Isometric and Flexibility Training – The COMPILATION!

Isometric and Flexibility Training – The COMPILATION!

The two world famous BESTSELLING books on isometric and flexibility training – now in ONE !

Dear Reader,

I’m excited, so I’ll keep this short and “brief”!

My first book on isometrics “Isometric and Flexibility Training” was VERY well received in many quarters.

It is truly, as a reader commented “the missing link in your training”, and if you’re looking to learn how the old time strongmen built their incredible strength and flexibility – then you’ll want to get this book NOW.

The great Alexander Zass who escaped routinely as a POW from prisons by …BENDING THE STEEL BARS with his BARE HANDS!

Lots did (the DOERS).

And the reviews kept pouring in, but yet, as I myself kept training, testing new techniques, taking my own flexibility to NEW levels – I always wanted to put out MORE.

Remember, you’re never a master at anything until you are, which usually doesn’t happen to most people, and Masters like the Great Bruce Lee – or the Great Gama of India – would be the first to tell you that.

The great Bruce Lee in his famous “wings” pose! He was huge on isometrics. 

You keep learning, improving, simple.

And it is in that spirit that I then put out “ADVANCED, PROFOUND Isometric and Flexibility Training“, another very well received book indeed!

And NOW?

I’m putting out BOTH books – in one, as it were!

Thats right, you dont need to buy “two” books to learn the secrets of real, superior strength and flexibility that have been KEPT from you by the mainstream – so the modern day gyms can prosper, while you LANGUISH.

These exercises require no gym, but they give you results better than any gym ever could.

These are the exercises, all 102 of them – that the oldtimers ALL used to build their extreme strength, flexibility – and most importantly, ROBUST overall health.

We didnt see the old timers complaining about aches and pains, constantly being sick and so forth – did we?

I dont think so.

The author Rahul Mookerjee doing an advanced isometric against the wall. See the way the muscles “show” and strengthen – even in an isometric pose!

If you’re interested into going deep – and learning – the secrets the old time strongmen used – the secrets I use – the secrets that have been used by the centuries, but KEPT from you by the mainstream (so the gyms can prosper, while you shell out big bucks for memberships usually unused, and even when they are – you never really benefit like you want to, eh – sound familiar??) – then youll want to get this book NOW.

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Some of the secrets modern day gyms have kept from you – note, this is by NO MEANS exhaustive …

And that they will NEVER tell you, so they can keep FATTENING THEIR OWN WALLETS at YOUR EXPENSE.

  • You’re all well aware, or should be, at any rate – that pull-ups are far superior to the monkey (uh, lat) pulldown machine – but did you know that pushing and pulling against an IMMOBILE object builds far more strength than yanking the cords on some moronic machine in the gym? In this book, you’ll see why – and how.
  • You’ll see how isometrics builds the tendons and ligaments of the upper body far more than the PROFOUNDLY idiotic bench press does – and how.  The gyms will never tell you that though, they’d rather show you pictures of so called monsters benching up a ton to get you to “buy”.

What you call … BELCHWORTHY. Yet, this is the crap gyms sell you. 

  • You’ll find out how to train the core isometrically – and train the muscles that really make up the core, as opposed to the “for show” six pack that most gym goers target. The gym, of course, would rather sell you the gadgets you see on late night TV and claim “you can easily spot reduce” and other utter B.S. (hint – you can’t). (And the proof is in the pudding)
  • You’ll find out why Hindu wrestlers for one are a huge proponent of isometrics and why the Great Gama for one did isometrics the way he did. The Gym-Bozos will, on the other hand tell you that the tricks and secrets that the man who went UNDEFEATED in real wrestling, not WWE pantomines in FIFTY YEARS – are “too simple”.
  • And perhaps most importantly, the #1 secret the Gyms want to keep from you – is this – you dont need to be “strong naturally” – or do “Extreme” stuff to build the sort of strength the old timers did. 
  • Thats right, I’ll say that again. Nigh anyone, even if you’re a beached whale that cannot do a single pushup now – or a person with the grip of a limp fish and four year old rolled into one – or someone that cannot climb a flight of stairs without collapsing (I’ve been there) – can DO these – and benefit IMMENSELY. Of course, that would mean the gym’s revenues go down, eh!


