Traditional gender roles are not mysogynist (which by its very definition is a ridiculous term)

YouTube banned this video twice.

No expletives. No cussing. Very calm video. Just facts. Said nicely. Very nicely. And yet…

Truly proves what Andrew Tate keeps saying about the Matrix trying to take everything over.

Thought of posting on tik tok. But nah. Here is it here.


Rahul Mookerjee

All male/female gyms???

I’ve heard a lot of men talk about why women shouldn’t work out in the same gyms as men. I’ve always found this a bit odd.

Please don’t get me wrong though. There are SOME environments women should not be in – such as active duty special forces for one. All male platoons chasing the few women in it with all the ramped up T that comes from hard daily workouts and real routines – well, there goes team spirit and camaraderie. Not to mention women have obvious biological limits (and bodies) not suited to this sort of rigor.

Similarly, men aren’t probably the best choice to raise young babies, though a lot do a damn good job of it anyway. . . I know i remember my time there with much fondness, changing diapers etc when need be and such (even my mom wouldn’t do it which should tell you something about my so called family).

I remember my Dad teaching me how to clean up after a dump…(when I was little)…

Anyway – gyms??

I get what these men are saying. Being grouped with a bunch of hard tough men naturally makes a man tougher – more competitive. Which is great.

But I work out outdoors in the heat and sun doing things that would make most billy goats puke due to the combo of weather plus tough workouts.

And I’ve always had nothing but women around me on the hill, right from Ann Lee initially to Carol to a gaggle of giggly Indian girls these days wondering why the so called upwardly mobile man is squatting so called obesquiously on the ground while they recline on benches. Yes, they all tell me “sir aap aise mat betho” (sir, don’t sit like this) – apparently it’s shameful.

Like I give a rats ass about what society thinks. The Rahul Mookerjee patented squat is one of the best workouts ever. Still remember a guy who was “supposed” to sit like that socially and not in chair begging me not to do it around him, then confiding in me he was too fat to do it himself even though his physical labor should have kept him in shape. It didn’t.

But anyway.

If you can as a man control and transmute your sexual energy naturally amped by women around you into your workout, you’ll understand what I mean.

Napoleon Hill spoke about the importance of sexual transmutation in Think and Grow Rich.

The presence of many a nans beautiful secretary, as he writes, was the secret to their inspiration and ideas for success at a lot they did.

Real men don’t chase women.

They love to be around women.

Any time. Most times!

Yes, there’s other guys there too. Some ogling the girls, some not. It’s never bothered me an iota or impacted my performance. It’s about FOCUS!

And for me, it’s always proven to be very inspirational and my results back it up.

And that, my friend is that. Not to mention this


Rahul Mookerjee

Am I crazy for practising what I call “self talk”?
- To most of you idiots out there, probably so

To most so called normal people (idiots) – yes, I probably am. Most folks looks at me as if I’m crazy anyway even if I’m not doing or saying anything. That vibe of constantly being on the edge, wanting continuous improvement, getting pissed off at how the world is becoming even lazier and more butt useless by the day (it was bad enough before), dumbphone addiction etc …

… I talk to myself all the time.

People around me hate it – specifically even the ex who stopped short of “threatening” me not to talk about her on Twitter.

Obviously I don’t care about that BS. I’m a very helpful person by nature and everything I say, do, is intended to help others if taken in the right logical spirit.

That don’t mean I molly coddle.

It dont meant I say “it’s ok to be fat” or have a different body type or call you thick when you’re more fat than thick – et al.

It doesn’t mean I say “poor thing, it’s ok not to make a lot of money,to be depressed exhausted, tired”…


The best form of help is self help that forces you out of comfort and kicks youg ass – forces you to acknowledge your failures and continually improve daily.

To control emotion.

Be stoic.

Even in the face of unrelenting horseshit all around us – my ex is a prime fucking example – you cannot let your emotions overcome you no matter how much you “feel” like it – and trust me, the more you improve yourself, the more you’ll want to fucking blast others for being losers.

Remember though you can only take a horse to water. You cannot make it drink. Neither can you, unless you’re the big guy in Bloodsport, hehe – bang your skull against a brick wall and hope for it to shatter – it won’t.

Talking to losers is a waste of time. That’s the vast majority of people out there these days.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m unfit”.

Looking at me “who the hell does he think he is”.

“Yeah he’s so fit, so what”

Deep down inside they all want what I work so hard for.

This sort of idiotic BS always comes from folks several or many levels beneath you. Never above. How the hell can someone say “so what if Im fat”.

