How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society.

How to not only COMBAT and WIN AGAINST – but PROFIT (big time) from the Nazi Feminist DISEASE plaguing modern day society.


In this book, the bestselling, world renowned, and “Stella Artois” “Mercurial Mookerjee” brings you the FOLLOWING (and more!) – 

47 tips on turning from a cuckold Nazi feminist enabler to a REAL MAN





ENOUGH OF THE Nazi feminist and METOO and all this other “one sided” BS!


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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


Dear Friend and fellow COMRADE-AT-ARMS,

If you’re at this page – believe me, I understand what YOU are going through.

I understand how sick you are of the modern day acceptance of “no goose and gander” when it comes to Feminism – which is basically a watered down version of nazi feminism these days.

I understand how frustrated YOU are with how things are.

I understand how you’d do ANYTHING to shatter this profoundly moronic status quo.

And in a nutshell, those and other reasons are why I wrote this great book – to HELP YOU – dear friend and reader, to tackle, combat and WIN – and profit from – what is possibly the most annoying straits of your life i.e. one you think you cannot win against.


And I’ll show you how …

Not only that … 

It’s time for OUR STORY TO BE HEARD, and HOW!

The author and real man Rahul Mookerjee bringing you the pathbreaking 47 tips on combating and PROFITING from Nazi feminism like NEVER SEEN (or heard of) before. 

But first, and a quote of the day from Charles, a friend of mine.

We were talking women, goose and gander and more.

And how women love to take, take, take and then some, and NEVER GIVE.

… Oh wait! They do give something!

“Women will give you aggravation compounded!” 

Then another quote from a customer I recently spoke to in the UK (he’s a Fast and Furious Fitness customer, and saw pictures taken by my “wife” “back in the day”, and was commenting upon the “happier times before”)

“If only women would realize the power of GIVING in a relationship as opposed to TAKING all the time, the world would be a much happier place!” 

Anyway – back to it!

It never ceases to amaze me, the so called “logic” (not) the Nazi feminists and man haters use.

And, how the brigade of cucked men dancing to their women’s tunes grows by the day …

Dont get me wrong.

If you’re one of the cucked lot that believe in the “keep the wife and women in the family happy to the exclusion of ALL else, and to hell with the men – even so called “supposedly closest to you” men because they speak their MIND – have a LIFE of their own – and don’t want to bow down to matriarachal (or patriarachal) tendencies) – well, go for it.

If that turns you on, as it does many a man in “bed”, go for it. Hey. I’ve written books on that too, other than fitness!

But no, this ain’t about self promotion so much as it is about self expression.

If it was, I’d post on my own sites (especially with all the rants I’ve written recently – all 100% TRUE, by the way!) about “NOT relying on any one social media platform or external platform for income, or publicity, or as your source of whatever it is you do for work).

The great Ben Settle, a guy I deeply admire probably the MOST amongst people I look to for advice etc …(no, I’m not a Settle customer, but as I’ve done in my books with Matt Furey, I believe in giving CREDIT where credit is due. Therefore, I am, and will. No, I don’t get anything from it. No, I’m not worried about losing customers or any of that BS either).

Anyway, Ben wrote a post on this too.

I cannot help but marvel at the mind boggling stupidity of folks that tom tom “site views” and such as some sort of metric of success.

True, 1 million plus views sounds good.

Its also true that CASH in the BANK is what sounds better. Rarely, if ever, will you see anyone tom tomming views etc and “the value of giving away stuff for free” post their actual EARNINGS minus the BS with those numbers.

And its amazing, but despite social media platforms deplatforming people damn near daily – people still think they can rely on ‘em.

If Shitter can deplatform a sitting U.S. President – the best damned President ever in history according to me and damn near everyone I’ve spoken to, they can and WILL do it to YOU too if they so want.

Hence, the value of not … ah, but I’ve gone into that in the post above.

But anyway, this is about cucked men …

Let me give you an example from my own life and my “wife” (or significant other as I like to call her now).

It’s no secret that yours truly has been called that long list of names that I tom tom very proudly, and “Deserter” is one of them.

Apparently because (and hang with me, this is just one example) I “left” my wife and daughter when my daughter was just two months old “of my own volition” and continued to live in the PR of C until now and didn’t “fly them over” or some such rot.

Of course, what is NOT mentioned is the following –

The reason I “left” wasn’t because I wanted to. It was a fight between my Nazi feminist mother and (now pretty much the same in that regard) wife about “who would get control over the baby”.




Curiously enough, the former did all she could to rant and rail against (and insult) the baby itself before she was born.

“You’re not fit to be parents!”

“The time is not right!”

The woman who said this, my friend, has never worked a job in her life or earned a single rupee, dollar, paisa, or what not, and yet sees fit to lecture the entire world about “how they should be running their life” – and of course, if you respond back in kind?

How dare you!

She’s always right, isnt’ she?

No, she’s NOT.

Giving advice on making money and BS jobs (monkey jobs) when YOU yourself have NEVER done it – is like me giving advice on cooking to my wife (unless it’s “Western style” cooking, hehe).

It’s like asking a bald man how to grow hair …

And it’s like an asking an eunuch on giving you advice on “how to have sex”.

Curiously enough, in this entire control game in which I played no part (no, I didn’t support Mom over wife, or wife over mom except perhaps a bit of the latter in private) – I was the one that ended up bearing the brunt of it.

Because … “I’m the man!”

“I’m supposed to!”

And just what exactly is the woman supposed to do?

So, the “deserter” tag I got was completely unwarranted, because until then I was happily living on where I was, playing with my two month old, getting fatter by the day hehe.

Perhaps that is what the Nazi feminists cannot TOLERATE – men – or anyone being HAPPY.

Being I’m not the sort to take shit from anyone – I LEFT.

Continue to until this day.

And of course, that set the “wife” off.

How dare I not deal with all the bullshit.

