Three minutes to SUPER fitness and chiseled ABS
- ... to be done literally ANYWHERE

Dear Reader,

Amidst all the talk about pull-ups, 500 pushups in a workout – – and obviously hill climbs etc, I’m gonna switch tacks for today.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that fitness does NOT have to be a long, drawn out affair involving gizmos, ridiculous machines and hours spent ogling the babes (or your own face on the dumbphone)  – – or hours spent pounding the pavement for that matter.

I’ve also made no secret of the fact that the very best fitness system on the planet requires no more than 15-20 minutes daily in terms of time spent working out.

Yes, you WILL get great results from just that amount of time spent working out if you do things right – and the scores of people that have GOTTEN good results speak volumes in terms of “proof” (for all the “non believers” or “heathens” – kidding, hehe) out there.

But some people still complain.

Amazingly enough, some people still complain about being so busy that they don’t have 20 minutes to fit into their daily schedule for exercise.

To these people, I’ve always said and WILL always say that if you don’t even have that much time for exercise – you might as well “stop living”. Period.

And thats an irrefutable fact, mi amigo. Movement is indeed LIFE – and when you stop moving on a regular basis (no, the trips to the fridge and bathroom don’t count) – you basically stop living.

But today I’m going to give you a different answer.

That answer is this – you need no more than THREE minutes my friend.

That is right. You heard me. THREE MINUTES!

Surely everyone has three minutes to work out??

You can go longer if you wish – but I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of folks out there – including you meatheads at the gym – and pavement pounders would be hard pressed to do more than 15-20 SECONDS of this workout – which includes three simple exercises.

No pushups, squats, bridging.

No sprints or hill climbs.

No pull-ups.

No, the three exercises are these – ah, but rather than tell you the NAMES of the exercise first, I’ll describe them and THEN tell you the name.

Why – because they are so amazingly simple that nigh most of you reading this will pooh pooh what I’m saying and say I’ve gone off my rocker.

But bear with me my friend – and HEAR me out – and then DO the thing  and THEN, and only THEN – get back to me!

Ok, so without further ado then –

  1. Get on all fours, and crawl around the room like a bear. Keep the arms and legs BOTH straight – or you can bend the legs a bit if you so choose. And bear in mind you’re perfectly welcome to go as SLOW as you like – thats right! Slow. Haha. Do this for about a minute or so without a break, and then jump straight into …
  2. Or should I say, flip over and do the same thing again – again for a minute – or a few seconds – or, hold the position for as long as you can
  3. If you’ve made it this far (2 min)without panting, collapsing, or being so out of breath you can barely speak – congratulations – you’re already in the top 2% of folks out there in terms of fitness. Great.
  4. Now, get down on your haunches and walk about the room. Heels flat – do this for another minute or so.

Repeat this little circuit for as long as you like – or can – and THEN tell me “it’s too simple”, hehe.

These three simple exercises can be done anywhere – anyplace – anytime – and believe you me, they WILL give you an entire body workout like you’ve never gotten before – if you just DO the thing.

They WILL blast all that nasty fat of your body – and they WILL build solid functional muscle – and them chiseled ABS you’re so after my friend.

So after reading this – drop down on the floor – and give me a few reps of what I mentioned. Write back, and tell me how it went!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Many more such routines – both advanced and simple – are yours for the taking right here – –

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