Women, the so called “softer sex”…

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……only until it all goes THEIR way. Once it doesn’t – watch out. This applies to Nazi feminist women, which unfortunately make up the vast majority of women out there today…(Along with idiotic cuckolded males).

My ex, has basically in her bullying and coercive manner trained our daughter to completely ignore Dad “or else”. A self defeating philosophy in the long term, but Nazi feminists don’t think rationally.

Like my mother says, she’s completely terrorized your daughter. Unfortunately so has Mom in her own way. Women!

A strong man leading the household is an absolute must my friend. Men were born to lead. Women to follow and support. Both roles are equally important and need to be fulfilled correctly, else all Cain breaks loose as you can see from the chaotic mess society has turned into today.

As Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once told me in 2018 “They need an alpha there!”.

And as he later said when I was unwilling at that point to completely ditch a relationship that had long since stopped serving either person – due to fear of losing my daughter.

“I understand. But remember, she might not be yours anyway!”.

No, not biologically wasn’t what he meant.

So true Marc. A customer of mine once made this same comment too about how women, and the court system allows it (see the Denzel Washington movie “Flight” where he can barely even visit his son at a house he bought for them!) – will basically make sure the kids grow up fatherless out of a stupid sense of revenge.

My daughter doesn’t like it. But she has no choice.

And it kills me to see the damage being done to her daily by a lunatic overbearing mother and equally batty grandmother.

A familiar scenario for so many men. Most cave in to these Nazi feminist demands for fear of “losing”.

A select few like us don’t.

And we GROW.

Most men pay the bills for years like I did for them even when in China, even when according to my then wife “but you’re not benefiting from it” (but she took the cash anyway. Years later I bring it up, bitch is like “you shouldn’t have sent it”).

Ungrateful cunt. Again, sound familiar guys??

Remember tho – you have two choices as man. Either be a human ATM under the thumb of a woman your entire life and be disrespected etc all your life, never grow – or be the alpha (I don’t generally use those terms but you get my drift) that men were meant to be in general.

Strong men are an absolute essential. Let’s see, who do these women call when they need to lift somthing heavy – fight wars – fix the plumbing etc?

Men. They need them. I don’t think other women will save a woman from being harassed and worse by a gang of thugs will she? Not until she’s the Slapping champ in real life and cine both (research it, you’ll see) Gong li. Hehe.

The reverse isn’t true for men. While a good woman should do her man’s housework, cook, clean etc – by no means does a man “need” a woman to do all that for him, and if he “needs” that as opposed to “wants” – then he’s a grade A loser. Simple.

Women don’t realise the damage they’re doing to their kids this way.

I was damaged myself for years by not having a strong father figure or any strong male figure at all in my life growing up. True, I wouldn’t take any of it back because it helped me become what I am today, but still – not ideal!


The way to win and even profit from this horribly annoying Nazi feminist behaviour against which most men think they have no defence is outlined in my pathbreaking book here.

Get it NOW if you’re a real man.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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