Fitness today has degenerated into selfie central

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And it’s nigh sickening to be honest. Scrolling up and down X, all I see is Bozos lifting heavy weights in manners that will injure them down the road – pumping, preening – both male and female – I saw a girl yesterday barely able to handle a massive squat bar, with the spotters help she squatted like 20 degrees and then back up – what’s the point of all this??

And the selfies.

Do a set.

Get on X.


It’s hilarious, the way everyone wants a million followers and get famous etc that way. Me, I post training videos occasionally yes, but only to demonstrate form etc. Despite my “model like body” (which these nuts at the gym all want after getting off the anabolic steroids they so proudly put in their bodies) – I don’t preen and pose.

I’m happy to be the guy who can walk outside shirtless without a care in the world as opposed to back in the day when the then wife would tell me “take your shirt off!” but I’d be embarassed because of the man tits and belly.

The selfies. Ugh. Back during those days when I hiked for 4-6 hours a day, plenty of girls came up to me for selfies. I got used to seeing Bozo Schofields messages after workouts “how many girls asked for your wechat today”.

I didn’t even carry my phone with me. When I’m working out, I’m working out. It ain’t chick or selfie time. Not that I like the latter anyway and the former, well, never any shortage eh.

What I really find sad these days is the amount of women taking anabolic steroids.

Now I got nothing against women working out.

But lifting massive weights to get arms bigger than men etc? It can still be attractive in a certain way – feminine to an extent, but not these women whose boobs literally shrivel up due to all the external T there putting in their bodies.

Nothing to me is more attractive in a female than being soft natural and unspoiled.

Like Carol once said, the girl should “look beautiful, smell sweet, soft to the touch”. Etc.

I wonder if these women even realise the damage they’re doing to their bodies long term with not just all that heavy weightlifting but the steroids.

Ask these strong women to do pull-ups or handstand Pushups?

Most can’t.

Same for men pumping away with huge biceps and such.

Covered in tattoos from head to toe which seems to be a thing these days (nothing against tattoos – but you gotta be classy about things, not just brash).

Of course in a world where “men can have kids” and can compete in women’s sports, it was only a matter of time before the women became just as dysfunctional in their own way.


I’d rather old school.

And the best old school ways of training that won’t injure you permanently and build you up to a level where most, even gym goers will admire you and want the body you have – are covered in my training manuals.

All starts here – 0 Excuses Fitness.

If you’re an idiot who reads this and thinks “but I have to go to the gym” this dispatch isn’t for you.

It’s only for smart people.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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