Affiliate FAQ

Affiliates FAQ

 Here are some commonly asked questions affiliates have. We also have regular updates posted for affiliates only on the blog, so do keep checking back!

Why do affiliates need to be approved manually?

To eliminate spam sign ups, and to ensure that whoever signs up is indeed interested in the topic and is serious about both promotion – as well as the topic itself. We truly believe that deep INTEREST in the subject matter being promoted (as opposed to merely the commissions) is what matters long term, and therefore, each application will be approved personally by Rahul Mookerjee or one of the team members.

How long will the affiliate approval process take? 

Assuming you have successfully submitted the form, it should not take more than 2-3 working days for us to get back to you. If you’ve submitted an application, but have not heard back – then contact us, and we’ll do the needful!

Where should I login as an affiliate?

The affiliate login is different from the customer login. Both are separate logins. Affiliates may login HERE – but once logged in, you will have the “my account” link up top on the page, much like customers do.

At this point in time, there is no integrated login for both, however, this may change in the future, and you will be notified via email if it does. (both customers and affiliates).

Affiliate terms and conditions 

All affiliates must accept the “terms and conditions”. After approval, you will receive a link via email to do so.

Is 2 factor authentication required? 

By default, all user accounts – customers and affiliates both – are required to set up 2FA. This is basically a very simple process which means that a code will be sent to an email address of your choice every time you login which improves security for your account and ensures ONLY the person responsible for the account is using it.

Instructions to set up the 2FA will be visible the first time you attempt to login to the account. All users have a 3 day “grace” period (starting from the time of FIRST attempt to login) to set this up – beyond which your account will be locked. If this happens to your account, please contact us and we’ll unlock it so you can set up the 2FA and proceed.

If you wish for this to be disabled for your account, please contact us (or do it through the “your account” section on the site if the option is available).

At this point in time we are not allowing SMS or other means of authentication, however, if you’re interested in setting this up for your account, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

I’m a customer – can I use the same email address to sign up as an affiliate? 

You can do this, however, at this point in time (at the time this was written, anyway) – you may need to contact us in order for us to set it up manually in that the same email address can be used for both logins. This may not be the case for everyone – and is a work in progress. For now, if you’re an affiliate, feel free to use the same address to buy – and vice versa as well ie if you’re a customer, but would like to apply as an affiliate using the same address – then feel free to do so as well.

Contact us as always if logins etc dont work.

I signed up as an affiliate and was approved. However, I am unable to see the affiliates only link on the blog page – why is this? 

This could be due to one of two reasons. One, youre not logged in with your affiliate ID.

And two, if youre logged in, and yet cannot view the post – then you likely have not purchased the (free) “affiliates only” product. Do so here – and then see if you’re able to view the post.

If you have followed these two steps above, but are still unable to login, contact us, and we’ll work it out.


Everyone has to complete the captcha on the forms – again, this eliminates unnecessary spam.

Where can I see a list of links I’ve been approved to promote? 

Under the “creatives” tab in the “my account” section. This will have a list of links (ever expanding!) of products you have been authorized to promote. NOTE – Please use the exact same links to promote without changing any of the parameters appended on to the link to ensure sales made via those link are attributed to your account.

Do NOT simply promote via direct links to the site as this will mean the sales will not be attributed to your account.

For instance, the two links https://”x”(replace X with your parameter ID as an affiliate) – and will redirect to the same page, however, ONLY the former will track your sale, NOT the latter.

Both text and image based links are available for affiliates to promote.

All recurring memberships are available to promote – the only thing you cannot promote as of NOW as an affiliate (or on a paid basis, at least) are the language translations. We work with a third party on that and Amazon and they handle the sales (the third party) so unfortunately, for now, affiliates cannot promote those particular products – however, all English courses, manuals, and anything else on the site can be promoted on a paid basis.

How are my sales tracked? 

Via the “my account” section – you will see the sales attributed to your account under the “sales” tab.

In terms of actual tracking, each affiliate link has a “parameter ID” appended to it. This ensures the system can track links made to that ID, and attributes the resulting sale to your account.

How can I view my payout history? 

The “payment history” tab under “my account” will show you the payouts that have been made till date to you.

Where can I see my commission rate? 

All affiliates are paid a flat 25% commission per sale (15% for recurring products) – if this changes for you, it will show under the “overview” tab in “my account”.

We will only pay commissions on links that are automatically tracked and reported by our systems. We will not pay commissions if someone says they purchased or someone says they entered a referral code if it was not tracked by our system. We can only pay commissions on business generated through properly formatted special links that were automatically tracked by our systems.

We reserve the right to disqualify commissions earned through fraudulent, illegal, or overly aggressive, questionable sales or marketing methods.

Payments only begin once you’ve earned more than $100 in affiliate income. If your affiliate account never crosses the $100 threshold, your commissions will not be realized or paid. We are only responsible for paying accounts that have crossed the $100 threshold.

Are taxes deducted from my commissions? 

At this point, we aren’t – and in general, deducting taxes. You get paid the full amount due you on the 5th of every month. If this changes, we will notify you. If your situation requires special measures in this regard, please contact us and we will do what is required.

How can I update my profile (username, password, and other information)? 

Via the “my profile” tab under “my account”. Some users have reported trouble updating their user avatars  – if that is you, contact us, and we’ll see what we can do.

Last, but not least … if youre the sort of affiliate that asks a LOT of questions – worry not – we love questions – all genuine questions show you are genuinely interested in selling, and not just a wacko that “throws it against the wall to see what sticks”.

If what you want to know is not addressed or answered here, contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Happy promoting/selling! ????


Rahul Mookerjee

PS –

And if I am your headache with many details, can you get an aspirine? It’s a joke!

Never, Paula! Hehe … Straight from the horse’s mouth as it were!