Does riding a camel= tough? I think NOT.

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From the Sandy Nikka “Habib” as they call me. A bit of a flashback…

Dad, of course would disagree with the premise of this email.

One of the many strange statements he made about me growing up, refusing to sit on a camel –

“He’s scared to sit on a camel, but wants to be the big boss at school”.

Which was strange considering I was the one getting bullied all the time in school, and at home too (mentally) and when I did fight back – I’d get my tail whipped at home by a so called “man” trying to prove his manliness with statements like “you should be beaten with iron rods at the precinct ” to a 12 year old boy.

Indeed, such as the way of cucked males. On that same trip, when my sister and I didn’t want to eat some crap prepared by the hotel –

“Ill give them two each! Put chicken in front of them, they’ll eat it instantly, but they won’t eat this”.

No doubt egged on by boss lady Mom pulling the strings in the background.

Two slaps that is.

Guy that can’t stand his ground against other grown men wanting to show toughness by yelling at a fat housemaid till she burst into tears, hiring underage household help – and beating up on kids.

Yessssssss. . . Not quite the most ideal of “families” when you have a cucked male at the so called head.

Dysfunctional family and childhood aside – back to riding a damn camel. For one, it’s uncomfortable. The humps make it so.

Two, I ain’t a Bedouin. True, Charles Mitchell a prior customer once made the comment about how he wished he could follow my nomadic lifestyle, but that extends to the birdie in the sky, not a bloody camel.

Three, damn thing moves slow. I love horseback riding because it’s quick – but camels are SLOW as fuck and when they do run it’s slow too, and you better make sure to hold on TIGHT when they do. I could run faster in sand (great workout!) than a goddamned camel walking.

Four, they lurch in a most uncomfortable way while walking.

And five, back to Dad – guy who can’t throw a proper punch, never taught his son any real man skills that every man should know because he doesn’t know them himself (ex keeps bitching about “they taught and gave you nothing” – I respond with “well go tell THEM that – what the F am I supposed to do with dysfunctional parents (not like hers are any better – equally dysfunctional in many regards. I mean locking an adult girl up at home because she chose to get married of her own free will, geez.., beating the shit out of young girls for “daring to have periods” – yes – true! )” plus personally I feel in the long run it’s better the hard knocks and grind taught me all I know TODAY) … Does riding a camel really make you all that tough?

Doubt it.

He disagrees most likely and that’s fine.

I’ll tell you what makes you tough.

500 pushups and 500 squats daily – no excuses,.no breaks.

A 100 pull-ups a day.

Running miles daily.

Hiking hills for 4-6 hours daily in weather most wouldn’t even think of stepping out in.

And so forth. . .

All things I’ve done, continue to do – that’s my definition of toughness – from a physical standpoint, anyway.

And that’s that.

For a fitness system that’ll turn you into a rugged beast, much like Clint Eastwood is at the ripe young age of 90 plus, look no further than the (multiple) award winning and highly rated, appraised by all and sundry – even the cucks and fat boys grudgingly acknowledge the bodyweight exercise Guru on this one as they have no choice but to – results speak, period – 0 Excuses Fitness system.

Purchase it NOW.

And thats that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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