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10 Commandments of Successful Sales

10 Proven Techniques to Successfully Sell at Levels Higher than You Ever Imagined Possible – in Any Area!



In the winter of 2007, I joined a small startup company as a sales manager-cum-“senior person”. The company was a rank startup. They had literally three people working there including myself, and the other two were the HR and operations managers.

The parents company a fairly successful BPO company, and they had been in business for about 8 years. They were looking to expand into web development, and they didn’t have a clue as to how to get clients, despite….

Having a very successful sales manager at the helm in terms of BPO operations. He had been there since the company’s inception and probably still IS working there.


A lot of clients literally “coming to their doorstep”. They did a pretty good job at BPO, and a lot of those clients wanted websites built, so naturally, this company was the one they’d contact.

Now, you’d think it would be child’s play to “convert” those “leads”, right?

In fact, any sales person would tell you they’re basically the human version of “sitting ducks” in terms of sales. And all this was before the financial crisis of 2008, mind you. Folks were happy to spend money on things that did not have a 100 percent guarantee in terms of success.

So it stands to reason that this sales manager should have literally converted those leads as easily as saying “voila”, especially considering some of the clients were actually asking him, get this, asking him to build sites for them.

But that was not the case.

He couldn’t close those leads despite months and months of follow ups, phone calls, what have you.

And so after an initial interview, they hired me.

And within the space of two weeks, I got the first client. Small fry to be honest, I think the total order was about 1000 USD, but remember this company was in India. Calculate costs etc accordingly.

Within the space of six months, this company had expanded to 40 plus employees, and was making between 25000-30000 USD a month. I left the company at that point (which in itself is another story, and one I’ll touch upon later), but those are the results.

Results in just one sales related area of my life – and I’m not even going to get into what has occurred in terms of the projects I’m currently working upon.

Results you too can accomplish – and comfortably surpass – if you keep these key principles in mind while selling!

Results that you will get – in any economy. Yes, these principles are evergreen and work regardless of the “state the economy is in”!

Join me on this ride as I walk you through the 10 tips, each one of them power packed with info that will allow you to sell in any situation regardless of what.

Did I just say 10? I think I ended up giving you more than 10 – 15 or 16, if I recall correctly, and each of those tips is a gold nugget by itself.

Underpromise, and overdeliver. A tip unto itself and deservedly so, and that is pretty much what I have done throughout this entire book (or short course, if you so choose).

This book was written, quite literally, and aptly so if I might say so “in the flow”. That’s how I write anyway, but this took “being in the flow” to a whole new level altogether!

I look forward to hearing back of your resounding success!

Very best,

Publisher’s notesThis was narrated by Janet Clare, who has done a superb job on the narration! Thoroughly professional from the get go, her passion for her work SHINES THROUGH – which we can all feel listening to the audiobook – and the interest in the topic, the way she narrates it – you’ll want to get the audio book NOW and listen to it over and over again (as well as the rest of her translations) – even if you have the Kindle version already! 

Dish Delicious

15 Delicious Home Recipes and 10 Tantalizing Dips That Will Leave You Salivating for More

How many times have you come back from a hard, hard workout ready to eat a cow, or several, and then end up looking at your “diet plan” and sighing in a “resigned” sort of manner?

“Oh, well. I’m hungry as a horse and I’d love something delicious to eat–and a lot of it–but the problem is my diet”.

“Drat! Why can’t I have some good food for myself after working out so hard?! I deserve it!”

“Pah! Screw the diet for one day! I’ll go with my usual pizza and beer–I’ve burnt double the number of calories anyway!”

And so forth.

Now don’t get me wrong. Working out hard is good. Feeling hungry and being ready to eat a horse after your workout is even better.

But the point is this–even the “strictest amongst us” will end up neglecting a good diet (or dietary plan) occasionally if what is being consumed isn’t tasty or doesn’t fit the “feel good food” part.

Let’s face it. We’d probably eat anything if we were starving, but most of us aren’t–and the last thing we want to do after a tough workout is to subsist on apples and boiled eggs (many do, but do they really want to?)

Do they? There you go.

I didn’t think so either!

A “twist” from the Indian subcontinent: My wife is from India, and I’ve got a lot of knowledge in terms of these dips (and cooking in general) from her.

While we’ve all heard about “butter chicken” (chicken tikka masala for you Brits, hehe) and other such tasty–yet uber-fattening–dishes, what isn’t generally associated with the Indian subcontinent is this meat and dips.

But believe me, meat (and dips) done with a “subcontinental” twist can taste great–even to and especially for a Western palate which I’m assuming you and I have.

And so, at the end of the recipes section, I’m giving you recipes for 10 different varieties of dips as well–stuff I eat almost daily if I’m in India with my family–and stuff that I pester my wife for incessantly, hehe.

There’s a standing joke going on in the Mookerjee household–that being that “why don’t we just give you a huge bowl of dip along with leavened bread as your meal?”

And given my reaction to some of these dips, I don’t quite blame my wife either for saying what she did!

By the way, though the recipes and dips are all traditional and with a “twist from the subcontinent”, note that how you eat ’em is entirely up to you.

No banana leaves, or “gravy fingers” for this cat, hehe. I prefer my stuff with a fork and knife as most of you do, and those are precisely the sort of recipes I’m giving you.

No gravy, no lard inducing “curry chicken”, “chicken tikka masala”, or other nonsense. No ”chai” (milk tea) either, though many of you will probably enjoy that.

Healthy stuff that you can eat daily provided you’re working out hard–and dips to taste as well!

Without further ado then, here is what you’ll get from this book –

As mentioned first, 15 delicious recipes with a subcontinental “twist”, as well as 10 dips along the same lines!

Publisher’s notes – Enjoy this book – this was narrated by Prajakta Talele – who with her lovely “natural way” – and her “natural” imperfections which we all have (and deep desire to LEARN and keep improving which is key)- and I ENCOURAGED HER TO KEEP – makes this a wonderful, wonderful listen as well! 

Gumption Galore!

50 Success (And Life) Tips That Will Turbo Charge Your March along the Royal Road of Success

Are you in any of the following situations:

  • Struggling financially?
  • Don’t have any set goals in life? Unable to set any?
  • Unfit, obese, and don’t know where to turn for motivation or practical advice?
  • Constantly feeling “down”, and not sure where to turn?
  • An entrepreneur or business person that is tired of all the “get rich quick” and “pie in the sky” pseudo-motivation out there?
  • Depressed about not being able to achieve your goals?
  • Never having any motivation to “git her done”?
  • Easily swayed and dissuaded from your goals by family members, colleagues, or others?
  • Not being able to attract what you want in life despite using the “Law of Attraction” religiously and on a daily basis?

If so, this book is for you. If not, this book is still for you!

So, who am I? And what qualifies me to write this book, for that matter? Well, I’ve been in the trenches, and that at the end of the day is what qualifies me, along with my experience from the school of hard knocks. I know what it feels like:

  • To be broke. So penniless that it was a toss up (at the time) between buying milk for my daughter and cheese for the entire family.
  • To have nobody on your side when you need them the most.
  • To have family and friends (well, most) do the exact opposite of what I thought they would do when I set goals for myself: that being to encourage me.
  • To beat my head against the wall in frustration when “nothing seemed to work” despite my numerous tries and iron jawed attempts.
  • I know what it feels like to be born with terrible genetics, a body that lumps on fat about three times as fast as the average person. Family that castigated me for trying to get fitter and stronger, and yet emerge past all that unscathed and victorious at the end of the day.
  • I know what it’s like to start your own business, be told (repeatedly) that you’re no good, and then succeed at the business.

And more, much more.

And I’ve put all this together into an easy to listen to format that will help you achieve what you want out of life without having to go through the same school I went through.

What will you get from this book?

Fifty motivational, workable, and real world practical tips that will put you firmly on the road to success and give the bird to “old man failure” every time he rears his ugly head.

This book will build determination, spirit, courage and gumption in spades!

This book will inspire you to keep fighting despite all the odds stacked up against you!

These tips will tell you about my own story, others that have been in the trenches before me, and how they got out of whatever predicament they were facing.

This book will teach you that you, and you alone, are ultimately responsible for either being a “drifter” and watching others “take the prize”, or rising up and making life write a ticket on your own terms!

You’ll eliminate procrastination from your life and get more done in less time.You’ll infuse a new energy into your current projects and bring ’em to life faster with spectacular results! You will learn about the power of visualization. You’ll see how you can use the power of emotion and the right words to literally catapult yourself to dizzying levels of success. And much, much more, my friend.

Publisher’s noteThis book is one of those where life coaches have taken the advice in it – and applied it not only to their OWN lives – but their own live coaching sessions as well and experienced ASTOUNDING results. Not immediately, but the results all came – and some as a direct result of following the tips laid out in this book. 

This truly is one of those reads you must listen to OVER AND OVER AGAIN – while driving, while walking, while … maybe relaxing – the lessons imparted in it take time to “permeate” through to the subconscious mind which is when the magic starts to take place in YOUR life (when the subconscious gets the photo!). 


And on that note, this was narrated by Terrence Scott Miller – who did one of the most professional jobs on this narration that I have ever seen done ! Perhaps the most reliable of anyone I’ve ever worked with (and thats saying a lot, since we work with reliable folks in general) – someone who has solid passion for his work, someone who goes the extra mile- and he’s gone SEVERAL extra miles for this book. Thank you again Terrence, you truly make this a pleasure to LISTEN to! 🙂

Advanced Hill Training


If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds appealing to you, you’re in the right place–so keep listening, my friend.

If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds ludicrous and downright unbelievable to you–well, you’re still at the right place–although you’re wrong and you’ll soon find out why.

If the idea of burning–nay, incinerating body fat off yourself quicker than lard off a greasy pork chop on a George Foreman grill sounds appealing–well, listen on!

And yes–you read the “quicker” part right. These routines will literally start to melt fat off your body as you do the actual exercises. You’ll literally see your body “changing shape” before your very eyes as you huff, puff, and pant like never before.

The sweat will start pouring within the space of a few seconds–and the heart will start pounding like a runaway sledgehammer on speed.

Your entire body will shake from head to toe after about 10 seconds or so of doing some of these routines at the right cadence–and a minute–or two minutes?

Well, let’s just say that even advanced bodyweight trainees will fall flat on their faces the first time they attempt some of the stuff I’m outlining here. And the average gym goer–well, he (or she) will be doing good to simply get into some of the positions mentioned here in let alone actually “go” for any period of time in terms of the exercises.

And amidst all this you’ll lose weight–oodles of it, and fast!

Most importantly though, you’ll learn about the secret keys to burning fat off quickly–and boatloads of it at that–within the space of a few minutes (or seconds when you first start out). Hint–it’s not long drawn out routines at the gym–and no–it’s not sessions on the treadmill–and it certainly isn’t “pounding the pavement” for hours until your bones, joints and muscles literally creak with exhaustion.

Here are but some of the benefits you will get from following these exercises/routines–the secret key(s) that will enable you to blast fat off your frame quicker than every before. And guess what, though this works the best on hills, you can certainly incorporate these keys into flat ground training as well.

Overall core strength from cain and a solid, chiseled midsection that will be the envy of onlookers.

