Truly the voice of REASON and faith as always.

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Nah, I ain’t referring to Marc the African Silverback Gorilla – truly a luminary in that regard as y’all well know!

Walking back from school today,  asked the daughter how much the ex complained to her about me yesterday.

Valid question..

Anytime she’s frustrated with her own life, of course it’s all my fault.

My daughter laughed.

“the usual”.


She keeps complaining you do nothing for us.


What do you think, I asked her idly knowing the answer.

But it surprised even me.

“Of course you do! You just do it indirectly”!

I cant remember the exact word she used.

But the vehemence wth which she answered said it all.

It’s pathetic how Nazi feminists will try and turn kids against their own father – then blame the father for all the issues in life they never let him fix.

It’s truly, as I said earlier, a self defeating and destructive – to self and all – mentality.

“I don’t think your wife even knows how destructive she has her to your relationship”.

Sage as always, REMORSELESSLY logical as a real man should be and is – from the African Silverback Gorilla.

And when even the kid says “I just do what I do to survive” (in terms of Moms incessant banshee wail) – well, there’s no further proof of what I said above.

“It’ll be a win win for both when you finally leave”, she said sagely.


Not for the ex.

The favorite whipping boy will be long gone…

She just yells because her own life is in tatters, I grinned at the daughter, who grinned back, truly the chip off the old block.

“She says the same thing about my school teachers”.

I had to laugh out loud.

Truly, and the ex told me this once – women are each other’s worst enemies.

Logic, anyone?

I didn’t think so. Hehe.

Then we spoke about how “Granny has decided to ignore me”.

Great, I laughed.

Like a few Bozos here on this list and a few gawkers that keep complaining about me, whining about product prices etc – yet secretly want my stellar and nigh unmatched results, hence haunt this place with an unmatched passion because they know I’m the real deal and are addicted to me – she claims she ignores me, but follows everything I do anyway with such passion you’d think it’s the other way around ie she can’t get enough of me. Hehe.

Men, learn how to deal with this shit. Turn the gaslighting and ridiculous demands, blame games etc around.

Achieve what you were meant to ask a real man.

Reject the BS programming..

And that’s that.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My daughter is only 10. She’s known this for years. Should tell you just how stupid all of this is.

Not to mention her bitching (ex) about “don’t talk about me on Twitter”.


Good luck taking my freedom of speech hun. Especially when I state cold hard facts and nothing else.

Call Elon. I’ll throw a few quarters in even!

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