Name one good thing that isn’t “intense”.

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Lots of whiny buffoons make comments about “oh, but his workout routines are too intense, too tough!”

Charles Mitchell, a customer of mine once made the comment about the only reason I’m not as rich as jeff Bezos as yet? Because your workout routines are too hard for the average pansy and Fat Mamas boy to follow.

Never become a pussy trainer, he concluded. Keep pushing us!

Ok, he didn’t use the term “pansy” and “Mamas boy”, but that was the drift! Haha

My workout programs are the same as me. You either love them or you hate them – there is no “meeting the world halfway” here.

So it goes with life, and results in general – at anything. My splendid fitness and other results didn’t come from half ass weak “taking it easy “, listening to your body and other crap.

Name anything good – successful – that isn’t super intense.

Sex. A good sports game. The WWE back in the day. Fitness routines that actually deliver results and so forth. It all is. It has to be. There is no other way – not if you want results! Real, lasting, spectacular RESULTS.

In the fitness industry you’ve got jokers these days parading “easy routines”, stretching etc around claiming “beating up your body is a bad thing” when that’s exactly how THEY got in shape.

In reality, these clowns are simply pandering to lazy asses galore and trying to make a quick buck. If you look at the physiques of a lot of them not only are they NOT in great shape themselves – but they’re bonafide FAT.

Of course, even fewer people these days want to hear what we have to promote – stuff that actually WORKS.

Nah, easier to stretch a bit and claim “a few pushups and that’s all I need,” and the BS of “rest days” and other assorted crap.

Hell, even stretching done right is intense!

Life wise, fitness wise, any which way. If you want lukewarm shitty results, don’t push yourself.

If you want to be the best of the best at what you do – make it super intense.

Make it DAILY.

The whiners might hate you for it.

But is that really the lot you want to associate with?

I didn’t think so.

And that’s that.

Get after it.


Rahul Mookerjee

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