The ability to literally “see” and “feel” fat melting off your frame–specifically, your midsection as you do these exercises! And you will know what I mean once you cast a downward eye at your midsection as your gasping for air after a tough set of some of this!

A solid upper body workout and powerful wrists, forearms, shoulders and upper back–all without doing a single pushup or pull-up.

Slim, yet powerful thighs and toned, strong calves with that diamond “bursting out” shape you’ve always wanted, yet never been able to get!

You’ll be buzzing with energy–literally all day long–after a few minutes of doing these exercises!

Rid yourself of irritable bowel syndrome (the bane of modern day living it seems), a bloated “buddha belly” that seems to “bulge in all the wrong areas” (if you get my drift), constipation (another modern day malady)–and a host of other digestive issues that have likely been plaguing you for a while now.

You’ll be loose and limber all day long after just a few seconds of these exercises, and will feel like a trillion bucks as well. Again, that energy will just radiate from you–onlookers will be amazed at the change in your “internal” energy levels and you will be left stunned.

Publisher’s note – Terrence Scott Miller narrated this – and added just the dose of “kick ass” that was required for a course of this nature. A complete natural at his work – thank you again, Terrence!

Jump Rope Mania!

The One and Only Best Course Out There on Jumping Rope!

Dear friend,

This has been an idea for a long, long time!

But it was only a few days ago during a super intense workout that I finally got around to deciding to do it.

Bear in mind, I hardly need to put out any more courses. I’ve got so many already that even my most ardent followers sometimes don’t have ’em all–but this one, much like the one preceding it (Animal Kingdom Workouts–another must grab) was written in the flow, and when the flow strikes, well.…

Jump Rope Mania as it were!

But first, a bit about my workout today.

And as I got done doing variations of jumping rope that I do normally, but upped it several antes, I gotta write to you about this.

My legs are sore. Calves and ass especially–these variations really tax the glutes!

And they’re like nothing out there. Nothing is being taught like this, especially not the way I do ’em!

And 3000 felt ever better today.

Actually it was probably around 3100. But whose counting!

But anyway, you might be asking, “so what?”

Is this course even more “advanced” will be the next question than your normal stuff.

Well, fear not friend.

All these variations are things you too can do–and (practically speaking)….

Fat will fly off thy body at record speeds if you do ’em!

You need to get good at the basics first, yes.

But that’s not nearly as tough as you’d think!

And I’ll lay it all out for you, including workouts that while are advanced, you can do, and that will kick your bootus from here to kingdom come within the space of a few minutes, and that will be all you need to do to burn fat the rest of your life!

Benefits you can expect from following the rope jumping routines laid out herein!

  • An overall body workout within the matter of a few minutes. They say 10 minutes of jumping rope is equal to 30 minutes of running, and you’ll soon see the truism of this saying yourself once you start “doing the thing.”
  • Rapid, increased, and massive fat loss throughout your entire body, especially the stomach, hips, and thighs–your entire core, including your butt to be precise.
  • Much like with my other movements, you do not need a gym–machines–or any fancy shmancy nonsense to get started. A jump rope is your only investment, and believe me, those ain’t “expensive” to say the least!
  • Those diamond shaped calves you’ve always been wanting will be yours!
  • Your thighs will turn into pillars of streaming steel once you get on these workouts. Believe me, jumping rope may not seem like a lot, but there is a good reason boxers and wrestlers all over the world jump rope for hours daily!
  • An upper body and grip workout from cain. Now, you may not think so–but jump rope right, and you’ll very likely not need much at all in terms of shoulder/grip work!
  • Improved performance on all upper body exercises once you add jumping rope into the mix (you’ll see what I mean when you start on the workouts in the book. You’ll literally be amazed at how your pull-up, pushup, and other “stubborn” numbers shoot through the roof once you add jumping rope into the mix!)
  • Increased focus on all you do, and life in general (trust me, if you can jump rope well for high reps, then this in itself requires a laser sharp focus and razor like concentration!).

Publisher’s note – This was narrated by Anthony Izzi, who did a fantastic job – and was so enthused by this that he actually DID the workouts/exercises while narrating this – which is great for a break, and fitness as well!! You’ll hear the passion in his voice as you hear this. Well done Anthony – turtle fist BUMP back at ya!! 🙂

Kiddie Fitness

Dear Listener,

Kids these days get nowhere near the levels of physical activity they need, and this isn’t me exaggerating in the slightest. From China to the US to countries like India and Bangladesh, childhood obesity is on the rise.

Kids these days are weaned on a diet of dumb phones and “molly coddling” as opposed to regular physical activity and “the school of hard knocks”. It shows especially in the flabby bellies showing up as young as five years of age.

I mean really, a five-year-old kid is obese? Such a thing did not exist when we were young. Even if we didn’t “actively exercise”, we were always moving around!

Some of us had the right example to follow, and we exercised along with them. Some (such as yours truly) had the worst example he could follow in terms of fitness, but somehow, somewhere, the fitness bug kept coming back. Therefore, this “39-year-old kid” is where he is today in terms of fitness, hehe.

However I could have got there a lot earlier, and I could have done without the following:

A weak grip during my adolescent years when most teenage boys are doing their best to outdo each other, and have no idea of how to strengthen said grip.

Shoulders that were so weak that some girls could throw the shot put farther than I did. This despite me having what was outwardly a “slim figure”.

Those love handles that the “tough guys” loved to pinch (until I fought back, which was another story. But still!)

Zero confidence to approach girls (well, at least from a “physical” standpoint if not mental, if you know what I mean).

And so forth. If you as an adult identify with any of this as a kid, you’re not alone.

And being I have a six-year-old daughter, there is no way I’d want her going through her childhood with any of the above (ok, replace what I said above with the “girly” stuff, but still!)

And believe me, while I know what it feels like to be the weak kid and bullied in class. If you compare me then with the average kid today, I was in super shape back then.

Not kidding you, my friend.

The average kid these days is fat, lazy, slothful, and eats a ton of junk.

The average kid these days couldn’t run a block, or even around the park, without collapsing in exhaustion.

And none of this is good, my friend. In fact it’s bad! Snd if you have kids, I’ll bet you don’t want them going through life the same way-feeling weak, dejected, and picked upon-and health that rapidly starts to deteriorate past the teenage years.

And the main root cause behind all this is lack of physical movement, and therefore fitness.

And Kiddie Fitness aims at rectifying just that.

If your kids are suffering from being overweight, tired, lethargic, or easily prone to weight gain around the midsection, this course will eliminate those issues.


Publisher’s note – This was narrated by Prajakta Telele, who did a super job as usual, and her kids LOVED this book – as you can tell from the book review. Thank you, “my lady” – if I may say that – that was another great job! It truly shows how even those that are “inexperienced” can go on to great things with the right BACKING And an open mind and willingness to learn, and take feedback on board, and implement. Thank you again Prajakta – so much appreciated!

Gorilla Grip (Advanced)

The only course that will give you that cast iron grip with an “unnatural pull to it”–and inhuman levels of raging “ape like” strength throughout the entire upper body.

If you’re interested in grip training, and have already devoured my initial course on grip strength Gorilla Grip, but are looking for more–well, look no further.

First off, congratulations. I’m assuming that since you’re on this page, you’ve gotten past the 16 or so exercises (and their variants) that I’ve mentioned in the initial course, and that alone puts you into a very rare category–rarest of rare, if I might say so–part of a select bunch of people that are always looking to improve no matter how “good” they may get at something.

And that is how it should be. Remember, it’s nigh impossible to master any exercise, and the same thing holds true for grip strength.

And for those of you that think you’ve already got a rock solid cast iron grip due to hours of doing pull-ups or lifting weights, I guarantee you what I’ve got to offer you in this course will make you think again, my friend.

In fact, I would be understating it to say that jaws can, will, and literally do drop after doing some of the exercises I mention in this course, if just because of the way they quite literally leave your forearms, fingers, and grip feeling like pulp. Not to mention your shoulders, upper body and core, all of which get a better workout in ways different than you’ve ever gotten before.

So you’re certainly at the right place.

Respect and confidence in spades–they say a man (or a woman’s) grip says a lot about his/her character, and it’s true, my friend. When you’ve got this sort of rugged ape like grip, you’ll be more confident than the rest of the folks in the room–and this confidence will display itself without you meaning to from the minute you shake hands with someone.

Not only that–you’ll get that look of “respect” from other folks as they admiringly and “grudgingly” in some cases (and usually silently) acknowledge the “grip from hell” you’ve got!

Thick, strong fingers of rebar that are every bit as ruggedly strong as they look–in all directions (this alone is a mind bender for most folks, but you’ll see what I mean when you get cracking on the exercises).

Hands that can handle heavy weights without concern–and I don’t mean the nonsense at the gyms. I mean real heavy weights–in the real world. Such as massive stones, for instance.
Hands and arms that can handle any situation with aplomb. Wouldn’t you like to live with the confidence that you had the strength to climb down the pipes running down your building in case of a fire or other emergency? Well, this course will give you that strength!

Massive Popeye-like forearms with veins running up and down them–and upper arms to boot.

Get this NOW, my friend.

Publisher’s note – This was narrated by Parrish Patten from back stateside, and he put in SO MUCH passion into this book that I can never thank him enough! Not only did he love the work – as you can see from the reviews, but he loved the writing style, the motivation behind the words – all of it – and so will YOU, my dear listener – when you LISTEN to what he says, and the book itself. Thank you, Parrish – super much appreciated my BROTHER!


Benefits you can expect from following the routines and exercises laid out in this book:

  • Super strength and conditioning (not to mention weight loss)–all in one package!
  • No more need for long, drawn out workouts. Most of these workouts won’t take longer than 10 minutes at most if you do things right (the workout part of it. You may be panting for a long, long time during and after the workouts though! Hehe).
  • A core of steel. Quite literally. If you thought my other exercises gave you a core of steel, well, you were right (especially those in Corrugated Core). But this book takes core training to a whole new level.
  • You’ll have animal-like core strength. Quite literally, my friend. Ever seen a gorilla with a paunch or tiger with flab hanging off it? I didn’t think so! Neither have I, and the way these animals move in daily life is one reason!
  • Grip strength from Cain, and then some. Believe me, my fingers almost fall off when doing some of these exercises, and I’ve been doing them a while.
  • The grip is truly the litmus test of real strength my friend, either for a man or a woman, and you’ll develop ape-like crushing grip strength with the exercise mentioned there in (not to mention fingers of steel and strong, pliable wrists to boot).
  • Shoulder, neck, and back pain will disappear in a trice as you do these exercises.
  • Your legs will become pillars of steel and your stamina will shoot through the roof as well.
  • Fat will fly off your frame so fast that your friends and family will wonder what is going on. Believe me, I sweat for hours after these workouts. I’m sitting in an air-conditioned room right now typing this, and I just got done taking a shower. It’s more than an hour after my workout, and the sweat is still trickling off me!
  • In fact, I should say you’ll experience ultra rapid fat loss once you get on the stick with these workouts my friend. I mean ultra rapid. Don’t be surprised if you lose more than a few inches within the first couple of weeks of getting on these workouts!
  • You’ll feel much better after these workouts. In fact, you’ll have a sparkle to your face and a new found spring in your stride once you start getting good at these.
  • You’ll experience increased productivity in all areas. Work, life, and the bedroom as well!
  • And yes. If you work the core heavily, guess what areas of the body get worked the most, and what benefits accrue? Right. You got it!
  • You’ll build upper arm, shoulder, and chest muscle like never before. Your entire back will start to get that V shape to it. And remember, we ain’t doing a single pull-up in this course!
  • Your neck and traps will grow larger and more muscular in size. In fact, neck pain will be a thing of the past, as will lower back pain. Think boa constrictor-like muscles all over your lower back!
  • Your tendons, ligaments and connecting musculature will all increase in sheer strength once you get on these routines. It’s well known that most injuries occur due to weak ligaments and connective tissues, and these workouts will resolve the above once and for all.
  • Your performance on the sporting arena will increase tremendously. If you’re a martial artist, wrestler, boxer, or other sort of physical enthusiast, the benefits from these workouts will not just carry over, but will enhance your performance in those activities!

