Pull-ups – “STUD” to “SUPER” stud within WEEKS

Pull-ups – – FROM “STUD” to “SUPER STUD” within  WEEKS

The VERY course you WANT that will catapult YOU to scary levels of pull-ups effortlessly, and build INSANE upper body strength and a core of STEEL to boot. 

Hidden KEYS to the almighty pull-up that NO-ONE else will tell you. INSIDE information that has NOT been put out until now – don’t miss this! 

Dear reader,

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably got through the basic pull-up course I put out a few years ago – a course, that has, quite LITERALLY turned the “average Joe” from “dud level” at pull-ups to “STUD” level.

You’re probably likely already in that elite category of folks that can at least do a single pull-up in good form – – and believe me, most adult “men” (I use quotes for a reason there!) cannot even do a single half ass pull-up to save their lives – – let alone do a pull-up in proper form without kicking, kipping or flailing like a leaf in a tornado.

And if you’ve gotten to this level – well, congratulations my friend. You deserve it, and more.

But always remember that achievement of one goal leads to striving for another. You must never and CANNOT ever be stagnant as you risk moving backwards and losing all the gains you made until now.

Not only that – there is a world more to pull-ups that what you already know, and that’s what I’m bringing you in this particular course.

I wrote this ADVANCED course for YOU, the KEEN PULL-UP TRAINEE! 


And finally, I wrote this course to tell you about different types of pull-ups – – some of which you have likely never heard of, or imagined before.

All of these new exercises combined with the workouts beneath will get you to the next stage of pulling ability, and quickly.

Once you get good at the different types of pull-ups mentioned herein, and start pounding out a few of the WORKOUTS mentioned therein,  WATCH out.

You will no longer be a “stud” at pull-ups. You will be at SUPER STUD level, and if you learn the different variations the right way and in proper form, it will NOT take more than a few weeks.

Be prepared to be BLOWN away.

But first, a bit of introduction is in order. First off (and again) why did I write this advanced course?

Well, the first reason is that some folks want to progress to the next level – and also that pull-ups are quite literally one of the BEST upper body exercises there is – and if you do ’em at an advanced, advanced level like I teach you – guess what will happen. YOU will benefit accordingly!

Second though, and more importantly, there are several misconceptions floating about out there about the pull-up that I’d like to clear up.

For example, if you’re part of the gang that believes pull-ups DO test strength, but do NOT give you cardio – well, you’re right on the first part, but you’re wrong on the second part. Don’t worry – it’s not your fault though. You (and even me, until a year or so ago) just don’t know any better – but you will, my friend. Once you get through this course, you WILL.

If you’re part of the crowd that thinks the best ab exercise is one that you do lying down on the floor – a.k.a. the crunch – well, you’re in the majority, but I hate to tell you – you’re dead wrong.

The crunch is by far the most worthless exercise I’ve ever seen in my life. Sit-ups are better, but even they do NOT come close to the ab strength you develop (in lesser time) by doing pull-ups and when you do them at an advanced level, watch out.

That SIX pack will turn into a CORUSCATED 12 pack before you know it, my friend.

And when you start doing these pull-ups at an advanced level, you’ll never have to worry about training your grip separately provided you train the way I train.

Each of these exercises by itself is a supreme grip builder – and you won’t just build a rock solid grip by doing these. Nah – you’ll build IRON CLAWS, my friend. It’s THAT true.

But back to strength, which is what most of you are probably interested in, right?

Yeah. I thought so. Real strength. Massive, broad shoulders – a back wider and thicker than an oak door – – and with strength to boot.

Arms ripping with brawn and of course, did I mention a corded set of forearms with veins looking like pythons running up and down them.

That’s probably what you’re interested in, but here is where I must tell you something.

You’ve been sold a mammoth bill of goods on that. 

Most of you have likely been told that while bodyweight exercises build strength ‘to a degree’, the only “real way” to build “real” upper body strength is to visit the gym and hoick (uh, hoist) weights heavier than Andre the Giant in his prime.

Well, I got news for ya.

While that sort of thing may build “some” strength”, it’s not even going to come close to building the sort of strength – “DORMANT EXPLOSIVE”,  “tiger (or perhaps ape?) like” strength that pull-ups build.

Neither will it give you that “ripped” yet powerful look you are looking for. You may end up looking a bloated mess with “bulging” muscles, but you’ll still not be anywhere near the stage where you can crank out more than a pull-up in proper form, if even that.

What look am I talking about? Well, you’ve probably pictured it, but to put it into words, the “old timer” look.

