Jannat – truly in search of the heaven that never WAS.

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The hugely popular “Jannat” movie series in India is a prime and true example of how women can lead sex obsessed, deprived, lonely men down a spiral of self destruction from which they NEVER recover.

Both were huge successes, with cucked whiners and wankers complaining about the movies and how they objectify women etc galore.

But there’s a reason these movies (and my products, writing etc) are as successful as they are. They truly capture what folks – yes, females too – FEEL deep down inside but never say or express.

Same thing for any Sylvester Stallone movie.

Another hugely successful, even more so than the above in fact movie in India “Animal” was roundly panned – not so much for the savage alpha males in the movie but ONE scene – where said alpha asks his mistress to prove her devotion to him by licking his shoes.

Which she never did but the hue and cry, my. How dare he!

I have a feeling if the female lead asked him to do that and he did it like many a Bozo Schofield obsessed with being Josies servant would – they would praise it up and down. Don’t believe me? Ask any Nazi feminist. Her response will be proof enough.

Coming from someone whose routinely called a movie star (who his own Dad satirically once claimed was a fiery mix of Akshay Kumar and Amitabh Bachan – the former always a legend bar none in my eyes!), TV personality and such with all the annoying associated stares and gasps (ugh) – you better believe it. Coming from the main protagonist in the infamous “kissing” case in India in 2008 where yours truly was advised by Uncle Bob to make a movie on it – and he was right – you better triple dog believe it.

That case is STILL online. I still remember the look on Dads face when he found out I got married through the paper as I proudly pointed out (sic) I was on page two of the Times of India.

Hit me up for the URL or do your research if you so choose.

And it never would have gone down if we weren’t worried about what would have happened at the exs place if their parents found out about an unsanctioned marriage. Apparently she’s from the “Yadav” clan which in “honor killing” obsessed North India is known for violence – which I actually call bs on. I don’t believe for a nary New York minute that members of any “clan” are any more or less more disposed to anything than anyone else. People are people everywhere, period. Enough with the bull crap broad categorisation my friends.

I actually met her Dad – perfectly reasonable man in most regards except a few age old beliefs…


Literally, bro – that is ALL we did. No actual kiss or anything close to it (not that there’s nothing wrong with a red blooded male kissing his woman – please don’t pull the culture BS – that don’t apply here) and yet.

Anyway. You, the reader are free to research the incident yourself. It only jumps to memory because Jannat 1 was a movie the then girlfriend and I (how I wish she would have listened to REASON) watched and enjoyed (both of us) before getting hitched a few months later.

Like my lawyer later told me, a man is less than half himself with a woman around. That case is but more proof of the truism mentioned in this email. We got arrested for .. stealing a kiss outside a subway station. We even got charged for it. And the cops ripped me off for it.

Of course they had no idea Rahul Mookerjee doesn’t back down from challenges.

We ended up getting an official note of apology from the Police Commissioner.


In Jannat 1, the male lead is a struggling man who falls head over heels for a girl he doesn’t even know initially. That first look did it all, much like the Italian thunderbolt did for Michael in The Godfather!

Breaks into a shop to steal jewelry for her. Gets arrested. Uses funds he was supposed to return a loan shark thirsty for his blood to buy the ring for her upon his release. Maxes out all his credit cards buying the girls products. Yes, all true!

Completely broken, Providence saves him when he makes it big in first illegal betting and then match fixing.

And the money doesn’t just flow at that point..it rains and pours.

All the while, the woman despite getting a glamourous lifestyle she could have never had otherwise bitches and moans. That ‘hes doing it for himself ‘.

Even gets the guy arrested so he can “reform himself”.

Guy tries to change who he is. Can’t really do it. We never change who we are at the very core my friend. Fact.

Reforms for a while, then falls prey to easy money again, gets shot and dies.

And the girl of course returns home without so much as a scratch to show, living her life like nothing ever happened and it was a bad dream.

Lust for money, not me, the girl argues.

I beg to differ.

And anyone that’s seen the movie, or any red blooded male in general would too.

