If you can’t or won’t fast, you’re a major league WEAKLING.

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Both mentally and physically.

Farmer Burns had it spot on in the Lessons of Wrestling and Physical Culture when he mentioned how every man should be able to go without food for at least 24 hours without losing an ounce of strength or energy.

I’m not sure if the Farmer fasted, but he likely did and knew ALL about the benefits, as yet unexplained in terms of HOW to reap those benefits, even by the Farmer in my new and upcoming course dealing with it.

I’ve spoken about them before of course.

Pansies read and go “oh my, too extreme”.

Pathetic – both mentally and physically. If you can’t or refuse to regularly deny yourself something that won’t kill you if you don’t have it for a few days, giving into “feelings” (hunger pangs and such) then you simply ain’t cut out for success at any which level.

A lot will respond “ok, fine”.


But if that’s you, might as well unsubscribe now my friend. You’re not (barring any major REAL health issues, and no, headaches aren’t an excuse either) the sort I want bumming around and haunting us.

I fast very regularly.

Like with me , it’s the full whole Humpty or not all. Meaning strict water fasts (green tea allowed but that’s ALL) and I continue my normal routine while fasting, often uptil 5 days at a time.

Currently into a 2 day fast – my!

Most are too scared to fast. “I’ll die if I don’t eat”

No you won’t, you idiot. Our ancestors went for days without eating and intense physical activity (walking miles to get food and water being one) – so do modern day hunters and predators like the almighty TIGER. I’ve never heard the tiger complain about being hungry, reducing activity due to that – and so forth – have you?

The health benefits, much like with all the workouts I promote are INNUMERABLE and too many to detail here though I have in prior emails and they’ll all be there in the course above.

But one main huge , no pun , reason for males especially?

It increases your T levels, and therefore sexual desire by a HUGE amount.

No, you don’t get weak while fasting if done right.

Your body goes into HUNTING and therefore increased T mode almost instantly. Most people are way more addicted to food and shoving junk down their gullets than they should be anyway. Most people need to eat a lot LESS, not more.

That increases T leads to more weight loss, muscle building, energy and such.

The mental clarity you’ll experience after three days of extended fasting is beyond any sort of “reasonable” belief – not to mention your energy levels and manifestation – I manifest girls all the time, true – but sitting here in a dark room typing this now at night, I’m getting messages from females I don’t even know!

Anyone that has truly tried it will know.

And fitness wise, part of the reason for this real mans manifestation in all spheres of life and stellar sexy X body shape that everyone so likes (let’s face it “pang ren qiu Dian” – fat man or man with big belly have tiny penis, even tiniest for the “2mm peters out there”)…is fasting.

It will add extra zing, pop and crackle to ALL you do. Fitness, life, sales, writing, the whole shebang – or hebang or or whatever bang you’re into.

I’m not interested in weight loss here, I hear some day. It’s the usual whine from Fat Tubbos i.e. “I’m big but not fat”. No youre fat, you moron. Look down. Can you see your wang?

I didn’t think so.

It means you’re fat.

The fat ass then digs it’s heels even more in the “I’m not faaaaaaat mommy” position. “How DARE he!”.

Well, fine.

But you ARE interested in SEX are you not?? Increased muscle, mental clarity, energy , manifestation and the rest?

When you combine what’s taught in ANY, I repeat, ANY of my workout manuals with fasting – watch OUT.

You won’t just be on cloud nine.

You’ll be on cloud 18!

And anyone that’s ever done it will know what I BE telling about… (and anyone that’s still a bump on a log reading this and not rushing to place an order now is a buffoon incarnate, destined to remain a massive huge LOSER for the rest of their lives)

And that’s that – do it safely as always, but denial in ANY regard, food included – is not only truly the best or one of the best aphrodisiacs around in all regards – but one of the best overall health boosters, period.

That’s that then.

And the next time instead of whining about “how expensive everything including food is” – grow a pair, and just do it already.

Most of you need to eat way less, and not more and that’s just an undeniable fact of life.

Last – if you still choose to gorge like a pig after reading all this, by all means do it. No skin off my back.

But at least do yourself the favor of diving into Eat more – Weigh LESS first. One of the by far most revolutionary courses out there that if you apply the info within will allow you to do just what the title of the book says.

And that my friend , is truly THAT!


Rahul Mookerjee

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