the list, site etc – when I’m selective about accepting customers in an economy most are “desperate” for them – when people I block (Bozo being one) find all sorts of creative ways to come back and “see what he’s up to anyway” so they can troll …

… well, it’s a true indicator of “where you’re headed”. hehe.

Anyway …

Squat 101 was released like a week ago I believe?

And our great translator Marco is already hard at work translating it into Spanish – NOT per my request either – he emailed me and asked me about it!

And I was more than glad to accept.

THAT is what I like to say, eager to get the job DONE – other than whine and moan about price, wacking off about stuff that doesnt really matter, or nutjob arm chair theorists that look like the only training they’d done is walking from the dining table to the potty yet feel compelled to share their non existent wisdom and write long boring “watching paint dry” rants about form or what not…


Before we start this one.

Please DO read this here … https://0excusesfitness.com/2020/04/28/to-be-fair-your-yoga-looks-a-little-faggoty/

And this .

What a former gymnast and cheerleader had to say about the “faggotty” position that I wrote about

Please DO read both those links, as I’m not going to type a lot in this one – it’s already been said.

Except, one thing – in the second email up there I never put the picture I was referring to back then – I found it today, I believe, I’m not sure if this is the right one?

But here it is –

It was that one, and this one – or maybe me holding the “Table” position which he was referring to – the cheerleader was certainly referring to the “table position” …

Anyway …

I cannot find the picture of me holding the table pushup.

And the reason I bring it up is again – that particular exercise – in fact, even the one above (reverse pushup) are along with the pull-up – two PRIME examples of how much fat you have around the midsection, my friend.

We have covered the pull-up so often here, if you’re not getting that chin over the bar comfortably, holding , it’s not a pull-up, and fat boys – or girls – wont be able to do it despite their gorilla snarls in the gym (handstand pushups neither).

But those are advanced exercises, they’ll whine… And make every excuse in the book about not being able to do ’em …

So how about these two simple exercises I just mentioned. Hehe.

Pushup Central, my friend, contains these – and FAR more styles of pushups than you could ever have bargained for – period.

And if you truly want to lose fat and get in shape, then that is one of the first courses that you need to invest in – NOW.

And to end this, another great video from our channel

Link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RSGVZzU8Pw  (I had to put it in that way since some of you cannot view the video in the emails, so just copy and paste the link itself).

This one for some reason hasn’t really been seen a lot , probably because the exercise is a tough one, which is fine, but it’s one of the very few areas on Youtube I have not been trolled – or complimented – never a middle ground hehe with me – as yet.

I’m aiming at changing that. Therefore, there it is!



Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Another great measure of how far you’ve come is when people find every excuse to surreptitiously copy what you’re doing … like clockwork, hehe.

It’s beyond hilarious, I write something, fat boys globally (I’ll share more here “by and by”, Benny Boy is just the latest in a long series write rants about what I wrote) – I video myself doing advanced workouts, these same ass clowns show just cringeworthy videos of them attempting to do the same. Some of them, you can almost hear the seat of the pants tear (PG Wodehouse fans will appreciate this one. Hehe).

“Look, Mommy, the big man did it, so can I!”

I mean, its downright hilarious. Hehe.

And no you can’t you idiot, I can hear the joints creaking there – or should I say “see”. lol.

(this guy was the guy who used to work for us as an affiliate, threw a hissy fit a month later about prices after he realized this was an elite site where his “throw it against the wall and see what sticks” methods weren’t working – not that they do anyway, he’s barely able to sell even $8 ebooks and some of the crappy, downright dangerous herbs he promotes like snake oil (dont ask me, ask anyone in the know) and then whined about “I quit!”

Well, its good he quit on his own, in another month or so I’d have FIRED his arse anyway. We dont take kindly to quitters and losers around here).

Anyway, all of them make for (including the price wanking trolls) GREAT material for the very educative (both life and business wise) upcoming book Profit Troll.

While Buttler Glyn is undoubtely the star there, plenty of others nutjobs will be featured with proof. Hehe.

I’ve truly inspired a legion of both those that cannot get enough of me – oh wait, they all can’t apparently, hehe – of the haters and the lovers. And for that I gotta thank both, as the former tries to make a $8 sale, hehe, I’m laughing all the way to the bank.😁

All of this, of course could be a prime reason why the vast majority of people in the world are nothing but sheep, will never succeed at anything other than keyboard wanks or the equivalent. The DOERS, well, you know who you are. Haha.

