Pet peeves, annoying BRATS with no energy, negative, or NIL – and more on Gorilla Girl Sophia
- Ugh, and ugh, and ... well, amen!

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Know what I hate the most about living “with my wife”, friend?

When I do, if I do, which as you know, I live A-LONE – and plan on doing so for the rest of my life as well.

This applies to family to a degree too.

For some reason, goose and gander, of course, has never applied here, and the Nazi feminism makes it worse.

It’s not so much the negative energy these sorts spread, it’s when they pester you about it.

I have an energetic field around me nigh no-one can penetrate, yet, when people are so glued to their fucking beds in their Granny pajamas to their fuckin retarded crap soap operas with idiots from Korea or what not rambling about utterly useless and inane crap, they can’t be bothered to either answer the door – or even get up to CALL the other person face to face.

(the Granny Pajama thing, trust me, I’ve heard it from men galore. General Michael, for one.

“She wears clothes to bed, how sexy is that!”

And he ain’t the only one either)

Its a problem in India, this subconscious thinking many people have of “servants”.

Bozo Schofield would LOVE it. HEhe.

And it’s one (more) reason I don’t live there.

I mean, jeez, lady, if you gotta say something, at least come to the person and say it!

Many years ago, my Dad who preaches all sort of nonsense about politeness and respecting women would do it to a 12 year old me.

Those smacks to the back of the head, and that upraised finger.

Oh my.

If ANYONE wants to tick me off royally ,and drive me into a fury, thats how.

Nazi feminists do a LOT of the latter.

I tell them not to all the time!

And the former, well, my being bullied throughout my childhood both at home and outside led to the rage.


Funnily, these low energy sorts accomplish squat all int heir own lives.

Apparently they know it ticks other people off, and THAT to them is their enjoyment. Which is fuckin, I dont know, INSANE AND RIDIcULOUS!

As a great customer John so rightly said, women are just wind up artists – thats all. 

They are, if you let ’em!

IN the past, I’d have yelled up a storm about it.

So what would have happened?

Squat all.

Instead, I’m using the techniques I teach YOU in the book on Nazi feminism, so obvious, so out in the open, yet no-one DOES ’em.

But they have an impact – big time!

Anyway, I deal with that sort all the time – and thats why I dont do business with them either (unless it’s women I like).

Like Sophia, Gorilla Girl for one!

“After four hours mountain climbing, I’m exhausted!” she sent with an exhausted emoticon.

“But my kids are still energetically playing in the center!”

Well, thats sage – and true – and obvious.

Or, it should be.

Kids these days aren’t what they used to be energy wise globally, and kiddie obesity is becoming a huge problem.

I truly feel sad – much like I do seeing the state in Afghanistan for one, women tossing newborns over the barbed wire for a better life…

Truly, truly sad on BOTH FRONTS!

Well, my friend, I dont know your thoughts on the Nazi feminist, or rude phockers, or low energy mofos or the rest of it.

I know one thing, I’m always bubbling with energy – way more than when I was young. And in the prime of my life.

Ticket’s both MENTAL and physical!

And, you owe it to yourself to get both now – and for your kids, well, Kiddie Fitness is the best damned investment ever.

Back soon!


Rahul Mokerjee

PS – Yes, better than doughnuts, tablets or other fancy crap, trust me!!!!

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