“So what if I can’t run several miles without fatigue”.


How the fuck can you even think that way?

It irritates me beyond any fucking comprehension. This morning was one prime example – and hearing the self talk coming out of me, you’d probably have called the cavalry in. “Smoke coming out of me”.

And that’s what the point of this email was about.

I reminded myself that certain thoughts need to be kept our of mind. Especially for a fucker like me who thinks and manifests all he thinks!

I spoke to myself like a true good friend would be.

I was brutal with myself. I did pushups while doing it – and 10 pull-ups too.

How the fuck can someone say it’s ok not to do pull-ups, that angry voice kept saying as my lazy ex turned up the volume on her dumbphone as soon as I showed up to do pull-ups. Feet in a massage machine since the morning, planted in the couch she’ll remain in the rest of her sorry ass fucking loser inspired life – on both her devices whining about the cold or some bullcrap.

You’ve no idea how irritated I get just looking at her. And the feeling is likely mutual. Losers can’t stand winners and vice versa and that’s how it should be too.

Calm down, that voice told me.


Let it out while doing the damn pull-ups .

Do a 100 more pushups.

But never let the negative emotions take over.

We all have them.

We are all human.

Key lies in this – when you’re continually pushing yourself – continually tired, broken down and exhausted and you keep the fuck going anyway – last thing you want is the other bs around you.

But you’ll get more of it.

That’s Father Life testing you, son.

How the fuck you gonna respond now?

….and that sort of self talk,I practice this all the time. Consciously pushing negative images out of my mind. Making room for nothing but positive even when surrounded by shit all around.

Like Andrew Tate’s experience in a Romanian jail cell.

Truly, you gotta experience it ALL to be truly exceptional. (Still remember my buddy from the Marines saying “but you’re exceptional”).

So that’s why people think I’m insane. Hehe. Maybe I am.

More such life tips in Gumption Galore and Zero to Hero. 

Also, please, if you’re sitting on the list and have no intention of ever buying anything – kindly GTFO the list as I don’t want you there – thank you!

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

Grinding and the subconscious mind.

Sitting out here in the park, getting through another workout in the heat of afternoon (yes, Charles, I don’t know how I do it either but I do!) the very LAST thing I feel like doing is writing this to you. Cant it wait until a nice shower back home?

Not owning a laptop – waiting for eons for the right one. All this might sound crazy. Probably is, even more so for a voracious writer like me. One that hates dumbphones!

Speaking of which, the daughters expression today after the ex finally forced her off the dumbphone onto the school books she’s been avoiding for so long. Daggers shooting out of her eyes. That scowl. Priceless!

Sitting here after a smoke I really don’t want to do more pull-ups. My entire upper body hurts.

But I will.

It’s a commitment to myself, a promise to grind forever.

I’ve got tons of issues that need resolving.

But right now I feel so at peace none of that matters.

That don’t mean the issues don’t matter.

Of course they do.

But exhausted as I am, the keys to my ultimate success at everything I take up – and yet another reason that I didn’t even know when I did it – for the years of torturous grind in the hill in horribly hot weather, grade three typhoons etc – the subconscious mind.

The way you activate your subconscious mind and get it to solve problems is to pass the message on and let go.

You do that by focusing on other things after a prolonged period of thought on the problem.

You let go.

This is where most fail. There is a very fine line between obsessing and over obsessing. Or overthinking as Marc the African Silverback Gorilla termed it once.

Find it.

The way you do , the easiest way at least is to grind your self into a state of exhaustion work wise. Mentally. Physically. Every which way.

You’ll be too exhausted to think at all.

And that, my friend is when the subconscious mind takes over and works it’s magic.

That’s the connection between the relentless, unforgiving grind true doers out themselves through very willingly and their nigh stupendous success at all they do.

There’s no fucking hack.


Stay hard.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gumption Galore Volume Two will be out soon. In the meantime, feast on Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore – Volume One, both choc a bloc with real life practical success tips that just flat out work.

No excuses mofo.

Get after it.



Grind, you SOB. Grind!
- It's the only fucking way.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When it hands you juicy fruits on a platter or after a lot of hard work, meaning you “deserve it” – make it give you more lemons and then grind more.

Noone cares about what you did yesterday, the big sale you made, the breakthrough you achieved.

It’s about today.

Live in the fucking moment. Make the most of it.

Be a fucking beast.

I don’t care if you’re so exhausted as I am that you’re blinking to keep your eyes open – can’t do a single more pull-up – or what not.

That’s tough shit.

