I train when I …FEEL like it.

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I do.

Most of you, especially the vast fat lazy majority whining about body aches, days off, “letting muscles recover”, not doing pushups or high rep workouts daily because they’re “pointless” (reality is that can’t do it themselves) – morons that claim about high rep workouts being “boring” – the “we are big but not fat” blubbery jokers – will be STUNNED to hear me say this.

Yet, it’s true.

I’ve gone on record saying and it’s very true that I don’t believe in days off no matter what – in anything.

Life, biz, fitness. No holidays. I work, train and yes, party – 7 days out of the week. I’ve earned the right to in the last case and then some. No pun! Haha.

I don’t believe in holidays, weekends etc. You make progress daily no matter how or where you’re at NOW. Anyone that sits on their keister and says “I don’t need to push so hard because I already have X money, fitness, life gains etc” is not only an idiot but on the way to LOSING it all.

Training wise, training when you “feel” like it is a recipe for disaster. You should be doing exactly what you don’t “feel” like doing. Your feelings don’t count – the grind does. Simple.

Women making these feeling oriented statements, well, that’s females for you. But men making those above statements is inexcusable. You’re not a real man if you make those statements – most aren’t. Simple.

So …. Back to the above.

In China I had this routine of 4-6 hour daily hikes. I did it daily. Rain. Hail. Snow (the rare cases we had snow – not Snow beer, hehe). And yes, in category three hurricanes too with trees literally falling down around me.

These days, I train … All day.

Sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning, won’t even have my green tea and dive straight into the splits.

Other days I’m “comatose” till 4 and then all of a sudden I spring into action.

Either way by the end of the day I not only have all my biz tasks accomplished – but also a bare minimum of 150 pushups, 40 pull-ups, lots of stretching and squats, and walks too.


It’s about making sure you feel like it at some point. . .

. . . And if you’re serious about it you will.

See if you can figure that out.

Was interesting walking back yesterday evening after a smoke, a large monkey (these monkey packs terrorize a lot of the “good folks” they’re around where I live – only the Lawd knows why the government doesn’t take care of the issue as they damn well should) was lurking in the shadows next to the gate.

I noticed the next door neighbours all staring at me curiously and “waiting” for me to walk in first.

I did.

Not a care in the world. I had seen some large object lurking yes, but I didn’t care.

Suddenly the monkey appeared in full focus, teeth bared. Fight or flight mode as it reared back, ready to pounce.

“Chill!” I barked. Or “easy!” as I do with over aggressive dogs marking their territory.

These monkeys routinely bite people, my mother included, so most are scared of them.

As this one stared at me and suddenly made away (like the idiot years ago pestering me about why I didn’t work my mind instead of doing pull ups took off like the wind after I turned around after a set of pull-ups) I heard the lady gasp. “You’re so brave!”.

Nah,  i laughed.

I didn’t notice it ..

Actually I had. Hehe. But … I didn’t care.

When you’re a beast, an animal, animals can sense that vibe better than humans. Humans can too, of course, which is why I have zero qualms walking around dark dangerous parts of town alone, completely unarmed. (That last bit shouldn’t be taken to extremes, an excuse for doing stupid things – I’m just telling ya!).

An interesting side note, but it fits in with what Im saying here ..

All happens because I train when I FEEL like it. .never IF I feel like it though. There’s a huge difference!

See if you can figure it out!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Monkey see, monkey do – especially in the pull-ups and monkey bars which everyone, especially most fat men – AVOID like the plague as it brutally exposes their flab and lack of fitness like no other.

And part of the reason for my animal like vibe is the animal like workouts I partake of regularly. The ones detailed in Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

A book which you must grab if you’re even REMOTELY interested in real old school training and the results to boot.

And that’s that.

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