Accented pushups?

Ill nes  ver forget the black dude – our R.A. in the dorm standing next to me in the bathroom one morning while we were brushing our teeth and the quizzical “shake my head, wtf” look he once gave me.

I was saying good morning and other normal stuff.

Every time I did, this friendliest of friendly dudes shook his head as if in despair.

“Man, what language you be speaking!!!”.


I spoke perfect English. Down south though, you gotta speak Southern, have the drawl and with a UK/Indian accent I had at the time, for some reason the white dudes understood me perfectly well. Not so most black guys tho.


Nothing racist about that.

Just fact as it happened. As TEMB once told me “this is hilarious. I was raised and born here and Habib Milakuwhat XXII speaks way better English than I”.


Another fact.

Anyway, that was the day this callow at the time 17 year old realised he had to start using what he always naturally had – his chameleon like capabilities..

Three months later I remember my uncle, who has been in the US for 30 plus years now saying the following – “we couldn’t do it in all these years. He did it in three months”.

Quicker, actually. In fact I internalized the right accent for the moment so much that even consciously NOT trying to drawl, I remember my first boss Uncle J telling me upon meeting me at the airport in FL (job related) “oh, trust me, it shows’.

The charming Southern drawl that is. Haha.

But anyway – what does this have to do with pushups?


I’ve been doing 300-500 daily for months now.

Not missing one single day. Woke up today after 2 hours of sleep at 4 AM and got right down to it.

And the more I see people doing what they consider pushups, jerking up and down horribly, mangling form in favor of high rep count, terrible core stability (you shouldn’t be slouching in the core!) – the more I think “wtf exercise is this”.

Pushups, my friend, and especially high rep pushups turn you into a female attracting beast as a man in a savage, raw manner that few exercises other than the pull-up can – but you have to do them correctly.

If all you do is sets of 50 slow basic pushups with proper form, or even 10 or whatever you can do NOW – you’ll have a core of steel like few other workouts can give you.

And that’s a fat Jack.

Fact. Hehe.

But you gotta do them right. Most don’t. And my course, by far THE premier course on pushups every serious fitness enthusiast MUST have – teaches you how.

Grab it right here.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

“My arms feel soft to the touch but when you pump them up, they become rock hard”

Fat or muscle? Which is it?

Such was the question posed by a cute Japanese girl in the gym..and a good one too.

Lots of people have this idea your muscles should be “perennially pumped and hard”.


That’s not just unnatural – it’s harmful to the body. Which wild animal, loose, supple strong and graceful – walks around with “pumped muscles” all the time?

A cat – even a 300 kg plus tiger can leap several feet into the air at seemingly a minutes notice and perform other amazing feats of strength and agility – but we don’t notice these big cats flexing their legs all day do we? Or a monkey it’s arms?

You can sense the muscle is there under the smooth skin – much like wrestlers of old. The Gama had huge arms, but they weren’t “pumped” all day long.

Martial artists don’t walk around with flexed biceps all day either.

That’s the unnatural juiced up roid monster look most are after at the gym, but it not only shortens the muscles – but leads to a whole host of other strength/health problems down the line.

Anyway. I told her all this.

Had to add a line before that.

They SHOULD be soft. You’re a woman, if you don’t mind my saying so. Hehe.

I’ve seen lots of female laborers in India that are extremely attractive – from a vibe perspective (remember the bodacious maid working at the house the then wife ended up firing “because she was talking too much to me?” – strange, when I didn’t talk to her the ex complained “you never talk to her”(ie no man to keep her in line) and when I did “she’s your girlfriend now!” – women, hehe) – and have hip, arm and shoulder strength that would put many a man to shame.

Yet, touch their upper arms, smooth, soft and feminine to the touch. Ditto for massueses etc.

Men obviously don’t need the “feminine” touch – but your arms don’t need to be pumped all day long my friend. That’s just an extremely unnatural idea, not sure where and how it even caught on …

And that’s that.

