Gui lao “Ee Schong, Schong”!

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Dear reader

So, I got done with  my 0 Excuses Fitness “living room” workout this afternoon, and was preparing to head out to “train” a student.

But ’tis wasn’t to be, my friend – not today at least.

A last minute change of plans on her end meant that her class is now scheduled for a tomorrow morning instead of tonight.

I hate last minute changes – don’t you as well? But, sometimes one can’t avoid them, so all good.

Being I ws temporarily at a loss as to what exactly to do in the time I had earmarked for her, I figured what better way to fill this time than to train – well – somebody – and that somebody goes by the name Rahul Mookerjee.

So,  I headed out to the park to do some pull-ups. Slow and easy, slow and easy – and as I was getting through the reps I heard a strange sort of “muttering” going on.

Going on behind me as a matter of what ,and the tone was incredulous, even “in awe” you might say.

This is what it sounded like.

“Gui  lao Ee Schong, Gui Lao ee Schong”.

And immersed as I was in  my pull-ups I didnt stop to think about it until the second or third set was over, and as I paused, I took in the two dudes who were doing their version of a “goggling halibut” as I did my pull-ups.

And then it hit me.

China – and these were Chinese people, and of course. He was trying to speak English, hehe, but “strong” came out as “Scchong”, or something to that effect.

Or perhaps it was “Zhuang”, which is the Mandarin Chinese word for “strong”.

“Foreign devil, strong, stronnnnng”

Whatever it was, words are NOT necessary at the best of times in certain situations and this was one of them. Even if he hadn’t spoken a word, the “tone” of his voice and the “look in his eye” said it all.

You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? That looks that says “REAL STRENGTH” as opposed to … ah, but we’ll get to that now.

As I moved away from the bars, both these dudes showed up to do their version of pull-ups, replete with grunting, and “pseduo warm-ups”, and plenty of “lat flares”.

You know – the stuff the “bros” love to flaunt at the gym.

But it wasn’t that so much that was downright CRINGEWORTHY as what they did later.

One of them literally “jumped” on to the pull-up bar and started swinging wildly back and forth like a monkey (sort of as if his shoulder was a hinge) and then started to literally “kick” – or “kip” his way up to about 10 or so pull-ups before his partner followed suit.

And the LESS said about the second guy the better.

If there were ever less sloppy reps (and a less sloppier physique, to be frank) I’m yet to see ’em.

In “Pull-ups from Dud to Stud I repeatedly state two things.

One being that my way of teaching you how to go from “DUD -> STUD” when it comes to pull-ups likely jars – and then some – with what most folks have learnt thus far about pull-ups.

Second, you DO NOT USE momentum!

Both “kipping” and using momentum defeat the very purpose of this exercise, my friend – and while you may be able to up the reps in a sloppy sort of manner this way, it will never ever build any sort of real strength.

You’ll never EVER build up to scary levels of real strength that way, and chances are slim or next to none that you’ll ever get comments such as the above directed at you if you do what you are NOT supposed to – and slim just left town.

Not only that – it’s an invitation to injury WAITING TO HAPPEN!

It never ceases to amaze me just how STUPID some folks can be when it comes to working out.

And you know what else is stupid?

Those nuts at the gym that “race” through multiple high rep sets at the lat pull-down  machine – an unnatural movement if one – and yet another open invitation to injury.

And no, that movement ain’t gonna build any real strength either and it will NOT – I repeat – NOT translate into real pull-ups done 0 Excuses style, my BROTHERS (and “sistahs”  as well, hehe).

Don’t be the nut that “cheats” his way to high reps on any exercise – but specifically pull-ups.

But, but but … I hear some of you saying. I’d love to do 15 or more reps per set!

I’m sure you would – and thats a great goal to have.

But you gotta do it the right way, my friend or NOT at all. I don’t care how many reps you do – I can make FIVE pull-ups done CORRECTLY tougher than 15 in sloppy form any day of the week, and thats NOT an exaggeration.

My course “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD” has been turning folks all over the world from “ZERO” to “PULL-UP HERO” for ages now  – and if you’re one of those that want to be part of the latter category – well – hesitate NO longer, my friend.

Grab your copy right here – – and you’ll be hearing comments like the above in no time at all – directed at YOU!



P.S. – And yes, this advice applies to both men and women. Ladies, do NOT think for a minute that you cannot do pull-ups and do them as well as or better than  men. Oh YES you can if you APPLY yourself, “sistah” – OH YES, you CAN!

P.S. #2 – By the way, simply nodding the head and saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” (or “soon”) don’t count. Nodding the head only counts if you take PROMPT ACTION to BACK up that nod – and here is where you can undertake that ACTION – –

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