How dare I get a better standard of living for MYSELF based upon MY hard work – MY “in the trenches time” – MY own money that noone “gave to me” – and so forth?

How dare I “not start a business within X amount of time and it all work”.

How dare I not be the middleman between wifey and Mom.   (remember, though my wife wasn’t the one that started these battles, she didnt outright support me either!) 

“Every woman becomes like this when she becomes a mother in law”

You dont get any prizes for guessing WHO said this.

Rememeber, for Nazi feminists, business success happen “by magic”. You say “you’ll make a success of yourself” and then the next day it happens, and if it doesn’t – oh my!

As a customer of mine once told me, “With women, they want everything NOW, and it’s heads she’s right, and tail you’re wrong”.

I’ve often been told that the “only reason I sell successfully is because I have an education”.


When I was in college, I damn near did all I could not to attend class and flunk out, and was called out by folks for it.

Yet, miraculously, something which all of the Western world has is supposed to be the reason behind my success at writing – creating products etc – or anything I’ve ever “done right in life” which according to Nazi feminists is nothing.

(What did THEY do? Ah, but wait. How dare I ask them!)

Then we have the burning topic of money.

Often times, I’d give the marriage another shot.

I’d return – often traveling between countries at great expense, on my OWN Steam.

It wouldn’t work out, so I’d leave again.

And of course, when I was there, I was expected to be the typical cuck dealing with the BS between my wife and my mother – and of course, “doing a monkey job” so they could “show” others the monkey job I did, while NEVER addressing, supporting, or EVER encouraging me in what I wanted to do myself.

True, all of this might sound like a rant.

It is, actually.

It’s also true, bro.

And it might be ringing true for a lot of men reading this right now because guess what, the gory details are what hit HOME.

Ah, but money …

“We want our freedom!”

“We can make money equally well as men!”

So claim the Nazi feminists.



But have you ever noticed that when push comes to shove, when shit hits the fan, that its MEN that bear the brunt of it, even while living with Nazi feminists?


I’m yet to see an answer, for one, for the inane logic that “dem damn Yankees” up north (the courts) use to award huge amounts of alimony to a woman who earned 6X her husband (she was in a job with benefits and he had a min wage job) …?

Would it happen the same way if it was the other way around i.e. would the courts compel the WOMAN in a similar position to pay the guy?

I don’t think so, my friend.

I’ve seen Nazi feminism from a very very close perspective all my life and growing up.

My wife and significant other, for instance, has “all the right in the world” to insult and demean anyone she chooses to.

She has NO fiscal responsibilities of any nature, and even the housework is “if she wants to do it”.

Fair enough.

But then why is the man, when he does his own laundry for one, ultimately stuck with doing everyones “or else”?

Why is the man stuck with doing an equal amount of housework if not marginally more, and still stuck with the “loser” tag (which is not true obviously, because if he was, he’d be cucked and living under their little thumbs?) – and “expected to give the wife money when what SHE earns – she gets to use and KEEP for herself?”

More –

Why is it that gifts given – note – GIVEN by women to men have to be returned in the same situation – or else?

Why is that the huge amounts of money men give women stop mattering the minute the cash runs out?

All those years and even now, what did yours truly get for “sending money back home”

A big fat zero.

The Nazi feminists pipe up.

“Well, why did you do it”?

Well, because if I didn’t, you’d drive me insane with repeated calls and pestering me till I did it, plus I thought it was my responsibility to “give what I had”, and so forth …

… no more.

I was never one of those cucked males you read about that toes Mommy and wife’s line, and is scared shitless of Daddy’s yelling to do so …

… when I Was young, yes, perhaps it scared me to an extent.

Ever heard of those mighty lions and tigers in a circus?

Often times, and even when they’re ADULT animals, they’re scared of the trainer that had them when they were babies, because of the fear instilled in their subconscious.

This, to a degree, despite my obvious external physical qualities persisted with me too for a while.

Now, quite obviously not. Which is why I’m finally starting to write about my experiences in that regard.

Might be the 100th book I do, hehe.

The point I’m trying to make in all this?

Is that dealing with Nazi feminists is damn near impossible if you’re a man that relies upon LOGIC.

Ask them how much they contributed to the family budget, how much YOU did, and how much YOU GOT for it – and they’ll yell, piss and moan and do anything but address the FACTS.

Ask them why women have the God(dess) given right to follow THEIR dreams, but woe betide a man that dares to do it!

Indeed, for many years in my life, I tried to do what I thought was the right thing, but as Colonel Trautman said in Rambo III.

When are you going to come full circle, John?

He then goes on to explain the fact that Rambo, while he might “think” is “retired from war and living in a Buddhist monastery” – can never really retire from war, because at his core, he’s a full blown warrior.

“We didn’t make you this fighting machine! We just chipped away the rough edges!”

So true, my friend.

So damn TRUE.

“You’re a writer and a fighter!”

Rahul Mookerjee, truly a writer – and FIGHTER – and he’ll teach YOU how to become one too!

Cindy’s words (she took the videos for the Rolls Royce Fitness System) ring out in my head …

… as do many a customer, many of them having reported similar experiences to me growing up.

I won’t name them here, obviously.

But all the time I did those Bozo jobs “for someone else” “because they were pestering me etc” or the crowning “you have a family horseshit” – I HATED it.

True to form, I always found a way to either quit or be canned.

Ingenious ways, but the subconscious does what you truly WANT.

We CANNOT get away from who we really are.

And being a caveman that values INDEPENDENCE over all is part of who I am.

“Why did you get married!”

Well, I asked my wife to live together.

She wouldn’t.

She wanted to marry right off the bat.

I figured I’d give it a shot.

My rose tinted glasses told me “no problem, if it doesn’t work out, we can always divorce later”.


Yet, the fact I DID say lets live together first is never once brought up, or mentioned.

Why would it, hehe.

Any time you call Nazi feminists out for what they are, and I do so quite often …

I was once told to go to “counseling” for my so called problems of not staying at a job for long.