Herschel Walker, Heisman Trophy winner and All-Pro Running back doing pull-ups

Herschel Walker is but ONE of the old timers – – much celebrated and accomplished I must say, and rightfully so – – that knew the right way to train was with BODYWEIGHT exercises done hard, hard, HARD!

In fact his daily routine was reputed to have (as part of it) over 3500 pushups and 1500 pull-ups at his peak!

Now, some of these numbers might be a bit exaggerated (then again, maybe not) – – but there is NO doubt that what he did worked, eh?

Ditto for the other old timers. If you look at the other old famous strongmen down the centuries, they all had one thing in common – that the pull-up – and TOUGH VARIATIONS of it were part of their routine.

And naturally, they had the “look” that goes with as well; that coveted X spread, those “lats like bats”, mammoth shoulders, and gigantic slabs of muscle “in lieu of” pectorals – – because and unlike most modern day trainees (and certainly unlike most modern day bodybuilders) they KNEW what worked.

And they went out there and DID it on a regular basis.

Reg Park, old time strongman – – who did PLENTY OF weighted pull-ups as part of his routines!

Compare this sort of thing with most modern day “bodybuilders” who are an utter joke when it comes to building REAL strength and muscle.

In fact, some of the bloated freaks we see winning awards these days would be hard pressed to do even ONE pull-up in proper form despite being able to “pull down” supposedly huge amounts of weight on the lat pull-down  machine while claiming to “isolate the fifteenth spot on the outermost right hand corner of the tip of the lat”.

This isolation and “bloat” nonsense is what YOU should avoid at all costs, my friend.

Be STRONG – truly strong. And the real test of true strength is NONE other than PULL-UPS – done first at a basic level (and even that is enough to kick most gym goers in the can) and then of course at the advanced levels I’m going to teach you now.

Pull-ups - from
(Available as an e-book. YOURS to download right after making payment!) 

THE LITMUS TEST of “real” strength

Pull-ups, my friend are that litmus test.

When I think of REAL strength, I don’t think of some bloated bodybuilder cranking out reps on the lat pulldown, grunting and groaning his way to the end of yet another endless set before he heads off his “10 minute long break between sets to allow the muscles to recuperate”.

I don’t think of guys sitting down on a chair and doing dumbell curls (though admittedly even that’s better than the lat pull down machine).

And I sure as heck don’t think of folks deadlifting – not because the exercise doesn’t build strength, but because it’s a prime invitation to lower back and trap injury if not done right (and even if done right, piling more and more plates onto that bar does your body no good since the exercise itself is performed in an unnatural position).

Think about it – when you grab something do you grab it with a pronated grip with both hands (naturally)?

Or do you invert one hand, move it up and down the bar to find that “sweet spot” – then chalk both hands up – then pull a weight up to your midsection and then reverse hand positions and repeat?

I didnt think so either . . .

When I think of real strength, I think of the pull-up.

But first, in order to explain why I gave you the answer I did, let me ask you another question. That question being, when you think of the few remaining TRULY STRONG (and you know what I mean) and physically fit and capable folks remaining on Planet Earth (and yes, they are so few there ought to be an elite “group” for them) – – which categories or vocations, perhaps SPRING INSTANTLY to mind?

I think of ELITE athletes – and sportpersons (boxers, sprinters, SWIMMERS and wrestlers included).

I think of the elite units in the army – the U.S. Marine Corps and United Stated Navy Seals being one that comes to mind most readily for obvious reasons. In fact I once read about a Navy Seal “David Goggins” who beat the world record for pull-ups within 24 hours – – a mindboggling 4000 odd of them – – and he WENT past that!

Now THAT, my friend – – is super stud level! 

David Goggins pounding out pull-ups

And, THERE is an elite cross section of folks that train the right way, my friend. THOSE are some serious badasses right there – and it says a lot that you have to be able to do pull-ups at a certain level before even being accepted into the U.S. Marine Corps training program.

So the conclusion we can draw from all this should come as NO surprise, and what is it?

REAL MEN DO PULL-UPS – plenty of ’em. 

And the rest “yank” the cords, if you get my drift … 

Famous movie star and California “gubernor” Arnold Schwarzenegger doing pull-ups 

Pull-ups - from
(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)


BE – and a TRAIN – and FEEL like a real man! 

You know, it’s sad but oh so true, my friend.

Modern day man has turned into a sorry, sniveling, pathetic mess of what Mother Nature intended him to be – both mentally and physically.