Publisher’s note – Narrated again by Terrence Scott Miller who put more passion into this than probably anyone else narrating it – way to go, my man! Much appreciated – not to mention the great and heartfelt reviews he left. This book is a must grab – or listen- for EVERYONE!

Advanced, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training

Lost Russian training secrets of old time strongman Alexander “bend iron bars!” Zass!

The great Gama of India, undefeated in over 50 years–used isometrics, the “oh so simple” kind as one of the tools in his toolkit to build his prodigous strength.

And in this book, I bring you the secrets used by the old-timers to build their prodigious strength and extreme flexibility.

Benefits (manifold and profound):

  • Extreme “animal like” flexibility and “trance like”, “cat like” grace, agility, and fluidity in all your movements and exercises. These stretches improve overall well being and flexibility beyond any sort of belief!
  • “Two minutes to improving your flexibility by leaps and bounds”. Yes, you can dramatically increase your flexibility within the space of two minutes–or less–even on stretches you’ve never been able to do before. This course will show you how!
  • If my previous course on isometrics gave you a feeling of “sang froid” and being “on cloud nine” all day, then this one gives you spiritual benefits like you’ve never imagined. Let me tell you, some of the groin, hip, and hamstring stretches do more than open the muscles and body up. They literally open your life up.
  • Watch results in every area of your life flow effortlessly to you once you get on the routines herein, and watch your performance in every physical activity skyrocket.
  • Achieve extreme, elastic, animal like “martial arts style” flexibility in your entire lower body and open up the back and traps like never before. You may have trained the back of your body before, but anything you’ve done before will pale in comparison to the profound exercises and workouts listed herein.
  • Ever wondered how some people can do extreme stretches with little to no effort? While others strain and fail? In this course, you’ll learn it’s about relaxing and breathing, and you’ll learn how to harness the power of your breathing and the ground to achieve things you previously thought impossible to do.
  • Not only that, you’ll be kicking, moving, and sliding into these positions with ease.
  • Your extreme flexibility combined with the increase in strength (let’s face it, nobody wants a wet noodle–or sock) will make you not just the “star of the party”, but will also result in dramatically and drastically improved physical health and appearance.
  • The pounds will fly off you at record “warp” speed once you stretch the fat away.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare – again, super job by Janet who really infused the spirit of “learning from the oldtime strongmen” into her narration – it truly shows, as does her dedication to her work and the PASSION she displays. Again, thank you, Ma’am! MUCH appreciated.

Isometric and Flexibility Training: The Compilation!

The secrets of the old-time strongmen—the secrets the modern-day gyms have been keeping from you.

Extreme “animal-like” flexibility and “trance-like”, “cat-like” grace, agility, and fluidity in all your movements, exercises, and “in general”. These stretches improve overall well-being and flexibility beyond any sort of belief!

Massive increase in brute strength over a period of time and better performance in all your exercises.

Increased flexibility throughout your entire body and vastly improved health and digestion as a result.

Insomnia will be a thing of the past. Get on a regular program involving stretching, isometrics, and loosening the joints and you’ll sleep as well as you did when you were a baby!

(No, I’m not kidding!)

Increased fat loss around the core and midsection. There is great truth to the saying “stretch and burn fat”!

Increased muscular definition all over the body.

Improved bone strength. You’ll never have to worry about osteoporosis or bone decay, for one, once you get on programs such as these!

As stated above so many times, you’ll not only look good—great, actually—but you’ll feel great—and you’ll radiate happiness all around you, but most importantly, you will be happy internally and relaxed!

Yours muscles will become loose and limber—and stronger than ever at the same time, “coiled and ready”, “ready to pounce at a moment’s notice”, much like a tiger or other wild animals!

Increased tendon and connective tissue strength and flexibility. It’s well known that this is a weak area for most and is also the reason why there are so many injuries out there in many regards. Strengthen all weak areas. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, my friend, and my programs/routines here will do that and then some.

A sense of “sangfroid” and “calmness” that attracts success in all its shapes, forms, and guises to you when you follow a regular stretching/loosening program such as I’ve laid out for you. It’s well known that excess stress in the muscles, joints, etc. affects not only the body, but the most important muscle, the mind, as well, and when you get on this program–you can forget about stress, period.

A few minutes of doing these movement will leave you feeling “loose and limber”, “light as a feather”, and “cracking with energy”—and those are but a few of the descriptors I’ve used for myself after these exercises/routines!

“Two minutes to improving your flexibility by leaps and bounds.” Yes, you can dramatically increase your flexibility within the space of two minutes—or less—even on stretches you’ve never been able to do before.

If my previous course on isometrics gave you a feeling of “sangfroid” and being “on cloud nine” all day, then this one gives you that times 10 and spiritual benefits like you’ve never imagined.

Publisher’s note – Translated by Janet Clare again – whose been getting RAVE reviews as we speak. Great job again Janet!

Squat 101

If there was one flaw that I personally believe my great book Zero Excuses Fitness had, it did not devote near enough space of the book to squats.

I believe it got close in terms of pushups, but I put out two more books on pushups anyway!

And now, I’m doing the same with squats. Enjoy!

The way I teach you to do these exercises is unlike any other you’ve seen out there–those that have listened to my books know this.

The intensity is unparalleled–like with me.

And all these squats rehabilitate–they don’t tear down.

If you’re currently in good shape, they will get you in better shape–and how? Because they tax you from the entire out.

Your fasica, your breathing, your tendons, joints, ligaments, all those ignored parts of the body will be worked heavily and to the bone, not just your muscles!!

In fact, if done right, bodyweight squats have been proven to increase bone density–much like upper body exercises like pull-ups have.

There are so many more benefits you can get from this course, such as:

  • Build a bulletproof, rock solid body with squats, a “son of the soil” look that comes only from having a sturdy foundation beneath you, a foundation that cannot be rocked.
  • Build the sort of swashbuckling “thigh” swagger (and swagger in general) feeling you get when you have those ripping, fit legs, and a toned midsection (they go together). The feeling cannot be beat, it cannot be replicated, and it, or the lack of it shows when you walk–or stride around the place–and believe me, this feeling alone is worth a billion bucks and the price of this course many times over!!
  • Build massive thighs that ripple with functional muscle by doing this course–no, “rippling” with muscle is not an exaggeration!
  • Build muscle on your entire body and lose weight quicker by doing squats. Yes, just squats. I repeat, just squats!!
  • If you ain’t squatting, you aint training, and that’s a maxim that holds true my friend–so does the maxim of “if you squat, I dont care what else you do”, youre going to grow!
  • Increased lower back strength without doing a single exercise for the lower back, the squat taxes everything when done right.
  • vastly improved performance on all your upper body exercises, including pull-ups. (especially pull-ups, I should say).
  • Perhaps the most amazing benefit of this sort of heavy duty leg training is the indirect gains you see in grip strength–writing this makes me feel literally light headed thinking about it, trust me on this one.
  • You can forget about digestive issues like IBS, constipation, flatulence, and such the general population is afflicted with–squats are the best medicine ever, natural, and you dont need no doctor for them either (and neither the bills, hehe).
  • A sense of calmness and sang froid when you get good at this that will translate over into your daily life, work, relationships, all of it.
  • Improved performance in the bedroom–especially when you combine squats with isometrics and pull-ups.
  • You’ll build mental focus and gumption like nothing else. A lot of lazy fools will tell you high rep squats are boring.

Publisher’s note – This was narrated by David Quiros who did an absolutely SUPERLATIVE job on the translation! I knew he was the right fit for the project as soon as I heard his audition for another project which was assigned to another narrator, but he stayed in touch – then we did this – and …. well, Pushup Central was the next natural choice to narrate for him. Rave reviews again, great guy, great work – much appreciated my friend!

0 Excuses Fitness


Do you know what the biggest problem plaguing people is these days? It’s not so much fitness related as it is related to life. That problem is making excuses galore.

Oh, I have no time to train. Oh, the neighborhood gyms are too expensive. Oh, those stretches are too difficult. Oh, and…ah, why not just do it tomorrow? And so forth.

Excuses, my friend, are the reason why most folks never get started on that road to super fitness, health, and strength, both from the inside and the outside. Zero Excuses Fitness gives you no chance to make any excuses!

In other words, its fitness instruction that flat out works, provided you don’t make excuses.

Nothing is needed in order for you to do these exercises. No equipment, no gyms, not even the much vaunted “Swiss balls” or other “fancy shmancy” abdominal gadgets or gizmos (which ain’t worth even the time of day you spend looking at the ads, to be honest).

And no, you don’t even need a chinning bar for most of the exercises I’ve shown. Pull-ups are great, but they are not required.

Stop making excuses, download this audiobook, and watch a whole new world open up to you in terms of overall health, fitness, and strength.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Floyd Simmons – who did an absolutely superlative job on this, left a great heartfelt review (which all of you should be!! Haha) – all in all, the perfect choice for our flagship product. Much like some of the best people we’ve worked with, his initial audition didnt go through since we had already made an offer to someone else – but thats what they say about second chances and persistence. Keep going my man!

Pull-Ups: From Stud to Super Stud Within Weeks


If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got through the basic pull-up course I put out a few years ago. A course that has literally turned the “average Joe” from “dud level” at pull-ups to “stud” level. You’re probably likely already in that elite category of folks that can at least do a single pull-up in good form. And believe me, most adult “men” (I use quotes for a reason there) cannot even do a single pull-up to save their lives, let alone do a pull-up in proper form without kicking, kipping, or flailing like a leaf in a tornado.

And if you’ve gotten to this level-well, congratulations my friend. You deserve it. But always remember that the achievement of one goal leads to striving for another. You must never and cannot ever be stagnant, as you risk moving backwards and losing all the gains you made until now. Not only that, there is more to pull-ups that what you already know, and that’s what I’m bringing you in this particular course.

I wrote this advanced course for you, the keen pull-up trainee with a passion to take things to the next level! And finally, I wrote this course to tell you about different types of pull-ups, some of which you have likely never heard of or imagined before.

All of these new exercises combined with the workouts beneath will quickly get you to the next stage of pulling ability. Once you get good at the different types of pull-ups and start pounding out a few of the workouts mentioned in this audiobook, watch out! You will no longer be a “stud” at pull-ups. You will be at super stud level within just a few weeks!

