A feeling only a true SAVAGE would understand.
- Goggins would!

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Savages by their very definition definitely are usually male. Usually very stoic like me. More than happy to walk away from a screaming contest with women because you know it’ll never go anywhere – yet, put a man in front of you, and he best be polite and respectful or look out.

Years ago, I had this incident – many actually – with guys that were savage then while I was fat, civilized and happily married.

Logically, I was right in those situations.

But these guys had the savage VIBE which even though there was no chance of any real physical confrontation involved – made me back down ultimately though I was right.

Man to man, player to player, nikka to nikka – eye to eye. Men can sense it in each other.

I often think back to those days.

Picture how it would have panned out “now”.

We can’t change the past. We CAN however change what would happen if those same things happen again – in those situations, in my mind’s eye – the guys don’t even come close to me now.

Women do though. It’s amazing how I think of a woman and she manifests later on that day. Savages attract women by their very vibe. Simple as that, as it was meant to be. We were meant to be hunters. Right down to the brand of beer we guzzle – in my case – hehe. Woodpecker. Kingfisher. Hunter. Hehe. Emperor of Good times. And so forth.

Like Marc the African Silverback Gorilla once pointed out

“You’d tear then apart”!

Same thing has been said by many others.

I’ve never seen a female savage in the true sense of the word as yet. That don’t mean females can’t do certain exercises better than men or excel more in sports, biz etc. No.

Only a real man that understands the true meaning of being savage will know what I’m talking about here. Goggins. Tate. Those guys in the old decrepit gym in Rocky III. Hustlers forced to do it or else (so they become savage because they have to).

Andrew Tate once had this story of salesmen – the ones that did the best were not the ones with the most talent or good at sales.

It was the ones, as he says with a terrible thick Indian accent that had to feed their families in Bangladesh or else.

Those motherfuckers just kept calling!

And they always ended up in the top bracket of salesmen results wise.

Like Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, many men become successful because they’re so closely pushed, HOUNDED even, by circumstances that they have no option BUT to.

And they just keep grinding. Like water, if you attack something repeatedly, it eventually gives up.

Simple truism and lesson on dogged persistence – mix that with true FAITH and you get all you wanted and more.

None of the feel good BS, none of the “if you feel like it” etc. None of the wake up in the morning thump your chest BS “I feel great!” Horseshit that the so called self help gurus spout. No affirmations etc.

Just get up and fucking grind like your life depends upon it.

It’s part of being a true SAVAGE, an elite group most will never come close to be being remotely part of (like the Ship – like Tate’s War Room, this is ONLY for the best of the best, folks willing to give it their all and then some in ALL regards – nothing else allowed to pollute the energy) …

This morning , I was so busy with work I did a Churchill. Worked in bed till 10 AM.

Oops. Not enough time left for a workout before picking the kid up.

A duty my ex “assigned” me and believes I do it because I’m scared of what would happen if I don’t.

I have never disabused her of that notion. I don’t plan to. Scared. HA!

To me it’s a privelege to be able to do that. I haven’t been able to for many years – now I can…

Still got in 100 perfect pushups, 15 perfect slow pull-ups – 20 minutes of stretching. Off it was.

Smoking a quiet cigarette, I had people all around staring holes through the movie star as always.

He was irritated.

They felt it.

Didn’t come close. Goggled from a distance.

I was truly irritated and pissed. Utter chaos all around as always. All I wanted was a quiet fucking fag…

… Kids from school showed up. One little boy tugged at my lapels. I call him Superman – I love his Mom too. Cool lady! Her mother in law actually once invited me over to their place too. Haven’t gone as yet. Might someday.

He complained about how my little girl calls him a “tamatar”.

Red tomato.


My girl did her own version tugging at my lapels.

Both semi punched me. Hehe. Not listening!

A maid showed up to take charge though I could have.

The feeling of being a true savage, a real man is indescribable. Few men will ever understand what it means.

And that’s fine. Not everyone is meant to be that.

When you’ll fight any man in the world, lift and push any fucking obstacles in your oath until they evaporate – do what it takes – but end up being the most “submissive” in a real man manner around women and kids.


That’s what being a man is all about


Let her take the lead when it’s her right to. Simple.

And that feeling I’ve described above is indescribable.

To be a true savage you have to train mind and body as one, both equally hard.

And pushups and pull-ups in high reps daily will turn you into a beast incarnate.

Ask Iron Mike. Herschel Walker. Goggins. List goes on and on…

I teach you how in the courses above.

Customers have said the same thing after doing.

The tale of John Grimek going behind his wife’s back to allow his kid one more try at the sport he was playing as opposed to listen to Mommy holler “come on inside!”.

That’s what being a real man is all about.

And that my friend makes it all worth it. Later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I read this so called fact once spotted by an idiot “fitness so called expert” who claims “if you can do 40 pushups non stop your chances of heart attack decrease by x percent”.


People need to be specific.

I could make those pushups last for an hour. If you read ..what book? Ah yes, Convict Conditioning, you’ll see how the author was doing pushups – one set – one hour later guard comes back to his rounds, guys still on the same set.

40 pushups ?

Most couldn’t do 10 slow strict pushups…

Where they feed people with these bullshit stats is beyond me.

Guy on Twitter just asked me for advice working out in response to my post about how I cured my fatty liver – genetic mostly – through hard work, not listening to what fat docs told me to do “don’t swim because it taxes the liver”.

Heavy duty leg work is step one, I replied.

Do it daily regardless of how you feel. At least an hour a day. Work up to more.

Squat. Hike. Run. Whatever it is.

Do pushups, pull-ups, and you’ll whittle that core down (a Brooks Kubik term hehe “waist whittling”) in NO time.

Like Herschel Walker said. Get the core ready – you can handle anything.

I’ve said that too in corrugated core – the feeling of that X shape, more than the looks is IN fucking describable.

And a strong fat free core means organs within are forced to become that too. And they do. Simple.

I pointed him to Advanced Hill Training – a must grab for all serious trainees.

But really, in a nutshell, there it is.

Grind motherfucker!!!!

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