“My arms feel soft to the touch but when you pump them up, they become rock hard”

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Fat or muscle? Which is it?

Such was the question posed by a cute Japanese girl in the gym..and a good one too.

Lots of people have this idea your muscles should be “perennially pumped and hard”.


That’s not just unnatural – it’s harmful to the body. Which wild animal, loose, supple strong and graceful – walks around with “pumped muscles” all the time?

A cat – even a 300 kg plus tiger can leap several feet into the air at seemingly a minutes notice and perform other amazing feats of strength and agility – but we don’t notice these big cats flexing their legs all day do we? Or a monkey it’s arms?

You can sense the muscle is there under the smooth skin – much like wrestlers of old. The Gama had huge arms, but they weren’t “pumped” all day long.

Martial artists don’t walk around with flexed biceps all day either.

That’s the unnatural juiced up roid monster look most are after at the gym, but it not only shortens the muscles – but leads to a whole host of other strength/health problems down the line.

Anyway. I told her all this.

Had to add a line before that.

They SHOULD be soft. You’re a woman, if you don’t mind my saying so. Hehe.

I’ve seen lots of female laborers in India that are extremely attractive – from a vibe perspective (remember the bodacious maid working at the house the then wife ended up firing “because she was talking too much to me?” – strange, when I didn’t talk to her the ex complained “you never talk to her”(ie no man to keep her in line) and when I did “she’s your girlfriend now!” – women, hehe) – and have hip, arm and shoulder strength that would put many a man to shame.

Yet, touch their upper arms, smooth, soft and feminine to the touch. Ditto for massueses etc.

Men obviously don’t need the “feminine” touch – but your arms don’t need to be pumped all day long my friend. That’s just an extremely unnatural idea, not sure where and how it even caught on …

And that’s that.

For natural old school training methods used by boxers, wrestlers and strongmen of yore that you too can use to get fit quick within the privacy of your home – go here.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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