Take a cue from the drunken cop in Jannat 2 who finds a way to keep his eyes on the prize even in the alcoholic stupor he’s in all day – and GETS it.

People don’t just stare at me because they think I’m a movie star – that’s part of it, yes.

But the other unsung part?

“That’s one obsessed crazy motherfucker!”

That I am, friend. Always will be. Never wanted it different.


Get back to it, bro.

Grind another 10 reps out.

Keep going.

Most folks are content to wail, blame the economy, other shit for their problems. They’re quick to mouth BS affirmations like “I’m rich” 108 times.

None of that shit works. You know that.

Grinding is what does. Or, persistence, truly to the character of man as carbon is to steel, like the great Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich.

Giving up is never an option. It never has been for me.

If you’re breathing, you’re in the game.

Grind, mofo, grind. Welcome it. never shy away from it.

Do more squats.



Breathe. Refocus. Not solved?

Do more pushups.

Repeat. Problem solved finally?

Do more pushups anyway.

Like water against rock, nothing can stand in the way of determined “pounding” away. . .

Problems, rocks, mental barriers, they all eventually disappear and disintegrate into nothingness if you grind long enough.

Very unsexy advice,but it’s the only thing that works in life.


The pain you’re facing is not just temporary. It’s an opportunity to GROW regardless of your current level at anything. Welcome it. Want more of it.

Be savage.

Do the thing.

Put aside the “I’m exhausted, depressed” and other horseshit excuses.

Be a fucking animal.

And there it is.

More such down to earth motivation in Zero to Hero, and Gumption Galore – two of my most acclaimed books.

More later.


Rahul Mookerjee

A feeling only a true SAVAGE would understand.
- Goggins would!

Savages by their very definition definitely are usually male. Usually very stoic like me. More than happy to walk away from a screaming contest with women because you know it’ll never go anywhere – yet, put a man in front of you, and he best be polite and respectful or look out.

Years ago, I had this incident – many actually – with guys that were savage then while I was fat, civilized and happily married.

Logically, I was right in those situations.

But these guys had the savage VIBE which even though there was no chance of any real physical confrontation involved – made me back down ultimately though I was right.

Man to man, player to player, nikka to nikka – eye to eye. Men can sense it in each other.

I often think back to those days.

Picture how it would have panned out “now”.

We can’t change the past. We CAN however change what would happen if those same things happen again – in those situations, in my mind’s eye – the guys don’t even come close to me now.

Women do though. It’s amazing how I think of a woman and she manifests later on that day. Savages attract women by their very vibe. Simple as that, as it was meant to be. We were meant to be hunters. Right down to the brand of beer we guzzle – in my case – hehe. Woodpecker. Kingfisher. Hunter. Hehe. Emperor of Good times. And so forth.

Like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once pointed out

“You’d tear then apart”!

Same thing has been said by many others.

I’ve never seen a female savage in the true sense of the word as yet. That don’t mean females can’t do certain exercises better than men or excel more in sports, biz etc. No.

Only a real man that understands the true meaning of being savage will know what I’m talking about here. Goggins. Tate. Those guys in the old decrepit gym in Rocky III. Hustlers forced to do it or else (so they become savage because they have to).

Andrew Tate once had this story of salesmen – the ones that did the best were not the ones with the most talent or good at sales.

It was the ones, as he says with a terrible thick Indian accent that had to feed their families in Bangladesh or else.

Those motherfuckers just kept calling!

And they always ended up in the top bracket of salesmen results wise.

Like Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, many men become successful because they’re so closely pushed, HOUNDED even, by circumstances that they have no option BUT to.

And they just keep grinding. Like water, if you attack something repeatedly, it eventually gives up.

Simple truism and lesson on dogged persistence – mix that with true FAITH and you get all you wanted and more.

None of the feel good BS, none of the “if you feel like it” etc. None of the wake up in the morning thump your chest BS “I feel great!” Horseshit that the so called self help gurus spout. No affirmations etc.

Just get up and fucking grind like your life depends upon it.

It’s part of being a true SAVAGE, an elite group most will never come close to be being remotely part of (like the Ship – like Tate’s War Room, this is ONLY for the best of the best, folks willing to give it their all and then some in ALL regards – nothing else allowed to pollute the energy) …

This morning , I was so busy with work I did a Churchill. Worked in bed till 10 AM.

Oops. Not enough time left for a workout before picking the kid up.

A duty my ex “assigned” me and believes I do it because I’m scared of what would happen if I don’t.

I have never disabused her of that notion. I don’t plan to. Scared. HA!

