Train your body from ALL angles and ALL directions

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Dear Reader,

Came back home after a great, great workout today – and found the wife/daughter in a bit of a cranky mood, the daughter EXTRA cranky.

She’s been extra moody and cranky over the past week or so. Part of that was her health – she’s been down with the flu and only just recovering, but the bad mood seems to be affecting my wife as well …

Anyway, they were in a “royal” bad mood when I returned if you get my drift, but though I could have joined the “bad mood” party – I did nothing of the sort.

Mostly because I knew what was going on.

Due to the monsoon my daughter hasn’t been going to the basketball class she normally goes to – and has been going stir crazy looking at the Tee Vee and dumbphone galore (after school).

Not to mention stuffing herself to the gourd with junk food. Sure, allowances can be made for a 4 year old, but that was basically what caused her body to break down ultimately and the flu to “manifest” fully if that makes sense (one little thing, then another … and then … you get the drift, I’m sure!).

“Let’s go on outside to the park”,  I suggested.

And after some dillying, dallying, and punching Papa, off it was to the park, and my daughter’s mood changed almost as soon as we stepped outside – for the better.

There’s a lesson to be learnt from this.

Don’t give a young kid enough physical activity, and he/she will go STIR crazy – much like a domestic dog – or any other animal in the wild would if kept “cooped up”.

Anyway, one of the games we played with her was “catch me if you can”, which basically involves running as fast as you can and not letting the other person catch you.

Sounds simplistic, but this type of thing can give the average adult / gym goer the workout of their LIVES – especially if the persons involved run FAST!

My wife used to run back in the day, and I was getting her to run as well as I ran after her – and run she did – but NOT straight.

No, it was like a grizzly chasing a rabbit – the minute I got to her, she’d take off in a different direction.

A most enjoyable workout, and let me tell you, though I’m used to sprinting straight, doing so in circles and in “stop-start” patterns got my heart pumping pretty well too.

And that’s pretty much what I want to tell  you – and what I’ve said in Advanced Hill Training as well – although I don’t remember if I mentioned it explicitly – but the pictures do a darn good job of showing you anyway.

Training in all angles and directions is also what you do when you’re doing the majority of the pushups in 0 Excuses Fitness – be they reverse, Hindus, tables, or any others.

THIS, my friend is the true way to train – Nature’s way if I may say – as opposed to grunting out reps with a heavy ass bar with your back on the bench – an utterly ridiculous movement if  I might say so.

Let me ask you this – does the bench have ANY cross over to regular physical activities in daily life – or combat?

Is there a situation you face daily or in combat where you’re in the benching position and struggling to push a weight off off you ( and no – wrestling ain’t it either – thats a completely different ball of wax!)

Hmm … I hear crickets. I didn’t think so either, hehe.

So that’s today’s tip – train from all angles and all directions – and do so with vim, vigor and intensity. You’ll be all the better off for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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