Why I outlast you idiots in bed all day long, and thrice on Sunday…

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Twas hilarious that comment my friend. From Sophia, whose boobs I can’t get enough of – she made this annoyed comment females make when I reached for them again.

God, you’re always so HORNY! 

I’ve had this all my life. Hehe. Still remember the lovely Carol’s eyes widening when I asked for “round three” within the space of a few hours.

You want again?????

Priceless, that comment. Haha. Including the look a massage worker in China once gave me when I wanted more “Hmmmmm!”.


Most men can’t get it up, or last any length of time in bed. This holds true for so called studs in the gym lifting heavy weights, the pumpers, preeners and losers – the so called tough rugby/football players who secretly crave DICK and like dressing up in pink dress within the privacy of their homes, can stay hard all day sucking cock, confronted with a real woman, Limpie city.

A take on the “Selfie city” app these Chinese gals so love. Hehe.

We won’t even get into those with 2mm peters here …

Sad, all the testosterone men artificially inject when they don’t need to. Probably these idiots would be better off injecting female hormones into their body.

I remember telling this dude once about how a girl added me out of the blue – no pun haha – on WeChat once . We got talking. No sexual talk from my end. Just normal conversation which RULES the nation.

Few days later, I had a beer drinking session scheduled with a buddy who couldn’t make it at the last minute.

So I spent that time chatting with her.

Invite me over, she went.

I did.

An hour and a blowjob later she left.

I wish I could manifest that, goes gym goer with huge muscles that had been reduced to fucking Chinese guys instead of the women he so craves because he couldn’t get none – like in jail. Hehe.

Look, folks, workouts done RIGHT are one huge reason along with my mindset and other habits why my sex drive is so high and I can last forever in bed as opposed to most of you reading this.

Probably also why I’ve always been called “Habib Porn Star” all my life despite not appearing in one single pono as yet (I don’t even watch porn, and neither do I advocate others to watch that brain destroying crap which teaches you all the WRONG things and techniques).

The point is – nothing works better than bodyweight workouts and a lifestyle that teeters on the WILD for a man to keep his T levels up naturally all his life.

You don’t need no fancy diets, no Viagara, no T shots, no protein, creatine, no supplements – none of that BS people swear by (because lazy asses buy it and it makes these charlatans a quick buck).

Our ancestors didn’t have any of that crap.

You don’t need it either.

Brief intense bodyweight workouts are what the doctor – a very fit, sexy and strong one in this case as opposed to the phat phucks claiming to be doctors out there – ordered.

And if you’re interested in getting my results overall, you’ll follow those orders.

Number one is to get the 0 Excuses Fitness system NOW as you cannot ignore the fundamentals.

We’ll go from there.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re content to remain a limp dicked fatso who can’t do pull-ups, last for any length of time, has horribly low energy and vibe, if you’re happy to be a pisser, moaned and wanker – please do NOT get the course.

I think I just disqualified 99 percent of so called men out there…

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