Am I RELLLLAXED or what!

Oh, brother.

I’m RELAXED – as in ZONED out x 100.

As in, so relaxed a war could break out right outside my front window and I’d probably watch on in a “benevolent” mood. That, or attempt to mediate, hehe.

To put it another way, I think I know a little something about the “state of relaxation” that Bodhidharam was said to have achieved by meditating for years in his cave.

To say thats a stretch would be putting it mildly, of course, but you get my drift.

And yet, I’m sweating. My entire back is soaked, and it didnt feel that way when I was finishing what I like to call the “2 pushup” workout.

What did I do? Well, simple. My “favorite” exercise and the “table” pushup for reps until I reached 200. In sets 25, to be precise.

My forearms, traps and lower back feel like they’ve been through the GRINDER – but in a good way – at least for now, haha. I’m sure I’ll feel them more later.

Anyway, since I’m in such a “benevolent” mood right now, I’ve decided to run a special offer on my site for my main product “0 Excuses Fitness”. Stay tuned for that one – you’ll think I “done” gone crazy when you see it!

Very best,


P.S. : – The book doesnt talk much about Bodhidharma, but I bet he thought highly of deep breathing. And I do as well: –

P.S #2: – Did I forget – my ABS are starting to SCREAM!