Of course, the blooming genuis that told me that failed to notice a pattern between my own life, and those of the GREATS.

Napoleon Hill was often called a fool and an idiot for leaving jobs that were externally seemingly the perfect fit.

Outwitting the Devil is a book in which he explains a lot of this, as well as his “awakenings” when he met his other self.

Yours truly was always “awake” in that regard. I’ve always been a highly and deeply spiritual person (no, that doesn’t mean religious) – and I’ve always relied on the power of dreams (while sleeping) and GUT feeling to move ahead in any and all regards in life, business, fitness, whatever.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve dreamt of events before they occcured, and I’ve proven it multiple times – but to Nazi feminists its all garbage unless a woman says it.

The real crux is – when they can’t control your life and money – is when they REALLY rant against you.

Give ‘em that control, and they’ll drive you deeper into the ground. I never did!

Now, the counseling?

The guru of the subconscious Rahul Mookerjee was “educated” on the power of the subconscious.

I could barely believe my ears, and as the lovely lady who “counseled” me giggled away treating it more like a talk show than anything else, and the guy we went to shrugging and saying “there is nothing wrong with you at all” – I had this overbearing desire to LAUGH in their faces, and tell them like dude, I know all this.

It’s just to keep a few idiots off my back that I’m doing this!

Yet, THAT was the problem.

Give ‘em an inch, they’ll take A MILE.

Anyway, all of this doesn’t necessarily bother el caveman, and it hasn’t for years.

The REAL reason I write this?

Is because the cucked men are those that enable any of this, my friend.

EVERY time there has been an argument “at home” about ANYTHING, my parents (led by my cucked father) (who according to a friend “Deserves a solid punch”) countered with one argument.

“This is our home!”

Oddly enough, no-one mentioned that I LEFT “their home” …

Oddly enough, no-one mentioned that they’re the ones that have insulted, humiliated, and threatened me all my life for daring to say what I do.

How dare I, is the overriding chant.

Brings to mind a customer of mine who once had enough of his overbearing father smacking him around on the head (this dude is a former fighter – Samurai) and gave him one to the geezer at the age of 13.

He never bothered him after that.

Come to think of it, yours truly should have done just that too.

And it is my NOT doing just that that bit me in the ass for years, to be honest.

Now, my father fighting on EQUAL turf with other men?

He’s always come back with his tail between his legs.

Like all bullies, which he accuses me of being – he has NO fighting skill or experience.

In short, go mano – o – mano, and he’ll be, and has ALWAYS been found short.

His whole agenda in life is to do what his wife tells him, even if that means destroying his own son’s childhood.

Sound familiar, eh?

I bet it does.

Last, but not least, let’s address this asinine logic of “its our house, so you toe OUR line”.

First off, doing my own thing quietly in a room doesn’t disturb YOU.

Second, YOU, dearest Daddy was the one that at the age of 25 made the statement about “this house can be a BASE for you to come back and then go where you want”.

Deny all you like, but YOU said that, else I would NEVER have returned from my comfy apartment in China in 2005 to “save a bit of cash”.

Third, I see no reason why everyone else can stay on there for as long as they want, except me.

True, it’s your house in that regard.

So if you want the whole world but not me, thats your right.

But it still doesn’t negate any of what I said above, and the logic of what I have been pointing out about Nazi feminism (or the lack thereof), does it?

I’ve always got ONE thing to tell men like this.

“Lets discuss this on EQUAL footing, bro”.

“Lets do this WITHOUT women”.

“You want to get into a pissing contest, Unleash the BEAST – the TIGER – and then unleash you – and lets do it on a LEVEL playing field”.

Guess what happens then.

If you think nary a whimper, you’d be right.

Guys, please do not BE the cucked guy that enables all this, because guess what, without YOUR tacit support, it wouldn’t happen.

In the future I’ll share more of my own experiences in all these regards.

But for now, I don’t know– I had to get this off my chest so I am.

And its all part of the book, of course!

And as for the idiots, morons, Tom Toms and Bozos bouncing about whining and moaning about this being an “anti Feminist” rant – you are sadly mistaken. There is a world of difference between feminism as it originally started out, and Nazi feminism.

Equal rights, equal responsibilities is fine. “My way or the highway” isn’t.

And for the record, if you’ve got a good thing going relationship wise – I’d advise you NOT to put the “married” or any tag on it. Trust me, it will change things beyond repair. I realize this is advice most won’t listen to, but hey – so be it ! My job to tell you, and I have.

Anyway … I dont think I’ll ever convince the sorts that say “mine is different”.

No, my friend, she’s not.

But you’re welcome to keep thinking that way.

And if you’re thinking that way now, this book is NOT FOR YOU!

Come back later when your thought processes change, and sure as day turning into night, and night back into day they will.

And at that point, I’ll help you!

For the rest of you already at this point, heres the first question you might (probably DO) have.

But first, that world famous quote from the Sly Stallone Starrer “Cobra” (1986)

You’re the disease.

And I’m the CURE!

Stallone kicking ass in a still from “Cobra”


Just why did I write this book? What qualifies me to do so?

 ….You seem to have figured out how to live on your own terms and very few men can say that, especially the married ones….

John Walker, a great customer from the United Kingdom – and he ain’t the only one either!

Here’s another great quote a customer (Panourgias from Greece) sent in –

I agree with all you say about women. I’ve had trouble with them too. 

(Rahul – AMEN! Who hasn’t!)

My background and circumstances both growing up and well into adult hood (an overbearing, uber-Nazi feminist mother for one and a cucked father that would do anything for her including ruin his own children’s life) have more than qualified me to speak about Nazi feminism, but breaking free of said shackles, and what qualifies me to WRITE about it?

Well, I’ve broken free of those shackles all my life – sometimes in ways that would break the average “cuck” that even thought of it.

I’ve never been shy of getting into fights and arguments over it.