To me it’s a privelege to be able to do that. I haven’t been able to for many years – now I can…

Still got in 100 perfect pushups, 15 perfect slow pull-ups – 20 minutes of stretching. Off it was.

Smoking a quiet cigarette, I had people all around staring holes through the movie star as always.

He was irritated.

They felt it.

Didn’t come close. Goggled from a distance.

I was truly irritated and pissed. Utter chaos all around as always. All I wanted was a quiet fucking fag…

… Kids from school showed up. One little boy tugged at my lapels. I call him Superman – I love his Mom too. Cool lady! Her mother in law actually once invited me over to their place too. Haven’t gone as yet. Might someday.

He complained about how my little girl calls him a “tamatar”.

Red tomato.


My girl did her own version tugging at my lapels.

Both semi punched me. Hehe. Not listening!

A maid showed up to take charge though I could have.

The feeling of being a true savage, a real man is indescribable. Few men will ever understand what it means.

And that’s fine. Not everyone is meant to be that.

When you’ll fight any man in the world, lift and push any fucking obstacles in your oath until they evaporate – do what it takes – but end up being the most “submissive” in a real man manner around women and kids.


That’s what being a man is all about


Let her take the lead when it’s her right to. Simple.

And that feeling I’ve described above is indescribable.

To be a true savage you have to train mind and body as one, both equally hard.

And pushups and pull-ups in high reps daily will turn you into a beast incarnate.

Ask Iron Mike. Herschel Walker. Goggins. List goes on and on…

I teach you how in the courses above.

Customers have said the same thing after doing.

The tale of John Grimek going behind his wife’s back to allow his kid one more try at the sport he was playing as opposed to listen to Mommy holler “come on inside!”.

That’s what being a real man is all about.

And that my friend makes it all worth it. Later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I read this so called fact once spotted by an idiot “fitness so called expert” who claims “if you can do 40 pushups non stop your chances of heart attack decrease by x percent”.


People need to be specific.

I could make those pushups last for an hour. If you read ..what book? Ah yes, Convict Conditioning, you’ll see how the author was doing pushups – one set – one hour later guard comes back to his rounds, guys still on the same set.

40 pushups ?

Most couldn’t do 10 slow strict pushups…

Where they feed people with these bullshit stats is beyond me.

Guy on Twitter just asked me for advice working out in response to my post about how I cured my fatty liver – genetic mostly – through hard work, not listening to what fat docs told me to do “don’t swim because it taxes the liver”.

Heavy duty leg work is step one, I replied.

Do it daily regardless of how you feel. At least an hour a day. Work up to more.

Squat. Hike. Run. Whatever it is.

Do pushups, pull-ups, and you’ll whittle that core down (a Brooks Kubik term hehe “waist whittling”) in NO time.

Like Herschel Walker said. Get the core ready – you can handle anything.

I’ve said that too in corrugated core – the feeling of that X shape, more than the looks is IN fucking describable.

And a strong fat free core means organs within are forced to become that too. And they do. Simple.

I pointed him to Advanced Hill Training – a must grab for all serious trainees.

But really, in a nutshell, there it is.

Grind motherfucker!!!!

Jannat – truly in search of the heaven that never WAS.

The hugely popular “Jannat” movie series in India is a prime and true example of how women can lead sex obsessed, deprived, lonely men down a spiral of self destruction from which they NEVER recover.

Both were huge successes, with cucked whiners and wankers complaining about the movies and how they objectify women etc galore.

But there’s a reason these movies (and my products, writing etc) are as successful as they are. They truly capture what folks – yes, females too – FEEL deep down inside but never say or express.

Same thing for any Sylvester Stallone movie.

Another hugely successful, even more so than the above in fact movie in India “Animal” was roundly panned – not so much for the savage alpha males in the movie but ONE scene – where said alpha asks his mistress to prove her devotion to him by licking his shoes.

Which she never did but the hue and cry, my. How dare he!

I have a feeling if the female lead asked him to do that and he did it like many a Bozo Schofield obsessed with being Josies servant would – they would praise it up and down. Don’t believe me? Ask any Nazi feminist. Her response will be proof enough.

Coming from someone whose routinely called a movie star (who his own Dad satirically once claimed was a fiery mix of Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachan – the former always a legend bar none in my eyes!), TV personality and such with all the annoying associated stares and gasps (ugh) – you better believe it. Coming from the main protagonist in the infamous “kissing” case in India in 2008 where yours truly was advised by Uncle Bob to make a movie on it – and he was right – you better triple dog believe it.

