The 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP

The 0 Excuses Fitness SHIP


For those truly SERIOUS about their lifelong commitment to health, strength and FITNESS – done RIGHT!

$5000  $1199.99  (LIMITED TIME OFFER!)

Dear Reader,

What started out as a “hobby” of sorts in 2010 (I believe) with the launch of the initial website and my pathbreaking and still immensely popular book “Fast and Furious Fitness (I still have PAPERBACK versions lying around – it’s that popular!!) turned into a full time biz quicker than I knew it.

There were a few hiccups along the way, sure.

And in the middle, I (inexplicably) slowed down on what was a great thing as opposed to ramp things up.

But ramp things up I did, and I REALLY started to go to town in terms of products, courses, motivational teachings and the whole she bang starting 2017.

And while this has been an idea for a long, long time – I only truly got going on it last year (towards the start).

You on this site can see that we have a veritable CORNOCOPIA of products on this site – GUARANTEED to a) get results QUICK and b) “scratch that itch” in every which way in terms of fitness.

Wanna get good at pull-ups? 

Well, we got your back.

Want to lose weight quick – and keep it off? 

Well, this here is the BEST place you can be on the Internet, and have access to the BEST fitness products ever.

Want to read insanely motivational stuff day in, day out, and get way more value than promised? 

Well, again (and those on the list KNOW THIS) you’re at the right place!

And much, much more … And even if you’re here just for fitness, you’ll find that what I have to say on a daily basis applies not just to fitness, but life, relationships, just about anything you can think of.

And it gets results!

Fitness wise, I cannot think of a single niche we don’t serve, and don’t do so better than the “experts” (so called) out there.

And our testimonials etc bear testament to this FACT.

Now, a lot of you have bought products off the site.

A lot of you are repeat customers.

But some of you have asked me in the past about “increased access to me”.

About “how the others are getting along with the stuff I keep talking about”.

About needing an extra kick up the butt every morning upon waking up …

About wanting to go the EXTRA MILE and then some in terms of accomplishing their goals.

For these people, what I’ve had for years is my COACHING application. 

And for years, that is all I had – and truth be told, I don’t accept a lot of people that apply even though they’re willing to fork over big bucks in many cases.

I accept only the doers, and I do NOT accept folks that fall into the following categories

  • Those that expect me to baby sit them.
  • Those that expect me to be politically correct and “not cause offense”.
  • Those that expect me to give them “the easy stuff” (the equivalent of a personal trainer rubbing your shoulders after every set of 10 with pink dumbbells as a certain admittedly gorgeous Jassy likes to have done – hey, perhaps it works for  her andTHEM, but not yours truly. I’m more about giving you a much needed kick up your RUMPUS in order for you to get your ass in HIGH GEAR – and keep it there!) a sopposed to the REAL deal in terms of what works in terms of life, and fitness. And everything else I talk about.
  • Those that are price shoppers. Cheapskates. Do nothing’s. And so forth! (“Serial refunder” is another pet peeve of mine)
  • Sissies, wusses, Mama’s boys, LILY LIVERED POLTROONS, drooping wall flowers, pansies, sissified males that cant do anything without being handheld or instructed by Mama or wifey (or the other way around), cuckolded “Nazi feminist” enablers that have no balls to speak of, and … well, you get the drift. In short (And in addition, ALSO those)  that wail about “wah! how tough these exercises are! why cant it be easy! Why can’t you give us the EASY way out!” and those too cheap to “pay up / PUT UP or SHUT UP” … 
  • The Wackos that claim it’s “either the gym or nothing”, or that “the iron is the best” (while secretly trolling those that do bodyweight stuff)
  • Nuts that claim to want to do pull-ups and other TOUGH bodyweight exercises, but diss them in the same breath and are NOT willing to do what it takes to GET to where they WANT to be, either in terms of life – or FITNESS.
  • Clowns, jokers, wannabe’ and other nut cases with NO FAITH. A huge, huge NO NO for me! (Yes, regardless of how much moolah you might throw at me – newsflash – not all problems are solved by tossin cash at it!)
  • People that are FAT and claim they’re not – but are just “big” (edit – there’s TONS of people out there like this, and “overweight” isn’t the only thing they B.S. about!). I mean really, fella. Acknowledge the frigging FACTS, and take ACTION. It IS That simple. Just do it!  (and if you’re not on the just do it train, this site and its products are NOT for you). (Yes, regardless of how much cash you have to throw at me). 
  • Nutters who complain about my emails not being “grammatically PURFECT” and the spelling monsters who run the sam emailz through a spell check and piss up a storm about it. By all means be that way if you want to, but I dont want YOU around me, to be honest, if DATZ YOU!
  • The Tom Tommers (and there are many – and of ANY NATURE), fanboys, “sh-expert” worshippers, and the “herd” in general who’d rather do what the Jones do, or what “others tell them to do”, or DE-MOTIVATED people that do nothing but move towards goals that OTHERS have set for them (and newflasth – they ain’t good for you!).
  • The bozos, trolls, tyre kickers, lookie lous, wannabe’s, “keeping up with the Joneses”, impulse buyers and many more categories I have NOT mentioned here.

In short, 99.9999999% of the people that show up are usually rejected (albeit mostly in a very polite manner – some not so politely, but it’s only the CREAM of the crop I accept).

No why, my friend. Thats just how it is

(Actually there IS a why, and those that follow me no why, but I couldn’t be arsed to explain the obvious YET again HERE). 

Rahul Mookerjee coaching a bunch of DOERS in a “success” coaching session.

Anyway, it’s simple really (oh, and those that ask for refunds despite it being clearly mentioned in the NO REFUNDS policy on the website – please don’t bother asking if you can sign up and then cancel – no you CANNOT. Once you’re in, you’re in.).