I’ve never been worried about losing jobs and what would happen next if I were to follow my own dreams and blaze my own path in life – which is precisely what the Nazi feminists did NOT want me to do.

I wrote this book to help YOU, the male that is looking to break free of the shackles too.

All too often, people, and men especially get depressed due to lack of support and they feel there is no option “but to put up with it”.

Well, I have news, my friend.

You do NOT have to put up with it. Even in this sissfied, wimpy society we live in where men’s rights have turned into a joke at best and non-existent at worst, and women’s rights being the exact opposite in most regards – you DO have a choice.

You DO have the choice to reclaim your manhood – if you’re willing to walk your own path and break free of the “women” vicious cycle.

Yours truly thought for many years there was no way around it.

But there is, and I’m living proof of the fact that there is, and that is why I wrote this book. You’ll learn more about my own story as you read through the tips, but for now, rest assured that I’ve been in the trenches on this one – from DAY ONE as it were, and I’m sharing practical knowledge that WORKS in this regard with YOU!

The peerless U.S. President, and the best ever, Donald Trump giving it back to Nazi feminist reporter Wei Yi Jia Jiang!

(she was getting snotty with him in terms of badgering him about where the China virus came from. Obvious, girlie!)


Why I so love being an aggressive, arrogant, “masochistic“, and VULGAR evil …

The lovely and much trolled – and in certain quarters, much loved “aggressive” picture I so love myself. I used to do handstand pushups back then, which by itself, as those that have read “Shoulders like BOULDERS!” know – is something most so called fit people CANNOT do … (so much for idiots claiming “he’s slim so he can do it”. Wasn’t always the case, pally)


In fact, I was talking about it to a friend of mine, and he was cracking up.

“Send me the screenshots, that insane!” he was chortling.

It is.

(one of her comments translated to “masochistic maniac”, if you can believe that. I ain’t sure if that is because of my punishing workout routines, or because I asked her how to explain the term “masochism” to another Chinese girl- another Nazi fem dame, and she simply sent that over, I dont know. Hehe. But it was hilarious!)

Gorilla Girl. Sophia. Y’all know her, right ?


Then yall probably also know the first thing she asked me before even getting to know me from “Adam” was this. (and told me this too).

“Asian women love to be treated like Princess, Queen, baby!”

And of course this – which I’ve never tired of giggling about –

“How much deposit do you have in your bank!”

Said straight out of the blue, remember, she didnt know me from Adam – much like she was on a date with a Chinese guy.

As she told me later, “I was so comfortable, I was talking to you like a Chinese guy!”.

(like she would a Chinese guy).

Except, it didnt quite work out that way for the long term. Hehe.

The other day, we got into it.

About what, you might ask?

Well, nothing really – I was complaining about covid and the freedoms its snatched away from and for the freedom lovers amongst us.

Much like with my wife in the last email, I might as well be whistling Dixie out my ass.

I mean, a girl who all she cares about is money and getting freebies off men (“you’re the only one that is really interested in talking to me”, she keeps lamenting – well gee whiz, no wonder Sophia – except she has no clue why I really talk to her, hehe) … freedom – she could care less.

Admittedly she isn’t a huge fan of the CCP, she’s got that going for her, admittedly she’s still a way more rational person than most of these Nazi feminist cunts are … but …

her response to my heated reaction about loss of freedom (something to the effect of “I’ll take my gun out and blow their brains out if they try and take MY freedom away in any regard” (y’all know how important freedom is to me!!) …

“Please come down!”

(calm, hehe).

Her English is nothing if not cute.

Of course, that started it, along with her comment of “Maybe you could find a job, make more friends” …


I told her I didnt want “to make more friends” and certainly not find a goddamned so called job – and I asked her why she said that.

“maybe you have financial problem!”


Why, Sophia?

Of course, this being a girl who deems all foreigners as “having no money and being dancing monkeys”, and the whiter the better – the mentality is stark and right there in front of you.

The reason she gave me ?

“Because you asked me for help with SIM CARD!”

Ok, I asked for help in getting an old sim card back for me, with all the rule changes in China and what not, I dont know why, I’m unable to get it myself, but I need it for a reason, so I asked her, her being Chinese and all that, though I doubt even China mobile knows why a number “released” into the fold years back is still “not available” – maybe its waiting for yours truly to go back and pick it up. Hehe.

Prosaic are the ways of the Universe…

I then asked her several times how “wanting a SIM Card” meant “financial trouble” (shouldn’t it mean the opposite)?

No answer.

I kept asking past her BS.

“You’re such an aggressive evil!” (which is funny, considering she’s the one being abusive, using said language all the time)

“You make me sick!”  (how typical, pot and kettle, and so forth, plus a typical “hell hath no fury like an idiot scorned)

“I’m not interested in you and your account!” (oddly enough, after being hit by screenshots proving the polar opposite).

And so forth.

“You make me sick, because of your arrogance and vulgarity, not captivity!” (she means my problem by captivity in terms of sim card).

“You’re such an aggressive evil!”

Admittedly I used F bombs in the conversation but for a woman that thinks she can call anyone she thinks a fool, idiot, moron and so forth “because she is a woman”, well, fair’s far.

(arrogant because I say it like it is, and because of my disdain for “jobs”, and of course, I asked her what she got from her job, her paltry savings, pointed out how much she hated her own job- and it all hit home apparently).

Other than that though I just hit her with plain ole LOGIC.

Which of course, a Nazi feminist can never handle.

Thats one of the tips by the way in this pathbreaking book … (nothing like it out there, truly!) (like my other stuff).

(I’m so humble, I know. But there is a reason, well warranted at that).

But ultimately, me?

Id rather be honest, upfront, labeled aggressive and so forth.

And “evil too”.


Same rants come in from Bozos globally on my results producing “nothing like them out there” fitness books as well.

And they get you in the best shape of your life – nigh quick.

