Updates from Mr “yours truly” Ripped.

PS – This was supposed to be an email, but since it got created as a page, well – I’ll leave it be. Hehe.

Being ripped was the last thing on my mind when I shed my phat phocker status – much like getting fat in the first place wasn’t on my mind.

Yet, thats what folks keep calling me.

When I hear from folks I haven’t in a while, like a certain Bruce Cannon for one ?

“Keep being ripped!”

Fitness isn’t ripped, and ripped doesn’t mean fit.

However, it’s an undeniable fact everyone “wants” that X shape and ripped core, and back muscles that are sleek, defined, stand out against the skin like a movie star’s do – remember Red Dragon, pull-ups?? – or an ancient Greek statue.

Same thing for forearms…

Puff your chest up all you like and try and pull the belly in, but it will never work fully. ????  (This to the fat fockers in “conscious” denial – its one thing if they dont even really know it, but most do and pretend they’re not fat when they are, find all sorts of excuses to be a lazy phock, and THEREFORE deserve nothing but derision).

Anyway – back to it – ripped is what everyone wants, – or a lean, mean, corrugated core

Corrugated Core

Now, my friend – pictures speaketh a thousand words, videos even more. So I could, if I wanted to, just post a video and end it here – and make sales galore from this email – but that ain’t the purpose of this email (thats a secondary purpose for once. Hehe).

And to prove it, I wont end this email here.

And to further prove it, I’ll commit “blasphemy” and say this – I have not, for the past two months, done a SINGLE exercise out of that above book – and they’re all superlatively great exercises/workouts in there.

To further jump into “condemned” status – I’ll say this, I aint done a single pushup in a week.

WHAT…….. I hear you saying.

Mr Pushup Central didnt do a single pushup in a week, when he normally couldn’t live without doing pushups – breathing being second? Hehe.

True, friend. I haven’t.

And to end this entire tale – unbelievable as it might be for some of you, here are my results are of late.

An even more impressively “ripped” and STRONG midsection than before.

An even more “packed and sculpted” chest than before. (despite not doing pushups in what seems like ages).

(Note – I ain’t done bench pressing, or lifted a single weight, or even done CLUBS for a while).

My pullup numbers have shot through the roof, but the form, my. I can FEEL each fiber of muscle working and expanding, contracting as I do each rep like I’ve never felt before.

Remember, this is the pull-up stud speaking who once famously said, and it’s true – its easy to knock out (relatively easy) a 100 pull-up per workout but, and this said to my buddy from the Marines – they pride themselves on their pull-up ability, and he was talking about “thats hard for anyone!” – – “100 handstand pushups per workout, now THAT is something!”.

He replied with “You’re goddamned right”. Hehe.

Onwards –

My forearms are even more ripped and bigger than before, and thats saying something for Mr Gorilla Grip

And my flexiblity has increased so much I cannot even believe I’m the same Mr Isometrics and Flexibility man. 

I can do things I couldn’t do my entire life – literally – on “the fly” as it were.

Well, my friend, those are my results, I’m sure you’re wondering just what the heck I did?

Well, I didnt engage in long workouts either – sorry.

Oh, I didnt even do very many squats!

Cackle (but it’s true). No kidding, no double entendres…

All I did for the past week?

Two things.

A LOT of stretching.

And pull-ups.

And I did these animal like style like I wrote about.

I’ve totalled 50 pull-ups today, all without what you’d normally consider a workout.

I’ve done these on THICK grips.

I’ve felt parts of my back during my isometrics I seemingly haven’t since I was born.

I cut out FRUITS from my diet. Yes, I know. Mind boggling, but when you learn what I have to say in the Simple and Effective Diet, you’ll understand what I mean.

Herschel Walker knows it … So do those I coach one on one.

And Ship members.

Anyway – all I did was short, brief workouts during the day with even less focus on diet than I normally have (minimal) – I drank plenty of whiskey too (which I normally don’t – some beer – which I ALWAYS do – hehe) …

Whisky ain’t necessarily RISKY … ????

And those are the results.

Trust me, pull-ups are one of the very best workouts anyone – male, female, or in between can do.

And if you dont get your chin over the bar, you’re robbing yourself of upper trap and lower ab – two huge problem areas for most  benefits (yeah, I can see the fat folks pulling their pants up around the midsection to hide it, but you can’t – hehe).

Learn how to do them right here – if you’re at a level where you can bang out 10 perfect reps per set already, then progress to the next level HERE.

Last, but ain’t least either – none of this is to say that high rep pushups aren’t good and beneficial (sure they are – and you should do em!) – or that long workouts are bad, or that squats aren’t a daily essential (they damn sure are!) – or anything like that.

Please dont use this email as an excuse to make more excuses.

Get on the stick now after you read whats above. Learn, absorb, learn again, or not in that order, and then DO.

Just do it. There’s really no other way.

Thank you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If you’re one of the lot that signed BACK up after the last email cull, and haven’t been much more than a bump on a log AGAIN – well, as I’ve been warning you repeatedly, this time I do have the ability to permanently BLOCK you – from the list, and site as well.

Yes, thats true.

Site too.

I realize you think it’s not possible, but yours truly is a visionary – right down to more so called estabilished people copying my style (por ejempelo, a well known fitness guru recently took a leaf out of my email playbook where I ask people to GET BACK To me if they’re interested, and those that don’t – bam – out – and right down to the words “ship”) … so it IS possible. Hehe.

*and I’m glad people are finally wakin up to the idiocy that freebie seekers are – the less of such folks around the better*

If you’re part of that bunch, consider yourself warned. Do yourself a favor and snap out of the torpor you’re in, and take action, get a product, review, you’ll be more than glad you did so my friend.

And thats that…