The workout that gets …. the NOD of APPROVAL!
- Oh yeah - BABY!

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Dear Reader,

In some of my writings and musings (non fitness related), I often refer to “the look in the eye”.

While these writings are all non fitness related, fitness wise,I’ve written about the look in the eye before – the Eye of the Tiger as well, if you get my drift!

It’s the initial impression you get when you see someone that is lean, MEAN – hungry – and a bonafide “boot to ass” butt kicking MACHINE, my friend.

And it’s also about the impression that a “man that is defeated inside” gives of internally.

In Rocky III, as Rocky faces off against his opponent, “Clubber Lang”, Lang takes one look at him before “trading gloves” and goes “Dead Meat!”

Rocky at that time (in the movie) just didn’t have that eye of the tiger – and he lost – and the same holds true for life as well.

In addition to the look in the eye, the NOD of APPROVAL – albeit often times silent and tacit is worth a mention or two.

Flashback to the Rocky series again (yes, I do talk a lot about that series, don’t I?!) – Rocky IV to be specific.

That movie is all about Rocky’s friend Apollo Creed taking a brutal beating at the hands of “Ivan Drago” – the 6’5″ behemoth who Rocky ultimately squares off against while seeking “revenge”.

Unlike the previous franchises, this movie makes it very clear that Rocky is “on his own” out there while training in the vast Russian Tundra.

While  his trainer is “there” – there is little he actually does, and he says as much.

“I know you’ve got to do almost everything alone up here!”

And as Rocky pounds out pull-ups, with about a year’s worth of growth (not really, hehe) – – and as the sweat literally pours off him as he does pull-ups first to the front of the neck and then the back – the trainer nods – approvingly.

As I was out there today completing a “reverse” workout from Eat More – Weigh Less, a man passing by me looked at me, and smiled – and as he looked at my calves, straining to complete each “excruciating” (again, not really, hehe) step  – – the nod came out.

That silent nod of approval. That nod that says “hmm, this guy has GOT it!”

And these are the sort of workouts you too should be partaking off, my friend. More pertinently THESE are the sort of workouts that get you results.

THESE are the workouts that really get you the six pack you’ve always wanted – and shoulders like the proverbial boulders for instance.

The “X” taper. The “corrugated core” – and so forth – and THAT IS WHY they also garner the silent, unspoken NOD of APPROVAL!

And again – THESE – my friend are the workouts you should be partaking of – on a nigh regular basis at that – if you want results – REAL results – and want ’em quick at that!

So drop the gym memberships now, my friend. Drop the fancy treadmills replete with a holder for a mugga and your dumb phone – the treadmill to nowhere, in other words.

Drop the long and drawn out routines.

Instead get a head start on routines that will get you in the best shape of your life – and do so right here –

I look forward to welcoming you on board!


Rahul Mookerjee

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