For natural old school training methods used by boxers, wrestlers and strongmen of yore that you too can use to get fit quick within the privacy of your home – go here.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Fitness today has degenerated into selfie central

And it’s nigh sickening to be honest. Scrolling up and down X, all I see is Bozos lifting heavy weights in manners that will injure them down the road – pumping, preening – both male and female – I saw a girl yesterday barely able to handle a massive squat bar, with the spotters help she squatted like 20 degrees and then back up – what’s the point of all this??

And the selfies.

Do a set.

Get on X.


It’s hilarious, the way everyone wants a million followers and get famous etc that way. Me, I post training videos occasionally yes, but only to demonstrate form etc. Despite my “model like body” (which these nuts at the gym all want after getting off the anabolic steroids they so proudly put in their bodies) – I don’t preen and pose.

I’m happy to be the guy who can walk outside shirtless without a care in the world as opposed to back in the day when the then wife would tell me “take your shirt off!” but I’d be embarassed because of the man tits and belly.

The selfies. Ugh. Back during those days when I hiked for 4-6 hours a day, plenty of girls came up to me for selfies. I got used to seeing Bozo Schofields messages after workouts “how many girls asked for your wechat today”.

I didn’t even carry my phone with me. When I’m working out, I’m working out. It ain’t chick or selfie time. Not that I like the latter anyway and the former, well, never any shortage eh.

What I really find sad these days is the amount of women taking anabolic steroids.

Now I got nothing against women working out.

But lifting massive weights to get arms bigger than men etc? It can still be attractive in a certain way – feminine to an extent, but not these women whose boobs literally shrivel up due to all the external T there putting in their bodies.

Nothing to me is more attractive in a female than being soft natural and unspoiled.

Like Carol once said, the girl should “look beautiful, smell sweet, soft to the touch”. Etc.

I wonder if these women even realise the damage they’re doing to their bodies long term with not just all that heavy weightlifting but the steroids.

Ask these strong women to do pull-ups or handstand Pushups?

Most can’t.

Same for men pumping away with huge biceps and such.

Covered in tattoos from head to toe which seems to be a thing these days (nothing against tattoos – but you gotta be classy about things, not just brash).

Of course in a world where “men can have kids” and can compete in women’s sports, it was only a matter of time before the women became just as dysfunctional in their own way.


I’d rather old school.

And the best old school ways of training that won’t injure you permanently and build you up to a level where most, even gym goers will admire you and want the body you have – are covered in my training manuals.

All starts here – 0 Excuses Fitness.

If you’re an idiot who reads this and thinks “but I have to go to the gym” this dispatch isn’t for you.

It’s only for smart people.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

15 minute bursts of visualization throughout the day.

I often, fitness wise (and you’ll read about this in all my books) champion the idea of short bursts of exercise throughout the day.

25 squats between calls.

40 pushups. A few pull-ups. Repeat all day long, you’ll be in awesome shape in no time if you’re not LAZY – which most people are.

I championed this idea for years before it became well known during Covid as “exercise sandwiches” throughout the day.

Nah, Sophia doesn’t make them for me. Hehehehe, no pun.

Sometimes she does! We won’t go there on this site haha.

But this concept can be applied to anything.

Visualization included.

Most have this idea you visualise ONCE in the morning and are done with it.


We are visualising on auto pilot throughout the day even when we don’t think about it consciously.

I often throw myself down on the bed at a whim, darken the room and just rest, allowing random thoughts to float into my mind.

Napoleon Hill wrote about this in Think and Grow Rich -of a highly paid man paid to “sit and think”.

When the company was faced with a particularly pernicious issue or problem they called him.

He sat in the dark with nothing but a pen and paper. Until ideas flowed into his mind – and so many will if you do it right that it’ll boggle the mind.

I’m writing this sitting on the bed right now which should give you an idea.

Schedule mind and body refreshments throughout the day done right. No, shoving a bunch of unhealthy snacks down your gullet isn’t the right way. TV isn’t either. Dumbphone YouTube videos sure aren’t either (preferred choice of relaxing for most idiots out there).

