Why the “bum on the street” looks better than you and could easily have your girl anytime he wanted.

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Long answer short – the “bum” is in better X shape. Period. The only kind of shape that really counts, both with females and fitness wise.

“I’ll be dressed like the bum on the road!” went Major General Michael in 2003 before we met. So he was. So was I.

With all the girls I have and have had it might surprise you to know I don’t own one single suit. Not one. Well, maybe one several sizes too large from 2003, but thats it.

Nothing. I do most of my work in shorts , cheap (well, relatively – no Armanis hehe) T shirts, shirts and jeans.

And the girls could care less.

It doesn’t matter.

You do.

Your vibe does and your physical vibe is a huge part of it.

My point is this. People spend all the money on the world on makeup, looking good – fancy clothes and the rest. But if you’re a fat fuck, either male or female – all the nice clothes and the tattoos in the world won’t cover that up.

I could dress in a $5 Tshirt, go to an expensive club and outperform most idiots there. Because I’m in way better shape. And the women care far more about the vibe than the other bs, money included.

You have fools that do one tough conditioning workout and get laid up for months or get injured or what not or their “central nervous system” gives our or other crap.


Your body is telling you you’re not in shape, and you’re more than likely fat if not obese. Hell I know that. I’ve got the shittiest genetics ever as y’all know. I used to be positively obese. I got where I am today through 0 Excuses and sheer dint of HARD work that most avoid.

My workouts on the hill are Goggins level. Ask the man himself. He would agree. Brooks Kubik did!

Yet all those extreme workouts for years that folks whine about “, ultimately destroying you” never did that to me. Nor Goggins. It made us TOUGHER. Continues to.

I was never once injured or laid up in bed due to those workouts.

However, I DID get regularly injured when I was a fat fuck with far less intense workouts.

The world is full of idiots that keep showing their backs claiming “they’re in great shape”. Truth is, the front of the body and sides prove all in terms of the look. Which most don’t show as it’s far easier to show a more photogenic and aesthetically pleasing back (easy to hide the fat that way).

My own back and abs have “cuts” rivaling many a so called model. People tell me this all the time (they wouldn’t need to – it’s fact – clearly evident – I worked very hard for it and continue to and therefore KNOW it). Yet, I don’t preen and pose “look at my so called progress, Mama!”.

I just keep DOING.

And banging the high quality chicks you can’t ever get since you choose to remain a whiny “my body type is different ” loser. Hehe.

This same thing goes for internal cleanliness as well – like Farmer Burns once said in the Lessons of Wrestling And Physical Culture – a laborer sweating all day outdoors is probably far cleaner internally than the puffed, buffed, coiffered office worker bathed in perfume, deodorants and the lot. (Nothing against deodorants – I use them all the time – but the point stands).

Focus on your fitness, people.

The X shape.

Not the external BS.

The rest will take care of itself.

The 0 Excuses Fitness system will show you the way ahead.


Rahul Mookerjee

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