Here is but some of what you’ll learn in this course:

  • Twenty-five different ways to do pull-ups that will leave you in the dust and goggling in wonder.
  • Fifteen different workouts that will have your entire upper body squealing for mercy with your muscles literally writhing in agony, pulsating with a new life.
  • How to get in a complete upper body workout with just the pull-up alone (and if you do it right, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes, and you’ll be spanked at the end of it).
  • Raw, ferocious animal-like strength you cannot get from other movements.
  • You’ll be a new man (or woman) after a few days of doing what’s specified in this course.
  • A truly ripped and functionally strong midsection. You’ll have slabs of granite for abs, and your obliques will turn into twin corded pylons of steel-like power, endurance, and flexibility.
  • Hidden secrets and keys to increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the pull-up that no one else is telling you, including how to change your leg positioning to completely change up the effect of the exercise! This one tip alone is worth the price of admission, my friend.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare, another fantastic narration by Janet – thank you Ma’am!

Shoulders Like Boulders!

We all want the proverbial “shoulders like boulders” look, but how many folks today can truly say they have powerful and well developed shoulders that smack of raw power and brute, functional strength that comes in handy in all situations?

Most gym goers today are bombarded with the “more is better” principle, and waste way too much time on doing endless sets of lateral raises, front raises, and other unnatural isolationist movements that don’t accomplish very much at all, and end up leading to injuries down the road.

I know people whose shoulders are so shot from lifting heavy weights that even brushing their teeth in the morning is a painful chore for them.

Building healthy and powerful shoulders that look like they belong on a Brahma bull doesn’t have to be a painful task–and it certainly doesn’t have to be a time consuming one either.

Did you know that you can get in a solid shoulder (and overall upper body) workout in less than 15 minutes time? More to the point, did you know that such a workout will give you the functional strength you always desired–along with muscles that don’t quit, no matter what the situation is?

And finally, did you know that you need just one movement to accomplish all this?

I bet you hadn’t thought of it that way before–and that is precisely why I’m putting this course out there, my friend.

Just so you know, this course is not about doing endless sets of meaningless exercises with light weights to get a “pump”.

It’s not about getting “shredded delts” that look nice, but don’t have the power to back up the look.

And it’s certainly not about spending all day in the gym figuring out the latest exercise on the block either.

Well, so what is it then?

Well, simple–it’s a handstand pushup. Simply put, that means performing a pushup on your hands (while “standing on your hands”, if you prefer).

This was back when we didn’t have the artificial “six pack” craze, and certainly none of the machines that take up space in gyms these days–so the only real option for most strength enthusiasts was to use your bodyweight to get fit.

Handstand pushups and handstands will not only build strong and powerful shoulders on you, it will also ensure the following:

  • Shoulder power that you never knew you could possess.
  • Strong, meaty traps that pulse with life, vigor, and power!
  • You’ll never ever need a gym or weights again to develop the upper body–but people will be coming up to you asking what routine you follow in the gym regardless!
  • New slabs of functional muscle all over your back, giving you natural strength, energy, and vitality that won’t let you quit!
  • A barrel chest–without even targeting your chest muscles directly!
  • You’ll exude confidence everywhere you go due to your newfound strength and look–the kind of confidence that you just can’t get by pumping iron for hours in the gym!
  • Strong, wiry forearms that are every bit as strong as they look!
  • Reduced fat, increased definition, and muscular size all over your upper body!

In this book, you’ll get a brand new and updated “supplementary exercises” section that when combined with the handstand pushups, will literally make you look like King Kong minus the hair, my friend.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Melani Brown, who was fun and professional to work with throughout the entire project – and who actually does more in terms of fitness than most pot bellied men claiming to be “big but not fat” do. Kudos girl! Keep banging out ’em pushups!!

Isometric and Flexibility Training

The Great Gama of India needs no introduction, does he?

The famous Indian wrestler “Gama Pehelwan” of yore who reportedly did 5000 Hindu pushups and 3000 Hindu squats today, ate a diet that would do 10 modern day men proud (although to be fair, a lot of old time strongmen ate like horses–Arthur Saxon being one), and went undefeated for more than 50 years.

Or Bruce Lee, perhaps. He needs no introduction either, does he?

I don’t think so my friend. But what is not known, or so widely known, is that Lee was an active advocate of the way the Gama trained, and an active advocate of the exercises I have put out in my books and courses.

Hindu pushups. Fingertip pushups (which he is pretty much the only person that I’ve heard of that came close to truly mastering this great, great exercise). Pull-ups. And so forth.

But what is not known is that the three men mentioned above, along with all the strongmen of yore, used a little known secret in their training that allowed them to catapult their already scary strength and fitness (and flexiblity) levels through the roof.

This secret has been known throughout the ages by those that did it.

In fact, it’s sheer efficacy is quite literally–the stuff of legend (is it any wonder that the legends all practiced it?)

It not only built freakish levels of strength, but strengthened one’s bones, muscles, and tendons beyond belief.

Suffice it to say that these methods have all been cast by the wayside in favor of modern day “machine sheen”.

And the pumping, toning, and irrational “trying to outdo the other” in lifts that by their very nature are not just harmful to the body, but add little, if any, functional strength and fitness and benefit to you!

Big mistake, my friend, and one I aim to rectify it right now.

And the million dollar benefit I spoke about above?

It is this my friend: to go from feeling “blah” to feeling “peppy and on top of the world” in less than a minute (literally)–and without even doing what you’d call any sort of workout!

That being, stretching and joint loosening.

Most people today wake up feeling run down, go through the entire day feeling the same way, and go to bed with a sense of “run downness”.

Lethargy, tiredness, and irritability seem to rule the roost everywhere. At the time of writing this, Covid has spread all over the world, and the above problems have just worsened.

The sad part, or perhaps if you look at it a certain way, is that isometrics can reverse all that very quickly.

Isometrics plus my patented “joint looseners” as it were.

Most people aren’t interested in bending steel bars, I’d say…. (and more in the book!)

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Rich Brennan who did the title the justice it deserves! Great narration and he put the right amount of “oomph” into the book as well – thank you, my friend!

Pull-Ups: From Dud to Stud Within a Matter of Weeks!: The Keys to Getting Better at Pull-Ups, and Quickly!

If you’re listen to this, chances are good you know what it feels like not to be able to do one single pull-up at this point in time. In fact, chances are that even hanging on to the pull-up bar for any length of time is an exercise in futility for you–and I can understand this predicament.

The average Joe today can barely hold on to a chinning bar for more than a few seconds before having to let go, let alone pound out rep after perfect rep on the much feared/admired pull-up (or chin-up).

If you’re the guy that could barely pump out “one pull-up” in high school where the rest of the kids pumped ’em out ad infinitum, well, not to worry – this course will get you cranking ’em out in no time flat!

But why just the average person, my friend??

Most gym goers these days are unable to pump out pull-ups in proper form and the right cadence. That guy with the “bulging” lats might be able to crank out heavy poundage’s on the lat pull-down machine, but position him at the pull-up station, and he’ll likely not even be able to do a single one. See that guy with the huge biceps repping out endless sets of dumbbell curls? Bring him over to the pull-up station, and chances are he won’t be able to hang onto the bar for any length of time, let alone pump out high reps.

And that’s not good. Not good at all, because pull-ups are one of the best, if not THE best upper body exercises you can do, period. Along with the dip (another super exercise), the pull-up has often being referred to either as “the king of upper body exercises” or “the upper body equivalent of the squat” (which is an expression I prefer to reserve for the dip, but it can be used for pull-ups as well).

Pull-ups are also a natural form of exercise—in fact, our bodies were meant to perform such exercises. Think about it for a minute, which is the animal in the wild that humans most “resemble” in terms of body structure?

Apes, and what do apes (and monkeys) do all day long?

Perform various types of pulling movements with their bodyweightand —just how strong is an ape?

Well, the average gorilla is reputed to have the strength of eight strong men, perhaps more when “aroused”.

It has been said that a chimpanzee is strong enough to kill a 1000+ kg crocodile with its bare hands.

And that’s just off the top of my head—now, that’s some serious strength there, don’t you think? Could the average ‘bloated’ bodybuilder with “bulging” muscles even come close??

Follow the way of the APE, order NOW and get cracking on “dem pullups”!

I look forward to hearing back about your pull-up mastery.

Publishers Note – Narrated by Kevin Liberty, from the great state of TX – and I knew upon seeing the word “liberty” – he was the right choice for the project(s) he did for me. Awesome narration, perfect vibe, not to mention some “achy shoulders” for him while reading the next book (below this one!). Hehe… Great, great work Kevin – thank you!

Battletank Shoulders!

Dear listener,

The real cornerstone of a man’s (or woman’s, for that matter) upper body strength comes from the shoulders. There is a reason that we have the “broad shouldered man” saying in English and other languages. There is a reason that broad, strong, dense and mammoth shoulders not only look powerful—but are powerful—and inspire awe in the eyes of onlookers!

And the reason? Well, simple…. The shoulders are what connect your entire upper body together.

Way back in the day men—or should I say real men (hint, modern day man today is not what I’d consider to be a real man or anywhere close to it) certainly didn’t spend hours yakking away at the nearest “benching station” or preening and posing after the “latest pr” with the bros.

Way back in the day—when men were actually strong—they did not—I repeat, not—spend hours and hours yanking desperately at one of the most worthless modern day inventions there is; that being the lat pulldown machine—an open invitation to injury if there ever was one.

Way back in the day, real men didn’t bother about six packs—or waspishly thin midsections to “get the girls” or “flaunt at the spa” (hoo boy, how manly huh?) they bothered about what was important—building real strength—real character—and doing so with vim, vigor gumption and the right exercises!

Combine that with the modern day mess of a man. Most modern day men are a pale, if at all, imitation of what nature intended them to be.

Flabby midsections, double chins, limp fish like handshakes and the rest of it galore.

And worst of all, and amazingly enough, absolutely no will power to change any of this.

Well I got news for you, my friend—it changes and it changes now. Here’s a gander at what you can expect from this course:

  • Abraham tank like shoulders—shoulders so wide and massive that you’ll be “splitting” out of your current shirts in no time.
  • A rock solid, chiseled core—shirts will “billow” around the midsection as you’ll be wearing xxxl and more for the shoulders, but it’ll be the opposite in terms of waistline!
  • A coruscating, rock solid, vice like and unnatural grip that will literally “pull” people towards you when you grip their hands. Believe me, I’ve been complimented on my grip strength a lot—and while gorilla grip is what you need for grip manual #1, this course and the secret key mentioned within will also develop the aforementioned grip!
  • Fingers like rebar—you won’t have “hands” any longer, you’ll have pliers!
  • Barn door lats—you’ll develop a back “spread” so wide that the average bodybuilder will be left “in the dust” looking on in awe. So will the weightlifters, toners and pumpers as you quite literally turn sideways to get into doors!
  • A mammoth chest—you’ll develop a rock solid chest like a silverback gorilla (or as close it as man can get) with this course, and no “just” doing pushups will not get you there. Oh no, my friend. Not even close.
  • Pylon like arms—implement the exercises taught in this course and you’ll get arms that look they’re made of streaming steel—and are every bit as strong as they look.
  • The lean, mean, fighting machine look—and the look in the eye!
  • Once you start doing these exercises, people will look at you differently. You will have the eye of the tiger, my friend and this will communicate itself to onlookers without you even knowing it.
  • Skyhigh confidence, and health that doesn’t quit on you!
  • You can say goodbye to the “occasional” yet not so occasional case of the sniffles, headaches, and other such rubbish once you start training the way I advocate here.
  • Gumption, desire, perseverance, and a “do or die trying” attitude—this attitude as you know is what is required to succeed in a real “life” battle.
  • And much, much more, my friend

Publishers note – Narrated by Kevin Liberty again – awesome job – again – Kevin!