Choose the winners path or stay a fat poor miserable LOSER the rest of your life – the choice is indeed YOURS and YOURS alone to make.

Fitness wise, every true winner I have ever known has chosen the path laid out in the 0 Excuses Fitness system – especially the “10 commandments of physical success” you’ll read about in the book – which can and should and MUST be applied to any sphere of life you choose to want to excel in.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Why the “bum on the street” looks better than you and could easily have your girl anytime he wanted.

Long answer short – the “bum” is in better X shape. Period. The only kind of shape that really counts, both with females and fitness wise.

“I’ll be dressed like the bum on the road!” went Major General Michael in 2003 before we met. So he was. So was I.

With all the girls I have and have had it might surprise you to know I don’t own one single suit. Not one. Well, maybe one several sizes too large from 2003, but thats it.

Nothing. I do most of my work in shorts , cheap (well, relatively – no Armanis hehe) T shirts, shirts and jeans.

And the girls could care less.

It doesn’t matter.

You do.

Your vibe does and your physical vibe is a huge part of it.

My point is this. People spend all the money on the world on makeup, looking good – fancy clothes and the rest. But if you’re a fat fuck, either male or female – all the nice clothes and the tattoos in the world won’t cover that up.

I could dress in a $5 Tshirt, go to an expensive club and outperform most idiots there. Because I’m in way better shape. And the women care far more about the vibe than the other bs, money included.

You have fools that do one tough conditioning workout and get laid up for months or get injured or what not or their “central nervous system” gives our or other crap.


Your body is telling you you’re not in shape, and you’re more than likely fat if not obese. Hell I know that. I’ve got the shittiest genetics ever as y’all know. I used to be positively obese. I got where I am today through 0 Excuses and sheer dint of HARD work that most avoid.

My workouts on the hill are Goggins level. Ask the man himself. He would agree. Brooks Kubik did!

Yet all those extreme workouts for years that folks whine about “, ultimately destroying you” never did that to me. Nor Goggins. It made us TOUGHER. Continues to.

I was never once injured or laid up in bed due to those workouts.

However, I DID get regularly injured when I was a fat fuck with far less intense workouts.

The world is full of idiots that keep showing their backs claiming “they’re in great shape”. Truth is, the front of the body and sides prove all in terms of the look. Which most don’t show as it’s far easier to show a more photogenic and aesthetically pleasing back (easy to hide the fat that way).

My own back and abs have “cuts” rivaling many a so called model. People tell me this all the time (they wouldn’t need to – it’s fact – clearly evident – I worked very hard for it and continue to and therefore KNOW it). Yet, I don’t preen and pose “look at my so called progress, Mama!”.

I just keep DOING.

And banging the high quality chicks you can’t ever get since you choose to remain a whiny “my body type is different ” loser. Hehe.

This same thing goes for internal cleanliness as well – like Farmer Burns once said in the Lessons of Wrestling And Physical Culture – a laborer sweating all day outdoors is probably far cleaner internally than the puffed, buffed, coiffered office worker bathed in perfume, deodorants and the lot. (Nothing against deodorants – I use them all the time – but the point stands).

Focus on your fitness, people.

The X shape.

Not the external BS.

The rest will take care of itself.

The 0 Excuses Fitness system will show you the way ahead.


Rahul Mookerjee

Does riding a camel= tough? I think NOT.

From the Sandy Nikka “Habib” as they call me. A bit of a flashback…

Dad, of course would disagree with the premise of this email.

One of the many strange statements he made about me growing up, refusing to sit on a camel –

“He’s scared to sit on a camel, but wants to be the big boss at school”.

Which was strange considering I was the one getting bullied all the time in school, and at home too (mentally) and when I did fight back – I’d get my tail whipped at home by a so called “man” trying to prove his manliness with statements like “you should be beaten with iron rods at the precinct ” to a 12 year old boy.

Indeed, such as the way of cucked males. On that same trip, when my sister and I didn’t want to eat some crap prepared by the hotel –

“Ill give them two each! Put chicken in front of them, they’ll eat it instantly, but they won’t eat this”.

