No fat cows please.

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Over the past few days, this one girl has been hitting on me increasingly – daily. Nothing new for me if course, but it’s funny. I have often said and Im right that there’s no such thing as coincidence – and every time I step out for a smoke at night – she’s there.

She isn’t just “there” either. She actively pauses her routine , fluffs her hair, looks back etc – all of which I didn’t even notice (I was more into the Marlboro and the beer, hehe) – until it became blindingly obvious “right in front of me”.

Now I actively avoid most women as y’all know. I don’t date either. If a woman approaches me and many do, I cut straight past the bullshit and prelims.

Bedroom first. Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first. We’ll date later if you so choose.

What is amazing to most guys is not just how easily I do with zero effort – but the fact these high quality women usually WANT to pay for the dates etc – and then come home and do what I tell them to in bed.

It’s not about money, how good looking you are as a man, all this other bullshit – the idea of game that most so called gurus with right palm as their best buddy preach is utter Tosh. You could get high quality women with zero money if you have the right vibe, know what you’re doing – you could get them when you have money – money is NOT the main thing, its you.

How high of a price tag do you put on yourself?

How hard do you WORK upon yourself – all aspects, mentally, physically, business wise, emotionally – DAILY? How much do you grind? How many hours do you put in irrespective of how you feel or other BS excuses?

Women – and people in general can feel that.

And females are naturally attracted to such men. There’s a paucity as well, so it’s very easy to attract high value females if you’re a high value man yourself. Again no this don’t mean you have to have millions of dollars – although that’s a very worthy goal and certainly helps. Hehe.

This price tag vibe can’t be fake either. You can’t be a loser acting high and mighty and ignore her and secretly hope she’ll come. She won’t.

Women can get away sometimes with being fake. As a man, you’ll get laughed at and humiliated if you’re that sort. Simple.


Normally I’d probably have smiled at her at the very least.

But there was something that stopped me, and last night, I got it.

Looking at her, belly protruding, entire belly tattoed – ewww.

I can’t stand a woman with her entire body or a good part of it tattoed.

Women should be natural, beautiful as all women are – and UNSPOILED in every regard. Men are the rough beasts. Leave the scars, pock marks, bullet marks, tattoos etc up to us!

As I said in the video on it I’m not rabid. If she’s got a small ankle tattoo that’s different.

But if she’s pumping weights in the gym in an effort to get huge arms like guys and getting her entire arm tattoed – ugh. Not for me.

Neither is this girl.

Nothing turns me off more than fat lazy cows living on their phones and family money like my ex does. It makes me want to puke – literally – and this girl is the same sort, literally.

Most guys would be telling me “talk to her”!

Then they’d whine about “all these pretty girls all turn around and look at you, you ignore them – but we don’t get any attention”.

You won’t either. Because you’re a fucking loser as the vast majority of men are out there and women can feel that.

Youd run after her because she’s a 5 , has a harsh gravelly voice and has MONEY.

And she’d treat you like shit for the same reason. So she should.

Have at, boys. Not for me.

Not to mention, I expect my bitches to be in SHAPE. No, not “perfect” but at least some sort of shape. That probably explains why despite not dating etc – all the women I’ve been in relationships with, they’ve ALL enjoyed hiking that hill with me – and me with them. There’s a damn good reason behind that litmus test. If she’s lazy, she ain’t for me. Period.


Many of you have asked me why I don’t write a manual on dating, how to obtain females as a man and keep them coming back for MORE etc.

Maybe I will. I’ve already got a lot of videos out on it.

But for now, feast your soul on this – truly a book that will set EVERY man’s mind STRAIGHT in terms of all the anti male bullshit going on in society today.

Fight back. The right way..

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If I do write that book, it ain’t going to be $9.99 , that I’ll tell you upfront NOW. I don’t cater to losers and blue light specials more intersted in Netflix and fancy restaurants than improving their own LIVES.

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