Pull-Ups: The Most Commonly Asked Questions!


This manual is an FAQ compilation of questions about pull-ups that I’ve received from listeners over the “ages” (hehe).

The pull-up is the one exercise that everyone wants to do, and has many questions about. I was and still am swamped with questions on the pull-up, so without further ado, here are the most commonly asked questions—with answers that should resolve all your queries on this most magnificent exercise.

This book is meant to be listened along with, not in place of pull-ups.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Kevin Liberty

Pushup Central

If you had to choose one exercise, pushups would be it.

The main goals of any training program are as follows (either all, or one of the following):

  • Supreme health and fitness from the inside out, as well as inner vitality.
  • Core strength, and that ripped midsection everyone wants—along with the associated HEALTH benefits.
  • A clear mind and an ability to focus like a horse with blinders on even the most daunting of goals out there.
  • Weight loss—that bug bear we’re all concerned about, hehe, and getting rid of the lard lumps.
  • Building layer upon layer of functional muscle (as opposed to the bloat you get at the gym).
  • Increase stamina and a sense of calm throughout the day.

And those, my friend, are just off the top of my head. Those are the major workout goals for most people, and the pushup will address all these concerns in a royal manner—and then some!

Not to mention getting in a workout in the minimum amount of time with a minimum of space available. All you need is a floor and a wall!

However, tell the average guy he can get a complete workout by doing nothing other than pushups alone, and he’ll likely look at you as if you’ve gone off your rocker.

This course should do much, if not all to prevent this sort of silly notion from spreading any further than it has. Damage control I know, but an ocean is made up of drops, my friend, and enough damage control will ensure that people in general will (finally) start to get back into the sort of shape they were meant to be—as opposed to fat, lazy, slovenly creatures stuffing all sorts of junk down their gullet all day long.

Pushups, my friend, will turn you into the real man or woman you were meant to be. You’ll not only look and feel a lot better when adopting this exercise as the mainstay of your routine, but you’ll also have a laser sharp mind capable of accomplishing just about anything you put your mind to, be that in terms of life or workout.

The immortal Bruce Lee did these all the time—he was reputed to have done 400 one arm, two finger pushups at a stretch!

Publishers note – Narrated by David Quiros – and he’s done a superlative job on this one as he did for Squat 101 – the nigh perfect “voice” for this book – thank you, my friend!

How to Not Only Combat and Win Against–but Profit (Big Time) from the Nazi Feminist Disease Plaguing Modern Day Society.

Here is what you will learn in this course (the actionable tips, each one worth what I’m charging for the course, and then some!):

  1. Always remember the difference between real feminism and Nazi feminism–and repeat it until the cows come home.
  2. Never give up your financial freedom, tell them how you make your money, or how much you have in the bank.
  3. Why ignoring her is the golden goose–quite literally!
  4. Why you should remember that with Nazi feminists, and women in general, it’s all take and very little give.
  5. There’s no “past credit” with Nazi feminists. Use that against them.
  6. Understand that a Nazi feminist always makes sure she has money, while ridding you, the man of yours.
  7. Understand that you’ll always “be a failure” with Nazi feminists and use that thinking against them.
  8. Understand that they will never change.
  9. Understand that, no, yours “ain’t necessarily different”.
  10. Never work jobs that are not of your choosing, no matter what the guilt trip is.
  11. Why engaging directly with Nazi feminists is a losing battle, and how to profit from just that.
  12. Why you should engage directly with the cucked men who enable all this.
  13. The six tenets of Nazi feminism!–Tenet number one: Recognize the the overriding tenet of Nazi feminism for what it is, “my way or the highway”, and use it against them.
  14. Tenet number two: blame and shame.
  15. Tenet number three: guilt trips.
  16. Tenet number four: conveniently forgetting “facts” when the time is right for them.
  17. Tenet number five: hating each other, even “sisters in Nazi feminism” and women in general.
  18. Tenet number six: control (and how to use it against them).
  19. The “natural laws of nature” don’t change no matter what.
  20. Why you should never tire of telling cucked men who enable this disease for what it is–like it is.
  21. Why you should recognize the fact that anything women can do–men can do better and have–but the reverse is not necessarily true.
  22. Why you should not have a child unless you absolutely want to (despite all the guilt trips and shenanigans to the contrary).
  23. What you should tell Nazi feminist mothers who claim their sons aren’t good enough to be parents when they themselves fit that particular bill.
  24. What you should tell bozos who tell you to go to counseling for “not pandering to Nazi feminist views”.
  25. What Bozo Schofield can teach you about dealing with cucked males with fantasies they’re too scared to admit.
  26. Profit directly from Nazi feminism!
  27. Lose the battle, but always win the war.
  28. Why shortsightedness is ultimately the bane of Nazi feminism and how to use this to your advantage as a man.
  29. Why the truism of “give an inch and they’ll take a mile” is true times 1,000 for Nazi feminists.
  30. Why all real men should train (physically) regularly.
  31. Why all real men should train their minds as hard as their bodies, if not harder!
  32. Subconsciously influence Nazi feminists in ways they would never imagine–for your own benefit.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare – whose done a perfect job yet again! Indeed one for the Nazi feminists – a lovely female voice that BELIEVES in this book deeply because it’s TRUE – you’ll hear the PASSION in her voice for the subject, it truly RESONATED with her did this book – kudos “mi” lady!

Profound 70% Gorilla, 30% Human Handstands!

Are you wondering why the bodyweight exercise guru as I’ve been called wrote this little course?

Are you wondering why with three best-selling courses on shoulders, I felt the need and urge to put out one more?

Are you wondering just what the heck else can be done handstand wise other than what I’ve mentioned in those above course?

Well my friend, I’m not even getting started.

As I warm up to write Lumberjack Fitness on a Saturday afternoon, my daughter and I decided to do this book first.

Yes, my daughter truly is the universe speaking to me.

I love her so much! She is the best thing that ever happened to me. So much for tough guys not having emotion, huh? I’ve changed plenty of diapers in the past too!

But anyway, as I warm up for that book—that one is going to be huge, I did my brief mini workout to recharge after the initial writing was done.

And while doing it, I got one of those profound realizations.

One of those “cute little” ideas I’ve been putting off for a while, but the time is right now.

And therein was born this course.

If you thought what I gave you in Battletank Shoulders was tough, wait until you do the workouts in this book.

If you think “just 11”—well, think on my friend, but these 11 might just leave you spanked for the rest of your life even if you did nothing else.

You might be thinking, “handstands again?” That would be spot on–I’m Mr. Handstand Pushup and “Pull up Champ Papa”, and a super stud at both.

And I want you, the listener, to be the same!

And that, my brother or sister, is why I wrote this course.

These are variations on the handstand that can be done in less than five minutes flat, and the exercises will leave your entire body hammered.

Yes, even your legs, core, and lower back.

You’ll lose weight like it’s nobody’s business on these workouts. Your traps will feel like they’ve been put through the wringer. Your arms and grip will be sore for days. Your chest will be “packed” and bulge even more!

And you’ll build gorilla like lumps of muscle along your entire upper back.

You’ll even work the hamstrings with these exercises.

And the feet.

Most of all, you’ll feel like a bazillion bucks, and if there was one reason to get this course, it is just that!

Believe me, brain fog and other “annoyances” will fade away. You’ll start to focus like a laser beam on whatever it is you’re doing. We’ll get into benefits below, but first (and getting back to it), I wrote this because these workouts variations are a must do for any serious trainee, and they will build some serious and solid lumps of muscle, strength (real strength), and health–from the inside out.

More benefits include building barnstormer-like shoulders with the routines in this course. These workouts are so advanced that they’ll literally turn you into an ape: 70 percent gorilla and 30 percent human.

You’ll also build a grip like a vise, and a core that is made of streaming steel with the workouts herein.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare again – superb job Janet, no, I dont necessarily need a “burly man” for the narrations, hehe. Women can do these just as well as men – and should – and many DO – kudos!!


Gorilla Grip

Do you secretly wish you got comments like the below most of the time?

“You’ve got unnatural pulling power! It has to be something to do with the exercises you do!” (From folks who outweigh me by about a thousand pounds—well, not really, but you get the drift—and folks from various disciplines of life, including but not limited to those from the elite forces, boxers, weightlifters, and the like.)

“You need to take it easy, man!” (When shaking hands with folks.)

“Man—you’re a skinny dude—and yet you’ve got this amazing grip strength, not to mention the fact you’re in shape.”

Farmers, wrestlers, strongmen (note–I mean strong men, not the bloated “muscle boys” you see preening “their stuff” in the gyms), tennis players, elite forces all over the world, and martial artists.

What do the following groups of people have in common, other than the fact they perform different types of physical activity on a regular and daily basis?

Some may have “bulging muscles”, and some may not. Some may be “ripped to shreds” (ugh, I think I’m going to rip the next book apart that spouts that sort of nonsense), and others might be solidly built. Some might even need to lose a bit of weight, while others might be so skinny you could hang a pair of freshly pressed trousers on them.

So, and again, what do these people all have in common?

Strength and stamina, I hear some of you say.

Well, good answer—but what else?

A strong grip.

A farmer, for instance, might not have archetypical “show” muscles, but grip his hand at the end of a long, hard day (his, spent working on the farm), and you’ll quickly experience the closest thing you can to an actual gorilla’s grip.

A wrestler’s forearm might not look “pretty”, and neither might his calloused and bandaged hands, but those very mitts can take the typical bodybuilder’s arm in a vicelike grip that the bodybuilder would be hard pressed to even try to escape from and do things with it that would have the average “pretzel” blushing with shame (that old line, “twist you into a pretzel”).

A tennis player, martial artist, a boxer, a gymnast—you name it, and the list goes on and on–all people who perform physical activity on a daily basis, different sorts, but they have all that one thing in common, i.e. a strong, bone-crushing, vicelike grip.

And this, my friend, is one of the most important parts of a human being’s overall physical development.

The forearms, fingers, and wrist are what make up the “gripping muscles”, and you use these in virtually all situations in daily life, from carrying groceries up the stairs to lugging heavy furniture around.

To put it another way, showy biceps might help you get the lady, for instance, but couple those with weak forearms, and you’ll never be able to carry her up that flight of stairs to your apartment.

You might be able to curl impressive weights in the gym using straps and other aids, but when it comes to doing pull-ups on a thick bar, a weak grip is what will let you down the most.

On the other hand, a strong grip is an advantage in just about every situation.

The plethora of exercises that I give you in 0 Excuses Fitness do a great job of building a vicelike, bone-crushing grip, and truth be told that’s all you need if you do ’em right–and yet, there are those who want more.

Publisher’s note – This was narrated by Bruce Cannon who enjoyed the down to earth “practical” “farmboy” style advice in it so much that he left a great and heartfelt review for the book too! Thank you Bruce – that was indeed a SUPER NARRATION!