That case is STILL online. I still remember the look on Dads face when he found out I got married through the paper as I proudly pointed out (sic) I was on page two of the Times of India.

Hit me up for the URL or do your research if you so choose.

And it never would have gone down if we weren’t worried about what would have happened at the exs place if their parents found out about an unsanctioned marriage. Apparently she’s from the “Yadav” clan which in “honor killing” obsessed North India is known for violence – which I actually call bs on. I don’t believe for a nary New York minute that members of any “clan” are any more or less more disposed to anything than anyone else. People are people everywhere, period. Enough with the bull crap broad categorisation my friends.

I actually met her Dad – perfectly reasonable man in most regards except a few age old beliefs…


Literally, bro – that is ALL we did. No actual kiss or anything close to it (not that there’s nothing wrong with a red blooded male kissing his woman – please don’t pull the culture BS – that don’t apply here) and yet.

Anyway. You, the reader are free to research the incident yourself. It only jumps to memory because Jannat 1 was a movie the then girlfriend and I (how I wish she would have listened to REASON) watched and enjoyed (both of us) before getting hitched a few months later.

Like my lawyer later told me, a man is less than half himself with a woman around. That case is but more proof of the truism mentioned in this email. We got arrested for .. stealing a kiss outside a subway station. We even got charged for it. And the cops ripped me off for it.

Of course they had no idea Rahul Mookerjee doesn’t back down from challenges.

We ended up getting an official note of apology from the Police Commissioner.


In Jannat 1, the male lead is a struggling man who falls head over heels for a girl he doesn’t even know initially. That first look did it all, much like the Italian thunderbolt did for Michael in The Godfather!

Breaks into a shop to steal jewelry for her. Gets arrested. Uses funds he was supposed to return a loan shark thirsty for his blood to buy the ring for her upon his release. Maxes out all his credit cards buying the girls products. Yes, all true!

Completely broken, Providence saves him when he makes it big in first illegal betting and then match fixing.

And the money doesn’t just flow at that rains and pours.

All the while, the woman despite getting a glamourous lifestyle she could have never had otherwise bitches and moans. That ‘hes doing it for himself ‘.

Even gets the guy arrested so he can “reform himself”.

Guy tries to change who he is. Can’t really do it. We never change who we are at the very core my friend. Fact.

Reforms for a while, then falls prey to easy money again, gets shot and dies.

And the girl of course returns home without so much as a scratch to show, living her life like nothing ever happened and it was a bad dream.

Lust for money, not me, the girl argues.

I beg to differ.

And anyone that’s seen the movie, or any red blooded male in general would too.

Without his Queen as he refers to her (I don’t blame him – Sonal Chauhan is, or at least was, nothing short of a fucking 20 out of 10) he might still have chased money. Certainly not to the extent he did for her tho.

And the outcome, well…

In Jannat (heaven) 2, the same actor is a small time illegal guns supplier who a cop finds out about.

This cop is your archetypical alpha male. I don’t generally categorize but Randeep hooda shines like an under appreciated gem in the movie. I love the guy – right down to those pushups he bangs out regularly.

Any so called man who doesn’t or can’t do at least 100 pushups in perfect form daily along with at least 25 perfect pull-ups isn’t a real man. Sorry, but there the fact stands. Along with squats in high reps – if you want to be truly savage as opposed to a wackjob preening in the Jim – then these exercises are essential. Ask any boxer, wrestler – martial artist, even swimmer. They’ll tell ya.

Mr Pushup Central Rahul Mookerjee, also known as Mr handstand Pushup – prepares for a REAL man Battletank Shoulders workout!!!

Back to it –

A drunken cop in the movie obsessed with taking revenge against the gun cartel (who was accidentally responsible for his wife’s death years ago) he beats, whacks, curses and drinks his way through the movie obsessed with ONE goal and one alone – to avenge his dead wife – truly a SAVAGE I advocate all men to be – that ultimately by crook accomplishes his goal.

Respect, Randeep. Right down to his real life story … Truly an alpha DOG.

The alpha DOG!

He blackmails the guns supplier after he finds out about his romantic entanglement with another Queen – another 12/10 I’d say – and tells him to be an inside man for him in the cartel. Or else, well, the girl will get to know who you really are , he slurs, not the BS you fed her.

The story is long and interesting.

But the guy despite having giving up his racket for the girl “to reform” does what he never would have otherwise – out of fear of his girl finding out and leaving him.

