15 minute bursts of visualization throughout the day.

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I often, fitness wise (and you’ll read about this in all my books) champion the idea of short bursts of exercise throughout the day.

25 squats between calls.

40 pushups. A few pull-ups. Repeat all day long, you’ll be in awesome shape in no time if you’re not LAZY – which most people are.

I championed this idea for years before it became well known during Covid as “exercise sandwiches” throughout the day.

Nah, Sophia doesn’t make them for me. Hehehehe, no pun.

Sometimes she does! We won’t go there on this site haha.

But this concept can be applied to anything.

Visualization included.

Most have this idea you visualise ONCE in the morning and are done with it.


We are visualising on auto pilot throughout the day even when we don’t think about it consciously.

I often throw myself down on the bed at a whim, darken the room and just rest, allowing random thoughts to float into my mind.

Napoleon Hill wrote about this in Think and Grow Rich -of a highly paid man paid to “sit and think”.

When the company was faced with a particularly pernicious issue or problem they called him.

He sat in the dark with nothing but a pen and paper. Until ideas flowed into his mind – and so many will if you do it right that it’ll boggle the mind.

I’m writing this sitting on the bed right now which should give you an idea.

Schedule mind and body refreshments throughout the day done right. No, shoving a bunch of unhealthy snacks down your gullet isn’t the right way. TV isn’t either. Dumbphone YouTube videos sure aren’t either (preferred choice of relaxing for most idiots out there).

Choose the winners path or stay a fat poor miserable LOSER the rest of your life – the choice is indeed YOURS and YOURS alone to make.

Fitness wise, every true winner I have ever known has chosen the path laid out in the 0 Excuses Fitness system – especially the “10 commandments of physical success” you’ll read about in the book – which can and should and MUST be applied to any sphere of life you choose to want to excel in.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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