The mighty Gama from India – went undefeated in over FIFTY YEARS!

  • The gyms will never tell you to use your fingers to build the grip. Instead, they’ll sell you fancy shmancy so called equipment to do it. They’ll never, for one, tell you that towels – or thick grips – can be used to build the grip ISOMETRICALLY in a manner that anyone, even if you’ve got the grip of a limp fish – can do – and build solid, superior strength throughout the arms to boot.
  • The gyms will always try and separate isometric and flexibility training – saying both are separate. Yet, they aren’t. The gyms do it so they can sell you expensive training “packages” for each of them – yet, what they dont tell you (but know deep down inside) that both go together, and both can be done IN the privacy of your living room – with NO Trainers required whatsoever (this ain’t lifting heavy weights where you can injure yourself, this ain’t Jassy, a girl I know who likes her trainer to “massage” her after every repetition, and so forth)..

The gyms will never …

Ah, but we have covered enough of that already.

Skip the modern day nonsense that doesn’t work, period.

If you’re at this page, you want to learn about the secrets of the oldtimers – how they bent iron bars – how they pulled aeroplanes by their hair (no kidding) – how they routinely broke tree branches – and how they literally turned their upper bodies into “indestructible iron” as it were …

And the secrets ain’t what are taught by the gym i.e. bench a ton, lat pull a monkey, and deadlift an elephant.

Its about training your own body, the way it was MEANT to be trained. With your own body.

If that sounds “contradictory”, well, read the book, and you’ll see what I mean.

Your body is not only all you need to get a great workout in, it’s also all you need to build strength, flexibility, inhuman “pulling power” – or pressing power – conditioning – animal like ligament/tendon strength …

Without further ado –

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The Benefits you can expect to achieve from following the routines, tips, exercises and WORKOUTS in this compilation!

Extreme “animal like” flexibility and “Trance like”, “cat like” grace, agility and fluidity in all your movements, exercises, and “in general”. These stretches improve overall well being and flexibility beyond any sort of BELIEF!

  • Massive increase in brute STRENGTH over a period of time, and betteer performance in all your exercises.

  • Increased FLEXIBLITY throughout your entire body, and vastly improved health and digestion as a result.

  • Insomnia will be a thing of the past. Get on a regular program involving stretching, isometrics and LOOSENING the joints and you’ll sleep as well as you did when you were a BABY!

  • (no, I’m not kidding!)

  • Increased fat loss around the core and midsection. There is great truth to the saying “stretch and burn FAT!”

  • Increased muscular definition all over the body.

  • Improved bone strength. You’ll never have to worry about oesteoporosis or bone decay, for one, once you get on programs such as these!

  • As stated above so many times, you’ll not only look good – great, actually – but you’ll FEEL GREAT – and you’ll radiate happiness all around you, but most importantly, YOU will be happy internally and relaxed!

  • Yours muscles will become loose and limber – and STRONGER than ever at the same time, “coiled and ready”, “ready to pounce at a moment’s notice”, much like a tiger or other wild animals!

  • Increased tendon and connective tissue strength and flexibility. It’s well known that this is a weak area for most, and is also the reason why there are so many injuries out there in many regards. Strengthen ALL weak areas. You’re only as strong as your WEAKEST link, my friend, and my programs/routines here will DO that, and then some.

  • A sense of “sang froid” and “calmness” that attracts SUCCESS in all its shapes, forms and guises to you when you follow a regular stretching/loosening program such as I’ve laid out for you. It’s well known that excess stress in the muscles, joints etc affects not only the body, but the most important muscle the MIND as well, and when you get on this program – you can FORGET about stress, period.

