“Zero Excuses, Mofo!”
- When there is a will - there is ALWAYS a way!

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Dear Reader,

Well, so we’re in the middle of a “wet spell” right here in this neck of the woods, if I might say so, hehe.

And no, it’s NOT “that” type of a wet (or dry) spell for that matter. Mind out of the gutter, and all that good stuff …

Anyway, that said and jokes apart, it’s been pouring cats and dogs – and doing so incessantly as well over the last few days – and if there is one thing “El cat” here HATES more than anything else in terms of weather, it’s an incessant downpour.

Sure, it’s cooled things down somewhat, but I hate not being able to go out and get in my Eat More – Weigh Less workouts – or my pull-ups for that matter – and of course my hill climbs.

I did pushups yesterday at home, of course. Never any excuses to do NOTHING, but still, it wasn’t quite enough for me – and it was much happiness and satisfaction I noted last night that I had a workout planned on Thursday – with none other than Marc the African Silverback Gorilla (and in his cut off T-shirts, he looks every bit as menacing as I make it sound – you wouldn’t want to run up against him in a dark alley – that BE for sho!).

To make matters more interesting, this was a boxing workout – and given I haven’t hit the heavy bag in months (y’all will recall the fantastic workouts I had on the bag back in India) – I was raring to go – but yet, the rain this morning caused me to stop and ponder.

I sent Marc a text inquiring if he was up to it in the rain and all that. After all, it’s been a pretty steady incessant drizzle, and …

BOOM! Three text messages popped up on my phone and all three of them hit me like a jab flush on the nose as it were.

“**** yeah!”

“Get your ass on the bus, man!”

“Zero Excuses, mo***!” 

And get my arse in the bus I did – and 1.5 hours or so later I was through with one of the very best workouts I’ve had in recent times – not to mention one of the best learning sessions I’ve had.

Marc’s a superbly trained fighter – you wouldn’t believe it, but that gorilla moves around the ring like “greased lightning” as ole Mickey (Rocky) would put it – a classic case of “big doesn’t always mean slow!”

And why do I mention this here?

Well, two reasons.

First, as Marc rightly noted, there are never any excuses. There might be valid REASONS – but never any excuses, and more than what he said, it’s the WAY he said it that I loved – one could sense the passion coming off those words, and thats how it should be when it comes to fitness – or attacking goals- or playing the game of LIFE for that matter!

And second, this is precisely why I call my fitness System what I do i.e. 0 Excuses Fitness.

It truly leaves you with “0 Excuses, mofo!” and I care NOT if it’s snowing out there – or raining up a storm – or if it’s over a 100 degrees and hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk – there is ALWAYS a workout you can get in at home – with plenty of variety at that!

Zero excuses, and we sure made none during out workout today.

Felt great, and I got in a few Hindu pushups, regular pushups and squats before the start of it all as well.

That’s another thing about the Hindu pushups- they are a great, great way to stretch your upper and lower back out – in both directions – and increase flexibility as well.

Not to mention the fact they work muscles ALL over the body – muscles the average person probably hasn’t used in eons – if at all – much like today’s boxing workout did for me.

I can still feel it in my hips, calves and shoulders as I type this – and you gotta love that feeling. You simply have to – and I’ll sign off on that note for today.

What was YOUR 0 Excuses workout today?

Write back – and let us all know!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I noticed I forgot to include a link to the 0 Excuses Fitness System up there – here it is now – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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