My best fitness results didn’t come from…

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..lifting weights. Going to the so called gym. Eating “three meals a day with breakfast being the largest and dinner the smallest”.

… Taking days off, or incorporating “rest days to let the muscles recover” or working back one day, and chest the next … Or, not “over training” (one of the most idiotic and meaningless terms I’ve heard. Coined by people too lazy to hit it hard daily).

…by “listening to my body and letting it control my MIND” .

It didn’t come from calorie counting, avoiding alcohol and tobacco (ha!) – or women (a bigger ha!) – or replacing beer with whisky (another myth propogated by fools in terms of weight loss – supposedly whiskey has fewer empty calories which is BS – alcohol is alcohol, period) …

… Didn’t come from slow treadmill pounding, keeping my heart rate in the “optimal zone” (which I doubt I’ve ever done).

…didn’t come from watching my diet, protein/carb/fat intake … I’ve never cared about that nonsense, and that’s what it is – bunk.

… It didn’t come from swinging clubs or lifting kettlebells, or heavy objects, though they are all good workouts.

It came from, as I said yesterday – the warrior mentality and doing the polar opposite of what the so called experts advise and most (idiots) do.

And my results are all the proof I’m on the right track.

It might not be the easiest. But it works the best, long term at that.

Physically swimming is a super workout. But, my results didn’t even come while swimming. Probably the fact I swam with poor form for years has something to do with this – swimming makes it easy to get away with poor or nil form if you’re a natural in the water which I am – but nothing trumps land based workouts.

Pushups done throughout the day in proper form – no slouching in the core, pull-ups – sets of squats, stretching throughout the day. Plenty of beer and nicotine, though that’s by no means essential. Hehe. Long hikes daily, 4-6 hours in weather the so called experts tell you to stay at home in and turn on the AC, or category three typhoons weather with trees literally collapsing around me. Long walks on flat ground, lots of stair climbing and sprints (no, step ups don’t substitute for the real thing – they’re a far easier alternative yes, perhaps the lazy man’s workout for those too lazy to do squats in high reps) …

I laugh when people say my routines are boring. They’re not. They just require discipline. Which most people are sadly lacking. And their results show. Or lack thereof I should say.

These are usually the buffoons who troll those at a higher mental and physical plane than they will ever be at, because they’re too damb lazy and hide behind plethoras of excuses “big not fat, different body type, pull-ups not necessary” and other utter and complete tosh, while looking for new excuses to justify their lack of fitness, finding excuses for what they cannot do or are too lazy to do.

Nothing, as I’ve said before, beats bodyweight exercises.

Nothing at all.

And if you want the sort of fitness results I have (I know you do – who wouldn’t??) – then getting started on the 0 Excuses Fitness System is a great first step.

To your success! (Assuming you’re a doer that actually takes action and does what they’re told, not just some nutjob looking for free info – in that case, well, you’ll get what you paid for ie zippo).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – If “everyone” is doing it, you’re probably better off with the polar opposite. Fitness wise, you’ll be a fat, unfit, unhappy fool if you listen to the so called experts spout all the stuff that I never did (detailed above) – well, I did – but I was fat and out of shape when I tried all that junk.

Learn from someone who clearly has the results (that you want) on board. Don’t argue, hem, haw, Dilly, daddle, give me ifs and buts, whine about money, tell me how your body is some how “different” – it ain’t – etc. Stop making excuses. Just do what I tell you, my friend “obey” as Carol so rightly said.

Do so, and you simply cannot go wrong.

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