Are pull-ups really “necessary”?

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It’s another highly idiotic whine I hear a lot of times from obese men, even a lot of sp called bestselling fitness authors – are pull-ups really necessary?

It’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard, and that’s saying something. I’ve heard a lot of stupid shit!

In the vast majority, actually ALL these cases – these people cannot do pull-ups themselves due to excess fat around the midsection – are too lazy to get in shape – but WANT to be the pull up stud deep down inside. The work required is too much for them, so along with the “different body type” moronic statements and idiotic “I’m big but not fat” statements – they question what is truly the GOLD standard of fitness.

Are pull ups necessary?

If you’ve ever done them right you wouldn’t be asking me that. HA!

Let’s face it, Sonny boy.

EVERYONE wants to get good at pull-ups and be a STUD at them like yours truly.

Few are prepared to put in the work so they hide behind ridiculous non sequiturs.

Obvious physical benefits aside which we have discussed a lot, an exercise that elite forces globally pride themselves on their ability to do in high reps as do I – martial artists, boxers etc.

Are they necessary?


No, they don’t replace pushups, but neither do pushups replace pull-ups.

And overall, the pull-up is FAR harder on the grip and upper body than pushups while pushups tax the entire body in a way pullups cant.

Pushups are the king.

Pull-ups the emperor.

And that’s that.

Stop making excuses and get to it.



PS – The 0 Excuses Fitness system provides the perfect baseline for getting better at two of the toughest exercises out there.

Pushups – pushup Central and Pushup Central – the TIPS! Are must grabs.

And in terms of pull-ups, Pull-ups – from Dud to STUD within a matter of WEEKS! & Pull-ups from Stud to super stud within WEEKS – along with Pull up Central are the golden ticket to learning how to perform and reaching rarefied and glorious heights at this superlative exercise.

Get to it.

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