  • A few minutes of doing these movement will leave you feeling “loose and limber”, “light as a feather” and “cracking with energy” – and those are but a few of the descriptors I’ve used for myself after these exercises/routines!

  • “2 minutes to improving your flexibility by leaps and bounds”. YES, you CAN dramatically increase your flexibility within the space of TWO minutes – or less – even on stretches you’ve NEVER been able to do before. This course will show you HOW!

  • If my previous course on isometrics gave you a feeling of “sang froid” and being “on cloud nine” all day, then this one gives you that x 10 and SPIRITUAL benefits like you’ve never imagined. Let me tell you, some of the groin, hip and hamstring stretches do more than open the muscles and body up. They literally open your LIFE up.

  • Watch results in EVERY area of your life flow effortlessly to you once you get on the routines herein, and watch your performance in every physical activity SKYROCKET.

  • Achieve extreme, elastic, animal like “martial arts style” flexibility in your entire lower body – and open up the back and traps like never before. You may have trained the back of your body before, but anything you’ve done before will PALE in comparison to the profound exercises and workouts listed herein

  • Ever wondered how some people can do extreme stretches with little to no effort? While others STRAIN – and FAIL? In this course, you’ll learn it’s about RELAXING, and BREATHING, and you’ll learn how to harness the power of your BREATHING, and the GROUND to achieve things you previously thought impossible to do “you dont want to stretch like that, you might want to have kids one day!” – dangerous – painful – or simply “not doable”.

  • Not only THAT, you’ll be kicking, moving, and sliding into these positions with EASE, and PEACE.

  • Your extreme flexibility combined with the increase in strength (lets face it, no-one wants a wet noodle – or sock) will make you not just the “star of the party” – but will also result in dramatically, and drastically improved physical health and appearance on the outside – and the inside.

  • The pounds will fly off you at record “warp” speed once you stretch the fat away; literally.

  • Your conditioning will improve like NEVER before once you combine these movements with other workouts I teach (and even if you just follow the “workouts” section in this book).

  • You’ll build a core of super rebar – strong, tough, durable – yet CAT LIKE FLEXIBLE to the extreme!

  • Your toes, fingers, neck and other extremities will stretch and strengthen beyond BELIEF.

  • Improved sleep, superior digestion, and a massive boost to your lungs and cardio system.
    And thats just off the top of my head, I’m sure I could think of a 1000 more to write here!

Get this NOW, my friend. You owe it to yourself to do so.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – To sweeten the pot on this one, I’m doing yet another “service” for you, my friend.

If you were to get BOTH my books individually, the paperbacks would run you .. lets see, off the top of my head, between $350-$450 – depending upon if you got the hardcover (recommended, by the way, those things LAST!) – or the paperback book.

If you were to get them both digitally individually, you’d be forking out around $250 for both.

Thats still way less than what gyms charge you, thats still way less than what you pay for many things per month … things like “pizza and beer”, or Netflix, or other crap that does exactly “F all” to improve your life if you think about it …

… But for this compilation?

Like I said – – to sweeten the pot, I’m making it so that those of you that get this NOW – will pay LESS in compilation format than you would “individually”.

Digitally, you pay $199.99 for this – for NOW. Remember, this special offer will NOT last forever, I will likely pull it within a few days, and the price will be on par with the individual sales – so if you want in, get this NOW.

And otherwise, paperback wise … $299.99 – again, for NOW. 

Hardcover wise, $399.99.

My friend, thats a $50 savings or more – depending upon how you look at it. I dont know about YOU, but to me, as a certain Percie once told me, “a bucks a buck, Emily!” (well, he told my ex. Haha).

Or, “A penny saved is a penny earned, my friend!

Can’t argue with that, I doubt you can either?

Nah, I didnt think so!

So get this NOW. 

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Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!