First in – LAST off?
- ... and how to REVERSE this ...

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Dear Reader,

So, over the past few days I was thinking of something interesting – how people put on fat.

And where, specifically. Of course, the “where” depends from person to person – and also depends on your body “type” (apple, pear etc) – but there are certain consistencies amongst all body types – particularly amongst men, I’ve noticed.

For instance, the vast majority of guys seem to put on more weight around the midsection – thighs and CORE as opposed to simply the hips and thighs as in women.

The core, by the way is NOT just the bundle of muscles on your midsection – or the six pack, as its often referred to. It’s the section of the body right from under your pecs to your knees – that is the entire core, my friend – and this is where most men tend to put on fat FIRST.

First on, last off, as they say. Have you ever noticed that your love handles – or perhaps the man boobs – or the lower ab fat, for instance, is the FIRST to pile on when you stop (or otherwise reduce) exercise -and is the LAST – very last to go off once you start working out again?

“Always a struggle to lose them last few inches”, as they say, and the last few inches usually include what comes on FIRST.

And there are reasons behind this – first and most importantly being the types of fat – visceral and subcutaneous – and HORMONES.

When most people think fat, they think the jiggly fat around the core – or perhaps lower arms – or perhaps under the chin – and so forth.

This is subcutaneous fat which ain’t necessarily “good” to have – – but it’s way better in many health regards than that nasty fat that wraps around your organs – that you CANNOT see – which is a huge, huge contributor to both regular bloating and overall lard levels in your body.

Ever notice, guys – after a few days of doing “moderate exercise” as the “experts” suggest, you “feel” and look perhaps a bit slimmer around the waist, but this effect doesn’t last?

I’ll bet you have – and this is because LSD cardio – traditional cardio does very little to affect visceral fat – and next to nothing in terms of really raising hormone levels – specifically the “big T” in men – which is a huge, huge contributor both in terms of keeping visceral fat down – and keeping you YOUNG!

The deep breathing and “badly out of breath” effects that intense workouts of the nature I advocate (for instance, perhaps 250 Hindu squats STRAIGHT – or workouts straight from Eat More – Weigh Less, for instance) have this effect my friend.

Do a few of this, and not only will you be melting visceral fat like crazy – you’ll feel – and look – younger after just a few workouts (and if you don’t believe what I say, take a look at the pictures on the page – and contrast with that on the homepage).

Neither is “obese”, but there is a clear difference between one and the other, I’d say … And it’s not just about looks. Increased T levels mean better focus – clarity – and improvement in just about all areas of your life, guys – – including “in the hay” if I might say so.

Hey, what can I say – it’s a huge problem these days for many guys …!

And back on point – this sort of workout is exactly what targets stubborn fat all over your body by a two pronged method – 1) raising hormone levels to what they should be and 2) cutting out the nasty underlying VISCERAL FAT.

And these are the sort of workouts you need to be doing, my friend – if you’re in any way, shape, or form SERIOUS about your health and fitness.

Drop the long slow distance stuff, my friend. It’s just not good for you – and I’ll have more on this subject in the future as well. Stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Ever notice how “beat up” a lot of marathon runners (and weight pumpers, for that matter) look? It’s because they’re literally “cooking their organs” with those long, drawn out workouts … Why not achieve BETTER results in a far shorter period of time, my friend? Find out how right here – –

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