Improvise, adapt – and OVERCOME!

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Dear Reader,

My post on “meat cleaver forearms” the other day seems to have attracted quite a bit of attention, as does the original Gorilla Grip book itself.

For some reason, although I’ve put out an advanced course on grip training as well – stuff that would knock the pants off even the most experienced of preeners and posers at the local “meathouse” – the ORIGINAL course is what most people like the most, and what sells the most as well.

Just goes to show you that “getting back to basics” is never ever a bad thing, hehe. And truth be told, you could work on the exercises mentioned in Gorilla Grip ALL your life – and still NOT master even one of them fully – so tough are the exercises mentioned therein.

Here is where you can grab your copy – –

Now at the beginning of that course, I mention a conversation – an actual conversation I had with my buddy Vincent, an ex-Marine – a man that’s done over 25 years of service in the Marines, and a man who … Well, those of you that are regular readers of this newsletter know who  I’m talking about!

That was one conversation, of course, and we often chat back and forth about various things – life included – and when strange problems crop up – or when “the unexpected occurs”, he’s naturally one of the persons I “bounce” stuff off a lot.

My own motto is this – “Expect the unexpected” – – and this “There is NO such beast as coincidence”.

If you’re running into the same person over and over again – or facing the same issue over and over again – or unable to get past a sticking point no matter what you do – – there is a REASON behind it, my friend.

And one of my buddy’s favorite lines – and one of mine as well, come to think of it is this – “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”.

I’ll never forget the number of times we’ve “raised a toast” to this motto.

For those “not in the know”, U.S. Marines, and special forces in general all over the world might have a chain of command and definitely DO have a hierarchy, but this doesn’t mean that direct orders are always issued.

They have to deal with a broad spectrum of issues which requires decision making – and swift decisions at that – on the SPOT – without time to “ask one’s superiors” about every little detail.

In short, a Marine knows BOTH how to follow orders – and adapt/improvise as required when IMPLEMENTING those orders.

And this one skill, my friend is something we’d ALL do well to pick up and use in our daily lives.

We often (more often than not) end up encountering the unexpected. Plans don’t always go “according to plan”. Things happen. And so forth.

Always be ready. Always have a back up plan. Improvise – then ADAPT them plans – and finally, overcome that obstacle – or sticking point – and if there’s one takeaway from today’s email, well, this is IT.

Now, the great part about all this?

Well, fitness wise, the 0 Excuses Fitness System requires you to bear that above philosophy in mind – but the easy part is you do NOT have to “make new plans” if the gym is closed.

If you don’t feel like doing regular pushups, there’s always another alternative – and it can be done right there in your living room.

If it’s hot and humid out there and the “sticky” weather makes you want to stay home in air-conditioning all day long, well, I understand – – but there’s an option to get your cardio in ANYWAY at home if you do it right.

All the plans you need to improvise in terms of workouts are laid out for you in black and white in the System – – and the videos give you further instruction on how to further “customize” or “improvise” (and then ADAPT) according to your own situation.

The System is available right here, by the way – –

So if you’re currently at a sticking point in your fitness regimen (and I know many of you reading this are) – or if the gym “just ain’t getting the job done” (and again, I know many in that boat) – – well – – improvise, and make a change.

I’ll say it again – improvise – – adapt – – and OVERCOME!

That is really all there is to it, my friend.

Ok, I’m off for some victuals. I’ll be back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Meat cleaver forearms are great, and are something most men want, and the first step to obtaining them is to train the RIGHT way. And the exercises you need as a baseline are mentioned right here – –

Grab your copy today, and start building those sledgehammer like forearms that’ll have Popeye’s “eyes” bulging in wonder, hehe.

P.S #2 – Quote of the day –  “The function of fear is to warn us of danger – NOT to make us afraid to face it!”.

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