Practice makes perfect, and the “no why” syndrome…
- Just do it - daily!

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Dear Reader,

Well, so the title of this email might come across as a tad strange, but bear with me as I explain!

A few weeks ago, a guy mysteriously added me “out of the blue” on WeChat – China’s most popular social messaging app – an app I must confess I don’t quite “like” but use anyway when I’m in China.

When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in China, do as the Chinese do (in most regards, anyway, hehe) – and all that fun stuff …

I didn’t recognize who the person was first – but turns out he was a guy that had contacted me in the past, ostensibly to help me learn Chinese as a friend.

Now, I’m a bit wary about being contacted by folks “out of the blue”, but a lot of times it turns out these people have good intentions, so I added the guy, and he taught me some Chinese on a daily basis – until a year or so ago, where his schedule necessitated him to stop doing so.

However, he’s back on the “teacher” wagon now, and being my knowledge of Mandarin is rudimentary at best, I’m more than happy to learn.

And my “daily duty” as he put it is to practice the four tones of the language.

Mandarin for those of you that don’t know has four tones – and Cantonese, the local dialect where I live supposedly has EIGHT. I don’t know about you, but for a “Western English” speaker like me, those tones all sound the same to me – and learning how to pronounce them correctly is like swimming the English channel – it doesn’t happen overnight, and requires YEARS of practice (especially if you’re a foreigner!).

What the dude really meant was this – PRACTICE makes PERFECT – which is what I’ve told all my language students in the past.

Practice daily, and you’ll improve. It’s just as simple as that.

Applies to me, applies to YOU – applies to everyone in any field of life – and fitness? Oh hell yeah, it applies there either!

When I underwent my dramatic “120-60” transformation, it was DAILY practice and “putting the hard yards in” (sometimes as early as 530 AM in the AM) that got the job done, my friend.

When I set a goal to do 500 pushups a day – it was daily practice that got me there. It did NOT happen overnight.

And the other reason I mention this is – “just buckling down and DOING the thing – with NO questions asked” is as important as actually doing the thing.

When learning the Chinese language, I often catch myself asking “why” the language is spoken in a certain manner.

For instance, “Wo jing tian hen lei” translates directly to “I today very tired”.

I’ll often catch myself asking why the “am” is missing – and why “today” comes before “very tired” – but as the Chinese often say, “no why!”

And it works both ways – back when I taught English (occasionally) – my students would often ask me the same thing – except in reverse.

And my answer would always be the same “Mei Wei shen mo” – a.k.a “No why”.

While I’m not a huge fan of saying “no why” – I’d rather give reasons – there truly ARE some cases where there isn’t a “why”.

Thats just how it is, my friend!

So, fitness wise, here goes.

Stop asking “why” hanging on to the pull-up bar for ages and doing that for at least 2 weeks when you first start will improve your pull-up abilities.

Stop asking “why” pushups will give you the six pack you desire.

Stop asking “why” the Hindu squats I teach are way better than flat footed traditional squats, for that matter. Just do the doggone exercise and find out for yourself!

And so forth.

There is a time and place for reasons and discussion. And then there is a time and place for BUCKLING down – putting BOOT TO ASS – and just doing it – NO QUESTIONS asked!

I’ll be buckling down to a workout later this afternoon. See if you can join me!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For more such no-nonsense fitness instruction and stuff that really WORKS (and how) – visit the following page –

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