I want those with GUMPTION and an IRON WILL!

I want those that have FORESIGHT and a burning desire to succeed.

In short, I want the WINNERS in life to come to me, or those that truly WANT to achieve -win – at the highest levels!

Motivation breeds MORE and MORE of the same.

De-motivation and laziness spawns more of the same, doubly so in fact, and I want NO  part of that. Either myself or around me!

We truly are the sum of the people we hang out with the most, my friend …

I want REAL MEN – or women – that are willing to go the extra mile – and then some – that HAVE what it takes – and then some.

You get the photo, my friend!

Rahul Mookerjee in the world famous “Shoulders like BOULDERS!” pose!

But great though the one on one coaching program is (you’ll want to apply HERE first) – there were a few drawbacks.

First, people still did not have access to all my books and courses despite paying big bucks for the same. Which was fine, as most of them bought them first before coming to me, but still …

And second, there was no “peer support”.

It’s one thing to get a kick up the ass from me, “el coach-o”.

It’s quite another to have your peers egging you on though, and thats another thing that was missing. Sure, not all people needed it, but many did.

And last, but not least, and perhaps most importantly, yours truly wanted to reward his most loyal customers and WINNERS in life – by giving them a “one size fits all membership option” in terms of paying ONCE, and making sur ethat one time payment stays valid – and thereby get access to ALL my products and courses.

Now, bear in mind I didnt need to do any of this.

My books and courses still sell like hot cakes all over the place, so much so that I am actually considering pulling them OFF Amazon for one (see the blog for more on this).

And a few other places.

So I dont “have to” do this.


And so, there-eth was born the 0 Excuses Ship, which for the ridiculously low PITTANCE of $5000   $1199.99 is a STEAL, my friend.

A GOLDEN lifetime membership to (and for) stuff that WORKS – and reall ymatters!

What can you get , from this, you ask? 

What is it in it for ME, you ask? 

  • Priority access to yours truly, and personalized advice – much more so than you already get in my daily emails and posts. (You signed up for ONE email/day, and fitness themed, but in terms of what you get? Well, Rahul Mookerjee believes in and goes the extra mile, above and beyond, and then some!) (and access to me is NOT cheap, as you can already tell, hehe).
  • (I charge more than a MINIMUM of $2000/month for my basic coaching plans, so believe me now and trust me later, while this doesnt mean you’ll get one on one coaching from me – you WILL get a lot of personalized advice if you need it, and at the price I’m offering it for a YEAR – it truly is a STEAL!) 
  • LIFETIME FREE access to all my books and courses – everything on the site that is there now – and will be in the future (and believe me, I’ve got a lot planned). Which is obviously worth it’s weight in SPADES!
  • FREE paperbacks (one per product and per month) – if you choose that option – and thats worth something, methinks! SHIPPING INCLUDED within the continental United States/Canada! (and discounted elsewhere).
  • EXCLUSIVE advice and tips that will NOT – I repeat NOT – be revealed in my daily emails. Believe me, these tips alone are worth MORE the price of admission, and there will be TONS throughout the year!
  • Even if you’re currently in one of the categories above that I d o NOT want ANYWHERE near me or my biz – guess what. IF you decide you want to make a change for the better, and sign up HERE – guess what. Your life will take a turn for the better so quickly you won’t know what HIT YOU. In fact, you’ll probably be wanting to pay me MORE once you see your results, and how GOOD you feel overall!
  • A MONTHLY “digest format” newsletter which is normally worth $50/issue, which is $600/year – yours – FREE with this membership! Sure, you could buy these individually off the site as well, but why not get it for FREE with the Ship membership (digitally)? Believe me, if you think my daily fitness tips and emails are something – you “ain’t seen nuttin as yet” so to speak!

  • Memberships such as these will eliminate the need for the following – expensive doctor visits – repeated chiro visits – IBS And other digestive issues that plague modern day “man” (I use quotes for a good reason since most men these days are the polar opposite of what they should be i.e. REAL MEN!) – not to mention those fancy shmancy machines, gym memberships, yoga shmoga teachers that wouldnt know a yoga pose from a pretezel (believe me, yours truly is called a yoga teacher sometimes, and I could probably get away with pretending to be one – ugh!), fitness trainers that talk up a storm and do nothing – the idiotic gizmos sold on late night TV – tai chi for Bozos – and … well, youg e the photo. Truly a bargain deal, again!

And more – a lot more that I have not mentioned here.

Well, my friend, I’ve said my bit.

Now it’s up to YOU.

ARE you ready to take the next step – and go to the NEXT level in terms of your overall health, strength, fitness and conditioning?

Only YOU can answer that question, bro. Only YOU!

Sign up right here, mi amigo.

Jump on this – NOW.

I agree, Rahul! It’s truly a BARGAIN DEAL, and an investment that is well worth making! 

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    Billed once per year until cancelled

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    Billed once per six months until cancelled

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    Billed once per year until cancelled

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    Billed once per six months until cancelled


has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!

has been added to your cart! (Remember, a one time Ship membership gets you access to all digital downloads, period). 

Remember to check out our ongoing REWARDS page for special offers, discounts etc applicable to YOU!



Rahul Mookerjee -signature

Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Remember, if the “Stella Artois of Fitness” – the “bodyweight exercise guru” – the “Master of his Craft, Rahul Mookerjee” and many other things I’ve been called says it – then you better BELIEVE it, heh.

Jump on this NOW, my friend. Truly worth its weight in GOLD.

Also, the price is currently at $1199.99 which to be honest is way less than what I should be charging for the years and years worth of sheer UNPARALLELED value that you get for the subscription. I’m letting it go for now, but hurry – the price WILL go up on all the options very soon.