Refund Policy

0 Excuses Fitness does NOT offer any refunds whatsoever for ANY reason for ANY product (or service) offered digitally on the site. 

Why, you might ask? Well, because the stuff being offered here in terms of instructional manuals (or self – help; what have you) FLAT OUT WORKS – but ONLY if you LET it work.

As Twain once said “Just nodding the head won’t rock the boat”, and so is the case here.

Follow the instructions and you WILL get in better condition. There are NO TWO WAYS about it, and I wouldn’t say that unless I had 100% PLUS confidence in what I’m selling.

There are no false claims being made here.

Long story short – and I’ll close this out by saying this – there are NO REFUNDS OFFERED whatsoever FOR ANY DIGITAL product offered on this site for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. 

The same thing applies to services ie. coaching, for example – or other services rendered online (such as ANY form of paid advertising) – provided what has been agreed upon prior to payment being made is done per the terms of the agreement – then the no refunds rule holds fast. You would think I wouldn’t need to mention something so obvious here, but it needs to be mentioned, and done so clearly.

Now, paperbacks … they’re the only thing (as of now, at least) that we are offering in “hardcopy” format and NOT instant digital download.

These will be shipped by Amazon though so the chances of you getting damaged books is very low, and extremely to NOT unlikely. 

In the RARE event you get a damaged physical book – please KEEP it in its original condition, and packaging, and CONTACT me with pictures etc, and I’ll see what I Can do. However, this eventuality will most likely NOT arise. 

Books should be delivered to you within 14 working days or thereabouts of payment being made. This may change, but 14-20 days max (usually within 14 days tho depending upon where we’re shipping). In the even rarer event you do NOT receive the book, contact me!

Other than this, the policy remains the same for paperback or any “back” books as well – NO refunds offered for ANY reason.

Oh, and please do make sure (and this holds doubly true if you choose the paperback option) to fill out your address correctly on the order form/page. 0 Excuses Fitness is NOT responsible for incorrect addresses being entered. When in doubt – ask – and email me – and oh, before I sign off – there is currently one flat shipping fee, and that is factored into the order price.

So, what you see is indeed what you GET. This policy is being stated upfront due to my “WYSIWYG” (what you see is what you get) policy – if you have any questions, please contact Rahul but the rules of the “game” are the rules of that game – it’s that simple.

To your success!

Rahul Mookerjee