What a former gymnast and cheerleader had to say about the “faggotty” position that I wrote about
- ..that being the Hindu pushup and TABLE pushup ...

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So, I mentioned me holding the “upward dog” position of the Hindu pushup for time and posting a picture on social media  – – actually, I didn’t just post it on WeChat.

I posted it at varying intervals on Twitter and Instagram as well, and the picture generally got a positive reception (overall) – except for one very “interesting” comment I mentioned last night.

That being, a commentor on wechat that called it a “faggoty” position (is that even a word hehe) in a manner only HE can (I’ve heard what he’s said before, hehe, and he has this “inimitable” style to him).

I let it slide. No point getting into it with someone that clearly does NOT want to even TRY the pose, let alone comment on it (without trying it, hehe).

But then I figured I’d write about it to my list, and also post on social media about it. Which I did, of course – NOT to get “likes” or “reactions”, but just to see what people in general thought!

And one of those comments came in from Christy Pender – a former gymnast and cheerleader in “another life” as she says – and from Jackson MS no less, hehe, a place that will always be very close to my heart indeed for obvious reasons.

Here is what she said –

Well, that comment was professional! As a gymnast and cheerleader in a former lifetime aka nearly 3 decades ago, I am here to say there is nothing easy about that position. To the person that used an unacceptable description, I would like to see them try. You are amazing, both physically and professionally!

Yours truly (and abrasively, hehe) –

Haha, thanks for the comment Christy. Yes, that comment was made by a typical “naysayer” … or armchair theorist, rather. Those that never DO the thing, just “hate” on those that DO do it. Hehe. Lots of those going around – and yeah – ain’t nutting easy about that position, but YES – with practice, and less weight around the core – it CAN be done!

And what she said is TRUE, my friend. A while ago, Charles Mitchell, a reader of this newsletter and a person that purchased products from us before, had this to say (I’m paraphrasing from my memory, but the sum and substance of what he said remains the same)

Spot on. Although I can do handstands and other types of pushups fairly well, I struggle with table and reverse pushups. Very honestly said!

And so forth.

Now for those not in the know, being a gymnast is anything BUT easy – and if you’ve seen the physical development on BOTH male and female gymnasts (specifically them SHOULDERS and the upper body) – well – you KNOW that what they do for training ain’t easy to say the least.

And what do they do?

Tons and tons of pushups. Dips. Pull-ups – – of varying styles – – on rings – – bars – – movable items – – and so forth.

And looking at their physique, well, I don’t think we can say they aren’t “strong” – or “not fit” – and as for cheerleading, a vocation many people comment upon as being “easy” – well – THINK – again.

Think several times my friend.

Ain’t nothing easy about some of those leaps and dances those ladies do – and do so REPETITIVELY – not to mention the hours of training that go into performing as a CO-ORDINATED unit as opposed to “on your lonesome”.

And if you take a look at cheerleader’s thighs – or DANCER’S thighs and legs in general – well – let me tell you this -they’re the closet thing to “horse like legs” on human beings in terms of strength – and again, what do they do to build said legs up?

Squats, for one, and NOT the squats the boobybuilders do with weights in the gym.

Now, I realize the naysayer will neigh, and the “do nothing’s” will troll, and so forth. And that’s fine by me.

If you’ve got a big, ponderous belly and have never tried said positions or exercises (and if you have you’ve likely fallen FLAT on your arse) – and get around it by saying “Oh, I’m not fat! I’m a big dude!” an then go on a rant about how bodyweight exercises are useless DESPITE proof being present in SPADES – and results too, well, ain’t nothing I can do for you my friend.

If you’re the sort of person that posts pictures of old time strongmen on your social media, and yet neglects how they TRAINED (Doug Hepburn and handstand pushups on the beach, anyone) and are content to sit in front of the ‘puter or boob tube, guzzling your nth beer – or drink of choice, hehe – and go on rants about how “I’m a big guy” and “Rahul’s yoga (wtf?) is “faggotty”’ or “bodyweight exercises don’t work, period! We need to pump iron, BRO!” … and so forth, well, that’s perfectly fine by me.

To those of you in the above two categories, Rahul Mookerjee and 0 Excuses Fitness are not for you and that’s the reason I mention this very clearly on the homepage.

But for those of you that are the DOERS in life – and those that recognize GOOD things when they see ‘em – well – I’m always here for ya!

And that’s that for now. Back soon with more, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Ain’t nothing “faggoty” about a cheerleader’s legs – or gymnast’s shoulders – or Doug Hepburn’s back spread and shoulder MUSCLE. All of the people mentioned in the above three categories could probably take the average Joe or Jane and twist them into a “faggoty” pretzel without even breaking a sweat, hehe. And to build shoulders like the INCOMPARABLE Doug did – well – HERE is the course that will do it –  https://0excusesfitness.com/battletank-shoulders/

P.S #2 – And if you’re just starting out, don’t forget to grab the elementary course (that WILL kick your ass – don’t get me wrong) right HERE – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

P.P.S – And if YOU, my friend, want to have YOUR say on this – then either email me back – – or go HERE – – Join the conversation

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