To all those going through tough times now, if you are.

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It’s a blessing. I’ve always regarded myniwn tough times as such, looked for the positive in the situation (there’s always one) – and I’ve found it, and used the overwhelming so called negative to manifest  my desired result out of the so called “tough time”.

Napoleon hill spoke about how every misfortune, every mishap carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. Not, as he states in Outwitting the Devil (along with Claude Bristols the Magic of Believing and Hills Think and Grow Rich, Laws of Success – Emersons essays on compensation – is a must read for everyone) – the flower of full blown success but the SEED from which said flower might be coaxed to GERMINATE.

Like Tate once said about his own numerous tough times.

It’s a massive pile of shit but there must be SOME gold in there.

There always is if you’re a true doer and look within long enough without the pissing, moaning, groaning and woe betide me attitude most idiots have.

A long time ago I used to “get depressed” about tough times too. . and they kept returning.

Once I welcomed the pain, it eventually stopped. Now, I’m actively inviting pain of various natures – workouts, fasting, biz expansion etc into my world though I might not necessarily “need to”. Because that’s real growth.

I’m in excellent shape. Why fast?

Making money. Why expand?

Because sitting on your ass and thinking you’re a know it all means you’re a fucking loser.

It’s war against YOU daily. A constant struggle to overcome challenges. Manufacture some if they aren’t already there.

Here is the bottom fucking line. The universe is TESTING you. No-one enjoys great success without great immense hardship first.

Most fall by the wayside and remain losers.

The determined and focused, persistent minority plugs on despite the situation looking nigh desperate without an end and eventually enjoys the rainbow on the other end.

Call it God, Universe, what it will. Or the greater power.

There’s a reason you’re being tested. It’s so you can better yourself. WELCOME the challenge – demand more of it, even!

Look for the positive. You’ll find it if you truly look.

Just ask yourself this “what’s the positive here”?

Be honest.

You’ll find it.

Focus like a laser only on your goal, abundance instead of lack. Remove all nog just negative but UNWANTED thoughts from your mind.

Keep working, striving.

Remember as they say “this too shall pass”.

Yes, there’s always a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel if you try hard enough.

And that’s the message here.

Not the “focus on your feelings” or ridiculous beads, chains, mantras, amulets, numerology, planetary systems in retrograde or not advice given by most buffoons to sheep that lap it up and take the so called easy way out which leads nowhere.

Real world advice that WORKS.

More such advice in Zero to Hero! And Gumption Galore. We’ll have the second Volumes of both out soon too.

Be sure and grab the videos along with the former.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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