Trust in the process
- - and KNOW - that everything will happen - at the right time - for you!

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Dear Reader

Often times when focusing on a project – or end goal – or simply something we really, really want – it’s easy to get caught up in or with the end result.

It’s easy to visualize the end result – – and equally easier sometimes to get frustrated because it doesn’t come to us “now” (at a time of our choosing).

And during the process, frustration is not your friend, my friend. (hehe, I know).

What WILL aid you – assist you – and ultimately propel you towards that end goal is your focus -your DISCIPLINE – but MOST of all – your faith and persistence!

When batters are out of form, for instance, high quality batters – the coach will not sit down and “reevaluate their technique” – or “teach them new things” – or so forth.

True, he may notice inconsistencies if any in their overall game and may bring it up with them, but any coach WORTH HIS SALT will tell the athlete first and foremost – to relax – block out the outer noise – and TRUST IN THE PROCESS!

And this is key, my friend – not just in terms of life – but fitness as well.

It’s easy to get frustrated because it “isn’t happening now” – but believe me, if the process is what you’re really focused upon from day to day – it will happen and on a grander scale than you ever imagined possible.

Dont believe me?

Well, I could give you plenty of examples from my own life – as well as others – but I’ll give you the best example I could – FITNESS.

When getting into the best shape of my life, although I had a picture of what I wanted to look like FIRST in my mind – it was NOT what I ultimately ended up looking like (or the sort of shape, more importantly I got into).

The picture in mind – the guy in my mind was in good shape – granted – but in nowhere near the excellent shape he got into.

Day by day, what I did was not just to focus on the end goal – in fact there were many days where I wouldn’t even consciously focus on focusing on the end goal as it were.

I’d focus on the daily PROCESS.

The daily tasks. The daily climbs. And I’d tick them off one by one on the mental calendar – each day feeling a sense of gratification, satisfaction and indeed EXTREME GRATITUDE – that I was moving towards my end goal with certainty.

Is it any wonder then, my friend, that I ended up in the sort of shape I am in?

True, the right exercises were key – and so was focus – and visualization but what really got me there was the process – the daily process – and this holds true for any and all successes I’ve “manifested” in my life – be it sales – business – life – or fitness.

And so it holds true for YOU, my friend.

This is a message that a lot of you need to hear given circumstances today – and if you’re one of those people – – I believe you’ll find it as uplifting and motivational as I did WRITING it.

Trust in the process – and see where it gets you – I bet you’ll be AMAZED!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yes, you won’t get results today or tomorrow on the 0 Excuses Fitness System – at least not the end result. You may not lose 15 kilos within two days, for instance. But trust in the exercises I’ve given you – and FOCUS on the end goal – and most importantly concentrating on the daily PROCESS – and JUST doing it – without fail – is what will get you stupendous results, and how. Find out more here, my friend –

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