Heavy duty lifting

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Not quite of this nature – but close!

Just spent an hour shifting heavy window units (AC) – guy I was doing it with (I sold him my old unit) keeps complimenting me on my “slim and strong model like ” body etc….how did I get it.

God-given, he goes.

Nothing given by God, I snarled back. You gotta work for it.

I showed him my fat pics from before. He couldn’t believe it. “Is that your brother”? Lol.

Then he asked me how I’m so fit while I smoke, drink, do everything I “shouldn’t be doing,” while the world pays gyms big bucks and gets fatter , more injured and more miserable.

Pushups, pullups, squats, stretching. I gave him the lowdown.

Most bench pressers would fail nigh miserably at these things, real life tests of strength. I mention that because the bench press is looked upon as a test of real strength as opposed to what really should be – pushups, pull-ups and handstand Pushups.

People keep babbling about my genetics , I went. But the truth is I’ve got shittier genetics than the average fool with a pot belly out there. And I do.

People are lazy, and love to make excuses – and when someone gets the same results through years of hard grift that they’re too lazy to do, they whine up a storm and look got excuses to justify their own patheticness.

“They just be jealous”, other guy replied back.

More like lazy and jealous, much like a certain Fatso I won’t mention here …

Nothing like doing bodyweight exercises throughout the day, late into night.

They’ll build you the Adonis like physique you so desire!

Hell, I’ve even had pro athletes compliment me on my body.

So can you, my friend, if you’re not lazy and mentally weak.

Get on the 0 Excuses Fitness system NOW.

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

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