No doubt egged on by boss lady Mom pulling the strings in the background.

Two slaps that is.

Guy that can’t stand his ground against other grown men wanting to show toughness by yelling at a fat housemaid till she burst into tears, hiring underage household help – and beating up on kids.

Yessssssss. . . Not quite the most ideal of “families” when you have a cucked male at the so called head.

Dysfunctional family and childhood aside – back to riding a damn camel. For one, it’s uncomfortable. The humps make it so.

Two, I ain’t a Bedouin. True, Charles Mitchell a prior customer once made the comment about how he wished he could follow my nomadic lifestyle, but that extends to the birdie in the sky, not a bloody camel.

Three, damn thing moves slow. I love horseback riding because it’s quick – but camels are SLOW as fuck and when they do run it’s slow too, and you better make sure to hold on TIGHT when they do. I could run faster in sand (great workout!) than a goddamned camel walking.

Four, they lurch in a most uncomfortable way while walking.

And five, back to Dad – guy who can’t throw a proper punch, never taught his son any real man skills that every man should know because he doesn’t know them himself (ex keeps bitching about “they taught and gave you nothing” – I respond with “well go tell THEM that – what the F am I supposed to do with dysfunctional parents (not like hers are any better – equally dysfunctional in many regards. I mean locking an adult girl up at home because she chose to get married of her own free will, geez.., beating the shit out of young girls for “daring to have periods” – yes – true! )” plus personally I feel in the long run it’s better the hard knocks and grind taught me all I know TODAY) … Does riding a camel really make you all that tough?

Doubt it.

He disagrees most likely and that’s fine.

I’ll tell you what makes you tough.

500 pushups and 500 squats daily – no excuses,.no breaks.

A 100 pull-ups a day.

Running miles daily.

Hiking hills for 4-6 hours daily in weather most wouldn’t even think of stepping out in.

And so forth. . .

All things I’ve done, continue to do – that’s my definition of toughness – from a physical standpoint, anyway.

And that’s that.

For a fitness system that’ll turn you into a rugged beast, much like Clint Eastwood is at the ripe young age of 90 plus, look no further than the (multiple) award winning and highly rated, appraised by all and sundry – even the cucks and fat boys grudgingly acknowledge the bodyweight exercise Guru on this one as they have no choice but to – results speak, period – 0 Excuses Fitness system.

Purchase it NOW.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

To all those going through tough times now, if you are.

It’s a blessing. I’ve always regarded myniwn tough times as such, looked for the positive in the situation (there’s always one) – and I’ve found it, and used the overwhelming so called negative to manifest  my desired result out of the so called “tough time”.

Napoleon hill spoke about how every misfortune, every mishap carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Not, as he states in Outwitting the Devil (along with Claude Bristols the Magic of Believing and Hills Think and Grow Rich, Laws of Success – Emersons essays on compensation – is a must read for everyone) – the flower of full blown success but the SEED from which said flower might be coaxed to GERMINATE.

Like Tate once said about his own numerous tough times.

It’s a massive pile of shit but there must be SOME gold in there.

There always is if you’re a true doer and look within long enough without the pissing, moaning, groaning and woe betide me attitude most idiots have.

A long time ago I used to “get depressed” about tough times too. . and they kept returning.

Once I welcomed the pain, it eventually stopped. Now, I’m actively inviting pain of various natures – workouts, fasting, biz expansion etc into my world though I might not necessarily “need to”. Because that’s real growth.

I’m in excellent shape. Why fast?

Making money. Why expand?

Because sitting on your ass and thinking you’re a know it all means you’re a fucking loser.

It’s war against YOU daily. A constant struggle to overcome challenges. Manufacture some if they aren’t already there.

Here is the bottom fucking line. The universe is TESTING you. No-one enjoys great success without great immense hardship first.

Most fall by the wayside and remain losers.

The determined and focused, persistent minority plugs on despite the situation looking nigh desperate without an end and eventually enjoys the rainbow on the other end.