If you look back at cavemen – or even warriors a century or so ago – they looked – and ACTED completely opposite – the polar opposite of what modern day men act like. They were physically fit, strong, and WENT after what they wanted as opposed to “hoping it would come to them”.

If a caveman wanted dinner, he didn’t sit around or go to the drive through. He picked up a spear and arrow – and he headed off to get his own dinner.

Men until a century or so ago were, for the most part, REAL MEN. They rolled up their sleeves, and “got right down to it”, when there was a problem of any nature, mental or physical, to be TACKLED.

The modern day man on the other hand is the exact opposite. 

Mentally, present him with any halfway difficult challenge, and he curls up into a ball and whimpers, ready to scream “Momma”. Present him with a problem that needs to be solved NOW – and chances are he won’t solve it at all. He’ll whine, moan, piss, groan – and find a slew of ready made excuses as to why he “can’t do the thing” other than a bazillion different ways of DOING the thing.

Why do I bring up the mental part of thing here, you may ask?

Because let’s face it, my friend – life throws up challenges unexpectedly in front of us all the time – and we have to be in PRIME – nay – super PRIME condition to handle ’em with GUSTO and APLOMB – and I mean both mentally and physically.

Physically, ask the modern day man to pump out pull-ups, and chances are excellent he wont be able to do ONE SINGLE rep in proper form.

That’s right – not ONE SINGLE REP. Thats how far gone most modern day “men” are.

Modern man is content to “yank away” at the handles of the lat pulldown machine and insert pin after pin to adjust weight, all the time preening and posing with that “greased lat” look, claiming he’s built real strength, and yet funnily enough he’s the first to get injured every time he attempts to add on even more weight in an unnatural manner.

I’ve never heard of an old timer that used the lat pulldown machine – have you? Other hand, I HAVE heard of plenty of , if not ALL the old timers that did various forms of pull-ups regularly, and were pretty darned good at them!

Now, it’s true that not all of us have jobs or vocations that require us to be in super shape physically – but yet, it’s a well known fact that you’ll never ever develop your mental faculties to the level you can  (and trust me, the sky is the  limit here) if you don’t develop the physical first – the RIGHT way.

In other words – the RIGHT forms of exercises not only stimulate the brain – but help it grow.

Not only that –  if you present your brain with a vexing problem – or perhaps a sales page to write – and then “take off” for the next few hours going for a walk, or perhaps doing 0 Excuses Fitness – well – guess what happens when you come back to whatever it is you’re doing.

You’re refreshed – and your mind has likely already found the solution to what you were doing.

Pull-ups – and all their variations, advanced or not are one of the RIGHT types of exercises to do, my friend.

Last, but not least advanced bodyweight workouts make you FEEL like a billion bucks. Think of it as not the “icing on the cake” – but the triple layers of fudge on a suddenly supersized ice cream cone”. Mmm!

They make you feel like a REAL MAN –  BRIMMING WITH CONFIDENCE “the cup brimmeth over” ready to tackle anything and everything  with VIM, VIGOR AND GUSTO – and handle ALL the curve balls life throws at ya!

And physically, they make you strong – super strong – animal like strong – so strong that you could probably stare five “modern day men” in the eye and have them wilt like drooping wallflowers just with the ferocity of your gaze, and the intensity of your focus!

Wouldn’t you like to fall into the category I just mentioned, as opposed to the “typical” modern day man category?

I’m sure you would – and if you train the right way, you’ll FEEL that way all the time. Problems will melt away, and folks will look at you in a NEW light, my friend.

You’ll not only look different – you’ll feel different as well. There’ll be a new “buzz” coming from you that even will find HARD to explain, but those around you will sense it instantly.

The SEAS OF YOUR LIFE will begin to part before your very eyes.

Rahul Mookerjee pumping out a COMBO of TWO advanced variations of the pull-up 

My ADVANCED pull-up workout today

I just got back from the local park buzzing with energy like never before – and guess what I did as the majority  of my workout.

Nothing but pull-ups. Sure, I mixed in other stuff – pushups – squats – handstand pushups etc – but the VAST bulk of my training today was, you guessed it – PULL-ups.

I could barely turn the keys to my apartment door when I got back home – that’s how “swollen” and RAW my forearms feel (you know, that worked DEEP TO THE BONE feeling!).

I’ve got an XLL jacket on – which is about one size larger than  my shoulders – or at least, it was. It seems I’ve “grown” out of it in the space of an afternoon, such was the effect upon my SHOULDERS this afternoon.

