The old man that “paces” in China
- .... an unique workout if there ever was one!

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Dear Reader,

I’ve written a lot before the old man I met in China while hiking my favorite mountain a number of times, and I’ve written just how inspired I was by him the first time I met him – and how his presence on that hill is a continued motivator and inspiration for me every time I see him – even after all these years!

That man is truly something (given his age) – but over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing another old dude “putting himself through the paces” on a daily basis out there in the park, and yet the two old dudes couldn’t be doing things more differently.

And yet, they’re doing the same thing – and getting similar results – well, somewhat.

What do I mean?

Well as I start my first jaunt up the hill these days, there is an old man that is there everyday – at the foot of the hill.

What he does is this – he paces back and forth in a feverish, yet somehow unhurried fashion between two points at a medium speed – walking with his arms swinging by him, not quite military style – but not quite the “regular” style of walking either.

He goes from point A which is about say a 2 minute or so walk from point B (the base of the hill) – and back again.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth he goes – and a good hour – or sometimes an hour and a half later, I’m descending the hill after two or three TOUGH climbs – soaked in sweat – and I see this old man – still at it!

I don’t know if I could keep up that sort of routine to be honest. I’d get way bored, but then again, the old man probably uses this as his “thinking time” as opposed to exercise time.

And truth be told, though this sort of routine is EASY for me (to say the least!) I have to give this old man credit where credit is due.

First, for doing something – and doing it daily – and doing it with unwavering discipline that folks less than half his age would be hard pressed to match.

It’s no secret that the only walking the average adult does is either between cubes in the office – or from the sofa to the bathroom  – or the aisles in the mall to the comfy seats in the car.

And it’s no secret, of course, that the average adult is sadly out of shape – when it doesn’t have to be the case!

Now, that doesn’t mean I’d recommend a routine such as the old man follows – – but hey, if the general populace were to pace back and forth feverishly for hours – I’ll bet you my bottom dollar a lot of the FAT on their frames would start to disappear – and quickly, at that.

Of course, this isn’t by any means the best way to workout – but hey, it’s better than nothing – and certainly better than yakking around on the machines at the gym as well!

Of course, results speak. While this man is in great shape – slim and fit for his age, he still can’t hold a candle to the sheer strength and vitality the other old man exudes – and the difference in routines is the reason behind this.

Anyway, thats today’ update. Yours truly has been noticing this man for a while now, but I hadnt mentioned it in my daily emails as of yet.

Having gotten that off my chest, the only thing left to tell you is this – if you workout today – make it a FAST – and FURIOUS one – and make it the best one ever!

After that, you might want to partake of some “feverish” or even leisurely walking, my friend. And if it’s uphill – so much more so the better.

Combine the two – and you’ve got a winner, baby!


Rahul Mookerjee

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