Gorilla Grip—Tips!

My world-famous Gorilla Grip has been doing the rounds for a while now—as has Gorilla Grip (Advanced)—as well as a compilation I put out. Combined with 0 Excuses Fitness, these books have literally revolutionized the world of fitness—and building supreme levels of health, fitness, strength, and vitality as we know it.

And it should come as no secret that these projects are among my pet favorites as well. The 0 Excuses faithful know that grip training—and building that “unnatural grip”, that “kung fu-like grip”, is one of my hobbies, so to speak—and hence the grip manuals.

And now, I’ve gone one step further, my friend.

I’ve put together my overall training knowledge into a course—25 motivational and down-to-earth workout tips primarily aimed at improving your grip and upper-body strength. But the icing on the cake is this—you can apply these tips to all your workouts in general, even if those are weightlifting workouts!

What you can expect to get from this course:

  • Twenty-five tips that you can apply to not only your grip workouts—but also any other workout you so choose—including weightlifting. It’s the principles that count, my friend, and these are evergreen, timeless principles that will hold you in good stead no matter what type of workout you engage in.
  • How you can get a killer workout with no special equipment whatsoever—not even your own body, if you choose not to do bodyweight exercises (I ain’t kidding there!).
  • One of the tips will cover an exercise the ancient Spartan warriors did before battle—an exercise that by itself is worth the entire price of admission for this course, and then some! And believe me, this exercise is so simple that it will blow your socks off when you learn about it. You’ll literally be staring goggle-eyed at the screen and going “heck, I never did think about that!”
  • Grip combo workouts that will burn fat at record speeds as well as build grip strength and muscle throughout the entire core and upper body—not to mention legs as well.
  • You’ll learn about an exercise that is possibly the best grip exercise out there—and its so simple it’ll have you scratching your head (again) wondering why you didn’t think of this before!
  • You’ll learn how legendary wrestler Dan “The Man” Hodge got to the point where he crushes apples for “fun”—at the ripe “young” age of 80. Again, that one tip is probably worth the entire price of admission for the course, even if I say so myself!
  • For those of you who just “have” to lift weights—well, do so. Something is better than nothing, and I’ll tell you the right way to lift weights to develop that bone-crushing grip you’re after.
  • How to build yourself up to the point that people literally “shy away” from shaking hands with you—and this is being said in a good way.
  • Ruggedly strong hands—and vascularity that you’ve always wanted—and the sort of workouts that will get you there.

And much, much more. Jump on this now, my friend—the price isn’t going to remain at what it is now forever!!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Daniel Pagone this man – ex army man, as tough as they come – nails – and I knew he was the PERFECT narrator for this as soon as I heard his initial audition and started communicating with him! One of the MOST professional guys I’ve ever worked with – an honor indeed my friend – thank you again, mi amigo!!

The Simple and Effective Diet


As Jack La Lanne, fitness pioneer a.k.a. “The GodFather of Fitness“ said, “Exercise is king, and nutrition is queen–together they make a kingdom”. And it’s true, my friend. It’s so true. They say you cannot out-train a bad diet, and that axiom holds very true for the most part as well.

In this book, I will talk about a diet that, if followed regularly and combined with the right exercise program will get you supremely healthy. The advice in the book is simple and easy to follow–anyone can do it.

The keyword here is “simple”, and I should tell you at the get-go itself that you will not need to devote hours of effort in the kitchen preparing meals to fit the guidelines I give you below. The average person has barely enough time to cook a decent meal, let alone a five course dinner–and I fully understand that.

Preparing healthy, tasty food need not be a time consuming and arduous chore, and I think you’ll agree by the time you’ve finished the book.

And the best part is that you won’t even think that you are “eating healthy” most of the time when you follow my recommendations.

Remember that healthy and tasty are not mutually exclusive terms when it comes to food.

Neither will you feel like you are starving (or denying yourself) as none of the recommendations ask you to deny yourself or even cut back on your servings, unless you are already at the point where you are eating too much.

In a nutshell–eat healthy, and eat well. That’s pretty much what I talk about in this book.

Here are a few “interesting” nuggets in terms of what you can expect from this course:

  • Solid, down to earth advice on what sort of food items to eat, and what not to
  • How often to eat, and why the “commonly touted” advice on this doesn’t always work the best–and has not in my case (as well as several other super fit individuals).
  • Know the one item you need to avoid at all costs–and why you should be doing so
  • Figure out the type of meals you should be eating, and how they should be prepared
  • Learn about an often ignored part of your diet–and why doing so is detrimental to your overall health.
  • A “secret” health drink that most people flat out ignore–and my OWN results from drinking “pots of it daily” (hint, hint–it’s not coffee!)
  • And more….

Right, that should be enough of an intro–on with it now!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Prajakta Talele, who as I’ve noted before gets, or seems to (and seems to me mean she does!! 🙂 get “better and better” with each passing narration! For someone so wonderfully “fresh” when I first worked with her, she’s progressing perfectly, and has mantained that “natural” accent of hers which makes her narrations a “beauty” if I might say so! Not to mention, this is ONE observant lady – she pulled me (sort of, hehe) for omitting to update THIS particular book on the site, which I did as soon as she told me. Thank you, Ma’am – super work as always!!

16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections

If there ever was a product I enjoyed creating, it is this!

This morning, as I chatted with a lady from Shanghai (a high powered lawyer of all things, hehe) my brain and memory went into overdrive.

We were talking about life, workouts, and bodyweight exercise, where the conversation soon circled back to life.

“I wake up at 6 A.M.” she stated. “I get so much more done!”

And in true form, she sent me a picture of her day—neatly planned out—almost as if it was on an Excel spreadsheet, planned out to the last minute. Coming from a lawyer, that doesn’t sound out of place either!

Now, I’m not one for early mornings, although I have been in the past—most commonly when I was climbing the hill at the wee hours of the morning.

Let me tell you, slogging up that hill was no joke at 5:30 A.M. in the morning, especially during cold and deserted winters. They were so deserted and dark that it would be me and my trust phone torch—and perhaps an oldie or two “Angel of the City” blaring out to keep me company for a while, hehe.

I got in some of the best workouts of my LIFE during that time, and I still remember each and every one of those numerous workouts, strange as it might sound!

And I still remember each and every one of my workouts when I was in college and the feeling behind them.

I still remember climbing up a hill in pouring weather that most wouldn’t even consider going out in.

Just writing these tales and recollections got me so fired up that I literally pounded out a 100 pushups right there in my study, right after writing about 15000 words or so (give or take). If this inspires me—a veteran when it comes to fitness and working out—I can just imagine what it will do to you, my friend.

If you’ve got a pulse, just hearing all this will inspire you like nothing else!

If you’re overweight, just listening about how I went out there and did it will give you just the boost you need!

As my friend Marc once sagely said, “I think you’re great at motivating people”.

And I am, which is of course the reason I write my daily emails and newsletters—and do everything else I do on a daily basis.

When I put feeling (and indeed, when you put feeling) into my words and actions is when I perform best—and so will you, my friend.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Ryan Worley – young guy in school (at the time of narrating it), and I chose him (the voice, the vibe) for the narration if just for the youthful nature and enthusiasm he brings to the table. Check out the book, that is exactly what the spirit of the book is all about, and his narration was perfect – thank you, Ryan!

Grizzly Power!

The world famous compilation on building shoulder strength and power like a runaway charging grizzly, combined with the look of a Brahma Bull “on speed”.

Those interested in real man strength, avoid this book—at your own risk.

This book will turn anyone that dares to uncover the until now hidden secrets I reveal in this compilation from pansy to stud—from poser at the gym to a real man. You’ll build gumption and health in spades, improve performance in all other exercises, and melt fat at the rate of warp from their body.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare – great work as always!

Barnstormer Shoulders

My world famous Shoulders Like Boulders and Battletank Shoulders all in one compilation format!

Benefits from this compilation:

  • Both my world famous and insanely effective courses Shoulders Like Boulders and BattleTank Shoulders for a price far lower than what you’d pay if you purchased these individually.
  • Rampaging levels of upper body strength that two or more men would be hard pressed to match– especially in the shoulder are. This is real man strength, bro!
  • Massive shoulders and triceps, and insane levels of pushing strength to boot.
  • Your pull-up ability will shoot through the roof. Believe me, this one exercise is the perfect compliment to all the pull-ups I teach you!
  • Your grip will strengthen by spades. You will get the sinewy, “ape like” grip that you’ve so wanted, and that the gym cannot give you.
  • Improved strength, stability and co-ordination through the entire core.
  • You’ll lose fat at record speeds once you get good at this exercise. Believe me, just holding the handstand in the way I teach you will make your heart thump and pound 19 to the dozen like never before!
  • Build traps like look they belong on a Brahma Bull!
  • Have you wanted a six pack, but haven’t ever been able to get one? Well, handstand pushups will make that six pack show quicker than almost anything else, including pull-ups. Believe me, I know a thing or two about this!
  • Lose that nasty lower ab fat while you’re at it. Those love “hate” handles. And so forth.
  • Handstands transform the entire core into a vise, and that’s putting it lightly!
  • Improved digestion and greatly improved appetite. Do you have afflictions like IBS or flatulence?Lets just say you can kiss them goodbye after (literally!) one or two good workouts from this book! Trust me, that position does wonders for your body (oh, and constipation too).
  • Not to mention mental constipation. You’ll find you have a far more focused mind, and your clarity of thinking will be enhanced beyond belief once you get good at these!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare – super narration yet again – she really encapsulated the PASSION I have for this exercise while narrating! Definitely worth a listen, and then some…

Pushups–Done on Your Back–in Reverse. . .

This book goes into depth into one of the very best exercises you can do for yourself, and (in my unbiased and “unabridged” opinion), the very best exercise you can do for yourself, bar none.

My earlier book, Zero Excuses Fitness, gave you the “background” and the “scoop” on how to “build a proper foundation”, and truth be told, you could do what I’ve mentioned in that book, and you’d need nothing else.

But for those of you that are really looking to master that one best exercise I keep harping on, both in my writings and daily blog posts, well, look no further.

This book contains everything you’ll need in order to get good at these and more!

Do this one exercise in conjunction with a regular routine as mentioned in Zero Excuses Fitness, and I promise you that if you do what is being mentioned, along with deep breathing and not make excuses, then this one exercise and its variants will get you in the best shape of your life!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Ryan Pendzick – he did a superlative job imparting the right vibe to the book. Thank you, Ryan!

If you’re a fitness fanatic and are truly interested in getting your current levels of strength and conditioning–as well as overall fitness–to skyrocket to new levels altogether, you’re at the right place!

This little manual has something for everyone as it were. If you’re just starting out at 300 lbs and are looking to drop weight quick, then this book is a great pairing with Zero Excuses Fitness System.

If you’re a seasoned trainee and are looking to blast past your personal best in pull-ups—or handstand pushups—and assuming you’ve listened to the manuals I’ve put out on these, you’ll find something that’ll help you here as well!

If you’re a grip monster—or core training fanatic—I’ll bet you anything you’ll find some new and interesting in this book.

And so forth. This book truly has something for everyone when it comes to fitness, my friend.