To learn how this aggressive evil got into the best shape of his life -and how he can get YOU there too if you so choose – start with the 0 Excuses Fitness System . . .

. . . but since this is about Nazi feminism, and combating and PROFITING FROM IT – back to it!

One of the best conversations ever, hehe. You guys would pay to read the whole thread! Classic, thank you, Sophia!

(or should I say Princess. Hehe). (come to thin kof it, that would get me labeled as aggressive, womanizer, and so forth. Hey. I’ll take it tho!).

I’ve done this all my life – on auto pilot. Now, I BRING IT TO YOU!

Oh hell yeah, I WANT THIS!

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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


Benefits for the cucked male looking to desperately BREAK FREE of the shackles

  • Live life on your own terms – as you were always meant to – without overbearing women bearing down your throat and attempt to control your every move.

  • Reclaim your manhood – and oddly enough, by putting your foot down and becoming a real man once again, attract WAY more women to you than you would if you were a cuck doing yours wife bidding all day long. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen – I’ve lived it! (not the cucked part, but the reverse).

  • Be the real man you were always MEANT to be – a provider, and not a sissified housewife or “caregiver”.

  • Ensure that YOU come out on top in situations where “society” requires you to bow down to the female of the species (for instance, the inane guilt trips etc that men are subjected to on an almost daily basis and asked to put up with) . . .

  • Recognize the validity of “goose and gander”. If you’re expected to provide as a man, then you get the same RIGHTS men do – no less, no more. You do NOT give up your manly rights to a woman, and this book will show you HOW.

  • Learn the actions and perhaps “activities” too if you’re reading between the lines that will firmly cement your place as an “alpha male” in her mind – never to be used and abused again.

  • Recognize that although it’s never talked about, domestic abuse is real for MEN as well. Learn how to deal with it too!

  • Recognize the facile and puerile threats made by Nazi feminists and cuckold enablers for what they are – and LAUGH at them as opposed to “get frustrated”.

  • How to not only WIN against the silliness that is Nazi feminism, but make MONEY off it too.

  • And much, much more. In fact, each of the tips is in and of itself a benefit, and you’ll understand this when you read!

Benefits (if you’re a Nazi feminist reading this)

None, and thats the whole point of this. I hate to have to say it, but Nazi feminists are so damned STUPID that they would probably buy a book telling the reader how to BETTER them and not fall prey to them, and yet demand to know what the benefits are for them.

Benefits (for regular and REAL women reading this)

Become a real woman again (for those of you looking to make the “switch back over”, but I seriously doubt any are!

And if you’re a REAL MAN , you know all this already!

But, it wouldn’t hurt to read it anyway, if just for a primer on what you already know, have likely been through and experienced!

Why my old boss was so damned RIGHT about “HR” being the MOST USELESS function in any organization.

He was right.

Why do I mention it here – well, because most Nazi feminists engage in the most useless occupations ever, and HR is one prime example – along with HEADHUNTERS – UGH!

Pankaj, an old boss of mine sometime in 200…6, I believe, had the following to say about HR in general.

(This was when I was asking him about “if I could ask them something”, and “why something wasn’t getting done”).

Rahul you have to know who to talk to to get things done!”

So true … and he then pointed to his “major domo in charge”, a beefy, swarthy man named Rawat who

I always liked.

I’ve liked those types forever!

In THAT job (after this one I’m referring to), I drank tons and tons of beer with the General De facto guy there – who earned more than me at the time, but he was and remains the friendliest guy ever.

Actually, they all were, and probably still are.

Including the old boss I refer to here.

But his HR was the typical bitchy snotty “trying to be Nazi feminist” and flirting with everyone she could despite having a boyfriend or what not woman that was to be avoided.

Yours truly was asking her about the AC I believe.

In the heat of summer, in India and china, people don’t turn on the AC “because they feel cold” apparently.

Yours truly can’t live without it!

The boss saw I was sweating bullets, asked me why I didnt ask ’em to turn on the AC.

I wasn’t sure what to say, after all … I mean, I didnt want to directly say the girl wouldn’t do it! (though I Was pissed, yes, and I guess it SHOWED).

Anyway, he made the above comment.

And then …

HR is the most USELESS function in any organization”, he said quietly. With an expression of utter disgust on his face that lasts till THIS day in my mind.

(He said this semi publicly, but publicly enough for everyone to know his views on it. He was the boss though, so the Nazi feminists bit their lip and probably gave their boyfriends and S.O.’s at home hell over it anyway, hehe.

And he was RIGHT, my friend.

He was so right!

This morning, as I was getting frustrated with a person of that ilk (note – to me – HEADHUNTERS in general, not so much HR, though they are similar have been the most colosally godawfully DUMB And STUPID people ever – as Uncle Bob once famously said “about as useful as screen doors on a submarine“), I remembered the following.

And the following line leapt into my mind as I was going to “confront” them.

Whats the point dealing with Bozos”.

True dat.

And I calmed down almost instantly.

There’s no point, my friend, beating your head against a BRICK wall of any nature.

And the same thing (btw, HR and female headhunters seem to have one thing in common – they’re all fine BEFORE they switch to Grandma inspired Nazi feminism, right down to their attire which they Tom Tom as being stylish, but is anything but, and deep down inside they know it) applies to certain EXERCISES.

The lat pulldown machine, my friend, is such an idiotic ever “pander to lazyasses” invention that you’re better off not even thinking about it, let alone doing it or – talking about it.

Pull-ups make you feel like a real man, and build real strength – there is no getting around the fact.

Latpulldown = monkey without any of the real strength.

Same thing for the utterly asinine chest press “machine” I’ve seen or pec deck or whatever the hell it’s called.

You sit your ass on a padded seat, put your elbows into some padded something (ugh) and push.

Supposed to tone the chest. Ugh.

Even bench pressing the regular way is better than that, though we all know the dangers of the bench press!

Anyway, this is a “quickie” Schofield style to tell you exactly what I think of headhunters, HR, and Bozos and Bozo like exercises in general.

