Ahoy 2018!

Dear reader,

Well, well, well – there are about two and a quarter hours remaining until the clock ticks over to the New Year, my friend – a year that you should welcome in with – as I like to say, VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO!

2018 is also gonna be the year of the dog in good ole mainland China, and in this dog eat dog world, the best thing you can do for yourself is invest in yourself, my friend.

And while my products are a darn good investment, I’m NOT referring to my products here.

I’m referring to taking some time out and INTROSPECT – be grateful – and dream, my friend.

Grateful should be what hits the #1 spot on your list, my friend. And if you can’t find more than ten things off the top of your head to be grateful about, then you’ve got a serious, serious problem brewing, my friend – and it’s an INTERNAL problem.

I did this today, and before I knew it my list was about 3 pages long, and the feelings of sheer DELIGHT I was experiencing were second to none, my friend. Second to NONE, and I not only had an awesome workout thereafter, but am also gonna put out a BRAND NEW fitness product that will knock the living socks out of y’all, my friends.

Stay tuned for that one; it’s an ADVANCED fitness course for those that DARE to ACHIEVE and ACCOMPLISH fitness at the very highest levels imaginable, but for now, the next thing is to dream.

Dream of the goals you have. Dream of the plans you have. Dream of the plans you WILL accomplish, bar NO barriers!

Do so with gusto, my friend. See it become reality before it does, and chances are it WILL before you even begin to expect it.

Along the way, it’s also good to introspect, and take more than a few deep breaths while “waving goodbye” to 2017, my friend.

And that’s that. Man I’m so buzzed about my new course …but I won’t spill the beans as yet. Not as yet, my friend!

As an aside, I had a truly spectacular workout – and let’s just say it involved ALL the exercises I’ve spoken about it my courses.

I’m hammered – well and truly hammered – and while the rest of the world is out partying, nothing of that nature for THIS cat.

In fact he might just get in workout #2 – a few long stretches at the stroke of 12 and thereabouts. Matter of fact, I probably WILL get in workout #2, hehe.

Back at y’all in the New Year then. Until then be safe – and don’t forget to …


Here’s wishing you the best 2018 ever.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Although my new fitness courses is not going to be out until a few days later, the good news is there is plenty for you to do right NOW, my friend.  Check out the following URL for more – Products

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