Without his Queen as he refers to her (I don’t blame him – Sonal Chauhan is, or at least was, nothing short of a fucking 20 out of 10) he might still have chased money. Certainly not to the extent he did for her tho.

And the outcome, well…

In Jannat (heaven) 2, the same actor is a small time illegal guns supplier who a cop finds out about.

This cop is your archetypical alpha male. I don’t generally categorize but Randeep hooda shines like an under appreciated gem in the movie. I love the guy – right down to those pushups he bangs out regularly.

Any so called man who doesn’t or can’t do at least 100 pushups in perfect form daily along with at least 25 perfect pull-ups isn’t a real man. Sorry, but there the fact stands. Along with squats in high reps – if you want to be truly savage as opposed to a wackjob preening in the Jim – then these exercises are essential. Ask any boxer, wrestler – martial artist, even swimmer. They’ll tell ya.

Mr Pushup Central Rahul Mookerjee, also known as Mr handstand Pushup – prepares for a REAL man Battletank Shoulders workout!!!

Back to it –

A drunken cop in the movie obsessed with taking revenge against the gun cartel (who was accidentally responsible for his wife’s death years ago) he beats, whacks, curses and drinks his way through the movie obsessed with ONE goal and one alone – to avenge his dead wife – truly a SAVAGE I advocate all men to be – that ultimately by crook accomplishes his goal.

Respect, Randeep. Right down to his real life story … Truly an alpha DOG.

The alpha DOG!

He blackmails the guns supplier after he finds out about his romantic entanglement with another Queen – another 12/10 I’d say – and tells him to be an inside man for him in the cartel. Or else, well, the girl will get to know who you really are , he slurs, not the BS you fed her.

The story is long and interesting.

But the guy despite having giving up his racket for the girl “to reform” does what he never would have otherwise – out of fear of his girl finding out and leaving him.

Gets pulled deeper into the murk, becomes a pawn for the cartel boss (coincidentally the girls father, we later find out) and the cop – and dies a rather painful death at the end.

All along, the girl never trusts him fully. Never believes he’s a guy trying to make an honest living for them – and when the cop says he will tell her the truth ie he reformed for her, only reason he joined the racket as an inside man was his love for the girl – guy on his deathbed says “hell no”.

Truly the STOIC staredown above, as the cucked male character rants and raves ..

She wont be able to live with those heavy memories, he says.

So, cop just unwillingly maintains the facade..

The CLASSIC scene I cannot get enough of! Hehe

The girl none the wiser chalks it down to a terrible experience, vowing to forget the very guy who literally laid his life down out of “love”.

What is love, as Carol once asked me. Hehe.

No money no honey is a truism in China.

As is the oft repeated tale of  a woman on a Chinese sitcom “I’d rather cry in the back seat of a BMW than be happy on a bicycle”.

Guys in general need to wisen up to all this.

In my pathbreaking book on combating Nazi feminism, I say repeatedly it ain’t women that are ultimately responsible for this plague. It’s the cucked male enablers behind the scenes that are.

And it’s true if you think about it.


That book will ensure you profit – as opposed to hurtle towards ultimate demise – from this plague – if you do what the tips tell you.

Last but not least, an oft repeated truism in India.

“Aurat mard ko Abad bhi karti hai, barwad bhi”.

A woman can both enrich a man endlessly or completely destroy him.

Like Carol once sagely said, “the right woman is very important for a real man”.

And she’s right.

You know its true when even women say the same damn thing.

Anyway. .

Take from this what you will.

But watch the movies.

And try and catch any Hooda flick you can. Guys truly a lean, mean GEM of a fucking actor.

And that’s the bottom line.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You’ll want to watch the video I just did on this too. But one line from the movie, said about the drunken cop vainly trying to revive his dead wife’s memories by repeatedly dialing his own number just so he can listen to her voice on the answering machine says it all.

“Adhaya padhaya Jat, per solah duni aat”

Educated guy, yet 16 twos are 8.

I couldn’t be bothered to explain here…

But I think you get the drift.


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