The importance of proper STRETCHING
- ...cannot be overestimated!

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Dear Reader,


As I descended the hill this morning, I felt a sharp pain in my left calf – a pain that caused me to stop walking and almost fall over instantly.

It was a muscle cramp – one of those painful muscle cramps that often occurs when you workout REAL hard and don’t stretch properly – but it’s not something that happens to me often at all, so it took my completely by surprise.

I stretched the area out, sweat literally pouring off me as I did. It’s a hot, hot day here … the temperature has soared up to 42 degrees Centigrade – – and at 90% humidity levels it feels more like a sauna than the great outdoors – especially when you’re working out HARD.

Now, I took a break from my outdoor workout yesterday – but I DID do something.

I did my 0 Excuses Fitness 250 pushup workout – – plus I did some walking.

So I did do something, but I noticed one very important thing I missed – and yes, sometimes even yours truly misses things – hey – I’m human! – that being a proper calf/hamstring stretch.

And as I stretched out today after my workout, I felt my right hamstring “tweak” itself a little.

I took time to stretch the entire area out, and then did some back stretches – and now – an hour or so after  a workout that would probably put a lot of people in the emergency room – I feel GREAT.

Actually on that note, I did see a girl up and faint on the hill today. She was promptly attended to, of course – but the importance of proper hydration here cannot be over-emphasized – and no, hydration doesnt mean a cold beer – or Coke – or Gatorade.

It means plain and simple WATER – and perhaps green tea if you’re into that (you should be!) – but the importance of chugging down enough water before and after your workouts cannot be over-emphasized.

My current routine includes pounding 2.5 liters of water first thing when I wake up – and 1.5 liters AFTER my workout (which is in the morning these days due to obvious reasons).

This has something to do with how much your muscles cramp too. Dehydrated muscles will naturally cramp a lot more than hydrated muscles.

As I write this, I remember a time last month where I was having extremely painful muscle cramps on the left side of my abdomen when I did something as simple as sneezing.

It was so painful that I’d literally hold my side as I walked around trying to recover – and the key to resolving this as well was proper stretching that targets the entire area.

I do so on a regular basis now, and don’t face any issues – and if you’re working out hard and heavy – or even if you’re working out AT ALL – you should be as well!

And that is precisely what is so awesome about the System – or one of things that is, at any rate.

You get a STRETCHING workout in as well when you do these exercises – and if you do what I did at the end of the workout video, which is basically a combo of stretching/bridging, muscle cramps will likely be a thing of the past.

No more waking up in the middle of the night screaming in agony as your calves cramp – or your triceps do – unless you like the pain, of course.

And in that case I could probably direct you to a … ah, but we’ll stop there!!

Jokes apart – make sure to stretch well daily – it will stand you in good stead!

And don’t remember to pick up the System right here – –

OK, my friend. I’m out for now. I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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