Gets pulled deeper into the murk, becomes a pawn for the cartel boss (coincidentally the girls father, we later find out) and the cop – and dies a rather painful death at the end.

All along, the girl never trusts him fully. Never believes he’s a guy trying to make an honest living for them – and when the cop says he will tell her the truth ie he reformed for her, only reason he joined the racket as an inside man was his love for the girl – guy on his deathbed says “hell no”.

Truly the STOIC staredown above, as the cucked male character rants and raves ..

She wont be able to live with those heavy memories, he says.

So, cop just unwillingly maintains the facade..

The CLASSIC scene I cannot get enough of! Hehe

The girl none the wiser chalks it down to a terrible experience, vowing to forget the very guy who literally laid his life down out of “love”.

What is love, as Carol once asked me. Hehe.

No money no honey is a truism in China.

As is the oft repeated tale of  a woman on a Chinese sitcom “I’d rather cry in the back seat of a BMW than be happy on a bicycle”.

Guys in general need to wisen up to all this.

In my pathbreaking book on combating Nazi feminism, I say repeatedly it ain’t women that are ultimately responsible for this plague. It’s the cucked male enablers behind the scenes that are.

And it’s true if you think about it.


That book will ensure you profit – as opposed to hurtle towards ultimate demise – from this plague – if you do what the tips tell you.

Last but not least, an oft repeated truism in India.

“Aurat mard ko Abad bhi karti hai, barwad bhi”.

A woman can both enrich a man endlessly or completely destroy him.

Like Carol once sagely said, “the right woman is very important for a real man”.

And she’s right.

You know its true when even women say the same damn thing.

Anyway. .

Take from this what you will.

But watch the movies.

And try and catch any Hooda flick you can. Guys truly a lean, mean GEM of a fucking actor.

And that’s the bottom line.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You’ll want to watch the video I just did on this too. But one line from the movie, said about the drunken cop vainly trying to revive his dead wife’s memories by repeatedly dialing his own number just so he can listen to her voice on the answering machine says it all.

“Adhaya padhaya Jat, per solah duni aat”

Educated guy, yet 16 twos are 8.

I couldn’t be bothered to explain here…

But I think you get the drift.


Truly the voice of REASON and faith as always.

Nah, I ain’t referring to Marc the African Silverback Gorilla – truly a luminary in that regard as y’all well know!

Walking back from school today,  asked the daughter how much the ex complained to her about me yesterday.

Valid question..

Anytime she’s frustrated with her own life, of course it’s all my fault.

My daughter laughed.

“the usual”.


She keeps complaining you do nothing for us.


What do you think, I asked her idly knowing the answer.

But it surprised even me.

“Of course you do! You just do it indirectly”!

I cant remember the exact word she used.

But the vehemence wth which she answered said it all.

It’s pathetic how Nazi feminists will try and turn kids against their own father – then blame the father for all the issues in life they never let him fix.

It’s truly, as I said earlier, a self defeating and destructive – to self and all – mentality.

“I don’t think your wife even knows how destructive she has her to your relationship”.

Sage as always, REMORSELESSLY logical as a real man should be and is – from the African Silverback Gorilla.

And when even the kid says “I just do what I do to survive” (in terms of Moms incessant banshee wail) – well, there’s no further proof of what I said above.

“It’ll be a win win for both when you finally leave”, she said sagely.


Not for the ex.

The favorite whipping boy will be long gone…

She just yells because her own life is in tatters, I grinned at the daughter, who grinned back, truly the chip off the old block.

“She says the same thing about my school teachers”.

I had to laugh out loud.

Truly, and the ex told me this once – women are each other’s worst enemies.

Logic, anyone?

I didn’t think so. Hehe.

Then we spoke about how “Granny has decided to ignore me”.

Great, I laughed.

Like a few Bozos here on this list and a few gawkers that keep complaining about me, whining about product prices etc – yet secretly want my stellar and nigh unmatched results, hence haunt this place with an unmatched passion because they know I’m the real deal and are addicted to me – she claims she ignores me, but follows everything I do anyway with such passion you’d think it’s the other way around ie she can’t get enough of me. Hehe.

Men, learn how to deal with this shit. Turn the gaslighting and ridiculous demands, blame games etc around.

Achieve what you were meant to ask a real man.

Reject the BS programming..

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My daughter is only 10. She’s known this for years. Should tell you just how stupid all of this is.

Not to mention her bitching (ex) about “don’t talk about me on Twitter”.


Good luck taking my freedom of speech hun. Especially when I state cold hard facts and nothing else.

Call Elon. I’ll throw a few quarters in even!