Call it God, Universe, what it will. Or the greater power.

There’s a reason you’re being tested. It’s so you can better yourself. WELCOME the challenge – demand more of it, even!

Look for the positive. You’ll find it if you truly look.

Just ask yourself this “what’s the positive here”?

Be honest.

You’ll find it.

Focus like a laser only on your goal, abundance instead of lack. Remove all nog just negative but UNWANTED thoughts from your mind.

Keep working, striving.

Remember as they say “this too shall pass”.

Yes, there’s always a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel if you try hard enough.

And that’s the message here.

Not the “focus on your feelings” or ridiculous beads, chains, mantras, amulets, numerology, planetary systems in retrograde or not advice given by most buffoons to sheep that lap it up and take the so called easy way out which leads nowhere.

Real world advice that WORKS.

More such advice in Zero to Hero! And Gumption Galore. We’ll have the second Volumes of both out soon too.

Be sure and grab the videos along with the former.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

If you can’t or won’t fast, you’re a major league WEAKLING.

Both mentally and physically.

Farmer Burns had it spot on in the Lessons of Wrestling and Physical Culture when he mentioned how every man should be able to go without food for at least 24 hours without losing an ounce of strength or energy.

I’m not sure if the Farmer fasted, but he likely did and knew ALL about the benefits, as yet unexplained in terms of HOW to reap those benefits, even by the Farmer in my new and upcoming course dealing with it.

I’ve spoken about them before of course.

Pansies read and go “oh my, too extreme”.

Pathetic – both mentally and physically. If you can’t or refuse to regularly deny yourself something that won’t kill you if you don’t have it for a few days, giving into “feelings” (hunger pangs and such) then you simply ain’t cut out for success at any which level.

A lot will respond “ok, fine”.


But if that’s you, might as well unsubscribe now my friend. You’re not (barring any major REAL health issues, and no, headaches aren’t an excuse either) the sort I want bumming around and haunting us.

I fast very regularly.

Like with me , it’s the full whole Humpty or not all. Meaning strict water fasts (green tea allowed but that’s ALL) and I continue my normal routine while fasting, often uptil 5 days at a time.

Currently into a 2 day fast – my!

Most are too scared to fast. “I’ll die if I don’t eat”

No you won’t, you idiot. Our ancestors went for days without eating and intense physical activity (walking miles to get food and water being one) – so do modern day hunters and predators like the almighty TIGER. I’ve never heard the tiger complain about being hungry, reducing activity due to that – and so forth – have you?

The health benefits, much like with all the workouts I promote are INNUMERABLE and too many to detail here though I have in prior emails and they’ll all be there in the course above.

But one main huge , no pun , reason for males especially?

It increases your T levels, and therefore sexual desire by a HUGE amount.

No, you don’t get weak while fasting if done right.

Your body goes into HUNTING and therefore increased T mode almost instantly. Most people are way more addicted to food and shoving junk down their gullets than they should be anyway. Most people need to eat a lot LESS, not more.

That increases T leads to more weight loss, muscle building, energy and such.

The mental clarity you’ll experience after three days of extended fasting is beyond any sort of “reasonable” belief – not to mention your energy levels and manifestation – I manifest girls all the time, true – but sitting here in a dark room typing this now at night, I’m getting messages from females I don’t even know!

Anyone that has truly tried it will know.

And fitness wise, part of the reason for this real mans manifestation in all spheres of life and stellar sexy X body shape that everyone so likes (let’s face it “pang ren qiu Dian” – fat man or man with big belly have tiny penis, even tiniest for the “2mm peters out there”)…is fasting.

It will add extra zing, pop and crackle to ALL you do. Fitness, life, sales, writing, the whole shebang – or hebang or or whatever bang you’re into.

I’m not interested in weight loss here, I hear some day. It’s the usual whine from Fat Tubbos i.e. “I’m big but not fat”. No youre fat, you moron. Look down. Can you see your wang?

I didn’t think so.

It means you’re fat.

The fat ass then digs it’s heels even more in the “I’m not faaaaaaat mommy” position. “How DARE he!”.