There is NO point engaging and or talking LOGIC or sense with them.

Just like you’d stay away from the foaming loonies at the looney tune bin, Nazi feminists and lunatics are to be avoided.

And if the former is of the MALE variety, GIVE it to them.

(Like I am, and will continue to to Schofield, and I ain’t even started).

To end this, the Nazi feminists won’t complain about what he said, come to think of it. Why? Well, the word “boss” for one, hehe. Moneyyyyyyyyy! Of course, if Rahul says it, he’s wrong, hehe.

Frigging brick minded MORONS is what I … ah, but I’ll end this one here!

But its TRUE, and it’ll piss them off no end anyway. So be it! They deserve it!



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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!


Why drama Queens and Nazi feminists aren’t exactly “winners” in the game of life – or fitness

Life doesn’t recognize drama, my friend (well, not unless it’s Oprah or some rot of that nature). It does ACTION and LOGIC (and feeling which is REAL feeling, not fake “external” show)

Or Sin and the City (sex and the city or what not) and assorted lunacy, Bold the Beautiful or what not, but the folks that made those shows are anything but stupid actually.

They’re pandering to the stupid lot out there – tons of them, “legion” as someone recently told me. Hehe.

He’s right.

And Nazi feminists are probably even more legion, along with the drama queens (well, all of the same ilk).

Behold what the “caveman” just saw …

I wanted to pull myself out of bed today but I couldn’t.

There’s some drama happened and the negative emotions suck me dry.

I know perfectly well what I need to be doing but I’m not doing it. This gives me a lot of bad stress.

I also know I don’t deserve a break just yet, but I’ve also learned not to give myself a hard time for underperforming.

Idk where I’m going with this post but let’s just say, I’ll bring my A game back tomorrow, you guys can check in on me✌️

No prizes for guessing who this is.

I’ll give you a guess – this woman had a “billionaire by 2025” tag on her social media profiles, while it’s now (today) changed to “millionaire by 2025”.

Apparently changes by the day.

Schofield would have a hey day, him with his billionaire (not) status. LOL.

But anyway, the only part of her post that makes any sense to me is the first.

Back in 2015, for a brief period, I DID feel that way.

I DID Feel like the sun wasn’t going to rise the next day.

But rise it did, and so did i, though it wasn’t pleasant.

I talked to some people about it, and none really supported me – all preferring to “not hear the tough stuff” as it were, and focus on inanities.

Fair enough, I suppose, given how shallow most people are.

But end of the day, I had enough.

And I channeled my rage, or anger, or sadness, or whatever you call the emotion I dont know – into my fitness routine “without even knowing it” which I ramped up very quickly to insanely “crazy” levels as some people called it.

Anyway, back to what Miss “CL” is saying …

If I had to give her advice?

I wanted to pull myself out of bed today but I couldn’t.

RM – Cry me a river, CL. Then pull yourself out of bed anyway. Just do it! The world won’t stop revolving. I did it, so can you. 

There’s some drama happened and the negative emotions suck me dry.

RM – Well, negative emotions can be countered with the positive if you WANT them in your life. 

I know perfectly well what I need to be doing but I’m not doing it.

RM – Well ,then you got YOURSELF and yourself alone to blame, so whining about it on social media accomplishes … what? Squat? 

Come to think of that, you posted something your fitness routine not being where it should be as well … 

This gives me a lot of bad stress.

RM – Sometimes, we get exactly we deserve…

I also know I don’t deserve a break just yet, but I’ve also learned not to give myself a hard time for underperforming.

RM – So, where do we stand? No kudos for underperforming, thats for sure, and no brickbats either. Btw, we don’t get breaks out of thin air. We MAKE our own breaks, those of us that are DOERS … 

Idk where I’m going with this post but let’s just say, I’ll bring my A game back tomorrow, you guys can check in on me✌️

RM – …. A game? Complaining about why “women are better to talk to than men”, about how male managers suck and female managers rock (without proof), about how “bosses need to be more caring and considerate”, and in general the entire world against the “Chloe brand of soap operas…” 

Now, I’m sure some may be thinking “what an A – hole he is”.

Perhaps I sound like one.

But not even the most critical of critiquers can tell me I’m wrong in what I say.

I mean, this whole rant she posted sounds like she’s looking for sympathy, tears, the whole she bang of “boo hoo”, “woe betide me”, “Poor Chloe”, “I understand”, other inanity … and then … and then … it accomplishes (to borrow a Schofield term he got from a book he borrowed but never ever read) F -all.

I mean, life’s tough.

Get over it already is my point.

Not to mention don’t mention your goals to the world, and inanenly change your goal upon the spurt of the moment, and then brand youself as someone that gives “actionable self help and improvement tips” (which is probably why it showed up in my feed anyway).

Neither are Nazi feminist “whiny” rants actionable nor are they “self improvement”.

Exactly the opposite, and I’m sure if you took her rant to ANY doer, they’d say much the same thing.

Anyway, my book on going from Zero to Hero! has 25 very actionable self help tips.

But they’re real world tips that don’t hand hold or pussy foot around the issue that YOU need to be a DOER and implement or apply what is taught in order to achieve success.

Social media doesnt make it on ONE SINGLE PAGE of either that book, or Gumption Galore, or any of my others.

Whining and moaning doesn’t either.

Blaming doesnt either.

And caving into the negative don’t either.

All for a good reason.

Now that I’ve said all that, well, THIS will be (in some way, shape or form) in the book on Nazi feminists. I’m halfway through that at the time of speaking (writing).

(It’s done now, obviously. But I wrote this bit before the book was done).

Lots of you will LOVE that book, though theres no drama in it. Just real life examples, and how to WIN and profit from the Nazi feminist plague as it were.

And fitness wise, same damn thing.

You hear people complaining about their lats hurting from too much lat pulldown, or “my feet are sore after my instructor asked me to run two laps! How dare he!” or … I lifted a lot yesterday, so I need a two week break!