My name is Rahul Mookerjee, and I’ve been in the fitness biz for years now.

My first book, Fast and Furious Fitness (currently out of print, but I’m going to bring it back very soon indeed as a “collector’s item” both on my website and on Amazon), was published in 2011, and it became an instant hit thereafter.

Folks were getting tired of spending big bucks at gyms and getting nowhere.

Folks were getting tired of all the hype promised by personal trainers and “booby builders” (most of whom were on the juice) in the gym—and getting very little in the way of actual muscle or results for the hours they spent in the gym.

Not to mention the nagging injuries just kept piling up. The “shoulders that hurt when you lift your arm up”. The nagging lower back pain. Elbow trouble, and of course, wrist and neck pain galore.

None of this improved to any great degree with the traditional training methods folks were being raised on, and Fast and Furious Fitness was a breath of fresh air in that regard.

And now, I’m bringing you all these years of training and “wisdom” in an easy to digest “collated” format that you’ll love—and want to listen to over and over again for motivation, inspiration, and information galore!

What you’ll learn from these tips:

  • Finger tip pushups, and what you really need to know about them!
  • Why the way your muscles “look” aren’t the most important–or even a little bit important.
  • The skinny on grip strength and building rock solid, coruscating levels of “kung fu” like grip strength.
  • The truth about calluses that most people will not tell you.
  • The one exercise combo that will give you explosive gains all over your upper body. Once you go this route, you’ll never go back…trust me!
  • Achieving the magic 500 in terms of pushups.
  • Getting to 500 uphill steps a day.
  • Why being on the heavy side isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, and could even be considered an advantage! This tip alone is worth it’s weight in spades, my friend.
  • Facts on the handstand you likely never thought of, much less considered.
  • Why you aren’t losing weight, despite seemingly doing all the right things. This one tip alone will boggle your mind—dive in, and you’ll see what I mean!

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare – another excellent narration by her. Thank you Janet!

Pull-Ups—from Dud to Stud—to Super Stud—Within Weeks!

Dear friend and fellow pull-up enthusiast,

If there ever was an exercise that lends itself to unending awe, speculation, and amazement (at being performed right), it is the mighty pull-up.

If there ever was an exercise that builds strength in your upper body to near legendary “King Kong”-like levels–it is the almighty pull-up.

If there ever, ever was one exercise that you would want to master–in all its forms, shapes, and guises–it is this–the pull-up!

If you want gorilla-like traps–and forearms–and a mighty, rugged, muscular chest–and lat spread that looks like you’d need to turn around sideways to get into the average door–you need to get good–very good indeed–at one exercise: the pull-up!

If there ever was an exercise that built outrageous abdominal strength–insane “12-pack-like” definition–and got rid of fat super quick–all over your upper body–it is—well, I think you’ve guessed it.

If there ever was….ah, but while I could write several tomes on the pull-up and still not be done, I think you get the drift.

Pull-ups, my friend are not only the most complete advanced upper-body exercise there is–but they are also one of the misunderstood, badly performed (kipping–ugh!), and “awe-inspiring” exercises out there.

Every man wants to be able to bang out at least 10 pull-ups effortlessly in letter-perfect form, but let’s face it. Most modern-day “men” (I use quotes for a damned good reason) would do well to hang on to the chinning bar for any length of time–let alone with the right grip–and as for performing a pull-up, or half pull-up, or quarter?

Well, my friend–the vast majority of modern-day “men” (again, I use quotes for a reason) would be unable to even muster up the strength to pull their saggy, bloated asses up even an inch or two (without straining a tricep or two–or more).

And most modern-day men who try to do pull-ups (as opposed to actually do even half a real pull-up) remain sore for days after their first attempt.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Yeah. I thought so!

Wouldn’t you want to be lean and mean–a fighting machine–like the soldiers in the marines and elite forces are around the world?

Would you not want the ability to take punches to your midsection from professional hitters–and have them “bounce off you” like they were nothing. As a friend of mine once told me, “I’d be wasting my time by hitting there!”

Would you not want the 12 pack–and corrugated core–and extreme upper body “ape-like strength” and definition that most “men” can only dream of?

Of course you would.

What this tutorial contains:

The path-breaking Pull-Ups—from Dud to Stud—Within Weeks!–a course that truly has brought folks from “zero to hero” level at pull-ups–in record time.

The “torch-bearing” advanced course on Pull-Ups—from Dud to Stud—Within Weeks!–that has turned previous fit folks into freaks of nature, my friend–with ape-like upper-body strength and “blacksmith-like ironmonger style” grip that the average man can only dream of–and marvel at.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Kevin Howard – who did a superlative job on the translation. He’s looking to get into the Army, and the tips in this book really helped him – as he said in his review, and they will help YOU – the keen pull-up enthusiast as well. Get this book NOW!

Corrugated CORE!

Would you want a rock solid core with chiseled abs that look like they’ve been carved out of mahogany?

Would you want abdominal and lower back muscles that look like they’re made of corrugated steel, every hard, rock solid ridge of muscle standing out in stark relief across the skin?

Would you want a core that is not only rock solid in appearance, but has strength to boot as well?

A midsection that can take–and give–as good as, or better than it receives?

If the answer is yes, you’re on the right page. Look no further, as what I’ve got to say here and bring to you might change the entire way you think about abs, core, and abdominal training in general.

First off, what do I mean by “core” ? Why is this audiobook titled Corrugated Core instead of Corrugated Abs?

Well, simple. The abs are but one part of the core, my friend.

When most people think of training the abs (or the core, to most people), it’s all about training the little bundle of muscles that is “most visible” to us, like the “six pack”, and people these days go to ridiculous limits to get that coveted “six pack” look.

And those that get it (believe me, there are a lot that don’t despite following all the advice they’ve gotten–does that sound familiar, by the way?? I bet it does!) seem to wear it as some sort of badge of honor, flaunting it everywhere they go.

All well and good, but I’ve got news for you, my friend.

Not only does this “look” not necessarily impart any real strength, it is not by any means core training.

The core doesn’t just consist of the “six pack”, although that’s part of it. The core consists of everything beneath your pectorals until your knees, my friend.

And training the core needs to be done as an unit, meaning you train everything.

  • Benefits you will get from following the exercises and routines in this course:An “X” taper–and I’m not just talking about a chiseled, strong and “whittled” down midsection. I’m talking a midsection where the muscles literally run down deep into your groin from your upper abs, giving you a real “X” look and feel!
  • An abdomen that looks like it’s made of corrugated iron, with each ridge of muscle standing out in stark relief under the skin (and no, you don’t need to “tighten” and “primp’n’pose” in front of the mirror to get that look–you’ll get it when relaxed as well).
  • Obliques that look like they’re made of streaming steel, and feel every bit as strong.
  • A strong, armor plated lower back that will never be susceptible to injury–unlike the heavy weight pounders at the gym who quite literally sometimes end up grabbing their lower backs in agony after yet another unnatural pull (side note: the deadlift is one of the worst things you).

Narrated by David Quiros, who did another superlatively EXCELLENT job on this. Thank you, David!

Gorilla Grip: The Compilation


Way, way back in the day–when yours truly was 17 years of age–he fell out of a running bus on his right wrist, and pretty much made a royal mess of the wrist–a decidedly “non-Gorilla grip” wrist at that point I’d say.

Though the wrist didn’t hurt that bad at the time, and though I was going to treat it at home myself, I could barely move it in a clockwise and other manner–and long story short, I ended up going to a doctor who put it in a cast.

Probably the right thing to do, and ’twas my right wrist–which has always been a weak suit for me.

A few weeks later, I remember having to go an examination in another town, and my father was the one that took me there.

We had to stay in a hotel on the way, and all of a sudden, we met up with this one guy–this guy about six feet two inches in height, and a tennis player at that.

And as we shook hands, I made it very clear that I had an injured right wrist–but he seemed not to listen, and he gripped my hand with his own “vice” like grip (tennis players have great grips!). The pain I felt was beyond comparison.

But the worst part wasn’t that–the worst part was the look in the eye–a look that he gave me unknowingly–a look that spoke volumes.

A look of “you’re a weakling”–something I’d heard ad infintium growing up.

Something that I’m sure would resonate with the great Charles Atlas if he was alive today.

You’ve heard of Atlas, I’m sure? The guy who used to routinely get sand kicked in his face at the beach–who was to become one of the very best proportioned men in the entire world down the line.

It was at that point (and perhaps also when the doctor who strapped my wrist gave me a “sorry” sort of look which spoke volumes as well) that I decided I’d get the strongest grip I could get.

That I’d work my grip with a passion–and today, bonafide gym monsters and “gorillas” in their own right shy away from shaking hands with me–and not because I intentionally try and crush hands either!

As Vincent, a wrecking machine of a man if there ever was a one, a six foot one inch mountain of pure muscle and an ex Marine noted last year, “I’ve never met anyone that gripped my hand naturally with a kung fu like grip like you do!”

And so, is it any wonder that despite not a lot of promos, the two Gorilla Grip courses are the ones that sell the very best for me?

Is it any wonder that I constantly get remarks about my grip–and how strong it is–and other related comments?

Now note this. If I had told folks of my goals back then at that point–they’d have literally laughed in my face.

I’d have got sand kicked in my face–figuratively speaking–and then some….

And now? Well, now it’s the exact opposite–and this truly is a case of what Napoleon Hill famously once said: “Tell the world what you’re going to do–but show’em first!

In this compilation, you’ll get the path breaking Gorilla Grip book, as well as it’s successor Gorilla Grip: Advanced. An unparalleled value as it were, and I’m not done yet with the “value” part of it.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Neal Gray, who did a superb, PRECISE, focused job on the narration – he paid extreme attention to detail in the book, and that will show in his work! I truly do appreciate your candor and narration Neal – and I look forward to future collaborations together!

0 Excuses Book Compilation

The path breaking Zero Excuses Fitness book has fitness information that will get the average Joe fitter than a fiddle with workouts that do not take “donkey’s years” to complete. No gyms required, and certainly no equipment. If you think you’ve seen it all before, think again my friend. A typical gym goer would fall flat on his nose if he attempted more than 10 reps of some of the basic stuff in Zero Excuses Fitness.

My recently updated Gorilla Grip alone can put some of the so called grip monsters out there to shame within a matter of seconds, and I’m not kidding.

Zero to Hero: 
I speak a lot about the mental aspect of things in Zero Excuses Fitness, and Zero to Hero takes it several steps further. Much in demand, and now part of this special compilation, my friend. Imagine a better future and it’ll flow towards you. Fact. Learn 25 keys to making this happen!

The Simple and Effective Diet: A concise book on diet, and a must-listen for those looking to lose that “glutenous maximum of plenty”, or get rid of the “junk in the trunk”. This book also contains a secret drink that will blast the fat cells off your body quicker than lard off a a George Foreman grill.

Publisher’s Note – This was narrated by Roberto Berrocal- and MY! From the word go, we hit it off – he gave the book such a rousing reception and initial opening (that it damn well and sure deserves) that man, I was moved to tears almost! Every time he emailed me, spoke to me etc – it was like the Universe speaking to me, mirroring my own thoughts – it is not for “no reason” that I call him “a brother from a different mother!”.

