The three body parts that instantly scream “Athlete!”
- And they probably aren't what you think either!

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Dear Reader,

If I were to ask you to list out three body parts (in no particular order, by the way) – that truly scream ATHLETICISM to all that “catch a glimpse”, what do you think they would be?

As for catching a glimpse … this is perfectly PG rated, so don’t worry!

3 body parts – BOTH for men, and for women.

Most people would answer “shoulders” – or “upper back” – and of course the usual culprits would be “chest” and a “sixpack”.

The first two are not necessarily wrong, but here’s the thing – while it’s hard to conceal broad shoulders and a massive, muscular upper back (that you get from doing the almighty PULL-UP on a regular basis) in any type of clothing – there are three OTHER body parts – that are IMPOSSIBLE to conceal.

If these parts are weak, you’ll find it hard to conceal – and if they’re STRONG – MASSIVELY so – then you’ll find that fact to be equally hard to disguise, regardless of the clothing you wear.

And these three parts are – in no particular order – the CALVES, FOREARMS – and the NECK!

While most men will likely pooh pooh at this suggestion and scream “chest” and “shoulders” – and “abs” – take a minute to think about it.

Boxers have massive chests, sure – but do elite swimmers?

Sprinters have MAMMOTH thighs – but do rock climbers?

The special forces are filled with supremely fit men or women – and yet “massive” anything isn’t necessarily a requirement or even an after-effect of the excellent sorts of training they do regularly …

And yet – what all these four (and more) groups all have in common – both from a male and female standpoint.

The three body parts I mentioned – and that is why I mentioned them!

You CANNOT be truly strong and athletic without having a muscular, flexible and well developed neck, for instance (note though I’m talking muscle – not size).

You CANNOT be as strong as you would like – you simply CANNOT – without a pair of rugged, “vein popping”, Popeye like forearms!

And last, but certainly not least, the calves are a dead giveaway in terms of indicating how much intense physical activity a person does.

And the right way to develop all these parts is not the machines they’ve got set up at the gym, my friend.

For instance, I’ve got those “diamond shaped” calves people so hanker after without stepping foot in the gym, and many a gym goer has asked me the secret behind it.

Well – it’s not really a secret for you 0 Excuses Fitness guys out there – and those that have invested in Eat More – Weigh Less are well cognizant of the “secret” as well, but for those that aren’t – one of the best things you can do in this regard is add NATURAL slopes (think hills etc) into your training.

And while climbing them repeatedly is good, there is so much more to it, my friend. So much more to it …

As for the neck, the very best practice you can engage in w.r.t this is the BRIDGE – in all it’s variants, shapes, forms and guises as I show you in the System. Work into it carefully – its a toughie – but it’s also an exercise that responds well to continuous training, and you’ll be nigh amazed at the progress you make – and the “bull neck” you start to develop after steady practice.

And as for the forearms?

Well – the very best and only thing I’d tell you do in that regard is to grab a copy of Gorilla Grip – the compilation – and do so PRONTO while copies last, my friend. I may not be offering this at the price it is for much longer, so if you want the secret to that “kung fu like” grip I keep referring to – well – it’s right there for the taking – for you!

And that is that for this email. Lots to ponder – do so – and if you workout today – make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another course that has been going like hotcakes as of late is Corrugated Core – check it out (if you have not already) right here – –

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