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The only thing close to a complaint I have is that there is no video – but that isn’t a huge one.

The movements are deceptively simple, but give you a workout. It’s presented in a way that you are more or less playing with your kids while improving their health, endurance, and strength. Suitable for pretty much all school aged children as well – some of the movements can be done by younger kids, if you can get them to follow along…. Teens may be “too cool” but start ’em young and you’ll get past that when the time comes. If it is too late to start ’em young, trick them into thinking it is their idea, or show them the book and have them come up with a program and coach you on it.

Lee Lowder (for Kiddie Fitness!)

I cant write a review for the reason that what you write for each product is true and incomparable.So i suggest to the future buyers just read what rahul says for the product and believe it.He is the real deal.

Panourgias Panagiotopoulos (Greece, I believe…)

(for my books in general. He’s posted reviews on specific books too below)

(Ah, THAT day when I organize it all, hehe)

Brilliant Book On The Most Important Upper-Body Exercise.

Quite simply, if you cannot pull your own bodyweight from a dead-hang till your chin passes over the bar you are not “strong” and no amount of lat pulldowns will correct this weakness.
Buy this book and learn how to do the most important upper-body exercise correctly and you’ll never look back.
Brilliant book, thank you.

John Walker, United Kingdom (Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!)

A Superb Book From An Amazing Writer/Trainer

If you’re at all interested in Bodyweight/Calisthenics training? Then you need to get your copy of this superb book. You’ll be glad you did.

John Walker – United Kingdom (for “Shoulders like BOULDERS – Brahma Bull like shoulders with a single movement!)

Since you’re in the mood for asking,  I’m asking when you’re going to put out a book on static holds like what you talk about in your recent pushups book.  The pushups book is awesome!  Why?  Because the F…ing exercises and workouts are hard as HELL!  That’s why!  I hate workout books that don’t challenge you.  I think I also asked you once before to put out a plyometric calisthenics book as well.  DO IT!  Your stuff is the best.  You are the real deal, which is why I don’t mind paying the higher than normal prices for your books.  I’m also glad that you now put them on Kindle because I have no more room for paper books in my small apartment .


Keep up the good work

(Charles Mitchell – after the initial testimonial beneath)

Got your new push up book off Amazon.  Very impressed!  Was a little hesitant due to the price, but once I got it I was not disappointed!  Just like all the other books I’ve bought from you in the past It’s great!  If I’m ever able to master the fingertip versions of all these push ups I will have hands like sledge hammers and fingers like steel!  Keep up the good work, and start working on a book of training unilaterally, one arm, one leg, etc.  I look forward to this in the future.  Using various progressions, you will truly build incredibly powerful indestructible human beings.

Charles Mitchell, USA


This guy is the real deal. I encourage all readers to buy his products and benefit like I have. Thank you, Rahul! Rahul is an unusual combination of both brains and serious brawn. And his products shows. Pick a copy of his books and you will get more than your money’s worth in terms of fitness

Gautam, India.

I first met Rahul in 2016 and he nearly squashed my hand in his grip. We got to talking about fitness and he suggested fingertip push-ups to try to mitigate some chronic pain I’d had in my hands by building up the tendons in my forearms. I started off very gently and over time it’s worked like a charm. My next goal is to improve my general fitness by exercising my abdomen and legs using the methods Rahul describes here. Off to a good start!

Alan Murray, Regional Administrator – Balboa International Education (U.S/China

This is an amazing book on fitness that has the right combination of intensity and intelligence. These aren’t soul crushing workouts or weight training, but they certainly aren’t a walk in the park either. The word that could best describe these workouts is SMART. It helps you play with your bodyweight and get yourself super fit.

Murli Pawar, Project Manager, New Delhi, India

I first was introduced to Rahul through his fitness blog. The standout for me was, and still is, his writing.Rahul articulates himself clearly, and more importantly, he does it with a finesse that draws you in. Rahul has a great sprirt for fitness which is evdienced through his own personal commitment to fitness and through his fitness books and blog posts. He writes clearly and has the wins on the board in terms of his own fitness and his clients. If you value your fitness and want to improve, try out Rahul’s fitness techniques.

Mike Harding, I.T. Manager, Brisbane, Australia

I have known Rahul Mookerjee since 2007, when he first joined Technoscore (SunTec India’s web services department). Rahul is a multi-talented and skilled I.T. professional with both technical as well as sales experience. His sales skills are second to none, and he played a major part in our growth from a start up (with three staff, including me, him and the Operations Manager) to a a full fledged I.T. organization with a large team of programmers, web designers, system analysts and more. He is fluent in oral and written English, and his international and “all round” experiences amongst others ensure that he has the uncanny ability to “connect” with a customer and understand their requirements on the spot, which is a huge asset for any successful salesperson.

Ravi Kant, Vice President, Technoscore, New Delhi, India