Well, fine.

But you ARE interested in SEX are you not?? Increased muscle, mental clarity, energy , manifestation and the rest?

When you combine what’s taught in ANY, I repeat, ANY of my workout manuals with fasting – watch OUT.

You won’t just be on cloud nine.

You’ll be on cloud 18!

And anyone that’s ever done it will know what I BE telling about… (and anyone that’s still a bump on a log reading this and not rushing to place an order now is a buffoon incarnate, destined to remain a massive huge LOSER for the rest of their lives)

And that’s that – do it safely as always, but denial in ANY regard, food included – is not only truly the best or one of the best aphrodisiacs around in all regards – but one of the best overall health boosters, period.

That’s that then.

And the next time instead of whining about “how expensive everything including food is” – grow a pair, and just do it already.

Most of you need to eat way less, and not more and that’s just an undeniable fact of life.

Last – if you still choose to gorge like a pig after reading all this, by all means do it. No skin off my back.

But at least do yourself the favor of diving into Eat more – Weigh LESS first. One of the by far most revolutionary courses out there that if you apply the info within will allow you to do just what the title of the book says.

And that my friend , is truly THAT!


Rahul Mookerjee

No fat cows please.

Over the past few days, this one girl has been hitting on me increasingly – daily. Nothing new for me if course, but it’s funny. I have often said and Im right that there’s no such thing as coincidence – and every time I step out for a smoke at night – she’s there.

She isn’t just “there” either. She actively pauses her routine , fluffs her hair, looks back etc – all of which I didn’t even notice (I was more into the Marlboro and the beer, hehe) – until it became blindingly obvious “right in front of me”.

Now I actively avoid most women as y’all know. I don’t date either. If a woman approaches me and many do, I cut straight past the bullshit and prelims.

Bedroom first. Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. We’ll date later if you so choose.

What is amazing to most guys is not just how easily I do with zero effort – but the fact these high quality women usually WANT to pay for the dates etc – and then come home and do what I tell them to in bed.

It’s not about money, how good looking you are as a man, all this other bullshit – the idea of game that most so called gurus with right palm as their best buddy preach is utter Tosh. You could get high quality women with zero money if you have the right vibe, know what you’re doing – you could get them when you have money – money is NOT the main thing, its you.

How high of a price tag do you put on yourself?

How hard do you WORK upon yourself – all aspects, mentally, physically, business wise, emotionally – DAILY? How much do you grind? How many hours do you put in irrespective of how you feel or other BS excuses?

Women – and people in general can feel that.

And females are naturally attracted to such men. There’s a paucity as well, so it’s very easy to attract high value females if you’re a high value man yourself. Again no this don’t mean you have to have millions of dollars – although that’s a very worthy goal and certainly helps. Hehe.

This price tag vibe can’t be fake either. You can’t be a loser acting high and mighty and ignore her and secretly hope she’ll come. She won’t.

Women can get away sometimes with being fake. As a man, you’ll get laughed at and humiliated if you’re that sort. Simple.


Normally I’d probably have smiled at her at the very least.

But there was something that stopped me, and last night, I got it.

Looking at her, belly protruding, entire belly tattoed – ewww.

I can’t stand a woman with her entire body or a good part of it tattoed.

Women should be natural, beautiful as all women are – and UNSPOILED in every regard. Men are the rough beasts. Leave the scars, pock marks, bullet marks, tattoos etc up to us!

As I said in the video on it I’m not rabid. If she’s got a small ankle tattoo that’s different.

But if she’s pumping weights in the gym in an effort to get huge arms like guys and getting her entire arm tattoed – ugh. Not for me.

Neither is this girl.

Nothing turns me off more than fat lazy cows living on their phones and family money like my ex does. It makes me want to puke – literally – and this girl is the same sort, literally.

Most guys would be telling me “talk to her”!

Then they’d whine about “all these pretty girls all turn around and look at you, you ignore them – but we don’t get any attention”.

You won’t either. Because you’re a fucking loser as the vast majority of men are out there and women can feel that.