Anyway … if no other, the above is a GREAT reason to get your pre-order in for Profit Troll NOW, my friend.  (while the price is what it is, because it’s going to cost >$150 once I’m done).

Apply it to your life, watch your life improve by leaps and bounds, apply to your business, watch the moola roll in – regardless of economy.

Along with Zero to Hero, Gumption Galore and of course 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, simply must have books for any REAL (note – this isn’t applicable if trolling is your biz, hehe – but it’s even applicable there, come to think of it!) entrepreneur or business person …

Triple Chinned Fat boy tries to destroy Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness.
- in an odd way, I predicted this too.

I wont mention him by name here.

And there are tons like him, a certain Bozo Schofield being one of them ….

Anyway, the braindead one showed up again – as expected. These guys are literally obsessed with me, it’s so easy to get them to do what I want!

And he’s doing precisely what I want, trolling me all over the internet like the Bozo did (granted his trolling is far more rational than Glyn’s, but a troll is a troll nonetheless).

Anyway …

This is aimed at no-one in particular, but if youre ranting about form when …

You can barely do a single Hindu squat in proper form without making excuses about your legs, when you’re so fat you can’t even do a single pull-up – let alone get the chin over the bar and over compensate or try to with hammer grip, when holding a handstand is a current impossibility for you, when those chins jiggle as you walk, when people call you out for having a case, a serious case of gyno … Hehe.

And I’m just getting started.

Man, this dude put out some videos that are just insanely jokerish, let alone form etc.

I haven’t subscribed to his channel, I never will either, but this clown was blocked from mine, he did his best to show up again – like I knew he would.

And he’s hell bent on destroying this biz too.


For a wannabe “flying by the seat of his fat “extra large” pants” so called affiliate (this triple chinned blubber laced monster-wacko I’m referring to)  who couldn’t sell a $8 book if he tried, lives on his wife, looks like (customer words, NOT MINE) “Braindead ****** looks like he’d need to fast for a year to lose all that blubber” .. well, he’s not quite right up there with Glyn in terms of being obsessed with me.

But he’s getting there, right down to his angry rants of “get over yourself!”

Hey, I did.


Anyway – our Youtube Channel which he’s spreading everywhere is HERE. I never really did many videos, but I’m really getting going full steam – wait for some great, great stuff coming out – especially on my FAVORITE exercise, the mighty pushup.

And yes, you’ll see me teach a few fat fools a thing or two about form, hehe (if they can get beyond rep #5 on anything, which most cannot).


And in the meantime?

If you ain’t gotten (customer words, not mine) – the BEST DAMN BODYWEIGHT FITNESS BOOK ever, nothing else comes close … the best System ever?

Get it now. There is NO better system out there to get you in shape – lean – mean – FAST!

At the end of my results speaketh, as opposed to fat boys who couldn’t wag their tongue without their chin bobbing up and down and need Mommy’s (or wifey’s) assistance to do literally “cringeworthy” intro “read from script” videos… Hehe.

Results, my friend, results.

And thats proof enough eh.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I almost feel sorry for this guy, its one thing to be braindead. Its one thing for a nutwad to be booted from everyone’s circle he tries to weasel himself into – I know he’s tried to partner with many a bodyweight guy, but he’s been booted because quite simply, triple chins my friend dont equate to “passionate about fitness”, it equates to being lazy, usually liberal, and … “ostrich with head in ground and fat ass protruding”.

Its quite another though to call Herschel Walker out on form for one, claiming Walker does “half ass reps” and crappy form. Lunacy central, of course, what else could you expect from braindead Bozo liberals.

*thanks to T for noticing it, I had completely, as always, forgotten about this nutjob, then of course as predicted he shows up again*

Anyway, yours truly is called the Bodyweight Exercise Guru for a reason.

Follow along, you’ll soon know why. Hehe.

And if you want to apply from coaching from yours truly, where I coach, train, take you by the hand – and SCRUFF hehe – and WHIP your ass into shape like NO-ONE else out there, I repeat, NO-ONE comes close – even can come close to “can” – then apply for personal coaching from the very best HERE.

And thats that!