Publish with 0 Excuses Fitness!

Publish with 0 Excuses Fitness!

Become a 0 Excuses Fitness PARTNER. 

So many of you want this – and have wanted it in the past. Now, here it is!

If YOU  – the budding author or fitness enthusiast have a book themed on (that you have either written yourself, or want us to sell) – FITNESS (real fitness!) – self help – life – or something related to any of this i.e. the 0 Excuses Fitness Keeping it real theme – then contact us!

We want to hear from you as much as you do us.

But remember – we only accept high quality material that has been proven to work. We would not sell it here otherwise!

Why publish with us? 

Well, you automatically associate your name with a world famous brand for one “0 Excuses Fitness” – not to mention, the “Stella Artois of the Fitness world” does NOT just publish “just about anything” – so you’re in an exclusive bunch of people – doers!

You get access to our customer base – which is burgeoning, growing and already HUGE as we speak!

That alone should be worth it, and if you’re here, you probably know this already.

But other than that, in case that wasn’t enough …

When publishing with us, you also get advantage to our extensive network of distributors and publishers (Amazon, Google and others etc) that we sell 0 Excuses Fitness work on – not to mention, we’re far more open to NEW and revolutionary fitness methods than most “regular” publishers are.

You also get access to an EXCLUSIVE partner area where you can sell not only fitness BOOKS – but other products we approve (like Tshirts, coffee mugs etc) – stuff that fits in with the theme of the site (but it must be approved by us first). 

We’ll have a lengthy Terms and conditions out on this soon, for now, CONTACT us for more on this – – or … submit your manuscripts to us via the email on the contact page.

(all submissions are usually reviewed within 3 business days tops).

You MUST be the original author of the book – and if not, you must prove to us you have resell rights (or other sale rights) to the books / items you would like to sell with us.

Currently we’re accepting submissions only in English language, though that might change!

When you submit your work to us you agree that the publisher (us) will promote and sell your book (or novel, or other items) through this, or any other sales channels we manage (including Amazon, Google etc).


  • We currently do not offer upfront “advances” on books. This may change in the future, but for now, no.
  • We offer authors publishing with us a flat 30% royalty on all books sold through us, regardless of channels. We will pay you on the 5th of every month to your Paypal account (upon receipt of monies) – or any other means of your choosing for direct sales made through – and on the 31st of the succeeding month for sales made through third parties (Amazon, Google etc).
    • (while we’d love to pay you per month for all sales, Amazon and several other publishers only pay us on a deferred basis, therefore, sales made through those channels will be paid out likewise)
  • While you retain ALL rights to your work, you also have the option to offer us EXCLUSIVE rights to your work in terms of selling i.e. once you choose this option, we would be the only publisher you sell your products with. This is NOT mandatory – but if you choose this option, royalty cut would be 40% – all else same as above.


You, as the author will retain all rights to your work, and can continue to sell “independently” of us through other source if you so choose. However, royalties will depend on whether you give us “exclusive rights” to sell your book/product – or if you wish to retain the option to sell elsewhere yourself.  (see Royalties section above).


If you publish with us, we will provide you with a guideline and sample document in terms of what sort of line spacing and other editing we require. Its all very basic, all we really want is for it to be READABLE and legible!

Now, any edition/proofreading services above and beyond the “normal” will be charged separately (although this is usually not required, and we recommend you do the basic editing/proofreading yourself before sending it for the final touches to us). We will contact you on a case by case basis in case this applies to YOU!


We already have a healthy and thriving ecosystem on that front . If you simply wish to be an affilate, and that is fine! – go HERE  to apply.

For any other questions – contact us!