The Apple Vision Pro

Lots of hoo haa about the latest brain killer – the Apple Vision Pro. When will idiots realise their brains can do infinitely more than this useless gadget – for free? And does without you even knowing it?

Ah but that would require thought. Haha.

I’ve never even been a fan of Apple phones anyway. I don’t see the infatuation – I don’t get it – given Androids can do far more by shelling out a lot less. Yet, the myth of Apple, the brand persists…

This vision thingy is some sort of moronic virtual reality device – and the buyers, well, if you need a device to create or curate reality for you, you’re a complete loser and moron my friend. I’m just being frank.

Dumbphones have killed the imaginative faculty of most brains out there more than the TV did..

And now they’re applying the coup de resistance, literally.

Simply get a device to basically visualize for you.

“Blend in the real world with the virtual”.

Let me ask you this – when you see a beautiful woman or handsome man or whatever you’re into – or a nice juicy steak, or that car you really want – do you really need a goddamned gadget to see and feel yourself in the car – on the woman or man – eating the steak no pun – not in that order?

Does the “chaos of the world” affect your thoughts at this point? This device claims to “replace the clutter of the world with beautiful environments”…

Why my friend?

I don’t get it.

Maybe you do, I don’t know.

But I’ll stick to visualization – which is what created this damn product anyway.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee


“I want to see the best of what the Universe has to offer!”
- Sage!

I don’t follow a lot of motivational speakers etc – even the few I love, such as David Goggins. The vast majority of so called beads, chains, mantras and amulets self help nonsense “don’t get wet in the rain more than twice on Sunday, feed the ants sugar on a certain afternoon, goggle at Saturn or what not – et al, the list of BS goes on and on and on) which most fall for and prefer because it’s “easy” – well, we all know my views on that …

Not because their stuff doesn’t resonate with me but because I’ve LIVED what they say – talk about – sometimes if I need a “pep talk” I will, but all of these stuff these guys say I can relate to like it’s my own life.

Andrew Tate is a guy Ive heard a bit of and every bit of what he says resonates with me big time.

If you want to be like someone, be as rich as somone, follow their thinking patterns, their lives, what they did to get where they are. Everyone has to struggle. Tate’s no exception to that rule. Neither is Goggins.

Or any true doer.

What really hit me about the Tate videos I saw though – one was so personal that I did a video of my own on it.

“Let her leave you”.

In it he talks about the rage he felt when a relationship he cared about fell apart – couldn’t focus on nothing for days – etc etc.


2015, as I’ve said so often before. That was me. I took that rage, and translated it into becoming the bodyweight exercise Guru. One climb became two, which became three, then 4 per morning – work – 2 at night – for years.

I had to work myself into a state of exhaustion so I wouldn’t be thinking of her. That was an unconscious decision I took.

I did.

And the compliments started coming my way.

“He’s lost so much weight so quick”!

More girls. More relationships than I could handle. The same girl I was still so much into would call me at 530 AM to wake me up – break up?? Hehe – and we would hold together. I’d still talk dirty to her on occasion. Haha.

I’ve been into fitness all my life. I wrote Fast and Furious Fitness in 2010. I communicated with Brooks Kubik and other guys in 2003. Yet oddly enough I never really, despite a blog back then – thought of creating my own fitness biz back then which I well could have. Brooks question about if I was in the military when I told him about my hill climb (just one at the time – but it resulted in the famous Rahul’s hill walking workout from China email to his list and inspired a couple of his own hill related emails – he was in Kentucky at the time which has hills galore) …

Despite Ann Lee kicking my ass. Hehe.

It only happened because of what happened in 2015. And importantly, my REACTION to it.

(But in terms of my running around with bevies of women during my younger days when I really should have focused on biz, especially with my well paying regular expat jobs in China – well, the Universe has a grand plan for us all. That running around resulted in my other businesses today and the talks I give on motivation, self help etc. All from the trenches – straight from the fucking heart my friend).

I did not sit around, mope, go to pieces as most guys would.

I put that rage to work. I didn’t even take the decision consciously. I just had to do something!

And I did it.

Results, well – they speak for themselves eh? But again, my REACTION to that situation is what counts as well as countless other hurdles I’ve faced in life and continue to – and welcome. They make me even harder!

Might sound odd but adversity is a friend, in many ways one of the best friends and teachers you will ever have. Welcome it if it comes.

Remember too, the old Napoleon Hill saying “every situation, every adverse occurrence has a seed of an equivalent of greater benefit”.

