Grind, you SOB. Grind!
- It's the only fucking way.

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When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When it hands you juicy fruits on a platter or after a lot of hard work, meaning you “deserve it” – make it give you more lemons and then grind more.

Noone cares about what you did yesterday, the big sale you made, the breakthrough you achieved.

It’s about today.

Live in the fucking moment. Make the most of it.

Be a fucking beast.

I don’t care if you’re so exhausted as I am that you’re blinking to keep your eyes open – can’t do a single more pull-up – or what not.

That’s tough shit.

Take a cue from the drunken cop in Jannat 2 who finds a way to keep his eyes on the prize even in the alcoholic stupor he’s in all day – and GETS it.

People don’t just stare at me because they think I’m a movie star – that’s part of it, yes.

But the other unsung part?

“That’s one obsessed crazy motherfucker!”

That I am, friend. Always will be. Never wanted it different.


Get back to it, bro.

Grind another 10 reps out.

Keep going.

Most folks are content to wail, blame the economy, other shit for their problems. They’re quick to mouth BS affirmations like “I’m rich” 108 times.

None of that shit works. You know that.

Grinding is what does. Or, persistence, truly to the character of man as carbon is to steel, like the great Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich.

Giving up is never an option. It never has been for me.

If you’re breathing, you’re in the game.

Grind, mofo, grind. Welcome it. never shy away from it.

Do more squats.



Breathe. Refocus. Not solved?

Do more pushups.

Repeat. Problem solved finally?

Do more pushups anyway.

Like water against rock, nothing can stand in the way of determined “pounding” away. . .

Problems, rocks, mental barriers, they all eventually disappear and disintegrate into nothingness if you grind long enough.

Very unsexy advice,but it’s the only thing that works in life.


The pain you’re facing is not just temporary. It’s an opportunity to GROW regardless of your current level at anything. Welcome it. Want more of it.

Be savage.

Do the thing.

Put aside the “I’m exhausted, depressed” and other horseshit excuses.

Be a fucking animal.

And there it is.

More such down to earth motivation in Zero to Hero, and Gumption Galore – two of my most acclaimed books.

More later.


Rahul Mookerjee

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