Some hits never repeat regardless of no matter how much effort or how much “chutzpah” one puts into one’s succeeding efforts, and with this book, and our work on it – I believe this is a TIMELESS CLASSIC that will stand the test of time, a narration that will never quite be matched, perhaps even by Roberto for sheer “pomp, splendor and grandeur” that he added to this. Thank you, my brother, thank you!

Fitness Pioneer: Volume Two


The second volume of the immensely popular and best-selling Fitness Pioneer by yours truly.

Fifty-one tips of an unique and swashbucking—and direct “it just works” nature you will never, ever find anywhere, and each worth their weight in gold and will make your exercise performance (and indeed performance in all spheres of life) skyrocket almost instantly.

Benefits you can expect from understanding and then religiously following these tips!
First off, and most importantly, it’s not enough to simply listen. You have to do the thing, bro, to truly understand. Just like you have to walk a mile in a man’s shoes to truly understand what is going on with him or her, the same thing with fitness. You cannot, I repeat, cannot be a lardassian “armchair workout fanatic”, and you’ll learn why and more on this in this manual.

The two very best–and very worst exercises you can do for your upper body that will build a ton of muscle at record speeds, and burn lard off at record speeds as well (quicker than you can put it on).

How to literally eat more–and weigh less–with proof!

How to skyrocket past previous bests on pull-ups!

How to get a core as hard as a wall–quite literally–a core so rock solid that your elbows will bounce off it. (yours, or others). And no, it ain’t just buying Corrugated Core, although those exercises in that course will sure as heck help!

How to build that sexy chest that women love, and the V taper to your back we’ve covered so often here. And believe me, that alone might just be worth it for you!

Why you can take a horse to water–but cannot make it drink–and more to the point, why it’s pointless to try. Replace horse with idiots that think “bodyweight exercises don’t build strength” and “You need the Jim Shim” for strength training or the bench press and lat pulldown devotees, or the ape like nutters yanking each other’s cords and yakking away 19 to the dozen while supposedly “working out”at the Jim Shim.

Why you will get trolled initially when you do something that goes against the grain–and say it like it is–and why you should welcome that.

And how to make these bozos literally cry tears of frustration while you laugh all the way to the bank. I know I said this was a fitness book, but given the Bozo Schofield saga, I thought I’d put this in here, and give you a few marketing tips too. But hey, these tips are fitness related too! You’ll see what I mean.

Why the fact is that most people claiming to be “big and can’t do pull-ups” are actually fat. Big time. Yes. I said it. Fat, with humungous gigantic bellies that grow by the day while they yank away at the gym shim pretending to build real strength while secretly admiring those that can pump out pull-ups for reps, smooth and easy as butter….

Get this now, bro. This is worth it’s weight in gold. Never before seen “nuggets” of information that will blow your mind—even you experienced trainees out there.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Prajakta Talele. Another superb narration, that lovely accent “standing out” as it always does, in a good way – you guys will love listening to this one!

Fitness Central: The Reader

Now, if you’ve cracked open even one of the Fitness Central books, you know the benefits you’ll get from these books. Just in case you aren’t though, here are some of the benefits you’ll get from this book:

  • Finger tip pushups, and what you really need to know about them!
  • Why the way your muscles “look” aren’t the most important–or even a little bit important.
  • The skinny on grip strength and building rock solid, coruscating levels of “kung fu” like grip strength.
  • The one exercise combo that will give you explosive gains all over your upper body.
  • How shorter workouts can be just as effective than the long, drawn out workouts you’ve been advised to do. How they benefit your health and mindset more than you could ever imagine!
  • How the foreign devils in China workout, and why these workouts are so brutally effective!
  • Why your breathing is literally the most important thing you should focus upon during your exercise routine. How you can burn fat off your frame almost instantly once you start applying the right breathing techniques.
  • How to get cardio workouts in like never before–workouts that take less than 15 minutes, leaving you soaked in sweat, burning fat like never before, and feeling on top of the world!

Publisher’s note – Yet another superb narration by Janet Clare, who literally gets better with each narration – thank you, Janet – yet again – your work is much appreciated as always!

Fitness Central: Volume 3

The third volume in the Fitness Central series, guaranteed to blow your socks off more than the previous two versions combined!

Go from being overweight, obese, out of shape, and a “humungous” 120 kgs to a “svelte” 60 kgs or so.

Go from someone who was born with terrible genetics in terms of “body shape” to someone whose routinely told he has “good genetics”.

Go from (this one is literally world famous) being able to do no more than five or so pull-ups in a workout to someone that bangs out over 100.

And much, much more. If you were looking for more reasons as to “why” you should download this audiobook, you’ve got a few now!

What you’ll learn from these tips, and how you’ll benefit:

  • How shorter workouts can be way more effective than the long, drawn out workouts you’ve been advised to do, and how they benefit your health and mindset more than you could ever imagine!
  • How foreign devils in China workout, and why these workouts are so brutally effective!
  • Why your breath is literally the most important thing you should focus upon during your exercise routine, and how you can burn fat off your frame almost instantly once you start applying the right breathing techniques.
  • You will learn how to get cardio workouts in like never before–workouts that take less than 15 minutes, leaving you soaked in sweat, burning fat like never before, and feeling on top of the world.
  • You’ll learn how to build massive arms and that barrel chest you have always wanted. Guys, drop the gym memberships now–they won’t give you benefits remotely resembling these.
  • How you can literally double your energy in less time.
  • What I think of “abdominal training gadgets” and other fitness “machines” they sell on late night TV infomercials, and why!
  • Why training like an animal is a great idea. Ever see cats in the wild, for instance, train on split schedules, take long breaks between “sets of runs”, and so forth? I don’t think so….

Publisher’s note – Again – MORE fantastic work by Janet Clare, and she’s getting started, mind you! Haha…

Eat More—Weigh Less!

If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds appealing to you, you’re in the right place.

If the idea of “eating more and weighing less” sounds ludicrous and downright unbelievable to you, well, you’re still at the right place–although you’re wrong, and you’ll soon find out why.

If the idea of burning—nay, incinerating body fat off yourself quicker than lard off a greasy pork chop on a George Foreman grill sounds appealing, you are in the right spot. These routines will literally start to melt fat off your body as you do the actual exercises. You’ll literally see your body “changing shape” before your very eyes as you huff, puff, and pant like never before.The sweat will start pouring within the space of a few seconds–and the heart will start pounding like a runaway sledgehammer on speed. Your entire body will shake from head to toe after about 10 seconds or so of doing some of these routines at the right cadence–and a minute or two? Well, let’s just say that even advanced bodyweight trainees will fall flat on their faces the first time they attempt some of the stuff I’m outlining here. And for the average gym goer, they will be doing good to simply get into some of the positions mentioned here, let alone actually “go” for any period of time in terms of the exercises. And amidst all this you’ll lose weight!

Most importantly though, you’ll learn about the secret keys to burning fat off quickly—and boatloads of it at that—within the space of a few minutes (or seconds when you first start out).

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Janet Clare – again, like I said – watch out -this lady is just getting STARTED! Another great narration by her, a must “read and listen” – – both! 🙂

0 Excuses Fitness: Dare to Dream!

Though I put out fitness tips in my daily newsletters, I’ve decided to go one better (due to popular demand), and put together more fitness (and general) tips in a monthly newsletter format. These will be posted each month–and will be far more upclose and personal than even my daily writings and books. So if you’re looking for “real to life” comments and situations on yours truly–both fitness related and otherwise, or are just looking for some inspiration–these are for you!

If you’re a fan of my writings and daily blog posts, then this is for you!

The July 2018 is the first in a series of monthly news letters, and the theme for this is (perhaps appropriately) “Dare to dream”. I was always told not to dream, and that my dreams had no meaning–both fitness and lifewise–and yet, through thick and thin, and through hell and high water, I stuck it out–and I achieved what I wanted.

We’re talking fitness, and the newsletter referenced is mostly fitness based, but the lessons therein apply equally to life in general as well.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by Adam Kurylo, who is another one of those guys I “hit it off with” instantly as it were! Great job by Adam – he mixes in fact with emotion nigh perfectly – you’ll love this narration and the newsletter itself, folks!

Fitness Central, Volume 2

It is with great pleasure, gusto, and vigor that I bring to you the second volume of Fitness Central.

After the rousing reception the first compilation received (and rightfully so–those are evergreen tips that are worth their weight in spades)–I received a lot of questions about when I was going to come out with volume two.

This book is for you if you’re:

  • Zero Excuses Fitness fan.
  • Interested in building brute, animal like functional strength, and a body every bit as strong as it looks.
  • Looking to improve your stamina and conditioning levels beyond belief.
  • Getting tired of that “run down” feeling you experience at the end of the day–and exercises that will help you banish this feeling forever!
  • Looking to improve your push-up, pull-up, or any bodyweight exercise “numbers”, and do so in a smart and methodical manner.
  • Looking to banish upper back, shoulder, wrist, and other “nagging” pain forever.
  • The average “Joe” or “Jane” looking for tips on getting into shape and lose weight without spending the house on gyms and fancy memberships.
  • A fitness enthusiast looking for tips that’ll take you to the next level–and quickly!
  • A seasoned fitness pro or athlete looking for advanced tips–or that “X” factor that’ll allow you to score big over the competition!
  • Motivation that applies not only to fitness, but life as well, if you read between the lines.

This truly is a book which has “something for everyone”.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by John Eaton, who loved this project from the get go – hes getting on table pushups himself, and left a wonderful review for the book too which ends with “GET IT NOW!” – Hehe. Gotta love a dude like that. Thank you, my man – you did what it took to create a quality product in terms of the numerous “retakes” we had to do! That dedication and passion to his work shines through in the end product which you guys will see – and hear!


Much like the rest of my Zero Excuses Fitness stuff, this book is for you if you’re:

  • Zero Excuses Fitness fan.
  • Interested in building brute, animal like functional strength, and a body every bit as strong as it looks.
  • Looking to improve your stamina and conditioning levels beyond belief.
  • Getting tired of that “run down” feeling you experience at the end of the day—and exercises that will help you banish this feeling forever!
  • Looking to improve your push-up, pull-up, or any bodyweight exercise “numbers”–and do so in a smart and methodical manner.
  • Looking to banish upper back, shoulder, wrist, and other “nagging” pain forever.
  • The average “Joe” or “Jane” looking for tips on getting into shape and losing weight without spending the house on gyms and fancy memberships.
  • A fitness enthusiast looking for tips that’ll take you to the next level–and quickly!
  • A seasoned fitness pro or athlete looking for advanced tips or that “X” factor that’ll allow you to score big over the competition!
  • Motivational stories that apply not only to fitness, but life as well, if you read between the lines.

From Fitness Pioneer: Volume One, you’ll learn:

  • Fifty-one hidden keys to super strength, health, and fitness–brought to you in a manner like never before.
  • Why “conventional wisdom” from most fitness “experts” is about as useful as screen doors on a submarine.
  • How to look deep within yourself to focus your mind and entire body like a laser towards achieving the goal you want the most.
  • Tips on how to get the rock solid, muscular toned midsection you’ve always desired.
  • What the USMC (United States Marine Corps) can teach you about fitness and life.

Publisher’s note – Narrated by David Quiros – whose done another splendid job here – kudos David – and THANK YOU AGAIN! 🙂