Or what not.

All equal idiocy.

You do, and you do daily – much like you breathe daily.

Animals in the wild don’t muck around on “split day schedules” my friends.

The tiger doesnt pause for weeks to rest its hoofs, giraffes don’t their long necks, pandas don’t their mouths, and the deer certainly not it’s legs.

(and monkeys certainly dont complain about sore lats either)

(yet, I’ve seen plenty of human monkeys do and cry up a storm about ’em!).

Ah well …

On that note, remember to pick up Animal Kingdom Workouts  (after getting THIS BOOK!) – I did the “Noah’s Ark” workout in in today – an ass kicker.

I’m sore, tired, exhausted, and I’m loving it.

I’ll be back for more too!


Anyway, I hope you understand why I put this bit in here?

I’m sure if you’re a “rational male” reading this you do.

Vice President of the United States, The great Mike Pence , truly a rational male if any!

I wouldn’t eat dinner alone with any woman thats not my wife.

(and, from what research tells me, he wouldn’t attend any event featuring alcohol without his wife by his side either).


He’s got it SO RIGHT!


Ah, the entitlement!


Marc, the African Silverback Gorilla once termed all this as “you’re dealing with extreme gynarchy, Rahul!”.

Which I’m not sure if he knew I knew this already, of course.

Hey man, I’ve been dealing with it since I was born.

I’ll never forget the way my wife once “blazed at me”.

I was asking her about my daughter, and about how she and my mom loves to “hide” things from me in in that regard – play their silly control games (as most men with half a brain, and thats rare, as I wrote in a post an hour or so ago will know) “weaponizing the kid against the father” – and how “equal rights means equal responsibilities”, but so does the reverse – and how if even as she claims “I only do so much” – then I should at least get “so much” say in the matter – and so forth.

I could be pissing into the wind or whistling Dixie out of my ass for all the good it did. Hehe.

Like John Walker once rightly said “that brick wall will likely make more sense”.

He wasn’t just referring to my “wife” (I use quotes for a reason) either.

But the entitled attitude with which she shot back …

“You should be paying my bills, your daughter’s and doing most of the housework!”

Admittedly she didnt say the last, but thats what she wants. Hehe.

And since I do none of what she deems right i.e. I pay what I deem right, not what she in her astro-enabled-social media -shedia influencer influenced LUNACY (I’ve written about that before, have I not!) deems right – remember, this is a woman who constantly claims “she has no money” – claims “he gives me no money” when the transfer receipts are right in front of her (and of course, short memories – when money is in front of her, all’s well, when it gets pissed away, all’s not)  – claims “I have no money” – and yet has all the money in the world to piss away on idiotic mantras, affirmations, trying to shove it down my daughters throat, idiotic religious nonsense, or paying influencers on social media to “delude” her into thinking “think it! It’ll happen!” and so forth …

(curiously enough, much like Bozo Schofield whining about “I dont have money” so he can leech and mooch off his friends – admittedly gullible ones – that keep feeding him money – she always has money for herself even when she “doesn’t have money” – and if she doesn’t, it’s handed to her. Hehe.

And yet, the rants, thick and fast! LOL)

Where was I?

Since I admittedly do none of the above, although I Will admit – in the past, I’ve given her WAY more money than I should – the rant comes – thick and fast.


She ain’t the only one either, and neither is my Mom.

Nazi feminism has taken root ALL over the world, my friend – but it’s only now that men are starting to get sick of it and stand up as a whole.

And more power to them.

I saw it coming years ago …

And believe me, growing up in a Nazi feminist family like I have, dealing with it subconsciously all my life, I could have either wilted or given in – or fought and done my own thing – and third, figured out a way to make MONEY off it.

I chose the latter two options.


And life’s always been kind to me ultimately.

My friend the other day remarked about how “he was just a medium for God to help me”.

“You dont believe in God”, he went.

“But thats OK!”

ANd it is.

I dont believe in religion, but I ain’t got a problem with those that do – more power to you – so long as no-one’s blowing shit up in the name of religion (we all know who) or trying to shove their crap down my throat – hey.

I’ll fully support your right to practice whatever religion you want …

Life, my friend, ultimately helps those people who help themselves – either instinctively or by design.

The vast majority of people don’t.

All the astrology crap, staring at “I’m a money magnet” on your phone and so forth (it’s wierd, or maybe not, my wife tries to hide all these things from me, but somehow, I always get to know of it! HA!) won’t do a goddamn thing unless you use your own subsconscious the right way.

Nazi feminists, of course, don’t use their conscious in the right way, if at all …

Anyway, the entitlement pisses me off.

And know I KNOW where I come from in terms of profiting from it – and so can you, if you apply the tips in my pathbreaking book on it. i.e. this one.

And I’m glad for it.


The more battles you fight, the more knowlege you gain.

And I’ve used it so well in one of my other businesses. Hehe.

Simple, if you think about it, most dont.

Fuck entitlement is the bottom line.

It’s about work, and results…. and results, my friend – are what THIS BOOK WILL BRING YOU – REAL RESULTS!

