Is roadwork required?
- The answer might surprise you!

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Dear Reader,

I received an interesting question from a reader a coupla days ago – let’s take a look.

Hi Rahul,

I’ve recently invested in the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and love how the pushup workout you’ve got in there has you sweating – in an air conditioned environment, as you say. I’m going to give these exercises a solid try for a month or so and get back – but for now, I have a question for you.

In your book, you promote the virtues of regular walking, and hill climbing. My question is this – are regular walks – or, as boxers do “roadwork” – absolutely required, or can I get equally good results without doing this?

Let me know, and thanks again for putting great stuff out on a regular basis.


Well – – Oliver – – that is a great, great question indeed and one I’ll answer now – at length, as many OTHER readers have asked me the SAME question as well!

First off, it’s important to define what exactly roadwork is – and what might surprise you is this – roadwork as it’s traditionally thought of isn’t the only way to do roadwork by far.

I’ve written before about my own routines – and how I incorporate roadwork into them occasionally.

And while the age old image of the boxers running mile after mile are the first things that come to mind (hey, who can forget Mr. T – the “300 mile a week” runner, eh?!) when we think roadwork, the truth is this isn’t required for most people – and the truth also is “it depends”.

I did roadwork at the end of my routines earlier on in the year, but before that my routine consisted SOLELY of the exercises you see in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – the SAME workouts and routines that got me in top shape as I am NOW.

Later on during the year, as well as now, I’ve been doing outdoor workouts again – pullups, dips etc – and YES, I do some roadwork these days again – but do I NEED to do it?

Not really. I do it because I don’t have a hill for one in the area I live in – – and I get good cardio from roadwork, but it ain’t the kind of pavement pounding most folks think about when it comes to roadwork.

No – I’ll run at a BRISK pace – that is key here, and I’ll often throw punches while running. Or, I might mix in brief walks – or (usually) pushups – and jumping rope as well on occasion into my roadwork.

The key thing is this – I do it break up my routine and relieve “occasional” monotony – and also because it’s something NEW (if you don’t do it all the time).

Constantly challenging your body to try out new things, and constantly breaking out of ruts – and routines – is KEY to achieving great things when it comes to fitness, or life for that matter. 

Now, the million dollar question – is it REQUIRED?

I’d say no – but done occasionally, it can spice up and add great, great value to your routine.

If ALL you do for your entire life from here on in is what I’ve outlined in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – well, not only will you get in great shape – but your overall health, stamina and fitness levels will improve immeasurably – by leaps and bounds.

Folks will be amazed at how quickly the pounds fly off – and so will you. And for those of you with bloodwork issues, your doc will likely be goggling in amazement as well six months or so after starting these routines – and if you don’t believe me – well, I’ve BEEN There too!

But … its always good to change things up – and walking – or other roadwork that takes you outdoors is required as well, and I state this in the System.

So while you don’t need to do it daily – or even monthly – and while you certainly do NOT need to pound the pavement, the point is this – occasional roadwork is not required – but is ENCOURAGED – if just to (literally!) shake things up and keep it new and interesting once in a while.

Feel free to get inventive as well when doing roadwork – there ain’t a “one size fits all” here – much  like with the System itself!

So – hope that answers your question Oliver – as well for the rest of you guys that have asked. Thanks again for investing in the System – you’ll quickly see that the “treadmill to nowhere” is just that – a mammoth waste of time!

All for now. I’ll be back later – in the meantime – if you’ve got questions – feel free to write in and let me know. I’ll address them by and by (as many as I can!) …


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oliver was one of the many folks there are out there that were getting tired of the constant “pounding the treadmill” routines and getting nowhere anytime soon with his weight loss routines (that the “experts” advised him to stay on). He’s taking the right steps to rectify this issue though – and if you haven’t already – I’d highly advise you to follow his lead right here – –

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