Youd run after her because she’s a 5 , has a harsh gravelly voice and has MONEY.

And she’d treat you like shit for the same reason. So she should.

Have at, boys. Not for me.

Not to mention, I expect my bitches to be in SHAPE. No, not “perfect” but at least some sort of shape. That probably explains why despite not dating etc – all the women I’ve been in relationships with, they’ve ALL enjoyed hiking that hill with me – and me with them. There’s a damn good reason behind that litmus test. If she’s lazy, she ain’t for me. Period.


Many of you have asked me why I don’t write a manual on dating, how to obtain females as a man and keep them coming back for MORE etc.

Maybe I will. I’ve already got a lot of videos out on it.

But for now, feast your soul on this – truly a book that will set EVERY man’s mind STRAIGHT in terms of all the anti male bullshit going on in society today.

Fight back. The right way..

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If I do write that book, it ain’t going to be $9.99 , that I’ll tell you upfront NOW. I don’t cater to losers and blue light specials more intersted in Netflix and fancy restaurants than improving their own LIVES.

Why I outlast you idiots in bed all day long, and thrice on Sunday…

Twas hilarious that comment my friend. From Sophia, whose boobs I can’t get enough of – she made this annoyed comment females make when I reached for them again.

God, you’re always so HORNY! 

I’ve had this all my life. Hehe. Still remember the lovely Carol’s eyes widening when I asked for “round three” within the space of a few hours.

You want again?????

Priceless, that comment. Haha. Including the look a massage worker in China once gave me when I wanted more “Hmmmmm!”.


Most men can’t get it up, or last any length of time in bed. This holds true for so called studs in the gym lifting heavy weights, the pumpers, preeners and losers – the so called tough rugby/football players who secretly crave DICK and like dressing up in pink dress within the privacy of their homes, can stay hard all day sucking cock, confronted with a real woman, Limpie city.

A take on the “Selfie city” app these Chinese gals so love. Hehe.

We won’t even get into those with 2mm peters here …

Sad, all the testosterone men artificially inject when they don’t need to. Probably these idiots would be better off injecting female hormones into their body.

I remember telling this dude once about how a girl added me out of the blue – no pun haha – on WeChat once . We got talking. No sexual talk from my end. Just normal conversation which RULES the nation.

Few days later, I had a beer drinking session scheduled with a buddy who couldn’t make it at the last minute.

So I spent that time chatting with her.

Invite me over, she went.

I did.

An hour and a blowjob later she left.

I wish I could manifest that, goes gym goer with huge muscles that had been reduced to fucking Chinese guys instead of the women he so craves because he couldn’t get none – like in jail. Hehe.

Look, folks, workouts done RIGHT are one huge reason along with my mindset and other habits why my sex drive is so high and I can last forever in bed as opposed to most of you reading this.

Probably also why I’ve always been called “Habib Porn Star” all my life despite not appearing in one single pono as yet (I don’t even watch porn, and neither do I advocate others to watch that brain destroying crap which teaches you all the WRONG things and techniques).

The point is – nothing works better than bodyweight workouts and a lifestyle that teeters on the WILD for a man to keep his T levels up naturally all his life.

You don’t need no fancy diets, no Viagara, no T shots, no protein, creatine, no supplements – none of that BS people swear by (because lazy asses buy it and it makes these charlatans a quick buck).

Our ancestors didn’t have any of that crap.

You don’t need it either.

Brief intense bodyweight workouts are what the doctor – a very fit, sexy and strong one in this case as opposed to the phat phucks claiming to be doctors out there – ordered.

And if you’re interested in getting my results overall, you’ll follow those orders.

Number one is to get the 0 Excuses Fitness system NOW as you cannot ignore the fundamentals.

We’ll go from there.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re content to remain a limp dicked fatso who can’t do pull-ups, last for any length of time, has horribly low energy and vibe, if you’re happy to be a pisser, moaned and wanker – please do NOT get the course.

I think I just disqualified 99 percent of so called men out there…