Here is what you will learn in this course (the ACTIONABLE TIPS, each one worth what I’m charging for the course, and THEN SOME!) –

  1. Always remember the difference between REAL feminism and Nazi feminism – and REPEAT it until the cows come home.
  2. Never give up your financial freedom, or tell them “how you make your money” or “how much you have in the bank”
  3. Why ignoring her is the GOLDEN GOOSE – quite literally!
  4. Why you should remember that with Nazi feminists, and women in general, it’s all TAKE and very little GIVE.
  5. There’s no “past credit” with Nazi feminists. Use that AGAINST them.
  6. Understand that a Nazi feminist always makes sure SHE has money, while ridding you, the man of YOURS.
  7. Understand that you’ll always “be a failure” with Nazi feminists and use that thinking AGAINST THEM.
  8. Understand that they will never change.
  9. Understand that, NO, yours “aint necessarily different”.
  10. Never work jobs that are not of your choosing, no matter what the guilt trip is.
  11. Why engaging directly with Nazi feminists is a losing battle, and how to profit from just that.
  12. Why you SHOULD engage directly with the cucked men that enable all this.
  13. THE SIX TENETS OF NAZI FEMINISM! – Tenet #1 : Recognize the the overriding tenet of Nazi feminism for what it is “my way or the highway”, and USE it against them.
  14. Tenet #2 – Blame and Shame
  15. Tenet #3 – Guilt Trips
  16. Tenet #4 – Conveniently forgetting “facts” when the time is right for THEM.
  17. Tenet # 5 – Hating each other, even “sisters in Nazi Feminism” and women in general.
  18. Tenet #6 – CONTROL!!! (and how to use it against them)
  19. The “natural laws of Nature” don’t change no matter what.
  20. Why you should never tire of telling cucked men that enable this disease for what it is – like it IS.
  21. Why you should RECOGNIZE the fact that anything women can do – men can do better, and HAVE – but the reverse is NOT necessarily true.
  22. Why you should NOT have a child unless YOU absolutely want to (despite all the guilt trips and shennanigans to the contrary).
  23. What you should tell Nazi feminist mothers that claim their sons aren’t good enough to be parents when they themselves fit that particular bill.
  24. What you should tell Bozos that tell you to go to counseling for “not pandering to Nazi feminist views”.
  25. What Bozo Schofield can teach YOU about dealing with cucked males with fantasies they’re too scared to admit.
  26. PROFIT DIRECTLY from Nazi Feminism!
  27. Lose the battle, but ALWAYS win the war
  28. Why shortsightedness is ultimately the bane of Nazi feminism and how to use this to YOUR advantage as a MAN.
  29. Why the truism of “give an inch, and they’ll take a mile” is true x1000 for Nazi feminists.
  30. Why all real men SHOULD Train (physically) regularly
  31. Why all real men should train their MINDS as hard as their bodies, if not harder!
  32. Subconsciously influence Nazi feminists in ways they would NEVER IMAGINE – for your OWN benefit.
  33. Why Chinese women from the mainland are to be absolutely avoided if you’re NOT into Nazi feminism.
  34. Why you should never do the right thing for Nazi feminists
  35. Why you should NEVER worry about “tags” that Nazi feminists (and people in general) give you – and PROFIT from it. In fact you should “embrace and welcome said tags!”
  36. Why you should always “hold money over a Nazi feminist’s head”
  37. Remember the “monkey branching” tenet of Nazi feminists and why it’s such a POWERFUL tool to use as a MAN for your OWN benefit.
  38. Why you SHOULD defend yourself against a Nazi feminist using her gender as an excuse to physically or otherwise attack you.
  39. Why Donald Trump is a REAL MAN, and what the cucked male can learn (for free) from Donald Trump in that regard.
  40. Tell the world what you’re going to do, but SHOW it first”
  41. Why “cheating” isn’t the holy grail of “assholeism” it’s made out to be, and why you should consider the “if the shoe was on the other foot question” (and more).
  42. Why she will ALWAYS make sure you, the MAN, is a cucked version of your real self (hint – so other women don’t find you attractive!)
  43. More on why men “cheat”
  44. And if you thought women didn’t cheat? Think – again. Think very carefully and several times, my friend …
  45. Using the power of SEXUAL transmutation to counter and DEFEAT (with a single unthrown BLOW) Nazi feminists.
  46. Witholding sex from Nazi feminist women until they go blue in the face.
  47. Getting Nazi feminists to break their OWN rules – oddly enough, by pestering them to follow – none other than – THEIR OWN RULES. If there ever was an example of how STUPID! these people are – this is it!

All of this YOURS, my friend, for the piddly little price of $149.99.

Think it’s too much?

I dont know about you, but I would gladly pay $1499 or more to learn how to reclaim my manhood, my friend.

Cucks and pussies out there – they’ll probably whine about the price.

But if you want to be a real man, you and I both know this book is SPECIAL – and this book will tell you what NO-ONE has told you before – and this book is from one that has LIVED IT and DONE THE THING – and that THIS is the ONLY BOOK of it’s kind out there – and that THIS book, my friend, will turn YOU into the real man you CRAVE to be internally.

Most men live lives of quiet desperation.

So said the great Thoreau.

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation. Thing is , Bro. YOU DONT HAVE TO!

So said the great Rahul Mookerjee, and indeed the PIONEER in many regards.

From being touted as someone that could achieve independence for a certain region of a country where no-one else could, to the bodyweight exercise guru bar none, to the Stella Artois of Fitness, to being roundly trolled and beating the trolls at their own game and minting $$$$$ From it (though not as much as I’ve minted from the Nazi feminists) …

… Your truly, my friend, brings you a once in a lifetime opportunity, at the price it’s at now.

It’s going to go UP shortly.

Take it or not – the choice is YOURS.

Either take it, or be a cuck for the rest of your life (if I were to make things simple for YOU).

Well my friend, I’ve said my bit.

Now, it’s up to … YOU.



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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!



Rahul Mookerjee - signature

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Can I count on YOU, my friend, to be a REAL MAN?

To snatch back your manhood from the SJW’s, Tom Tom’s, cucked men, liberal loons, the “gender neutral” crowd or whatever insanity it is these days with men dressed up as women, women as men or vice versa or what not …. to become what Mother Nature intended YOU TO BE – a REAL MAN?


I dont know, my friend.

But if you’re on my side – OUR side – if you’ve read thus far, if you’ve BORNE with me thus far throughout this narrative, then secretly, you know what to do.

You know – period – you KNOW!

You know the right and only thing to do is snatch back control of your life from the Nazi feminists.

Start by clicking the order button now, and getting the BEST and most, ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND “practical” course out there on doing so!






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has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!