And my core?  Let me just say that my abdominals have been put through a pounding – and you bet your “Betsy” I’ll feel it tomorrow. Oh YEAH I will.

And again – I’m not shitting ya when I tell you pull-ups made up the bulk of my training – but what I have NOT told you is that these weren’t the regular pull-ups I refer to so often in “Pull-ups – – from Dud to Stud”.

Those are tough enough for the average Joe to do – or even complete ONE rep to be honest – but what I did today sends regular pull-ups out of the ballpark with ONE single almighty SWING, my friend.

ADVANCED pull-ups – – and that, my dear reader, is what I’m bringing to YOU in this course.

“Your shoulders and back look REALLY nice!” 

 ……… While talking to my wife sometimes during the last couple of days, she made a comment that was telling not just due to “what” she said, but the hidden import behind it.

I was wearing one of my workout vests as usual – that being my preferred means of clothing here ALL day due to the extreme heat — and I was discussing fitness with her, I think.

I was talking about staying in shape despite NOT having access to the hill I used to on a daily basis in China – – and despite NOT having access to some of the other “tools” I used there.

And she turned around, looked at my back and shoulders and said this – – “Your back and shoulders look really nice! They’re filling out even more than they were before, and look really nice!”  ………

Well, well, WELL! On that note, let’s look at some OTHER benefits you’ll get from this course, all equally palatable and desirable to the average Joe and gym maniac alike … benefits you CANNOT get from other routines. 

What you will get from THIS course

  • 25 different ways to do pull-ups that will leave you in the DUST and GOGGLING in wonder, my friend. Literally – you’ll be learning variations on the pull-up that you’ve never ever even DREAMT of before, let alone HEARD OF!
  • 15 different WORKOUTS that will have your entire upper body squealing for mercy – and your muscle literally writhing in agony – and pulsating with a NEW life.
  • How to get in a COMPLETE upper body workout – with just the pull-up alone (and if you do it right, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes – and you’ll be SPANKED at the end of it).
  • RAW, ferocious animal like strength you cannot get from other movements. You’ll be a NEW MAN (or woman) after a few days of doing what’s specified in this course.
  • A TRULY ripped and functionally (MEGA) strong midsection. You’ll have slabs of GRANITE for abs, and your obliques will turn into twin corded pylons of steel-like power, endurance, flexibility and “feel”!
  • Hidden secrets and KEYS to increasing the intensity and effectiveness of the pull-up that NO-ONE else is telling you – – including – – hold on to your hats – – how to change LEG positioning to completely change up the effect of the exercise! THIS ONE tip alone is worth the price of admission, my friend.
  • That coveted “X” shape will be YOURS. Oh yes, it WILL!
  • A grip like it was made of rebar, and fingers of IRON. Fingers like CLAWS, more like and hands like PLIERS.  If folks were scared to shake your hand before – well, they’ll definitely SHY away in FORCE now (hint – Read Alan Murray’s testimonial on this on the testimonials page, hehe).
  • Corded forearms with veins running up and down them pulsating with LIFE FORCE, ENERGY, VITALITY and STRENGTH!
  • Massive, well built shoulders that are broader than a BARN DOOR, and are every bit as strong as they look!
  • A MAMMOTH, BRAWNY upper back that looks like it belongs to an old timer.
  • Traps extending all the way up to your ears that look like they belong on a silverback gorilla! 
  • A “packed” chest that literally RIPPLES – nay, STREAMS with muscle every time it moves!
  • SUPER CARDIO – Oh and lest you believe pull-ups won’t give you good cardio, well – think again. Some of these pull-ups will give you the most intense cardio you’ve had in your life, except in LESSER time!

And much, much more ….

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(Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)


Now, the last thing I want to say is this – – this course is ONLY for the “elitest of elite”, my friend.

I only want people that are DOERS – REAL DOERS – and folks that are willing to DO what it takes to succeed both in the battle of LIFE and otherwise, my friend. I only want SERIOUS AND COMMITTED people!

I want people that have what it takes to push themselves beyond normal, advanced and even “somewhat advanced” to SUPER DUPER – RAREFIED LEVELS OF FITNESS AND STRENGTH!

In short – – long story short as it were, if you’ve borne with thus far (and if you’ve navigated to this page to begin with), well, you’re in the right company, my friend.

And you’ve made ONE smart choice already by coming to this page.

One smart choice equals and begets another. Make that choice by ordering now, and watch a whole new world open up to you.

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 (Currently being sold as an e-book – so there are NO waiting times involved for shipping – – download right after making payment!)



Rahul Mookerjee