Not the flower of full blown success, but the seed from which the said flower can be made to germinate.

No, not just mere words.

They are true.

I should add “IF you take the right action” and know how to find that seed (which you will if you take the right fucking action) …

Most will just read this, yawn, scroll past.

And never accomplish anything in their sorry lives and that’s fine by me…

Then what he says about paying attention to your last thoughts before lopping off to bed, and your FIRST thoughts upon waking up. I just wrote a tome on that one on the other business before I heard the video. Tate’s spot the fuck on. Those are the things you manifest on auto pilot, that you care about so deeply you get it without even thinking about it consciously. Flow!

The other thing he said which I understood, but I worded it different until now ?

Wake up in the morning and say this to yourself.

“I want to see the best of what the Universe has to offer”.

This morning, upon arising, in fact in bed for 40 minutes or so (like Churchill, I’ll often work from bed sometimes – minus the cigar haha) thinking about various issues – I was getting a bit “ticked off”.

And then I used these words.

Remember, this is the guy whose written Zero to Hero – lived by what’s in Gumption Galore – and so forth. People, a certain Terrence included are using my adaptation of the popular saying “it is what it is” (I’ve always found that to be self defeating – I say it is what it is FOR NOW ie you can and will change “what is”) in their own motivational talks …

Yet, I used those words. Remember, I admire Tate, Goggins, hard men like that.

I’m nowhere near becoming a multi billionaire – as yet.

Therefore when people that have lived my way and eventually gotten there – I shut up and listen, even though I could add a thing or two on to what they say, and they wouldn’t mind because it makes perfect sense. And then implement, do.

Instantly as I said these words, my mood lifted.

I didn’t know why. Checking a few businesses, payments etc – I got it. A biz that I’ve been working for years finally looks to be getting off the ground financially. Results! More on the specifics of that later, that’s not the point here.

Tate talks a lot about listening.

And he’s right.

People give me all the excuses and bs about different body type, I’m big but not fat etc for not being able to do pull-ups – something even my most ardent detractors know I’m damn good at. Better than 99.99% of folks out there. That don’t mean I rest on my laurels. I’m out there improving form daily!

Yet, they want my results.

But they won’t shut up with their retarded excuses and DO.

Just buy the damn book already. Then this one.

Ah yes.

How dare I ask you to spend money?

That’s the ice cream stand, beer store and Netflixs prerogative right?

Tate gets that too.

A multi-billionaire, when he asks for 25 GBP to teach people what he knows – the whiners show up in hordes.

Hilarious if you think about it…

And so it is for the whiny lot here (there’s a lot) that secretly follow all I do, yet somehow never have money to get the product and therefore my results.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to get it.

Those whining about money oddly have it for all the things that really don’t matter ..

And if that’s the way you choose to live life, you gotta remember, your results will be along those very same fucking lines.

Anyway. . .

Put the cynic aside in you.

Get the products above..

And wake up every morning, and say that line out to yourself.

It will change your life, along with paying attention to your last thoughts before lopping off to bed and what you FIRST think of – that very initial thought – upon arising.

Pay attention to and actively decipher your dreams too. Write that shit down. I don’t care if you gotta wake up in the cold to do it. Just do it !

My new site on dreams is in the works as we speak.

And my old favourite, well, I’m still unable to access the admin area of that one. Gotta fix that soon too…

Last but not least, remember that action is what moves mountains – not just nodding the head which anyone can do.

You can say the above line or 10000 more until the cows come home with enlarged mammaries (sorry Sophia, hehe) (Tate was talking about being called a pyschopath as many of us doers are) but it won’t manifest a damn thing until you actively look for the ACTION to take to achieve that desired result and then do the damn thing no matter how crazy, uncomfortable or outlandish it might seem.

Just do it.

In the words of the immortal Ralph Waldo Emerson “do the thing, and you shall have the Power”.

And that says it all. His Laws of Compensation are a must read, along with Claude Bristols the Magic of Believing and pretty much a of Napoleon Hills writings.

No, you don’t know it all.

No, that’s not just “that stuff” or the Secret or what not. There ain’t no secret as Goggins has rightly once pointed out. The laws of the Universe are out there in the open for us ALL to use. Like Tate said, its a very giving place too – you just have to ask and prove you deserve it – most do not deserve it due to being lazy whiny losers.

Yeah, that stuff really matters.

Ask any doer, you’ll see.

Stop being a loser and get the books above,bread, implement what’s in each and every damn one of them, mine included.

And that, friend, is truly that. . .


Rahul Mookerjee